Non-profit organization that raises funds through the sport of soccer donating funds to cancer organizations

Business Names

contest winner

Younited We Can

Kicks Conquering Cancer
Breakaway Benefits For Cancer
Let's Kick Cancer
Playing To Win
A Goal For Hope
Free Kick for Cure
Hope and Hearts
The Golden Goal Cure
Challenge for Hope
Kick Of Hope
Hope Goals
Kicking Cancer
Kick For A Cause
Goals to Heal
Feet in the Fight
Goals of Hope
Goal Keeper For Cancer
Goalition 4Help
Faiths Feet
Closing Down Cancer
Goalie for Hope
Angel of the Pass
Heading For Hope
KICK for the CURE
Goals for a cure
Futball Fundraising
The Soccer Conquerer
Goal To Reach
Conquering Heroes
Breakaways to Breakthrough
Goals For A Cause
Team for the Cure
Back O' the Net
Cleating Cancer
Conquering for Hope
Back Four You
Just 4 Kicks
SCORE Soccer Coalition Offering Recipients Encouragment
Together to Hope OR Together for Hope
All Out for Cancer
Our Soccer Goal, Kickin' Cancer
Team for Cure
Kicks For The Cause
Team Raise
Cure Is The Goal.
Free Kick for Hope
Futbol Fundraising
Together There's Hope
Together to Heal
Saving Lives with Soccer
Hand2Hand for Hope
Champions Against Cancer
Highest Goal
Cleats Against Cancer
Cure Kickers
Net the Cure
Penalize Cancer
Volley the Cure
No Hands!, Cancer Kickers
Kickin' It
Conquerors of Cancer
Cleats For A Cure
Boot It Out
A Goal for a Cure OR Goal for a Cure
Younited Hope
On the Ball for Curing Cancer
Team for Hope
Two Goals for Hope
Forward to a Cure
Soccer Curist
Conquering to Cure
Kicks that Conquer!
Field of Hope
Hope for a cure
Gracious Goals
Kicks to Conquer Cancer!
A Goal to Hope OR Goal to Hope
Inspired to Hope
Goal For The Cause
Shoot, Score, Cure!
Challenge for Cure OR Challenge to Cure
Goals for Hope
soccer Samaritans
Forward Pass To Cancer Cures
FC Cure
Futbol Funraising!
United for a Cure
Together We Cure
Compassionate Kicks
Conquer for Cancer
Team Awareness for Cancer
OleOle Hope for Cancer
Goal The Difference
Hope in Our Hands
Soccer Conquer/Soccer Conquers Cancer
SocCare Cancer Organization
Kicking for a Cure
Kicking for Hope
A Goal to Cure OR Goal to Cure
Kickin for Courage
Soccer Supporting Cancer
Goal Stars United
Kicking To Cure
Heading Hope For Cancer
Goal for the Cure!
Cleats that Conquer Cancer!