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A vintage 1957 Double-Decker London Country Bus, revamped as a party bus/limo service is in Austin, TX

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Business Names

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The High Society Carriage Co.

DD BigBus Tours
The Jolly Brit Buss
Party on the Thames
Red Royal Ride
Magical Mystery
Austin Party Hopper Bus/Limo Service
Austin T Party
The Double Deuce
Party Wheels
The Red Hatter
The Guv'ner
Crazy A Party Cruise
ViNCiTY (party bus and limo service)
London Ride in Motion
Doppelganger Party Bus
Vintage Party Express
Partilicious Retro Wheels
ICON 57 (party bus)
Lucky Londoner
One Up Party Limo
Roll out the Barrel
Austin Vintage (party bus and limo co
Piccadilly Transport
Red Mist
Bus a Go-Go
Double D (Double Decker with Designated Driver meaning as well (DD))
Top Deck Party Bus
already be there when you arrive
Buzzy Bus
Day In The Life
Carousel Bus Line
Brit Transit
London Calling Limo Service
Towne & Country Bus Charter
DD Party Bus/Limo Service
London Party Loop
Austin Knights Party Bus/Limo Services
Double Red
Party Liner
The Swingin' 57
Austin Knights Party Limo
Austin Party Hopper Bus/Limo Service
Fleet Street Bus and Tours
Texas Tea Party
Austin's Buckingham
Vintage Party Hopper Bus/Limo Service
Texas Road King
The Royal Romper
The Commodore
double the pleasure double the fun
Heritage (party bus and limo company)
PennyLane Limo Services
Twice Deckered - Twice the Fun
Stacked Party Transport
Outback City Bus
'Awesome Austin' Party & Limo Service
Texas Size
Taking the Biscuit Party Bus (London slang for taking the cake - the best)
Country Affair
The Duke of London - "A Vintage Escort Service"
Party Smarter
Vintage Coach Company
Austin Party Trippers
Jack d'Tripper Bus
Magic Knight Party Limo
Bus Buzz, Party Bus & Limo
Shagnasty Party Bus and Limo Service
Knights on Wheels
Red Rover Rides
Vintage Party Rover Bus/Limo Service
Big Britz Party Plex
Moveable Hype
High Times Limo Service
Vintage Celebrations
Cloud 2
Bus du Parti
TexDoubleDecks Party Bus
Double Trouble
Diamond In The Ruff Limousines
Nostalgic Express
London Route 57 Limo
The Duece Party Bus
Party Wagon
Pampered Britches Luxury Coach
Yellow Rose Limos
Double Fun Limo Run
Paddy Wagon
Over The Top Party Bus/Limo Service
Get the Ball Rolling
Brittish Wheels Transport
Deck it UP Limo Bus
Swinging London Bus
Austin's RPV (Royal Party Vehicle)
Knight & Day Party Limo
British Knights Party Limo
The Party-Decker
Ye Olde Party Bus, Limo and More
The Britz
Trouble Decker
Old Peculiar Party Limo
Austin's Famous Limo Bus
The Party Wagon
RouteMasters (party bus and limo service)
The Brit Bus
Pub On Wheels
U-R Double Bussed It Limo Service
Lost in Austin Party Limo
The Double Dicker Bachelor Bus
London Fog Party Bus
Austins Star Doublets
This Old Bus - "A Vintage Escort Service"
Austin Powers London Bus Company
Swinging London Party Buses
Classic Traffic Party Bus
DoubleVision / limo service
Day and Night, Austin Party Bus
Lonedon Star Limo
The Shindig Limo
Monarch of Sixth Street / Sixth Street Monarch
Double Decker
RockAustin Sire Services
Her Majesty's Limo Service
Decknology Transfer
The Promenade
Celebration in Motion
Double Whammy Party Bus
1957 LPV (London Party Vehicle)
The Texas Tuxedo
Twice as High Limo Service (We're there for you when you feel the need to get higher than the rest)
Decked Out Party Bus
Seeing Double Party Bus
Double Take Party Limo
Party Knights Limo Bus
All Shook Up Party Line
A-List Party Bus
44DD or Bust
London Famous Bus Co
PIM: Parties In Motion
Class Act Limo
AustRockinShire Rides
Double the Fun Party Bus
Wheels On Deck
Vintage 57 (party bus and limo service)
Up High/Down Low Party Bus
High Times No Fines Limo Service
Austin Monarch - Limo Service & Party Bus
Decker's Party Ride
Riding Shire Party's!
