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Time Left

Lounge attached to fine italian restaurant.in a blue collar town. Toms river N.J. TRYING to raise level. Of energy to bar area. Want catch phrase to target.. examples. Rocco taco. Tutti frutti for disimular venues. Thinking cosmos& cafe.we also serve coal fire pizza & wings. Something casual yet smart.http://www.tuscanhouse.com

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Business Names

contest winner

Stellar Coastal Cafe N Lounge

Mugs and Thugs
Tempting Tom
Cosmo Pie
Mediterranean Cosmos
Rocco Realm
Mangia Bere
Home of Rome
CosmoVino Camino
Italiano Iguanus
Whiskey Rabbits
Galileo Galilei Cafe
Spiritus Frumenti & Edibles Aplenty
The Side Car
Karma Cosmos
Galactic Guzzlers
Fell Italy
PopACork Cafe
Sauce Boss Lounge
Galaxy Lounge
Mediterraneo Lounge
In the Mix
Sevens and Elevens Cafe
Oregano Lounge
Pizza Oven Lounge
At Home Italian
Chow'nChug Cafe
Fettucine & Martinis
Tuscany Firehouse
Whiskey Rebellion
My Brother's Place
Wings & Things
flyin pizza
Sip Back & Relax
Hungry Hub
Cuisine & Cosmo's
The Char Bar and Cafe
Pasta House
Cafe Italia Galactica
Papa Razzi Cork Cafe
Keg Crusaders Cafe
Tom's Martini Lounge
Fine Wining
Tuscan Cafe & Happy House Lounge
Itali Oh Tango
Saucy Sides & Suds
Beezie Cafeezie
River On Fire
The Shot Clock
Twisted Cork
The Jig's Up
Cafavino Calabash
Sneaky Pete's
Quartiere Posto
Wholey Cannoli
Polestar Coal Bar
Chill N Grill
Bianchi's & Whiskey
Chow'nChug Lounge
Mojito's N' Meatballs
Rocco Cafarino
CasuElite Bistro and Bar
Not So Far Bar
CosmiComradery Cafe
Tuscan House & Sangria Lounge
Frisky Whiskey Lounge
Cellar & Stellar Cafe
Cosmixtini Cafe
Tuscan's Hot Spot
Bellini & Linguini Lounge
Buon Gusto - Good Taste
Blue Cosmos Cafe
Chillaxin' Cafe
Casual River Lounge
Martini's & Linguine
Gettin' Sauced
La Cosmico Fuoco [Cafe] means The Cosmic Fire
Lusty Lucca's
The Speak Easy
Celebration Station
The Sparkling Water Hole
Bubbles & Bones
Cosmix Cork Cafe
Vinny V's
Herbs or Herb's or Herbie's
Rocco Rumble
Spirit House
Bubblin' Fire & Ice
You Wanna Pizza Me
Cosmos Crusaders
Coal Soul
3irst Twister
Red Twister
Cordials & Cafe
The Milky Way Cafe
The BluGalaxy Lounge
Cool Fuel
Wings, Wraps N' Whiskey
Cafe Cabaret
Guava Grotto
BluSky Ristorante and Trattoria
King's Wings
Chars & Stars
Fizzle & Sizzlers
Tuscan Dinery
Linguine & Martini
Auriga-toni & Aquila Tequila Cafe & Lounge
INCO Italio
StarLite Bar and Lounge
Whiskey Barrel
Della Luna Blu Cantina
Well Done Whiskey
La Dolce Pizza
Rum River Lounge
Fiero Bistro
Venetian Room
Round The Bender
Martini Ville Cafe
Fired Up Lounge
Blueshift Bistro
Blue Collar Pizza
Zucchini Linguini
Lucca Bazooka Lounge
The Cosmic Cup
Pizza Lounge
StarBrite Bar and Lounge
Tuscan Sunset
Cork Capers
Crispy Whiskey
Viva DelaRiva
The Red Room Lounge
Cheers and Beers
Sassy Grape
Pesto Zesto
Oregano Bar
Iguanus Italia
Cosmic Tonic
Fireside Throwdown
Pizza Ritz
Calabash Cafe
Star Char Bar
Divine Wine Cafe
Osmosis Through Cosmosis
Forks & Corks Cafe
Cosmic Cork'nNosh
The Cosmic Keg
Willy Wanna
Chitchats and Cosmocrats
Cosmopolitan Cork'nFork
Zenzero Fiero Cafe
Starlite Char Site
Italia Cosmix
Last Break Cafe
Cabaret Club
Cafe Coals
Coal Fire and Cosmic Desire
Ricco Taco
Pina Colada & Ricotta
RocOn Rhapsody
Slosh and Nosh Cafe
Spirit Pit
Jug'nChug Cafe
