$100 Award For a Product Name

Time Left

A spy-themed role playing game. The name should be generic enough that various campaign settings can work with it. It is set in the late Cold War era. The name should not be specific to any particular country. Preferably a two-word name, but not ampersanded (such as Dungeons & Dragons).

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Product Names

contest winner

Chasing Shadows

Covert Curtain
Crimson Red
Bleeding Rapids
Hidden War
Silent Emissary
Red Storm
Born 2 Spy or Spy Born
Cryptic Messages
Cold Combat
E is for Espionage
Do I Know U?
World of Stealth
Rising Lotus
Double Life
Shadow Ops
Point 4
Plausible Deniablilty
Who Am I?
Black Veil
Trojan Horses
Spy Down
Frozen Solid
Spy Catchers
Mystery Scout
Cold Code
Stealth Age
Stealth Spies
Marco Polo
Mr. Who
Hidden Secrets
secret intelligence
Red Mission
Stealth Edge
Covert Mission
Spy Elite
Espionage 1945
Red Shadows
Agent: Unknown
Covert Contact
Silent Siege
Red Intrigue
Silence Division
Top Spy
Communist Collapse
Spy Scheme
Black Shadow
Stealth Force
Silent Ops
Alliance Of Shadows
Spy Danger
Red Heat
Myth Story
Black Foundry
Covert Reign
Dark Corner
Frozen Nights
I Spy
Behind the Lines
Licenced to Kill
Agent Red
Covert Communism
Cloak and Dagger
S.A.M. = Secret Agent Mole
Spy Ring
Shadow Code
Hidden Identity
hidden motives
Command From Within
cloak vs. dagger
Running Dogs
Deep Cover
Stealth Cell
Red Agent
Ring of Secrets
Covert Orders
Deadly Infiltrations
Spy Times
Global Sanction
Operation Atlantis
Shadows of Light
Mystic Spy
Cold Contact
Emissary's Story
Red Night
The Era of Espionage
Cold Crimson
Shadow Step
Xtreme Spies
Blind Spots
Red Eye
Man on a Mission
Covert Action
shadow wars
Threat Legend
Code of Silence
Red Zone
Agents Undercover
Dead Drop
Covert Point
Invisible ~ Invisible Ops
War Spies
Age of Stealth
Cold Ops
Code Clandestine
Secret Mission
Dark Clouds
Existence Denied
Cold Encounters
Spy Sanction
Invisible Man
Enemy Unknown
Secret Spectrum
Red Vulture
Shadow Intentions
Deep Black
Agents' Code
Eyes Only
Cold Front
Red Ops
Chains of Brotherhood
Fifth Estate
Black Assignment
Spy Games
Stealth Ops
Covert Assignment
Secret Identity
Covert Operation
Iron Veil
The Wetworks
NATO vs. The Warsaw Pact - The Espionage War
Agent X
Stealth Craft
Rouge Agenda
Silent Mission
Special Services
Dark Legend
Iron Curtain
Shadow Front
Cold Creep
Red Spies
Intelligence Operations
The Agency
Black Light
Coded Messages
Outrage Assignment
Red Stealth
Oath of Silence
Sleeping Dynamite
Conceal Operations
Agent Intrigue
Cold World
Concealed Agenda
Hidden Operations
Perilous Mission
Events Denied
In the Shadows
Blind Shadows
Cryptic Situations
Cold Warriors
Dark Agents
Spy Secrets
Dark Shadows
secret eSPYonage
Agent Provocateur
My Secret Identity
Code: Stealth
Traitor Villains
Spy Hard
Shadow Chase
Shadow Curtain
Spy Watch
Hidden Agent
Intel Infiltration
Inconspicuous Infiltration
Covert Operatives
Red Menace
Crimson Curtain
Crimson Nights
Covert Opps
Spies Like Us
On Assignment
Cold Spy
Cold War Fever
Covert Identity
Covert Eagles
Secret Agenda
Covert Tactics
Cold Curtain
Red Scare
Cold Stealth
Operation Espionage
Cold Secrets
Grave Secrets
shadow slueth
Spies Prowl
Secrecy Chronicles
Secret Life ~ Secret Lives
Agent Peril
Code Red
Stealth Oath
Allies War Zone
Codename: Danger
Beyond Classified
Spy Me
Hidden Agenda
The Bureau
Cold Cover
SpyWorks ~ SpyWorx
Running Red
Spy to Capture
Who Are You?
Unmissable Mission
Shadow Secrets
Concealed Crisis
Chapter 37
Twisted Candle
Secret Lives
Secret Ops
Dark Myth
No Abandon
Urban Assignment
Conflict Denied
Identity Secrets
Cold Theories
Covert Intelligence
Fire zone
Midnight Secrets
White Powder
Mystery Man
Global Crisis
Sharpened Silence
Perilous Nights
Ice Spy
Spook Wars
Crimson Winter
Spy Chase
Allies Cold War
Covert Ops
Red Resistance
Intel Ops
Spies Eyes
Spooks, flukes and kooks
Cold Conspiracy
Democratic Demise
TopSecret Assignment
Spy Wars
Shadow Agents
Cold Menace
Secret Chills
Cold Calculation
Dark Attempts
Silent Wars
Silent Arrow
Land Of Shadows
Enemies Within
Red Mole
Spy X
Cold Heat
Under Oath
Mission: Classified
Mission: RedStealth
Down River