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$250 Award For a Business Name

Time Left

Food company that sells ingredients to major food companies. The name MUST begin with a compound word. We want to communicate a product brand that is mainstream + natural w/a/touch of edginess. Examples of possible names: Betterway Foods; Springhouse Foods; Lighthouse Foods; Rockport Foods; Rockroad Foods; Bluehouse Foods; Riverhouse Foods; Buckminster Foods. Our website is here:*** Note: Corny names = Loser names.

Business Names

Advent Foods
600 Dollar Food
Abobe & Beyond Foods
AboveBeyond Foods
Adventech Foods
Adventek Foods
Adventus Foods
AmberValley Foods
Autumn Forest Foods
Autumn Leaf Foods
Autumnmoon Foods
AvanteGarde Foods
Backcountry Foods
BackHouse Foods
Backwoods Foods
Barncreek Foods
Bentos Foods
BerryLake Foods
berrysprings foods
BestNatural Foods
Bestroad Foods
Bestway Foods
Better Choice Foods
BetterBeyond Foods
BetterGrown Foods
Beyond Compare Foods
Beyond Flavors
Beyond Food
Beyond Good Foods
Beyondbetter Foods
BeyondCompare Foods
Beyondperfect Foods
Blue Valley Foods
Bluebay Foods
BlueFern Foods
BlueFord Foods
BlueGaze Foods
Bluegrass Foods
BlueLake Foods
Blueminster Foods
BlueMoon Foods
Blueridge Foods
Blueriver Foods
BlueRock Foods
BlueSun Foods
BluValley Foods
Boldcreek Foods
Bootstrap Foods
Bouldercreek Foods
BountyHarvest Foods
Bravelake Foods
Bridgeport Foods
Briskbite Foods
Briskwell Foods
BriteBen Foods
Broadway Foods
Brooksville Foods
Buckport Foods
Bucksway Foods
Budmen Foods
Callalilly Foods
CameronBest Foods
Cedar Valley Foods
Cerdon Foods
Championship Foods
Cherrywood Foods
Clearbridge Foods
ClearCreek Foods
Clearport Foods
ClearRiver Foods
ClearStep Foods
Cliffdale Foods
cobblestone foods
Colorsky Foods
Compound Foods
Coolbrook Foods
CornBall Blue House
Cornee Bonnet Blue Foods
Cornflower Foods
Corny Betterway Foods
Country Road Foods
Country Stream Foods
CountryGarden Foods
CountryHome Foods
CountryLake Foods
Countrywide Foods
Creakhouse Foods
CreekHouse Foods
Creekmeadow Foods
Crispland Foods
Crossover Foods
Crossroads Foods
Crosswalk Foods
CrystalCreek Foods
Cuttingedge Foods
Drawbridge Foods
DyerHouse Foods
Eaglecreek Foods
Earthstone Foods
Easternshores Foods
EcoNova Foods
Edgecreek Foods
Edgehome Foods
Edgeport Foods
EdibleEnvironment Foods
Ediblestock Foods
EggHouse Foods
EggUnited Foods
Eternalcreek Foods
Everbridge Foods
Evercreek Foods
Evergreen Foods
Everharvest Foods
Everhome Foods
Everlake Foods
Everlast Foods
Everleaf Foods
Everspring Foods
Evolutionarychoice Foods
Evolvingtaste Foods
Fanfare Foods
Farmshire Foods
FaunaRock Foods
Favorport Foods
Feedpoint Foods
Fieldfresh Foods
Finekettle Foods
Finespun Foods
Firecracker Foods
Firefly Foods
Firehouse Foods
Firehouse Gourmet
Fivealarm Foods
Flavor Choice Foods
Flavorcreek Food
Flavorpot Food
Focusfresh Foods
Forefront Foods
Foresight Foods
forestcreek foods
Forever Creek Foods
Forever Farms
Forever Fresh Foods
Forever Nature Foods
Forever Spring Foods
Forever Valley Foods
