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Feature Film Name for a documentary that explores the secrets of Israeli success from a humanistic and psychological perspective. Israelis have succeeded in making the world a better place through technology and humanitarian efforts. The key elements in Israeli's success are the ability to take adversity and turn it to advantage, lifelong learning and education, family and the desire to make the world a better place.

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Upwardly Israel

Israel: Character of Success
the spirit of the israeli
Spirited: A Story of Survival
Israel Rising
Unlocking the Secret to Israeli
Trial by Fire and the persistent spirit of Israel
exploring israeli
From the heart of Israel
olam = world
Through Faith and Understanding, The Story of Israel and her people
Onward and Upward in Israel
Returning Home: A Journey to Discover the Heart of Israel
Birth: The Story of Israel
Struggle and Triumph
The Innovation of the Nation of Israel
Generations Blessed
Prophetic Borders
Together We Stand, Divided We Fall. Israel The Story Of Us All
Beast of Burden
Pearl by the sea- Israel- a small land desired by many empires
Hi-Tech Nation
Israel's Peaceful Heart
Israel Realities
God's Plan for Israel
Defining a State
Understanding Israel: How a small state became a great nation
Israel: Faith, Hope & Love
throught the eyes of the israeli's
Our Country
The Israeli Advantage
Israel is - strength, education, determination and faith
Steadfast, A Story of struggle and Success
The Country that Thrived
Yes, These Dry Bones Live!
the mystery israel
The Force of Israeli Spirit
Israel Has God to Thank for Its Success
Israel: A Middle Eastern Success Story
The Beacon, A story of Perseverence and Humanity
The sprint to success: an Israeli journey
Defining Spirit
Building Israel
The Chosen People
Spirit of the Nation
Layers of a Land
Character and Committment
State of Being
a nations determination
The Nation without Oil
The Spirit of Survival
Sunrise over Israel
Descendants of Jacob
Israel - A Culture of Meaning
One Grain of Sand
Taking the Lead, The Israel Story
Thriving in the Desert
The Spirit of a People
The Israeli Way
Spirit of Caring and Character: Modern Israel
I AM Blessed
Israel- Gods Alpha child
Land of Canaan
State of Purpose
Israel - It Is Real
Star Nation: Israel's Legacy of Spirit and Endurance
Real life, real hope, real love - Israel
Israel-Moving Forward on the Cutting Edge
Israeli Innovation and Technology
Israeli Ways
Israel: Growing Stronger Everyday
Infamous Israel
The Israeli Impact
In Golda's Shoes
Legacy of Triumph
Sand into Diamonds
The Spirit Path of Israel's People
The Israeli Achievement
The Strength of Israel
Sands of a Nation
The Israeli Influence
abraham's last generations
The Fuel of Israel
Grow and Prosper
A legacy for Our Children
Made in Isreal
Israel a state of promise and peace
Israel: Staying Positive
Spirit of a State
Sands Through the Hour Glass
From Oppression to Progression
Israeli Soul
Onward Israel
strenghtes of israel