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I am a top producing Realtor in N. VA. I offer one on one attention & an intense focus on whatever the individual client needs.I do it ALL myself-no delegating to assistants. My clients get all of my focus & attention. I have described it as conceirge service but that is cliched. I want a tag line to describe my "whatever it takes to get you what you want" approach to service without cliches & without sounding too aggressive! I'll drop everything for a client and that makes a difference.

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Passionate. Personal. Service.

Putting the Real in Realtor
Dominating The Field With Superb Customer Satisfaction!
Top priority from start to finish
Laser Focus, Outstanding Results
I Can Make Your Dreams A Reality
I Will Exceed Your Expectations!
Going To The Ends Of The Earth
Rethink Great Service
i aim to gain youre tust
I bring your dreams to life
I am with you at every step
Let your conscience be my guide.
To be or to be. There is no question.
The Experience and Attention That Moves Properties
Committed to you
Your personal guide in home-hunting.
The driving force of your real estate needs
Your Home Your Way
Yes Virginia, there IS a Santa Claus
A dream house starts with a dream realtor.
Real commitment, real success
Superior service - one yard at a time
Your happiness is my business
Can do.
Exceeding Expectations To Assure Customer Satisfaction!
Servicing Your Real Estate Needs With Shooting Stars!
I'M Here 4 U
Recommended for a Reason!
Realtor of all trades
Full service that makes the difference
It ain't always easy, but I always come through.
More Than Just A Realtor
Superior Service With a Personal Touch
It's nothing but whatever it takes to get you what you want
My clients get more attention then family.
go over and beyond youre needs
Making every step count
Results for your dreams!
Doing simply things in a extraordinary way!
Your home is built of finding the right fit.
Boutique Home Services
Together, We Will Get Your Property Moving
Personalized Real Estate Services
Let Me Get Your Properties Moving
My Determination Will Lead To Your Future
Let me pamper your home buying experience
we make your dreams a "realty"!
Passionate Pursuit of the Personal!
In it to win it. Your happiness, that is.
Striving to reach your goals
Realtor With A Winning Attitude
No options are off limits, dream big
I'll B There
The Attentive Realtor
Much More Than A Realtor
Real Results for Real Estate
You will be my only boss.
Your Real Estate In Motion
Investing In Clients For A Great Return!
The best for the best!
What would [insert name] do? / What WOULDN'T [insert name] do?
Forget the rest, Try the Best.
This is more than my job; it's my heart.
My Referrals Have Experienced the Best, Now its Your Turn!
You Scratch My Back, and I Will Scratch Yours
Your satisfaction is my business
I don't work for money. I work for people.
Putting Heart and Soul into Your Home
Attentive Service That Gets Results
You want it? You got it!
You CAN Always get what you want ~ I'll get it for you!
Your satisfaction is my success.
All Out Every Time
Done-in-one realty. Everything you need, all in one place.
Some work, but I work hard
Obsessed to make you smile.
Committed to realizing your real estate dreams
Out Standing in my Field!
Guaranteed is not just a word for me
Be my next referral.
Better than the best>
All the right moves
Like a Dog on a Bone, I Won't Rest Until I Get You Into a Home
So Much More Than Just A Realtor
Dedicated. Determined. Dependable. Realty.
You are the only client I care about. Ask all my referrals.
In it for the Long Haul ~ We Foster Great Results
Your Personal Real Estate Advisor
From here to there, I'm all yours
No detail too small; No request too Big
You Chose, I move
I'm all yours
Only if You Want the Best
Your anything means everything
I will build Bridges for you!
Serving You with Undivided Attention
I work LONG & hard to FOSTER trust & satisfaction with your home purchase.
Complete Commitment to Uncommon Service!
Fighting for your right to a right home.
The Realtor That Works
I want to be your realtor for life. Choose me and see the difference.
What's Yours is Mine
Anytime working for you.
Focus and Experience at Your Disposal
Giving you the [insert name] full service
I'll take care of it for you
My Driving Force Is Your Satisfaction!
Your Smile is More important than my commission.
My Driving Force Is Seeing Your Goals Accomplished!
B There 4 U
Your dream is my goal!
Meta Service
Your Boutique Realtor
Making the Difficult, Easy.
I'm in the business of making people happy
Your Dreams Are My Reality
The One-On-One Realtor
From start to completion,I'm there!
Relentless Pursuit of Satisfaction
They still haven't made a hoop I couldn't jump through.
Focused Service That Produces Results
Percise, Patient, and Persistent
Unforgettable White Glove Service
Making the Impossible, Possible.
Service You Deserve but don't expect!
You set the bar, I'll leap over it!
Get The Attention You Deserve
Concept to Home!
Beyond the Extra Mile!
Let me take care of it for you
I lettered in hoop jumping.
Your Realtor Concierge
Looking for "Who's Who" in realty? That's me!
Superior Service With a Power Touch
The Personal Realtor
Managing the details, one home at a time
When looking for the best, I'm ten steps above the rest!
You want, I'll get It
Your Dreams Are My Concern
Beyond Expectations? Far and Above.
Your personal teammate in real estate.
Beyond Your Expectations
Leading the way to serve you best
Making Your Realty Dreams a Reality
You want me on your team... trust me.
Service - Personally
The Realtor That Works For You
It's always your turn to be first.
Fighting for you until you are home.
Old fashioned customer service
Focused On Your Real Estate Needs
I'm your "yes" man/woman
Exceeding Expectations On Your Future Dwelling!
