Upscale consignment bridal e-boutique that sells high-end designer gowns for less, needs blog name w/ tagline. We have an online storefront and this is the blog for that store. Main topics of the blog include saving money on luxury weddings, eco-friendly "green" wedding ideas, and bridal fashion. Other topics include home life, luxury on a budget, all things wedding related, charity, all things fashion related, and "green living". Need name and then tag line that encompasses all of this.


Green with Envy
heap of love
YES Boutique
Real nature, Real green
Turning point "green" wedding ideas,
Elega | The Modern Wedding
Weddeezing Fashion & Luxury Online
Something Borrowed, Something Blue
Luxury Lace, For Less
Never Ending
Twice Upon a Time
I live my fashion
Bridalwild: affordable, green, and gorgeous weddings for real women
New To Me Bridal
Good Night KI$$ES. Your happily ever after
I do! Your guide to a dream wedding and a dream life!
Elegant Lines
A Simple Ki$$. All it takes for a happily ever after
Bliss on a Budget
Fashion for life.
I live with fashion.
Good Night Ki$$e$. For your big day and every one that follows
Bridealicious Fashion & Ideas
Weddingopia Luxury wedding made affordable
Your Day Your Blog
The WedLocker
KISS the Bride. Good night!
Give me your money
Happily ever after. The secret? Always KISS
WedLooks Fashion & Ideas
Your Dream Day On A Budget
Tag:Your one stop wedding shop
White Lace, For Less
Avowed Living
Future Dreams
Go green, go for life.
Better AND Cheaper? Yes
Tying the knot 4less
Beautiful Journey
After Glow Newlywed Style
Saving Green One Idea at a Time
The Blissful Bride
Bridal Tiers
Something Borrowed. Go green, save green.
Show Us The Ring!
KISS and Tell. Keep it simple sweetie. or Keep it simple and sweet.
The Big Day
Awesome weddings for less!
Kiss my Bliss!
WeddLux Fashion City Online
It's Your Luxy Day! How to have it all without the high cost.
Something Borrowed, Something Green. How to have it all and feel good about it.
Sweet Little KI$$es. How to have all you need.
Eternally Yours
Simply Speaking. All you need, your big day and every day.
Live with fashion
BLISS or Brides Love Is Something Special
WeddLux Fashionrizer
Happily not Expensively Ever After
Luxuall Fashion
Well Considered Choices
I do's
Bliss Boutique
Forget Me Knot: Frugal and Fabulous Wedding Forum
Wedding Tiers
The New Way Brides Guide
Redifined High end bridal.
Bridalwild: green, gorgeous, affordable weddings for real women
Knot Beyond Your Dreams
Bridal Boutique Deal$
Glorious Boutique
My big lean green wedding. Luxury with a conscience OR Luxury without guilt
Tag: Royal Weddings for Real People
Bright Bridal Boutique
Deal$ For Penny Wise Brides
My Big Lean Green Wedding. Keeping it simply yours
TopNotchBridalFashions "At a fraction of the cost"
Impressions Boutique
KISS and Tell. The secrets are out.
Simply ever after. Not your average life.
The Wedding Diary
Ecotastic Ideas that Won't Break the Budget
Aisle Be There
KI$$ Me Good Night. Simple savings for your Now and Forever
Bridalwild: be green and save green
Elegant. Glamour. Style
Bridal Minds Want to Know!
Bridalwild: save green and be green