Hot'nCoaled Cafe
Blue Horizon Cafe
Wraps & Whiskey
Cosmos Charisma
Class & Sass
Cosmic Calabash
Twisted Martini
Juvino Jitter
Pub'nGrub Cafe
Cork'nFork Crusaders
Sauce Boss Cafe &/or Bar
Juvino Jetset
Whiskey Business
Cosmo's by the River
Solar Flares
Crave Cafe & Cocktails
The Cosmo Sphere
Crazy Johnnie's
Eye In the Sky Cafe
Cafe Milano Italiano
Cosmo Planet
Cavalier Cork
Brando's -means Fiery Torch- Landing
Martini's & Meatballs
Spirits and Cosmospheres
The Come As You Are Bar
Cocktails N Cafe
Vinny's Vine & Dine
Oregano Arbor
Tuscan Tom's House Of Fire
Cavino Calabash
Bellini's Bistro & Lounge
The Pour House Lounge
Italian Inferno
Gummy Cafe
Corner Cafe & Cosmos
Remember Embers
Hydration Station
Salone Italiano
Cosmo Resto & Cafe
Stellare Castello Cafe & Lounge
Cafe Cosmo
Bubbly Fire & Ice
Cafe Fiume
The Bon Fire
Your Best Friend's Place
Fire Quenchers
Brick Oven & Brewery
The Cosmic Camino
Stellar Char Bar
Sip & Dip or Dip & Sip
Bon Milan
easy breath arena
Hot'nCoaled Lounge
Cafe ItaliCosmo
The FavorSavor
Amaretto's Amarilla Lounge
Hot N' Saucy Cafe & Lounge
Brew Crew
U Wanna Pizza Me
Whiskey & Wingz
Cavino Cafe
Beers and Cheers
Acquire Fire
The Cosmo Casa
Shark Room
The Dousing House
Link ups and Drink ups
Cafe Tuscany
The Rinky Drink Cafe & Lounge
The Social Hour
Mozarella & Margarita's
Cosmos Calabash
Higher Fire
Sausolito Summer Lounge
WingDing Cafe
Cafe Sway
Whiskey Risky
CosmoCasual Upscale Bistro and Bar
Cosmos Corks
Juvino Jaggerbomb
Nonna's house
Iguana Italiano
Firefly Alibi
Whine'nLoaf Cafe
Get Lucky Lounge
Tuscan Salone
Saucy's Lounge
Legendary Lounge
Cork 'n Fork Cafe
Bellini & Martini Lounge
Martini Amore
Kosmos Keg
Drinks & Olives
Campfire Pub
Tonic House Lounge
Bary Loungy
Hot Bites & Cold Brews
Slide In Slices & Suds
Pizzaros Planet
Shooting Stars & Bars
A Presto Lounge
Chilla' Villa
Kickback Kafe & Lounge
Cocktails & Cafe
Grotto Amaretto
Toss and Sauce > Toss 'n Sauce > Toss & Sauce
Vin'nDin Cafe
The Sidebar & Lounge
Coals Cafe
Firefly Lounge
Il Toscano Bar & Lounge
Sauce & Spirits
CosmiCoal Fire Cafe N Lounge
Thracian Creation Cafe
Drink Well Cafe & Lounge
Spring Cafe
Coal Fire Cafe & Lounge
The Grub Pub
Lunar Lounge
Martini Scene
Rhapsody Rhythm
Tuscan House Grub & Pub
Fire Fly Pizza
Yummy Lounge
Aristo Casual
The Drink Well
Mezzo Espresso
Eleven Past Eleven
Tom's Cafe
John Doe's Cafe
Pasta Plaza
Tequila Appeala
Wine and Dine
Cosmic Wings
Coaled Panache
Botticelli's Bar
Drink Well Cafe and Lounge
Holy Cannoli
The Hot Spot
Vino and Marachino
Noodle Caboodle
In Like Flynn
Mambo's Martinis
Crostinis & Martinis
The Galileo Grub Hub
Blue Stellar Brew Cellar
Cru & Cafe
Blue Pies When Pigs Fly
The Blue Collar
Cosmo River Rapids
Rhapsody Rumble
Cosmo Bistro
Roman Den
Tuscan Scene
Casa Carbone
Blazing Wings & Whiskey
Coal Pit
Tuscan Cosmos
Cocktails & Coal Fire Cafe
Happy House Lounge & Cafe
te amore
Coal Fire Pub & Pizzeria
Fire and Ice
Cafe Bello
Wing Street Lounge
Caffe Gusto
On the Rocks
Whiskey, Wings & Wraps
Martinique and You
Firewater & Wings
Cosmic Char Bar
Brew House Cafe
Cosmic Embers [Cafe]
Guava Tavern
Cosmic Hideaway
Cork'nChalice Lounge
Pizzaros Posse
Top it Off Char N Bar
Ciao Chow
Cosmic Hot Spot
Sambuca Lucca
Cosmo Cafe'
Char House Grill & Bar
Toms Place
Rocco Cavino
Cosmo Joe's
Copper Barrel or Cask or Flask
Good Friends and Za!