River City Rover
The Picadilly Flying Machine
Rolling Fun
Texas Troll
Jolly Jitney Excursions
The Buckingham Bus of Austin
The UK57
The Tuxedo Coach
Twice As Nice In Texas
Austin Party Crasher Bus/Limo Service
Hyde & Watney's Transport Service
The Jolly Decker
Meat Pie in the Sky
The Shagadelic
Top Flat Party Bus
Austin Groove (Double Decker Bus)
Fun On Top or Bottom Party Bus
Kings Cruiser
All Knight Party Limo
The Jolly Rancher
Ye Olde Bus
The 1957
PET (Party Express Transport)
Londons Oasis Bus/Limo Services
57 Easy Street
Knights Flight
Party Lux Bus
Party Co & Limo
Texas Monarch - Limo Service & Party Bus
The Knight Bus
Blue Diamond Limo/Limousines
Party Ride & Limo Co
Big Ben Bus Line
The Deuce
Group Therapy
Superior Transport
D. D. Dream
You party we drive
57 Party Cruiser
Sir Matchbox
dingbats party cruiser/ w drunken bat characters and champane glasses with bubbles illustrated
Marmalade Skies
United Kingdom Carriage Company
Deck X 2, Party Bus
Double Day (Party Bus Co)
The Mad Hatter's Party Bus
El Tejano Mischief
London Route Limo
The British Knight
Austin Party Revolution
Austin-Surrey Bus Line
The Austin Tuxedo
Waterloo Limo Bus
Austin Powers Shag Baby
King of the Road Party Limo
London Express
Double Service
Fancy Me Austin Limo/Bus Service
Twice as High Party Limo
Randy Bus Rentals
The Texas Tux Party Bus
Good Knight Line
London Legend Party Limo
Royal Roll'n
Big Tex
Longhorn London Limo
End of the Line
Double Up Party Limo
Vintage Party Machine
Sgt. Pepper's Double Decker
Austin Tea Party
Austin's Double D's party bus/limo services
Wheels of Windsor
Austin City Limo
Double Dare
57 Austin Cruiser
Bus 57 where are you?
London Tea Party
Street Liner
Ye olde party ferry
Classic Occasion Transport
black & tan
The Tuxedo Deck
Double Space
Good Knight Party Line
The Austin Tea Party
Mods 'n Rockers limo service
Double Shot Party Service
Lone Star 2 London Party Bus
Austin Boogie Bus (and Limo)
LoneStar Quality Bus/Limo Service
The Picadilly Tuxedo
The Big Damn Bus
Twice as High Decker Bus
Festival of Austin
Round and Round Celebrations
Double Shot Party Limo
Round and Round Party Bus
(Two) 2 Deckered Party Bus
Moving Castle
Austin Party Co & Limo
All Shook Up Ride
Day & Knight Party Limo
London Limo Bus
Great Wheels of Fire Party Bus
The Kings Carriage Company
The Queen's Choice Limo Company
Your Highness 57
The Westminster Wagon
All Shook Up Party Bus
Regal Limo Services
UKan Rent a Rides!
Savile Row Carriage & Transport
Mersey Beat Bus
The Royal Roller
Old Peculiar Party Bus (a play on Old Peculier, a famous British ale)
Sceneful Bus (an intentional homophone)
Queen Mary Bus Line
Original Double D's Party Bus/Limo Services
London Nights Party Bus
London Bus Is Driving Round
The Party '57 Bus
The TX Britz
57 Double D
Royal Rides
All Decked Out Party Bus
Nostalgic Party Wheels
Texas Two-Step
Royal Highness Party Limo
The Austin Decker Bus
Austin Party Wheels
Parties on the Go
The Austinshire Sire UKanride
London Bridge Bus Company
Perfect Party Bus
Lights of London
Simply London Bus/Limo Services
London Transport
Austin Savoir Faire Party Bus/Limo Service
Double Whammy / BusParty / AustinPartyBus /
The Queen Victoria
Magic Bus
The Red Coat Party Cruise - Put on board waitress in long tail red coats and black shorts
White Knight Party Limo
London Calling Longhorns
Over the Top / Limo Service
Seeing Double Party Machine
Retro Wheels
rockin n Boppin
Limo Bus
MOD 57 (party buses and limos)
Knight on the Town Party Limo
Two-Tiered and Topless, or just, Topless (if open-topped)
Strawberry Fields Double-Decker
London Reign Party Limo
Double D's Party Bus
Double Decknology
Ritzy Ride Bus/Limo Services
Good Knight Party Bus
Humpty Dumpty Party Bus
Queens Ladder
Jekyll and Hyde, the Double-Decker Party Bus
Sherwood Forest Party Tours
Riding Vintage
Austin Vintage (party bus and limo co)
The London Vintage 1957 Limo
The Jester, Olde English Party Bus
Beatnik Bus Tours
Round and Round Fun Ride
Magical Knights Party Limo
Austinista Party Bus/Limo Services
Royalty Party & Limo Service
Party Lord Limo Bus
Lords & Ladies Party Limo
Texarus / Limo Service
Texas Royal-T Party Bus
The British Invasion!
