$100 Award for a Business Name

Time Left

Name for the brand and gallery space of an artist. The art is Electronic Art its very unique go to isaac-katz.com to see more. The name MUST include the name of the artist Isaac Katz, as well as a descriptor/tag line, which should be based in some way on the concept of Phi/The Golden Mean. I like words like Auric, Aurea, could also be something with 'electronic'. The name should imply Luxury and Mystery, as well as art.

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Business Names

Issac Katz EclectronixArt ~ The Mystery of Phi Imagery
Electzotica By Issac Katz
Isaac Katz 3rd Eye Gallery ~ Presents of Mind
Issac Katz EclectronixGallery ~ Mind's Eye Mystery
The Golden Enigma: Isaac Katz Electric Touch
Myster Katz Aurea....or Auric Arts...or Auric Creations
Isaac Katz Phi Odyssey ~ Eclectronic Images Journey
Isaac Katz Mystical Odyssey ~ Golden Mean Imagery
Isaac Katz AuricPalette ~ Golden Photo Imagery
Isaac Katz Goldtronica
Enigmaurea: Isaac Katz Art
The Isaac Katz Oracle
Isaac Katz: Anodic Art
Isaac Katz PhiPallet Gallery
Isaac Katz Aurian Art ~ Pallet of The Golden Phi
The aurotic images of Issac Katz
Isaac Katz Essence......Into the mystics of auric art
Isaac Katz Aurian Art ~ Palette of The Golden Phi
Isaac Katz Gallery ~ The Auric Palette
Katz Cradle
Isaac Katz TronicArt ~ Impressions of Phi & Fibonacci
Isaac Katz Eye ~ Mystical Eclectronic Imagery
Isaac Katz AuricPalette Gallery
Issac Katz: Studio Electxotica
Issac Katz's Liquid Universe
Isaac Katz LuxPallet Gallery
Isaac Katz' Pot of Gold
Isaac Katz AuricPalette ~ PhiPhoto Imagery
Isaac Katz and The Digital PHIlosophy
Katztech Neumatic Artistry
Isaac Katz Gallery ~ The Golden PhiTronic Palette
Isaac Katz: Auric Enigma
Isaac Katz Aureal Passages
Isaac Katz Gallery ~ The Golden PhiTronic Pallet
Isaac Katz Mystery Pallet Gallery
Isaac Katz The Golden Palette
Isaac Katz AuricTronics Art ~ Phi Expression Imagery
Isaac Katz DigiPhi Gallery ~ An Odyssey of The Golden Space
Isaac Katz Aurea Odyssey ~ PhiPhoto DigiImagery
Isaac Katz Auric Passages
Isaac Katz Aurea Art ~ Palette of The Golden Mean
Isaac Katz Tronic~ The Golden Phi Pallet
Katz I Aurea....your last name, first initial, pronounced Cat's Eye
Isaac Katz AuricPallet ~ PhiPhoto Imagery
Studio Nautilus by Isaac Katz
Issac Katz: Electxotica Experience
Issac Katz ElectAura Experience
Isaac Katz AuriaArt ~ The Golden PhiPallet
Isaac Katz AuricPalete Gallery
Issac Katz Electzotica Experience
Isaac Katz Mystic Pallet Gallery
Isaac Katz: Auratrony
See things differently.....could be the tagline to your name choice
Enigma Decadence: Isaac Katz
ThroughtheEyes of Isaac Katz
Isaac Katz Golden Gallery ~ Phi Mystery Palette
Isaac Katz Eye ~ The Mystical Eclectronic Pallet
Isaac Katz Electric Palette Gallery
Isaac Katz Exotic Sound Pulsing Boutigue
Katz I Auric Arts.....your last name, first initial, pronounced like Cat's Eye
The Aureal Art of Isaac Katz
Isaac Katz Golden Gallery ~ Phi Mystery Pallet
Into the Mystics of Auric Art......could be the tagline to the name you choose
Isaac Katz ~ Artist In Ratios
Isaac Katz Xotic Xpo
Isaac Katz Art ~The Golden Pallet Gallery
Isacc Katz/The electronic wizard
Katz I.....last name, first initial, sounds like Cat's Eye
Isaac Katz Eclectronix Pallet
Isaac Katz Aureal Mystique
Isaac Katz AuriaArt ~ The Golden PhiPalette
Isaac Katz AuricGallery ~ A PhiPhoto Palette
Issac Katz: Electric Gold
Isaac Katz AuricPallet Gallery
Issac Katz Art Gallery of Divine Aura
Isaac Katz ExoticTronix Art ~ Impressions of the Golden Mean
ElectAurea By Issac Katz
The Isaac Katz Exauric Machine
Isaac Katz DigiPhi Art ~ An Odyssey of Light & Space
Isaac Katz AuricTronix Gallery ~ A DigiPhi Odyssey
Digital Phi ~ Isaac Katz
Katz Eye Auric Art
Isaac Katz ~ gilded graPHIcs
Isaac Katz AuricPallet ~ Golden Photo Imagery
Into the auric mystics.......could be a tagline
Issac Katz Goldtronica Boutique
Epic Katz Tales ~ Isaac Katz' EclecTronix Phi Imagery
Isaac Katz EclectronixGallery ~ Mind's Eye Mystery
The Issac Katz Digital Alchemy Exhibit
Golden Blends of Isaac Katz
Issac Katz: Studio Luxaurea
Issac Katz: Aurotic Images
Isaac Katz LuxPalette Gallery
Isaac Katz Art ~The Golden Palette Gallery
Isaac Katz Eclectronix ~ A Myriad of Mind's Eye Imagery
Voltaic Art, Exceptional and Enigmatic Works by Isaac Katz
Isaac Katz Tronic~ The Golden Phi Palette
Isaac Katz Mystery Palette Gallery
Cat's Eye Auric Arts
Isaac Katz AuricGallery ~ A PhiPhoto Pallet
Issac Katz: Studio Electzotica
Isaac Katz y el Misterio del Número Àureo
Studio Yantra by Isaac Katz
Katz Eyes
Isaac Katz Electric Pallet Gallery
Isaac Katz Gallery ~ The Phi Palette
Isaac Katz, aotaphon art.
Isaac Katz Aurea Art ~ Pallet of The Golden Mean
Isaac Katz Eclectronix Palette
Issac Katz: Electzotica
Issac Katz: Aurotica
Isaac Katz Auric Mystique
Luxaurea: By Issac Katz
Isaac Katz ExoTronix Art ~ The Mystery of The Phi Universe
Bright Eyed Isaac Katz
Isaac Katz ~ Beauty In Complexity
The Isaac Katz Lux Experience
The Mysterious World of Issac Katz
Cat's Eye Aurea
Isaac Katz Mystic Palette Gallery
Isaac Katz and the Conundrum
Isaac Katz PhiPalette Gallery
Electronic Drapery
Isaac Katz ExoticTronix Gallery ~ The Mystery of The Golden Mean
Isaac Katz Auric Art ~ Pallet of The Golden Mean
Midas Mediatronic Touch: The Art of Isaac Katz
Electric Enigma: Isaac Katz Artis Aurea
Isaac Katz Electropsychegloworm
Enigmatricity: Isaac Katz Golden Art