$100 Award For a Business Name

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Name for the brand and gallery space of an artist. The art is Electronic Art its very unique go to isaac-katz.com to see more. The name MUST include the name of the artist Isaac Katz, as well as a descriptor/tag line, which should be based in some way on the concept of Phi/The Golden Mean. I like words like Auric, Aurea, could also be something with 'electronic'. The name should imply Luxury and Mystery, as well as art.

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Business Names

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Isaac Katz - Auric Vision

ThroughtheEyes of Isaac Katz
Golden Blends of Isaac Katz
Isaac Katz y el Misterio del Número Àureo
Midas Mediatronic Touch: The Art of Isaac Katz
Bright Eyed Isaac Katz
Isaac Katz Aureal Mystique
Isaac Katz Essence......Into the mystics of auric art
Isaac Katz, aotaphon art.
Isaac Katz AuricPalette ~ PhiPhoto Imagery
Electzotica By Issac Katz
Issac Katz: Studio Luxaurea
Cat's Eye Auric Arts
The Mysterious World of Issac Katz
Issac Katz Electzotica Experience
Issac Katz: Aurotic Images
Into the auric mystics.......could be a tagline
Isaac Katz: Auric Enigma
Isaac Katz Auric Art ~ Pallet of The Golden Mean
Isaac Katz Gallery ~ The Auric Palette
Isaac Katz Electric Palette Gallery
Isaac Katz Mystery Pallet Gallery
Katz Cradle
Katz I.....last name, first initial, sounds like Cat's Eye
Isaac Katz Gallery ~ The Phi Palette
Isaac Katz Eclectronix Pallet
Isaac Katz The Golden Palette
The Aureal Art of Isaac Katz
Katz Eye Auric Art
Isaac Katz Auric Mystique
Aureal Oracle - The Isaac Katz Gallery of Art
Isaac Katz ~ Beauty In Complexity
Isaac Katz 3rd Eye Gallery ~ Presents of Mind
KatzArtz - Electronic Expressions
Issac Katz EclectronixArt ~ The Mystery of Phi Imagery
Issac Katz ElectAura Experience
Voltaic Art, Exceptional and Enigmatic Works by Isaac Katz
Isaac Katz ~ gilded graPHIcs
Issac Katz EclectronixGallery ~ Mind's Eye Mystery
Aureal Art - The Issac Katz Experience
Isaac Katz and The Digital PHIlosophy
Isaac Katz AuricPalette Gallery
See things differently.....could be the tagline to your name choice
Isaac Katz- Ionic Images
Isaac Katz LuxPallet Gallery
Isaac Katz AuricPalete Gallery
Isaac Katz Phi Odyssey ~ Eclectronic Images Journey
Issac Katz - Digital Alchemist
Beyond Katz-Zentronika
Isaac Katz AuricGallery ~ A PhiPhoto Pallet
Isaac Katz Gallery ~ The Golden PhiTronic Palette
Isaac Katz Mystery Palette Gallery
Isaac Katz Golden Gallery ~ Phi Mystery Pallet
Isaac Katz Mystical Odyssey ~ Golden Mean Imagery
Isaac Katz Art ~The Golden Palette Gallery
Isaac Katz Tronic~ The Golden Phi Palette
Isaac Katz - Crux of the Matter
Isaac Katz Aurea Art ~ Palette of The Golden Mean
Isaac Katz AuricPallet Gallery
Issac Katz: Aurotica
Katz I Aurea....your last name, first initial, pronounced Cat's Eye
Isaac Katz Mystic Palette Gallery
Exotic Katz - Electronic Artistry of Divine Proportion
Isaac Katz Aurea Odyssey ~ PhiPhoto DigiImagery
Isaac Katz Electric Pallet Gallery
Issac Katz - Ambassador of the Golden Mean
Isaac Katz ExoticTronix Gallery ~ The Mystery of The Golden Mean
Isaac Katz Aurian Art ~ Palette of The Golden Phi
Isaac Katz DigiPhi Art ~ An Odyssey of Light & Space