London Star Party Bus/Limo Services
black & double decker
Top to Bottom double decker party bus
All Deckered Out
Twin City Bus
Seeing Double Limo Service
Double Prime Transport Service
His Royal Highness's Land-Yaht (or Landship/Landbarge)
Long Live the Party
On Deck / Limo Service
Retro Express
Going Up?
Kings and Queens Limo Service
Olde Country Party Limo
Up Up and Away
The Phantom Express - "Limousine Service & Party Bus"
Double Dribble
Party On A Roll
The London Tuxedo
The Fab '57...Austin's Party
Britt My Ride
Double Deck Your Party
Austin Split-Level Party Bus
Cloud 9 Limo Service
Party In Progress
Mind The Bus
Old Peculiar Party Services
Double Down Party Up
Deck Party / Limo Service
Texas Red Express
57 Shindigger
The Jolly Red
Mind the Party Bus
The Party Line
The Texas Titanic, party bus and limo services
Deck 2 (party bus)
Vintage Express
First Class London Limo Services
Harley Quin's Party Parade
Big Ben's Party Bus
Red Diamond Limousines
Seeing Double Party Line
Almost Famous Limo Bus
The Tux Deck
Vintage Party Crasher Bus/Limo Service
Two Cool Party Limo
OLD VIC (The Old Vic is a theatre located just south-east of Waterloo Station in London)
Party Up Bus Co.
Vintage Fun
Dagwood Special (Cartoon Character Loves Double-Deckers, Too!)
Towne & Country Party Limo
Pubs n' Palace's Transport
twin spin
All Knight Limo Bus
London Knight Party Limo
Londontown Express
Royal Style
Londons Bumo (Bus/Limo)
Groovy Red
Ukan Partys for sHire!
Rockin Austin
Retro Party Wheels
Vintage Party Bus
Shagalicious Limo
Duo Fun
Party All Knight Limo Service
Trafalgar Square Transport
Knight Rider
Livin' Large Party Bus
DoubleUp Party Bus
Road Liner Party Bus
Picadilly Bus Line
Move That DD Bus!
Red Rider
Rolling Stones Limo Service
The English Cowboy ACV (ACV=All Celebrations Vehicle)
Bottoms Up Party Bus
If Big Ben wWhere A Cowboy
London Style Limo
A-Town Party Cruise
Big Red
Wonder Wheels
British Buggy
The Landbarge '57, or The Austin Landbarge
Austin Lorry Limo Service
Union Jack's Party Bus
Wheel Riders
The Red Bus Cruise
Dogs Bollocks
Unique Ride On Bus
Party Hearty
Double Take Party Bus
Double Take Limos
Rockin' Route 7
AusTex Knights Party Bus
The Double Teamer
From the Top, Austin's Party Bus
The Admiral
LonTin Party Bus
Thames River Carriage & Transport
Palace Party & Limo
Austin Starline Bus Co.
Taking the Biscuit Texas Party Bus (Taking the biscuit = takes the cake in American slang)
57 Express
All Shook Up Express
The 6th Street Express
Party on Top, Party Bus & More
The Double Tuxedo
The Royal Decker
Rent-A-Double Decker
The Magna Charter
Winchester Wheels
The Tower (of Austin)
Queen Vic (Party Bus and Limos )
Parliament Party & Limo Co
The London Lonestar
The Texas-Sized Party Bus
Westminster Cabby Party Bus
Randy The Bus
Westminster Wedding Bus
uncle gus
Cloud 9 Party Bus
BUZZ the bus
Party me London Bus/Limo Services
Robin Hood's Bus Service
Parliament Nights
Piccadilly Party and Limo Services
Xclusive Party Bus/Limo Services
Double Vision/Limo Service
Get on the Bus
Capital D's Party Bus & Limo Service
Picadilly Circuit
Superior Chauffeur
Double Shot Party Bus/Limo Service
Austin Knight Life Limo
The Over and Londer
Decked Out Limo Service
Twin Liner
Party Royale
Crown-Around-Town Tours
Universal London Bus
Round and Round Party Wheels
Park 'n Roll
Brixton Bus & Limo co
Queen Mary Party Line
Bussingham Palace
The Classic Coach
Ole Dolly
Simply Smashing Limo (Simply Smashing Austin!)
