Flying Kites ( runs a non-profit caring for orphaned children in Kenya; we focus on providing excellent care and a world-class education. In 2012 we are hosting a 5k/10k run in NYC as a fundraising initiative; it will happen each year going forwards. We need a name for this event.

Product Names

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Dash For Dreams

by czap
SkyReach Run
Run on Purpose
Unite for the Kids, Run for the Future
Kite Runner 5K/10K
Manzana~Apple in Spanish
New York Annual Children's 5k Run for Hope
Care for kids
Flying Kites Big Apple Run
Kites for Kids Make a Difference Day
Guardian Angel Run
Winds of Excellence Run
Flying Kites Run Along 4 The Kids
NYC Runs the Kites
Kite Tales
NYC Kite Tail Run
Flying Kites Annual Run to Fight the Plight of a Child
2012 Take Flight 5k/10k
Flying High Run
Younited we run or Younited Run
Run to Fly 5k/10k
Kites for Kids Make a Difference
Kite Flight Run
Running For Orphans
Dart for Smarts
Fast Feet for Flying Kites Annual 5k/10k Run
The Strive for Kenya Annual 5k/10k
1st Annual 5k/10k for Education
1st Annual Fast Feet for Flying Kites 5k/10k
FK5/10K ~ Run Like the Wind
Fly with the Wind Annual Fun Run
NYC WindRunner Event
Kites Runner
Go Fly A Kite for a Child Run
flyingkites 1st Annual Run For Kenya's Future
Flying Kites for Kenya Run
Getting It In
K's for Kites
Precious Hearts Run
Kids Forever
Running With Angels
Reach For The Sky Run
Annual 5k/10k Take Off
Fly for Change
Sparks of Hope Run for Funds
Big Hearts In The Big Apple
flying kites shining lights 5k run
see the light run for kites
Fly me from NYC to Kenya
Running for Change
Flying Kites Inaugural Run For Hope
Big Apple Bunch Run
Kenya Kite Runners
Smart Kids Care Fun Run
Run for the Future
Ben Franklin Kite Run
NYC Apple Run or New York City Apple Run
All Kids Deserve Hope
Kite's Ks for Kenya
Manzana Kids Race
NYC Annual Kenya Trot
NYC Impact Run
Freedom Flight
FlyingKites4Kids Run
Float On Fun Run
NY Style Hope 5k/10k Runing for kids
NYC Love Run
N.Y.C. Run ~New York Cares~
Kites For Kids Glide 5/10k
NYC Race4theKite
Run for Their Dreams
Flying Kite Tails NYC
Run for a Remedy 5k/10k
5k/10k Kite RunAlong ~ NYC 2012
Sky High Kite Run
OurTurn to Run Theirs to Fly
NYC's Sprint to Success
Run for the Little Ones
Annual Wings of Hope Run
NYC KitePacer Race
1st Annual 5k/10k Kite Compassion NYC Run
You Ken hope for kids with FlyingKites charity run
2012 Race to Soar
NYC Feet With Wings of Hope 5k/10k Run
1st "Flying" 5k/10k NYC Marathon, bring your wings.
Kites Up Run
Educate Children Annual Run NYC
The Ben Franklin Lightning Run
The Empire State Run of Desire
The Flying Kite's Children's Hope Challenge
Open Arms Run
1st Annual "Hope comes a running" marathon
Flying Kytes Run 4 The Tykes
Manzana Race
Racing Hearts
NY Kite Run 2012
Running With Kites
Soar With Me 5k/10k
Flying Soles Fun Run
Manzana Run
Flying Kites in the Big Apple Run
Kite Strings to Heart Strings Fun Run
New York Kite Run
Kite Tail Run NY 2012
See Kites Run
Fleeting Feet for Kids Futures
Race for Kids in Kenya
HopeGivers Run
Kites4Kenya Run
Flight of Life
Kites 4 Kids Run
gothom city mini marathon
Run for Success 5k/10k
Big Apple Rainbow Run
NYC Flying Kites Tail Run
Flying Kites Annual City Dash
running for children deserve a chance
Flying Kites With Heart Strings, 5k/10k Run
Hopeward Bound Skyrun
Joyous Journeys
Soaring 4 the Children: 5K/10K Big Apple Run
Hightail 5/10k
5K/ 10K Children Hope Run
Kites Fly When We Run
Kite Tails Run 4 The Tykes
Race for Race
Kite Cloud Run
NY Apple Run or New York Apple Run
Big Apple Kite Run
Annual Flying Kites Run
Manzana 5k/10k Run for Kids
Loved Ones 10k Run
NYC Hope Run For Children
NYC Flying Kite Tail Run
NYC Flying Kites RunAlong
FK Run for Tomorrow
Big Apple Dash For a Kid
5k/10k Run for Kenya's Needy Children
The High Tail It Run
NYC Flying Kite Tails Run
Kenya Use Your Feet & Give a Kid a Hand
Manzana Kids Run
Kids Hope for Excellence
The Great NY Hope Run For Kids
Flying Feet New York
Kite Flyers' Run
1st Annual Hope for Kids Run
Flying Kites: Annual NYC "CARE RUN"
Hope Afloat Kite Run
Sky fun run
Big Apple Flying Feet
From Kenya with flyingkites 2012
Flying Hope Run
Up in the Sky Run
Touch The Sky 5K/10K Run ~ NY 2012
Flying Kites For Kids Run
Kite Tails Run
Flying Kites Dash for Cash
Soar or Soaring High
NYC Run for Child Excellence
Ride the Wind 5k/10k NYC
In Pursuit of Excellence Run NYC 2012
Flying Kites First Annual Run for Excellence
Running for the Children to Soar
Flying Kites Dash For The Kids
New Yorkers Run for Kids
New York Kitefest Run
Heart Run For Children
World Care
Kite Trails Run ~ 5K/10K NY 2012
Flying Kites NYC 5k/10k Partnership Run
Mission: New York
Run for Hope: Flying Kites' Annual 5k/10K Run
Run Fly Soar!