Forklift Foods
Forthright Foods
Fountaincreek Foods
Fourleaf Foods
FourSeasons Foods
FoxRun Foods
FreedomChoice Foods
Freeform Foods
Frescanueva Foods
Frescanuevo Foods
Fresh Spring Foods
Freshcreek Foods
Freshform Foods
Freshport Foods
FreshRobust Foods
FreshTech Foods
Freshtek Foods
Friendly-home Foods
Frontline Foods
Frontporch Foods
FruitFlower Foods
Futuretaste Foods
Gardencreek Foods
Gardenfield Foods
GardenGate Foods
Gardenhouse Foods
Gardenview Foods
GetHealthy Foods
GetHealthyNaturally Foods
GetNature's Foods
GoldenBowl Foods
GoldenFork Foods
Goldharvest Foods
Gooseberry Foods
Great Endeavor Foods
Great Endeavor Valley Foods
Greendainty Foods
Greenfield Foods
greengardens foods
Greenhill Foods
GreenHorizon Foods
Greenminster Foods
GreenSun Foods
Greentree Foods
Greenville Foods
GreenWoods Foods
GrooveGrown Foods
GrowVibe Foods
Hamprock Foods
HamptonHamper Foods
HamptonHamper Supplies
HamptonHarvest Farms
HamptonHearth Farms
Hamptonrock Food
HamptonUnited Foods
Happyhour Food
Harborfest foods
Harborhome Foods
HarvestCreek Foods
HarvestPeak Foods
HealthHaven Foods
Healthy Choice Foods
Healthy Home Foods
Healthy Path Foods
Hearthhealth Foods
HeartyHouse Foods
Heathport Foods
Helpinghunger Hamper
Henhouse Foods
Henpecked Flavors
Hidden Garden Foods
HiddenPantry Foods
Hillcrest Foods
HillPerfect Foods
Hillpride Foods
HillZest Foods
Hollyridge Foods
Homemade Viddles
Homepride Foods
Homewood Foods
Honeybridge Foods
HoneyDew Foods
Horizonbarn Foods
Household Foods
HungryHome Foods
Hydepark foods
Ideahouse Foods
Instictingredient Foods
Inventive Foods
Inventus Foods
ItzWhatzInIt Foodz
JuniperHill Foods
Keenfork Foods
Keypunch Foods
Keystone Foods
Kickapoo Foods
Lakecliff Foods
LakeFront Foods
LakeShore Foods
LaurelLeaf Foods
LeadingEdge Foods
LemonTree Foods
Lifelong Foods
Light Blue Rocky Road Food
Lightminster Foods
Lightmist Foods
LightSpring Foods
Lightway Foods
Litehouse Foods
Lohas Foods-Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability
LohasCreek Foods
LohasHouse Foods
LohasTown Foods
LohasWay Foods
Loving Greens
Mainstream Foods
Mapleforest foods
Marblefalls Foods
Meadowcreek Foods
Meadowlark Foods
Minnehaha Foods
Minsterbest Foods
Minsterhamp Foods
Minsterhouse Foods
Modernchoice Foods
Monarch Way Foods
Moonbeam Foods
Mossy Oak Foods
Native Foods Company
Natural Restock Foods
NaturalBounty Foods
Naturalcreek Foods
NaturalGood Foods
Naturally Delicious
Naturallygood Foods
NaturallyInside Foods
NaturallyWhole Ingredients
NaturalTrail Foods
Naturaminster Foods
Nature'sEdge Foods or NaturEdge Foods or Natural Edge Foods
natureboy foods
Naturefarm Foods
Naturegood Foods
NaturesBest Foods
Natureschoice Foods
NaturesOwn Foods / NatureZone Foods / NatureZown Foods
NaturesPoint Foods
NatureTrail Foods
New Wave Foods
NewAge Foods
Newbarn Foods
Newbridge Foods
Newcliff Foods
NewDay Food Support
Newedge Foods
Newfound Foods
Newgarden Foods
NewIdea Foods
Newlake Foods
Newmark Foods
Newsoil Foods
NewSpin Foods
Newsummit Foods
Newtek Foods
