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Professional Cleaning Services for offices, stores, malls, medical buildings and financial institutions. A Franchisor as well.

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Business Names

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EcoBrite Services

Ecotech Services
FlexServ, Inc.
ProGreenTechCleaning-A Franchisor Company
Valued Cleaning Services
EnviroGreen Cleaning Team
GlobalGreen Cleaning
Bio-Safe Services Inc.
Green Express Services, Inc.
Bright Now Cleaning Services
EcoSheen Cleaning
EkoKlean Solutions
Greenworld Cleaning services
MOPS Cleaning Specialists (MOPS = Malls Offices Professional buildings & Stores)
Terra-Klean Solutions
Klean and Green Co.
Professional Green Cleaning Co.
EcoPure Commercial Cleaners
Fresh n Glow Professional Cleaning services
Purity Elite
GreenServ Group, Inc.
Eco-Bright Services
New Green Cleaning Services
Bioclean Cleaning Services
Eco Services
EcoClean Services
Clean 4 All
TechnoClean, Inc
Bright Tech Cleaning Services
Greentech Cleaning Services
Emerald Green Services
Quick Green Clean Services
Sqeak E. Clean
Cinderella Cleanings
All Natural Cleaning Services
Bio-Terra Services
Klean-Brite Services
Emerald Green Cleaning Services
GreenSolutions Cleaning Services
Eco-Klean Systems
PEACE Cleaning Services (PEACE = Professional Environmental And Cost Effective)
Lime Green Clean Cleaning Serivces
Ecoshine Services
CleanBrite-Eco Services
greenpower services
EcoBrite National Sanitation
Terra-Green Services
Green Services Management, Inc.
The Green Broom
The Green Clean Group
ECO Clean
EcoSheen USA
EcoPure Professional Cleaning
Swoop Eco Cleaners
Earthguard cleaning services
Eco Cleaning Service
GCG- Green Clean Group
Bright Services International BSI
All Ways Green Cleaning
Terra-Klean Services
Bio-system Services
Bright Solutions, Inc.
Servicexpert, Inc
Clean as a Whistle
One Solution Professional Cleaning Services
GreenTech Services, Inc.
Eco-klean Services
Green Shine Services
Terra-Brite Services
Biotech Cleaning Services
Green Power Services
Green World Services
Eco-Brite Services Inc. (EBS)
EcoClean, Inc
Bio-klean Services
The Green Man Group
intergreen services
Heavenly Clean Commercial Services
EcoPure Cleaning Services
Tech Econo-Serv
EcoPure Cleaners
Serv-Tech Group, Inc.
Green Solutions Services (GSS)
We Wash
We Clean Green Professional Cleaning Services
Swab the Deck Professional services
Clean & Green
Clean-Bright Services Inc.
Eco-Green Sanitation
Swab The Dex Eco-Cleaning
Heavenly Clean Services
Code Green Cleaning Techs Inc.
BioSafe Cleaning
Lean Green Cleaning Machine
Clean Today Services
SCSG Cleaning Professionals (SCSG = Squeaky Clean Sustainable & Green)
HIP Cleaning Services (HIP = High-quality Innovative Professional)
ServClean, Inc
Green Machine Cleaning Services
EcoHero Cleaning Co.
B-Green Services, Group, Inc.
Greetech Cleaning Solutions
" ServWorld"
EcoTeam Cleaning Co.
Crystal Star Professional Cleaning Service
Mighty Tidy Cleaning Services
Green Care Group, Inc
Cristal Clear Cleaning ( CCC )
Green Services Group, Inc.
Green Care Cleaning Services, Inc
Premium Clean
Envirofriendly Cleaners
Green-Shine Services
Bio-Clean Services
Eco-Bright Cleaning Services
PlanIt Green Cleaning
Green Heritage, Inc.
Clean & Green, Inc.
Enviroclean, Inc.
Green Glove Cleaning Co.
Terrabrite Services
Pro-Green Cleaning
Freshly Clean Commercial Services
Terra-Brite Systems (TBS)
National Cleaning Team
Lean and Clean Services
Easy Econo Clean
Day'n'Night Professional Cleaning Services
B-Clean Services, Inc.