Urban Grape
Margarita's & Meatballs
Toms Wine N Cheese Bistro
The Italian Irish Pub
Pour House Cafe & Lounge
Horsefeathers Cafe
Casual River Cafe
Cosmos Fork 'n Cork
Urban Bourbon
Gnocchi Dokey
Chews N Brews
Area Bar
Pizza, Wings & White Lightning
Fat Cats
Coal Fire Pizza & Lounge
Juvino Jazz
Ciao Amico (hello friend)
Italia Cosmosphere
Slice of Tuscany
Wings N Things
Eddys Place
Stand by your Manicotti
Mama Mangia
Bric-a-Brac Brew & Cafe
Mama Marina
Merember Embers
Beehive Oven
Rest 2 Rush
The Char Bar Under The Stars
Astronomical Hot Eats & Cold Drinks
The Wing House Lounge
Cosmos Cavino
Old World Wings N' Whiskey
Cassiopizza Cafe
Martini Villa Cafe
Side Car Bar
Shakers Lounge
Vine & Dine Lounge
Fork 'n Cork Lounge
Roamin' Roman
Rocco's Roundup Room
Basil's Bar and Cafe
Fire Pit & Lounge
CosmItalian Cafe
Cafe Caldo
Buono Posto
Martini Tortellini / Martinis & Tortellinis
Martinis & Crostinis
Grub'nCork Cafe
Azzurro Lounge means blue in italian
Social House Bar & Grill
Jig & Rigatoni
clutter n' clang
Discos and Cosmos
Poor Man's Pub
Wingers & Zingers
ItaliaTroop Cafe
Tequila Twizzler
Hot Shots
Toms Twister
Brink of Drink
Pizza Vita
The Upper Deck
Rest Tolerance
Cosmic Coal Fire
Tuscan Hearth
Martini & Linguine Lounge
Cosmi-Buoni Amici
River Rapids Lounge
Shake, Rattle and Roll
Rig-A-Tony Award
Blaze Graze
Tom, Dick, & Harry's Cafe
Chaos Theory
Swig & Sip
The Tasting Room you could hold wine tasting events
Saucy's Lounge and Pizzeria
Iguana Italianus
Roly Poly
Pizzaros Poison
Nosh'nCork Cafe
Bufala Bettola
The Well House Lounge
WingZa Cafe & Lounge
Casa Cosmo
Sidebar Cafe
Italia Lounge
Margarita Maestro
Chubby Pub &/or Cafe
Toms House
Loven Oven & Lounge
El Portabello
Solar Char Bar
Splash of Lime
Stellar Beer Cellar
Il Fuoco Pit
Papa Razzi Grub Hub
Wild Cosmos
Galaxy Cafe and Lounge
Cosmos Cork'nFork
Sway Cafe
Twisted Fist
Tom's Bar
StarGaze CharBlaze
Riverboat Float
The Situation Room
Martini Medley's
Olive Alot
Kosmic Keg
Celestial Hot Spot
Blue Italy
Martini & Linguine
Corks'nForks Cafe
TangO ItaliO
Tuscan Blue Lounge
Pizzas With Wings
Saucy Sides N' Suds
Blue River Lounge
The Crunk Cafe
the Vine
Cosmos Cork Lounge
Buzzies Bar
Roaming Roman
Italian Gallion
Fiera Whiskey
cocktail n' wings
The Dive Inn
Thirst Twister
Spuds & Suds
The Martini Lounge
The Olive Pit
Leaning tower of happy hour
Blaze Inn
Eridani Cafe and Lounge
WingZaFire Cafe
The Copper Stop
Toms Whiskey River Cafe
Cabaret Cafe
Cafavino Carumba
Whiskey Stop
FlamingFood & Firewater
Italio Bistro
Cafe Colada - Colada Cafe
CosmoCool Cafe
Charred N Starred Cafe
Tuscan's Whiskey River Cafe & Lounge
The River Lounge
The Well House
Universal Order
Bar D'Uva
Pulse & Twist
Juvino Julep
Tini's & Guine's
Cosmic Coal Fire Lounge
Forks'nCorks Lounge
Whiskey Capuccinos
Bel Cibo
Fire & Ice & all things nice
Italian Stallion
CosmItalia Cafe and Lounge
Blaze N Gaze
Star N Char Bar
Cool Water Rapids
Slices N Suds
Whiskey Row