NewWay Foods
NewWorld Foods
No-riddle foods
Novahouse Foods
Novascientia Foods
Novatech Foods
Novatek Foods
Novaterra Foods
Nuevotech Foods
Nuevotek Foods
Nutritech Foods
Nuvofresh Foods
Nuvosource Foods
Peakforth Foods
Peaksway Foods
Pebblebrook Foods
Pendleton Foods
Penthouse Foods
PinkCupid Foods
PinkHorizon Foods
Pioneering Foods
Potluck Food
Prairiecreek foods
Prairielake foods
Pridehome Foods
Pridehouse Foods
Primalcreek Foods
Primechoice Foods
Primefield Foods
Provision House
Purdale Foods
Purecliff Foods
Purecreek Foods
Puredale Foods
Pureharvest Foods
Purehome Foods
Purehouse Foods
Purelake Foods
Puremiester Foods
Puresky Foods
Purestream Foods
Purple Lavander Foods
Railway Foods
Rainforest Foods
Realhealth Foods
RedBarn Foods
Redridge Foods
Ridgeway Foods
Right Choice Foods
Riverbridge Foods
Rivercreek Food
Rivergarden Foods
Riverhome Foods
Riverminster Foods
RiverRock Foods
RiverRun Provisions
Riversbend Foods
Riverside Foods
Riverway Foods
Riverwild Foods
Riverwilde Foods
Roadhouse Foods
Rockbridge Foods
Rockcreek Foods
RockHamp Foods
Rockingfield Foods
Rockpot Food
Rockpure Foods
Rocks in the Road Foods
Rockspring Foods
Rocksville Foods
RockUnited Foods
Rockway Foods
Rockyport Foods
Rockyroad Food
Rollinghills Foods
RollingStream Foods
Rooftop Foods
Roundhouse Foods
Roundrock Foods
Sabway Foods
SafePort Foods
SandyCreek Foods
Savorhouse Foods
SavorTheTaste Foods
SavorWutsInIt Foods
Shakemountain Foods
Shotgun Foods
Silverleaf Foods
SilverPlate Foods
Silverstream Foods
Skybridge Foods
Skycreek Foods
Skyhome Foods
Skylake Foods
Skyleaf Foods
Skyridge Foods
Solidhouse Foods
SolidSource Foods
Spoonhollow Foods
Spring Fresh Foods
SpringBounty Foods
Springbuck Foods
SpringCreek Foods
Springdale Foods
SpringEgg Foods
Springforth Foods
SpringHarvest Foods
Springhome Foods
SpringRock Foods
SpringUnited Foods
Staplehome Foods
Starfish Foods
SteelValley Foods
StoneGate Foods
StoneValley Foods
Stormyriver Foods
StreamFed Foods
SummerHarvest Foods
SummerHouse Foods
SummerSky Foods
SummerSpice Foods
SummitPeak Foods
SunBelt Foods
Suncreek Foods
SunField Foods
Sunnybridge Foods
Sunnylake Foods
Sunnylane Foods
Sunray Foods
Sunshower Foods
Sunstone Foods
SunZest Foods
SuperCharge Natural Foods
Superfine Foods
Sweetmeadow Foods
Sweetwater Foods
Tableheart Foods
TableHearth Foods
Tablehome Foods
TableLeaf Foods
Tarrytown Foods
Taste Beyond
threefalls foods
Thrivelake Foods
Thriveport Foods
Thrivingbarn Foods
TopShelf Foods
TreeTop Foods
TrendyGrown Foods
TyRiver Foods
UnitedNatural Foods
UrbanBetty Foods
Valley House Foods
Valleyknoll Foods
Vanguard Foods
Verdville Foods
ViandHome Foods
VibeGrown Foods
Vitalbridge Foods
Vitalcreek Foods
VittleHouse Foods
Watercrest Foods
Waterfront Foods
Wavecrest Foods
Wellspring Foods
WhatsInIt For You Foods
Whitecap Foods
WholeHearth Foods
WholesomeCreek Foods
Wildcountry Foods
Wildergarden Foods
Wilderhouse Foods
Wildgarden Foods
Willowcreek Foods
Woodbridge Foods
Woodcreek foods
Woodhaven Foods
Worthington Foods
ZanyHouse Foods