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Apartment community needs 2 or 3 word name using “Legend”, upscale 2story brick/stone bldgs, 15 acres of wooded rolling terrain, water features, gated, environmentally friendly “green”, affluent area, univ students to 50ish professionals, amenities-fireplace, granite, big closets, pool, pond

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Legend XV (roman numerals 15 for 15 acres)

Legend Ville
Garden Legend Estates
Regal Legend Estates
Legend of Willow Bend
Legend Forest Apartments
Legend Gardens
Legends at Shadow Creek
Legendary Luxury
Legends of Serenity Hills
Balmoral Legend
Astor Legend Estates
Legends at Cheviot Greens
Village at Legend Forest
Timeless Legends
Legend Drive
Legends at Woodland Hills
Legend Creek Apartments
Legend Stone Ridge
Legend's Glen
Legend International Villas (L.I.V)
Legend at Sunset View
Legends at Stone Ridge
Legend Park Avenue (apartments)
Willow Legend Estates
Legend Valley
Legend Brookhaven
Legends of Wildbriar
Legend Park Apartments
Greentree Legend Apartments
Legend Manor Apartments
Legend Lakes Apartments
Legends at Magnolia Pond
Verdant Legend
Legends of Arcadia
Rural Legend
Legends at Magnolia Heights
Legendary Plantations
Legends Tranquility
Lofts at Legend
Legends at Mira Villa
Legends at Mountain Veiw
Legends at Blackstone Creek
Garden of Eden Legend
Chateau Legends
Grandview Legend Apartments
Legend of Greenberry
Legend Pointe
Legendary Villa Estates
Legends at Paradise Falls
Legendary Paradise
Legend Springs
Legends of Aristocracy
Legend Havenwoods Apartment Village
Greenwoods Legend Apartments
Legendary Ebella Villas
Legend Woodbrick Apartments
Greengrove Legend Apartments
Golden Legend Apartments
Legends at Beverly Glen
Legend Luxe Apartments
Legend View
Terrapin Legend Apartments
Legends at Shenandoah Woods
Legend of Eden
Legends at Cheviot Hills
Apartments at Legend Woods
Legend Briar Estates
Legends at Pinnacle Ridge
Lost Legend Estates
Regal Legend Plantation
Legend Acres
Touchable Legends
Shady Maple Legend Apartments
Legends at Echo Hills
Legend Cove
New Legends
Refined Legendary Plantation
Parkview Legend Apartments
Legend Falls
Legends Green Apartments
Legendary Breathless Estates
Legend of the Falls
Legend Oaks
Legend Manor Estates
Legend Life Apartments
Legend (area code)
Legend Grove
Ideal Legend
Legendary Garden Estates
The Ledge Ends
EcoGreen Legend
Brigantine Castle Legend
Legends at Century Hills
University Legend Apartments
Legends at Shadow Rock
Legend Hills
The Legends of Briarwood
Legend Meadows
Select Legends
Legends at Blue Creek Villiage
Legends at Turnberry Heights
Wood Legend
Legend Lifestyle Community
Legend Hurst Falls
Legend Foot Hills
Legendary Living
Gates at Legend Creek
Legend of Arcadia
Legends at Stonewood Greens
Legend Haven Apartments
Sylvan Legend Apartments
Refined Legendary Villa
Epic Legends
Legend Luxury
Legends at Boca Heights
Secret Legend Apartments
Legend Grandeur
Legend Lofts
Legend at Aqua-Terra
Harmony Legend
Legendary Breathless Villa
Legends at Heritage Hills
Twin Legends
Legend's Walk
Legendary Estates
Legend Silverleaf Estates
Legends at Green Valley
Legends at Century Woods
Urbane Legend (Urbane-persons demeanor-smooth, polished)
Legend Ridge
Eden's Legend
Modern Legend
Legends at the Woodlands
Legends at Cimarron Hills
The Legend of Paradise
Legends at Willow Farms
Legend Stone Crest
Legends of (your city; example: Legends of Atlanta)
The Legend Reserves
Legend Woods
Leaves Legend
Legends at Paradise Cove
Legends at Oak Tree Knoll
Ambiance Legend
Baywood Legends
Legend & Legendary
Castle Legend
Legends of Greenwood Terrace
Legend Heights
Villas of Legend
Legendary Amenities
Posh Legend
Legend Living
Legends at Rolling Meadows
Legend Luxury Estates
Xanadu Legends
Elite Legends
Heritage Legend
Legends at Lily Pond
Legend Estates
Refined Legendary Estates
Legend Villa
Legends at Parkside Woods
Legends at Willow Springs
Green Legend Apartment Community
Legend Pond Apartments
Refined Legend Estates
Affluent Legends EcoCommunity
Legend Stone Haven
Legend Stone Lake
Robin Hood Pines
Legendary Greens
Legend Stone Estates
Villagio Legend Apartment Community
Legend at Cedar Ridge
Legendary Acres
Tranquil Legend
Stonebrook Legend
Greenwater Legend Apartment Community
Legend Rolling Woods Apartments
Legend Cosmopolitan Community
Legend Arch Stone
Legend's "Culture Farm" Apartments
Legend Palazzo
Legends at Cedar Grove
The Legends @ the Greens
Forrest Ledgends
Urban Legend
Legends at Sugartree Ridge
Legend Horizons
Legend Peaks
Greenluxe Legend Apartments
Lifestyle Legend Apartments
EcoLegend Apartments
Legend Verde
Legends at Meadow Brook
EcoLegend Living
Bellizima Legends
Legend Park Estates
Legend Lane
Legends of Paradise
Legend Colony
Living Legend
Legend Xanadu
Echo Legend Apartments
Casa Di Ecellence
Brick Legend Apartments
Regal Legends
Legends Preserve
Timberstone Legend
Legends at Plum Creek
Legend Stone Brook
Ligneous Legends Apartment Homes
Rolling Legend Apartments
Legends at Old Orchard Woods
Legend Revine
Legend in Its Own Time
Timberlane Legend Apartments
Legend Bend Apartments
Legendary Perspectives
Idyll Legend
Stone Legend Way
Legend Greens Apartments
Legendary 5diamond Estates
Legends at Thousand Oaks
Legend Circle
Woodview Legends