Risque Whiskey
The Grotto at Tuscan House
Martini & Linguini Lounge
Wing Zinger
Beers and Cosmospheres
Cosmic Bay Cafe
Vitto Velocity
Tequila Tiziano
Ciao Now
Eatza More Pizza
Backroom Bar
Cosmos Lounge
Toilers Broilers
Fettucine 'n Martinis
Cordial Cafe
whiskey night
Fine Steins
Jersey On The Rocks
Kickback Kaffe
Vine And Dine
Blue Fire Pit Cafe
La Bella Vita
Stars Bars Cafe
La Bella Luna
Pier Pressure Cafe
Cafarino 3irst
Gettin' Sauced Bar & Pizzeria
River Rapids Bar
Riviera Room
Italian Scallion
Loot From the Boot Cafe
Papa's Place
Leisurely Don's Bar
The Flaming Comet
ItaliaNova Cafe and Lounge
Pasta & Pina Colada
Pienza Pie
ReGalactic Cafe and CosmiCasuaLounge
The Limoncello Lounge
Lovin' Oven & Lounge
Garden of Eat'n
A Martini & Linguine
Rome at Home
Blue Ribbon
Man Munchies
Pizza Locca
Tenacious T.
Mamma gusto
tede bere
Roundabout Cafe
Tuscan Pub 'n Grub
Cork'nChow Lounge
Concoction Cafe
Wild Whiskey N' Wings
Whiskey Mama's
Veni, Vidi, Ho Bevuto
Italia Rokko
Martini and Risotto
The Hot House Lounge
Karma Kosmix
Dinner & Drinks
After Five Hive
Great Impasta
Rocco Juvino
Cosmopolitan Cork
Whine & Dine Cafe
Italiano cosmo cafe
PutACorkInIt Cafe
Caffe Italiano & Cosmico Sala
Five O' Clock Fiery Dock
Arrivederci Cafe & Lounge
Coal Fire Cafe
Pappa Grappa
Cosmic Cork Cafe
Chow'nChill Cafe
Cavino Carumba
BootsOff BoozeOn
Cafe Italiano Cosmo
Creation Thracian Cafe
Supernova Cafe
Hot Wings & Cold Drinks
Hot Bites & Cold Brewskies
Aristo Bistro
The Douse House
The Pizza Quarter
Pizza Shooters
Chug'nChow Cafe
Chillin Grill & Lounge
The Cosmo Cafe
The Backroom Bar
FineFood & Firewater
Old World Whiskey N' Wings
Flaming Forktress Lounge
Wine Garden
Up for Coffee
Tom's Little Italy
Cosimo Cafe
Juvino Jolly
Bellini Bistro
Coal Fire/d Brew House
Charisma Cafe & Cosmos
Eatie Gourmets
Lush Lounge
Brew & Bistro
Pizza 'de Action
The Galaxy Cafe & Lounge
The Don's Bar
Italian Blue
Casual Cafe & Cocktails
The Sauce Boss
Italia Fever
Charisma Cafe
Drunken Tuscan
Cosmos Cozy Cafe
Velvet Villa
Chill'nCiao Cafe
Vino & Dino Lounge wine & music
Salute!(to your health)
Pizzaz Oli
Cocktail Cafe
Vasto Pasto
Italia GenXus
a Mama's Boy or Boys restaurant
Pizza Pie Lounge
Piazzo Lemato
Saucy Spritzers
River Corner Bar
The Blue Room Lounge
Ciao Down
Brew House Lounge
Wings King
Ginos Grotto
Tom's Firewater Cafe
Chug'nCiao Cafe
Wine and Song With Wings N Things
Galassia Cafe and Lounge
Pizzaros Paradise
Drinks with Dinner
Cosmic Cork Lounge
Ciao 'n Chug
Solarium Sala
Jersey Jubilee
Bright Bottle Lounge
Your Place
Rock On Rhythm
Piazza Pizza Cafe
Kismet Kingpin
Warm Sides Cafe
Wine Cheese to Please
Risque Cafe
Celestial Hideaway
Carumba Cafe
Flaming Flamingos
Rocker Rhapsody
Amici Cafe - friends cafe
Jersey Junction
Whiskey Fiera
The Aperol Lounge
Hots and Shots
Roman Barracks
Relax & Wing It
Bellini's Bistro & Martini Lounge
Lemon Twist & Pizza Fist
The Spicy Meatball Lounge you could serve tiny spicy cocktail meatballs sell more drinks