Efficient. Productive. Sucessful.
My Job is Making your Dreams come True
Sharing your milestones with you
my full focus on you
Going beyond what you expect
Recommended for a Reason ~
We do backflips.
Yours, truly
Committed To Excellence
I help people for a living. I just happen to sell real estate.
The Realtor That Gets Results
Real Estate Made Real
In It for the Long Haul!
Hopelessly Devoted to You!
Absolute Customer Satisfaction Is My Mission!
Your wishes are my leads
I won't quit until you're happy.
Precise Focus and Total Attention to Your Needs
Getting the Job Done From A-Z
Best of all
Difference Defining Service.
All In - All The Time!
Your Business Is My Pleasure!
Dedicated To Your Real Estate Needs
Real Service. Real Results. Bob Smith Realtor
Personalized service, optimized results.
The Realtor that Gets You Home
How you get to happily.ever.after ....or variation on spelling, hypens,etc.
Personal Attention To Your Real Estate Needs
Pure committment to our clients.
Standing InnOvations for THIS realty Star!
We foster the care you deserve
Let me pamper your home uying experience
Sincerely, yours
I'm here because of you!
I give you meta results!
LONG hours to FOSTER your trust & home satisfaction
Personalized service, at the drop of a hat.
Going the distance, and then some
Amazing service with distinction!
Your needs under One roof
I'll carry you over the threshhold myself ;-)
What you want and more, at your door.
Exceeding Your Expectations Every Step of the Way!
Frankly My Dears, I DO give a damn.
Golden Rule Performance. White Glove Service.
Needing focus & attention from your realtor? Say when!
Real commitment, real results
It isn't "just business"
Intensely Yours.
You say jump, and I'll ask how high.
Your Personal Real Estate Assistant
No matter what, the Client comes first
Ask me for my referral list
Conquering Obstacles To Assure Customer Satisfaction!
Your One-On-One Realtor
Demanding Satisfaction!
Only the best MLS...no BS.
Yours and Mine Share the Same Goal.
Defining Service.
Determined to Provide Excellence
Nobody works harder to help you achieve what you deserve.
Live Long and Foster
Simply, I do.
Service that's one in a million ~ You can count on me
Top Notch Service, From a Top Notch Realtor!
Committed to total satisfaction.
How you get to wherever you want to go
You want it, I'll get it
My Determination Leads To Your Happiness!
Your Personal Realtor
The Realtor that takes it to the next level
Making Your Dreams A Reality
Making it real for you
A one stop dream house shop with service you can't stop!
Serious. Service. Satisfaction.
My business means going the extra mile
My Driving Force is Seeing Your Dreams Accomplished!
Your Meta Realtor
If we have it! You don't need it!
My Focus is Yours
All Out One At A Time
Long & Foster - The Sure Sign of Service.
Treating Each Client Like My One And Only
Long and Foster - We go the length to foster a relationship with you.
Making It Happen
Top Notch Realtor=Top Notch Service
One Client
Yes, I'm Taking It Personal!
We Will Make It Happen, Together!
Your Full Service Realtor
Servicing Your Real Estate Needs With Integrity, Drive and Determination
I'm simply yours
A Realtor That Works For You
Your happiness is MY proudest achievement.
When finding your dream home, I'm one step above the rest.
Your Real Estate Personal Assistant
A realtor with heart!
I put the "real" in Realty ~ Real focus, real service, real satisfaction.
Above and beyond
Your Dreams Are My Project
Your "No Quit" Realtor
My Client is King
Meta Realtor
Your Dreams Are My Command
first class service when nothing else will do!
Focused Service With Results
Total Focus Total Service
I always answer.
Let's make your dream a reality!
Realtor With A Passion!
Tailored Service For A Perfect Fit
Client One
It's like having your own private concierge.
Client and Family Focused
In it for the Long Haul ~ We Foster Amazing Results!
The answer is YES!
Your Problem Is Mine To Solve
Putting the Real Back in Real Estate
Exceeding Your Expectations One Step At A Time!
I lettered in jumping through hoops.
A Realtor Working For You
Because You're Worth It
Highly dedicated and at your service
Intense Client Focus Produces Amazing Results!
my business relationship with you will seem like a lifetime freindship
Comitted to overdelivering
White Glove Service
Long & Foster - Ready. Reliable. Results.
I bend over to be the best!
The Realtor that Drives Your Dreams Home
GUARANTEED is not just a word for me.
Serving You with my Best Efforts
My goal is to meet and exceed your expectations
There for You Any Time of Day
Your command is my wish
Committing To Your Satisfaction
I Hold The Key to Your Future Home.
I'M There
I don't just work for you; I work with you.
Your inspiration,your vision with results!
I'm the Ghandi of Realtors
Bespoke Realty for the Perfect Fit!
Your Dedicated Realtor
We Drop Everything to Please You ~ Except the Ball.
Your Working Realtor
Your Wishes are My Command!
You CAN Always get what you want.
I earn referrals. Be my next one.
Let's go beyond your expectations.
Realty Service Like it Used to Be.
I am the Key to the Home You Want.
Trying harder is my idea of fun
Really yours....or Really, Really yours....or REALLY yours....or Really.Yours....variations of same
Service You Can Rely On When You Need It Most
Your best home buying experience EVER is my only goal.
Your Dreams Are My Determination
There's a reason my clients love me.
getting the best results
A smooth move from start to finish
Standing InnOvations for my 5-star service!