2012 Take Flight for Kenya
A Chance for Children Run
run for kites and have same fun
Steps for Kids
NYC Heart Run For Children
Empire State Run to Eradicate the Plight of a Child
Friends for Hope
The Empire State Run For a Child's Destiny
Run To The Sun
iRun 2FlyKites
Mtoto Kite Soarers
Run for Flying Kites
DreamRun 5k/10k
Kiite's Ks for Kenya
Go Fly A Kite! Fun Run
Run for Kenya's Children
Flying Kites's Annual Run for kids
Big Apple Classic
NYC Kites Tail Run
The Flying Kites Challenger
2012 Paradise Run
Manzana 5k/10k Run
Flying Kites, Soaring Feet Run
The Wind Beneath my Wings Run for Children
Friends of FK Run ~ or Friends of Flying Kites Run
NYC Flying Kites Run
Flying Kite Run 2012
Flying Soles
The Brace
NYC Run for Excellence in Children's Care and Hopeful Beginnings
Kite Fest Run
Kites on the Run
Sky Fly Run
NYC High Hopes Run
Fly Like A Kite For Kids
NYC Stride4Pride Initiative
Raise your Kite
Big Apple Fun Run
Soaring Hope Run
New York Kiteflyers Run
NYC Flight4TheKite
Kite Run NY 2012
Running for Hope
KiteTails NY
5k/10k Flight
NYC 1st Annual "Can you Run for Kenya" 5k/10k run
Colorful Kites Super Fly Race
Kites for Tikes 2012
Flying Kites' 1st Annual Run for Hope
Sky's the Limit!
NYC Flying Kites Dash
5k/10k Block Sprints
Manzana 5k/10k Race
helping harmony
Run for Fund
Hope Run For Children
New York City Run of Hope
Cloth & String 5k/10k
Grapple in the Big Apple!
KiteRun for Kids
Apple Bunch Run
Closer to Heaven Run
The Joyful Journey 5k/10k Event
H.O.P.E. Helping others provide essentials NYC 2012 5/k 10k RUN for hope.
Kids Limitless
Run the distance to help the infants.
R.U.N. Raise understanding now NYC 2012
Orphaned Soles
Hope for Children Run NYC 2012
Inaugural Run for the World's Children
NYC Run for Their Future
Big Apple Scamper
Kenya Run for Us
Solidarity 4 Kids Run 2012
1st Annual NYC Flying Kites Run for the Children 5k/10k run
younited hope
Super Run for Super Kids
The Strive for Hope Annual 5k/10k
WindRunner 2012
5k/10k for Kids in Kenya
Go fly a kite for orphans 5k/10k run
New Yorks, Hopes Running Start 5k/10k To help lift children off the ground sponsored by Flying kites
world family marathon
The Annual Flying Kites 5k/10k Race for Reliance
Kite Miles and Smiles Run
Big Apple Race
Big Apple Bunch Race
Kites For Kenya 5/10K Run/Walk
Flying Kites Run 4 The Tykes
NYC + Kenya Kids & Kites Run for Education
A Run from New York with Love
Kids For All
flyingkites 1st Annual Run for Kenta's Future
Steps for a new begining
gothom to kenya 10k run
The Guardian 5K Challenge
Ace the Race!