The Royal Texan
BUSted Limo Service
Touch of London party bus/limo services
Big Ben Party Bus
Twice Bussed It in Texas Limo Service
The Perfect Party Bus
Bob's Your Uncle Motor Coach (or Party Bus)
Twin Party Bus
Knights & Ladies Party Limo
LonTIn Tea Party
Knight Life Party Limo
Ultimate Party of Austin
The AustinSire UKanride
The Groove Limo
Make it a Double Party Bus
Good Knight Party Services
The Party Goer
O'Henry Party Bus&Limo Services
The Tuxedo Junction
High Decknology
The Texas Beefeater
Hampton Hires
Redcoat Rides
REGENT III party buses
Road King Party Limo
The London Partita
Roof Top Party Bus
Little Red Rides
The Shagmobile
British Invasion Party Bus
Old Peculiar Party Line
Vintage England '57
London Lights APV (APV=Austin Party Vehicle)
Austin Stampede Party Bus/Limo Service
London Knights Party Limo
London Calling Austin ....Home
Limelight Limo Service
London Lorry Limo Service
Big Ben Meets Big Texas
Lone Star Transportation
Kabooz Kruz
London Double Decker Parties
To Sir With Love Bus Line
Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Levels
Austins Ornament
(Two) 2 Deckered Party Service
(Ye Old) Austin Landship
The Downtown Crown
Ol' Chap
Good Knight Party Limo
The LimoBean
Upper Deck
Mod Bus
The Austin Double-Stout
Big Brit Bus
Hen & Stag Party Cruise
Ye Olde Double Drunker Bus
The Magical Mystery Bus
Double Vision Party Limo
Austin's Vintage Party Express
Boogie Knights Party Limo
Austin Party Rover Bus/Limo Service
Party Knights Limo Service
Red Decker
The Union Jammer
Style Rides
Lights Over London
Double Deckousine
The Upper Decker
Express 57
Naughty and Nice Party Bus
Twice as High Party Line
The Party Bus
The Austin Wanker
Across the pond
The Queen's Bus Company
London Style Party Bus/Limo Services
The Thames Tuxedo
AusLon Soiree
A Hint of London Transport
Little Deuce Coupe
high N's 57 Limo Service
Double or Nothing Limo Services
Texas Two Deck Transport Company
tha deck is stacked
Rainbow Rides
Retro Street Liner
Londons Panache Limo Service
Jolly Good Times Party Bus
The Winchester
Austin Jump Aboard Party Bus/Limo Service
Lord Austin Party Bus
The Ultimate Party Bus
Double Your Fun Limo
Austins Double Doublet Bus/Limo Service
London Style Parties
The Austin Promenade
Twice as High Party Bus
The Alamo Double Go Limo Service
All Shook Up Double Decker
Double D Party and Limo Service
Austins Exclusive Bus/Limo Service
Over the Top Party Limo
Party Starters - bus and limo service
Austin Calling Busing Service
Red Diamond Limo (rarest diamond in the world)
The Party Tardis
The DeckStar
(Two) 2 Deckered Party Line
The Don
Royal Fete
London in Texas
Abby Road Transport
Deck'd Out (party bus and limo service)
Cheeky Bastard, Party Bus
Double Deluxe Party Bus
Phantom Express - "One of a Kind"
BusCiferous 1
Squeals on Wheels
Mid Centurian Party Bus
Austin/London Express (A.L.E)
London Party Co & Limo
London Flats Party Bus
Crowd Carrier
Double D Entertainment Wagon
The Rolling Circus
The London Underground
No. 9 Party Line (Number 9 Party Line)
Bus House Rock
Austin Knight Party Bus
Austin Powered Party Bus/Limo Service
Living Large Limo Service
The Londonderry
Seeing Double Bus Services
Waterloo Express
Classic Dual Transport
Ya Baby! Party Bus and Limo Service
Phantom of the Night - "One of a Kind Limousine Service"
Austin Upper Deck Party Bus/Limo Service
Double Party Bus/Limo Service
Classic Celebrations
Double Happiness
Roadmaster Party Limo
Lucky Jack's Bus
London My Texas Bus/Limo Services
Twice as High Party Services
Party Up Limo Bus
Tower Tours and Limo Service
Capital City Travel
LonTin Soiree
OmniBus 57
Let's Roll! Bus-For-Hire
Austin Party Loop (Party Bus/Limo Services
The USS Blaggard
Booze Bus
London Party Machine
The He Hauler
London Bus Parties
Party VorTex
The Yellow Submarine
DoubleVision Party Bus
Dueling Flagons, Austin's Double-Decker Party Bus