Epic Katz Tales ~ Isaac Katz' EclecTronix Phi Imagery
The Isaac Katz Lux Experience
Katztech Neumatic Artistry
Issac Katz: Studio Electxotica
Into the Mystics of Auric Art......could be the tagline to the name you choose
Isaac Katz PhiPallet Gallery
Enigma Decadence: Isaac Katz
Isaac Katz Tronic~ The Golden Phi Pallet
Isaac Katz AuricGallery ~ A PhiPhoto Palette
Isaac Katz Art ~The Golden Pallet Gallery
Isaac Katz DigiPhi Gallery ~ An Odyssey of The Golden Space
Isaac Katz AuricTronix Gallery ~ A DigiPhi Odyssey
Enigmaurea: Isaac Katz Art
Isaac Katz ExoTronix Art ~ The Mystery of The Phi Universe
The Isaac Katz Exauric Machine
Isaac Katz - Aural Zen
Isaac Katz AuricPallet ~ PhiPhoto Imagery
Isaac Katz ~ Artist In Ratios
Isaac Katz AuricTronics Art ~ Phi Expression Imagery
Isaac Katz LuxPalette Gallery
The Golden Enigma: Isaac Katz Electric Touch
Isaac Katz Aureal Passages
Studio Nautilus by Isaac Katz
Isaac Katz Goldtronica
Isaac Katz' Pot of Gold
Studio Yantra by Isaac Katz
Katz Eyes
Katz Eye - Cosmic Trance Visualization
Isaac Katz- Electro Optics
Isaac Katz and the Conundrum
Issac Katz: Electzotica
Isaac Katz: Auratrony
Isaac Katz Golden Gallery ~ Phi Mystery Palette
Isaac Katz Eclectronix ~ A Myriad of Mind's Eye Imagery
Isaac Katz PhiPalette Gallery
Isaac Katz AuriaArt ~ The Golden PhiPalette
Isaac Katz Electropsychegloworm
Isaac Katz Aurea Art ~ Pallet of The Golden Mean
Isaac Katz Eye ~ Mystical Eclectronic Imagery
Isaac Katz- Waves of Electro Expressions
Issac Katz Art Gallery of Divine Aura
Issac Katz Gallery - 1.618 and Beyond
Luxaurea: By Issac Katz
Isaac Katz- Chroma Visions
Isaac Katz Auric Passages
Electronic Drapery
Isaac Katz Gallery ~ The Golden PhiTronic Pallet
Aurictronics - The Issac Katz Experience
Issac Katz's Liquid Universe
Isaac Katz AuriaArt ~ The Golden PhiPallet
Isaac Katz Aureal Studio - Phi, the Universe, and Beyond
Isaac Katz Exotic Sound Pulsing Boutigue
Isaac Katz TronicArt ~ Impressions of Phi & Fibonacci
Isaac Katz-Shades of Electro Expressions
Isaac Katz Mystic Pallet Gallery
Issac Katz Goldtronica Boutique
Myster Katz Aurea....or Auric Arts...or Auric Creations
Isaac Katz: Anodic Art
Isaac Katz Xotic Xpo
Isaac Katz AuricPalette ~ Golden Photo Imagery
Issac Katz: Electxotica Experience
Electric Enigma: Isaac Katz Artis Aurea
Issac Katz - Digital Alchemy
Isaac Katz Eye ~ The Mystical Eclectronic Pallet
Isaac Katz AuricPallet ~ Golden Photo Imagery
The aurotic images of Issac Katz
Myster Isaac Katz - Aureal Creations
The Isaac Katz Oracle
Isacc Katz/The electronic wizard
Cat's Eye Aurea
The Issac Katz Digital Alchemy Exhibit
Issac Katz: Electric Gold
The Electronic Meta-Art of Issac Katz
Isaac Katz Aurian Art ~ Pallet of The Golden Phi
Issac Katz: Studio Electzotica
Isaac Katz Eclectronix Palette
Isaac Katz EclectronixGallery ~ Mind's Eye Mystery
Isaac Katz's Electricart - New Fractal Experience
Katz I Auric Arts.....your last name, first initial, pronounced like Cat's Eye
Digital Phi ~ Isaac Katz
Isaac Katz-ExotiXpressions or ExotiCreationS
ElectAurea By Issac Katz
Sfera - The Isaac Katz Space
Katz Eye Gallery - Aureal Creations
Enigmatricity: Isaac Katz Golden Art
Isaac Katz ExoticTronix Art ~ Impressions of the Golden Mean
Isaac Katz - Phi Swells