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market research firm: identifies target market's emotional or underlying decision drivers to create high impact & high conversion communications

Business Names

The Heart of the Market
Add A ROI Market Research
Add A ROI Marketing
Add A ROI Marketing Dynamics
AddaROI Market Research
AdRight Market Research
Advantage Research Group
Affect Market Research
Affect Marketing Dynamics
AttaROI Market Research
AttaROI Marketing
BizSmart Marketing
Brand Patrol
Brand Synergistics
Branded for Life Marketing
BranDed Minds Commuications (B.D.M)
Branding Cube
Branding Synergies
BrandSmart Communications
BrandSmart Marketing
BrandSmart MarkIt
BrandSmart Pointe
BrandSmart Research
BrandSmarte Marketing
Bullseye Development and Communications
Capital Research
Certain Logic
CI Invision Market Researchers
CogniIncite Dynamics
CogniIncite Market Dynamics
CogniIncite Market Research
CogniIncite Marketing
CogniIncite Marketing Dynamics
CogniIncite Marketing Research
CognIncite Market Research
Cognizant Market Research
Concept Station
Consumer Incite Research
Consumer Incite Research and Development
Consumer View
ConsumerScope Marketing
COREBranding Marketers
COREKey Research & Branding
CORESight Branding
Customer Incite
Customer Solutions Market Research
DMC (Dynamic Marketing Company)
Education & Health Development
EI Branding Research
EI Incite Market Dynamics
EI Incite Market Research
EI Incite Marketing Dynamics
EI-ROI Marketing Research (Emotional Intelligence-Return On Investment)
Emodi Communications
Emotion Zone Market Research
Emotional Zone
Emotional Zone Conversion Marketing
Emotional Zone Market Research
Emotional Zone Marketing
Emotional Zone Marketing Research
EmotionZone Communications
EmotionZone Conversion
EmotionZone Marketing
Evolution of Health & Higher Learning
Evolve Brand Marketting
Evolve Market Research
Evolve Market Strategies
Evolve Marketing Solutions
Flashbang Market Research
Flashbang Marketing Dynamics
Groundswell Marketing
Head2Heart Marketing
Head2Heart Marketing Research
HealthEdu Research & Development
Hearken Health And Edu Market Research
Hearken Market Research
Hearken Media
Hearken Media Research & Development
Heart Dynamics Market Research
Heart Matters Reseacrh
Heart Sense Marketing Research
Heart2Head Market Research
Heart2Head Marketing
Heart2Head Marketing Research
Hearts & Minds
Heed Health And Education
Heed Market Research
ID Target MarkIt
IdentiDriver Research
IE Consumer Incite Research
Impact Branding & Communications
In-know-vations Marketing
Incite Consumer Marketing
Incite Consumer Marketing & Research
Incite Consumer Research
Incite Marketing Dynamics
Incite Marketing Research
Incite Marketing Research and Development
Incite Media Research
Inciting Customer Insight Media
Inciting Insight Market Research
Inciting Insight Media
Insight Marketing Solutions
ISpy Insight Marketing
Market Logic
Market Logics
Market PlanIT
Market Pointe
Market Pro
Market Sense
Market Street
Marketing Insight Dynamics
Marketing Matters
MarketROIds Research
MarkIT PlanIT
Maximum Market Research
Motivational Incite Marketing
Motivational Marketing Research
Motivational Marketing Research & Development
Now & Zen Marketing Dynamics
Paragon Research
Pellucid Communications
Pellucid Marketing
Pellucid Media
Pinnacle Research
Presence Of Heart Market Research
Presence of Heart Marketing Dynamics
Presence-Of-Heart Market Research
Presence-Of-Heart Marketing
Pulse Marketing
Pulse Research
Result Logic
ROI Marketing Dynamics
ROI Research Branding
ROIBound Market Dynamics
ROIBound Market Research
ROIBound Marketing
ROIBound Marketing Dynamics
RumbleFish Marketing
Sense of the Heart
Sense of the Heart Marketing
Sense of the Heart Marketing Research
Smart Health & Higher Learning
Smart Name Marketing
SMS (Strategic Marketing Services)
Social Control
Strategic Concepts
Strategic Target MarkIt
StrategiComm (short for Strategic Communications)
TailorMade Solutions
Target Market Pointe
The Hidden Manifest
The Pinnacle Group
Vibrant Branding
Wellness Bound
William Tell Marketing (hits its target)