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$100 Award For a Business Name

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I am a veterinarian and the owner of a company that provides compassionate in-home euthanasia services for dogs and cats in the Los Angeles area. I am primarily a one person company but employ other veterinarians to assist me. I need a name that is easy to remember, matches a domain name that I can purchase with a .com, .co, or .org.

Business Names

Pets At Peace
Allay Veterinary Services
Angel Vets
Angel Visits
Angel's Touch Pet Care
Animal Adieu
Canine Comfort
Companion Compassion
Compassionate Care Pet Euthanasia
Critter Comfort ~ Home Care
Critter Compassion
Eternal Care
Farewell Meadows For Pets
Finally At Rest
Four Muddy Paws Mobile Care Center
Four Trusty Paws Mobile Care Center
fun pets
Gentle Goodbye
Gentle Journey
Gentle Journey Pet Center
Gentle Touch Pet Hospice
Go Gently Veternarians
Harmony Hospice
Heavenly Hospice for Pets
Home Comfort Vets
Home to Heaven
Hometouch Pet Care
Journey Home Pet Care
Kindness Kennel
LA cats resturant
LA cats spa
Man's Best Friend
Paws and Claws
Peaceful Creatures
Peaceful Critters
Peaceful Paws
Peaceful Pets Hospice
Pet Friends
Pet Release
Pet Serenity
Restful Release
Serene Care
Serenity for Pets
Sleep Tight LA
Sleepy Paws
Soft Goodbye
Tender Pet Care
Visiting Angels