Kids We Care
Charity Run for Excellence Care Towards Needy
Bright Hope Run For Kids
help the flying kites help the kids
Stride4Pride 5k/10k
Run for Love
Empire State's Kite in Flight Run
Run for a Reason 5k/10k
Run Before Flying
Provide Hope Run
Compassion Run for Hope
NYC Fun Run
Chasing Kites Run
Kite Tails Run 4 The Kids
Run Kite Run
NYC WindRunner 2012
flyingkites 1st Annual Hoperun NYC
Pitter Patter Fun Run
Kites of Hope
NYC Annual Take Flight Run
FK Children of Hope Run 2012
Inspire to Educate~Empire State Run
NYC Guardian Run
Excellence is a Right Run
Big Apple Plight of a Child Run
Running Soles
Kite's K's for Kenya
NYC's Running With Angels
Fly Kite Fly
NYC Run for the Kids
Kitefest Run
gothom city give back 10k run
Run for Life
running to save kids
Sole Hope
Stop the Tears Foundation Race of 2012
Kite Flight for Tikes 2012
Run With The Kites
Flying Kites Run 4 The Kids
Sky Hope Run
NYC Kite Run
High Hopes Run
flyingkites 1st annual 5k/10k Hoperun For The Children
Run Kites Run
Exemplary Care for Exemplary Children Run
Run to Raise Hope
kites over kenya 5k run
Hope Soars
Limitless for Kids
Kite Run for Kenya's Kids
Soles for Souls Run
Ben Franklin's Kite Run
Bright Minds Kids Care Run
Run for Excellence 5k/10k
NY Flying Kite Run 2012
Compassion For Kids Hope Run
Winds of Change 5k/10k
NYC Kites Run
Remember the Children Race of 2012
Annual Soar to Excellence Run
J.U.M.P. Just understanding mass poverty NYC 2012
leaps/bounds a run 4 ur furture
Children's Rainbow Run
NYC Race For Excellence
The NYC Run for Flying
run for kites
SkyHigh Run
1st Annual 5K/10K Children's Race for Excellence
NYC Run for Kenya
New York Wings of Hope Run for Children
Ground Flight: Soaring for the Orphans of Kenya
Runaway Kites 5k/10k
New York Run for Excellence
FlyingKites Freedom Run 2012
In Pursuit of Excellence Run
fun run for kites
KiteRunning for Kenya
Hope Racing
Annual Run for Children
Hoperun 2012
Annual Children's High flyers 5k Run
5k/10k C&E Run ~Care & Education~
Strain Running
Flyingkites Annual Hope Run
flyingkites 1st annual 5k/10k Hoperun For The Children NYC
Lifting Up
Kites for Right
Step up for kids in Kenya
KiteKids 5k/10k
Children Reaching for the Sky Annual Race
Big Apple Run
NYC Kite Tails Run
1st annual Kids of Kenya Charity Run
Run 4 Kids' Lives NYC
5k/10k Flying Kite Runway
Big Apple Rally
In Pursuit of the Kite 2012 ~ 5k/10k Run
Soar for the Children
NY High Hopes Run 2012
Run for Heart NYC
5k/10k Rebuild Run
In Pursuit of the Kite 2012
See Kite Run!!!
Kenyan Kids Keep Pace Race
Spark of Hope Run for Funds
Manzana Kids
new york 10k run for excellence
support the kids marathon
Cherish the Children
Kites for a Cause Run
1st Annual Kite Run for Kenya
Orphaned Soles Support Run
Great New Hope Run for Children
The Empire State Inspire to Educate Run
New Yorkers in Action ~ Raising Awareness and Funds for Flying Kites
Kite Tail Run 2012
Flying Kites Run
RK Dreamchaser Run 2012
Big Apple in the Sky Run
Kites in Clouds Run
New York run for hope
Fantastic Children kites
Winds of Hope Run
Kites4Kids 5k/10k Run
Flying Kites Scramble 2012
NY Miles of Smiles
Educate Kenya Annual Run
Heavenly Kites
Hope Flies
Inspiration Run 5k/10k
Take a step for African orphans
Run a Mile for a Smile Event
Skyward Run ~ 5K/10K NY 2012
The FK 5K and FK 10K
Running Kites 2012
For a brighter tomorrow 2012
The Children's Hope Challenge
NYC Kites for Tikes
Run for Resilience 5k/10k
Kites for Kids Run
Flying Kite Tails Run
Getting Up
Flying Kite Tales Run
For Each One 10k
Flying Kites Anual Runathon
Run to brighten lives of Kenya's kids
Sweat For The Future
Soaring winds 5k/10k
Help Me Soar
Care4Kenya's Kids 2012
Ben Franklin Lightning Run
Run like the wind NYC for Flying Kites
5k/10k for Kids
5k/10k Big Apples to Kenya
The SkyLark Waltz
The Ben Franklin Kite Run
Rebound Run 5k/10k
Strides for Hope
NYC Run4TheKite
Flying Kites' Annual 5k/10k Charity Run
5k/10k for Kenya Kids
2012 Running for hope
The NYC Flying Run 2012
1st annual running to fly 5k/10k
Manzana 5k/10k Race for kids
1st Annual 5k/ 10k NYC Children Hope Run
Kite Wind Run
a pause for the cause 5k10k run
NY High Hopes 5K/10K Run
The Chase: FK Fundraising Initiative 2012
Point the Way 10k
Run to Soar for Kids
1st Annual 5k/ 10k Children Hope Run
Kite Meet Run
Freedom Fighters
NYC Kite Flight
Flying for Kenya 2012!
Hope for the Children; Hope for the Future
The Flying Five K
The Flying Kite Tail Run ~ NYC
Soaring High for hope
2012 Race to Fly
We Run So They Can Fly
Soaring Kite Run
Annual Dash for Kenya's Children
New York New Hope Run for Children
Hope Flys over NYC 5k/10k run for Excellence
Apple Bunch Race
Show That You Care for the Children Race of 2012