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We have created a computer spreadsheet to control glucose in critically ill children in the ICU. Nothing to be sold here, rather it will be used by nurses across the country in a large study. Ideally, we convey something cute (it's for kids), confident (feel safe the algorithm will work well), and include Children's Hospital Boston (potentially, but not ideally, Harvard) in the name. This will almost certainly need to be an acronym, but not necessarily.

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CHICK - Children's Hospital Insulin Controller for Kids

CHB - Tight Glycemic Control
SPROUT or SPROUT Sheet-- Strict Pediatric Regulation of Unit patient's Titration of insulin
GIGGLES ~ Get Insulin Glucose Levels Effective Spreadsheet
CHB Intelligent Pediatric Insulin Monitoring System - CHBIPIMS "chibi pims"
SPROUT-Spreadsheet for Pediatric Regulation Of glucose and Units of insulin during Titration
The Glu-Clock
CAMP-Glucose Control and Management Partners
CHILD Children's Hospitol Insulin Lab Demonstration
CHILD Children's Hospital Insulin Lab Demonstration
SHRIMPS - Smallfry Harvard Regulating Insulin Maintaining PID Spreadsheets
SPIRIT ~ SPreadsheet for Insulin Regulation In Tikes
GLUE Glucose Level Under Examination
CHIMPS Children's Hospital Insulin Managment Program Spreadsheet - Boston
PediPidBITTS~Boston Insulin Tight Titration Spreadsheet
TIGGERS - Tight Insulin GlucosE Regulation Spreadsheet
SUGR CHB - Spreadsheet Utility for Glucose Regulation CHB
CRICKeTS~Childrens Regulation of Insulin Control for Kids e-Titration Spreadsheet
KGC - Kids Glycemic Control
CHILD Children's Harvard Insulin Lab Demo
CHB Ideal Kids Insulin Dosage System - CHBIKIDS pronounced "chibi kids"
GCS- Glycemic control spreadsheet
happy -harvard assisted pediatric pid yardstick
CHIRPS Children's Hospital Insulin Regulation Project Spreadsheet - Boston
GCS - Glucose control Spreadsheet OR system
CHB Kid Pid
CHB KIT - Children's Hospital Boston Kids Insulin Titration/Tracker
CHIGS - Children's Hospital Insulin Glycemic Spreadsheet
PidKidBITTS~Boston Insulin Tight Titration Spreadsheet
CIHA ~ Child's Insulin Havard Adjustment
kindercontrol children's hospital boston
Sugar list
CHERUB-GM Childen's Hospital Endorsed Regulation Utility Boston - Glucose Management
CATS Control and Track Spreadsheet
Sugar Sheets
GRAPES ~ Glycemic Regulation And Pediatric Excellence Spreadsheet
Sweet sheet
PIGS - Pediatric Insulin Glucose Spreadsheet
Glucose & Me
CHIRP - Childrens Hospital Insulin Regulator for Pediatrics