Wine & Dine Room
Set em up Joe's classic bar song
Juvino Jive
Calabash 3irst
Cool Cosmos Lounge
Martini Town
Eat It Taily
Fork 'n Cork
Hostess with the Mostest Cafe
Cosmos & Risottos
Liquid Lounge
The Grappa Stop
Mellow Fellows
5:00 O'clock Stop
Spaghetti Alibi
Bliss Lounge
Pallet Jacks
ContemPlate The Cosmos
Galactic Hangout
Black Hole Watering Hole
Seven Eves-read the same way backwards
Whiskey N' Wings
Forks'nCorks Cafe
Corona Borealis Cafe and Bar
Galileo's Retreat
BootsUp BoozeDown
The Star Char Bar
CosmItalian Cafe and Lounge
Tuscan Martini & Tortellini House
Fired Up Bistro
taste & cafe
Ali Italiane
Jersey Primo
Spread Your Wings
Cork'nChef Lounge
Sizzle Fizzle or Fizzle Sizzle
Eatza Pizza and Pub
Charblazin' Stargazin' Bistro 'n Lounge
Fire To Ice
Italia Gyrokker
Zaetta's Blue Room
Landmark Lounge
The Scarlet Cork
Risky Whisky's
Pub House Parlor
Gettin' Sauced Cafe & Lounge
Juvino Jester
Juvino Jitterbug
Brats and Cosmocrats
Mamma Mia Marias
Tahitti Hat-read the same way backwards
Coal Fire Pizza & Cosmo's
no one beatsa our wings and pizza
Forktress Lounge
Blue Appetite Cafe
Trattoria Euphoria
The Side Car Bar
Bistro Gardens
Galactic Char Bar
Fire On The Rocks
Vine Italiana
Grub'nCork Pub
Jersey Jacks
Shift Over
Hot Wings & Firewater
The StarGazer Charblazer
Whiskey, Wings N' Things
Porto Vino
Bacca Bar
Wraps N' Whiskey
Licious Lounge
Dousing House Cafe &/or Lounge
Pina Colada's N' Pasta
TimeOut Trattoria
Posh Slosh N' or & Nosh
Wholy Mostaccioli
Cosmeat Bar
Wingitti Zingitti Cafe
Jersey Jester
Five O'Clock Fiero Dock
Bellini's Martinis
Char House Grill & Pub
Boogie Boozer
Tuscan Tyme
Linguine 'n Martini
Casually Upscale Ristorante and Trattoria
Pastas N' Pina Colada's
Sauce & Toss
Quasar Quaffs
Pizza Pizzazz
Mediterranean Cafe
Foodie BARoody
cosmo laze
cafe rouise
Rock On Rhapsody
Pasta & Pina Colada's
PutACorkInIt Lounge
Italia Blends
The Hills
Whine and Dine
Cork Crusaders
Coal Shoal
Blue Room Lounge
Kosmos Kingpin
Astronomical Cafe & Lounge
Giardina della birro
The Noodle Inn
Fresh Flow Lounge
Cheers, Beers and Cosmospheres
Osteria Amaretto
Caldo Cafe
Lucky Lady Lounge
Castles and Corks
slice spice and ice
Energy Eatery
Cosmos Comet
The Portobello Lounge
Lit Pit
Fiera WingStop
Vino Sceno
Flaming Forktress
Martinizations and Wing Sensations
Post Pasta
Cosmic Flares
Fino Itali Oh
Keg Crusaders Lounge
Pizza Plaza
Hot & Saucy Lounge
Blends & Bistro
Italia 3irst
The Margarita Lounge
Clusters Cafe and Lounge
Cosmizza Pizza Cafe
Hot Coals! or Hot Cole's
The Star Bar
Astronomical Italian Cafe N Lounge
Vinny's Vittles Bar & Lounge
Italian Spirits
Mazzo's Cosmos & Cafe
Cuoco Rocco
Tuscan Way Bistro
Grill N Chill
Italian Cheers
Tuscan Tapas Bar
White Lightning Lounge
Gusto Caffe
Bellinis & Martinis
Tuscan Tony's Cafe
Squisito Vito
Martinis and Mozzerella
Tiziano On The Rox
La Dolce Vita
Linguini Alibi
Pub & Pizza
The Brink of Drink
Jersey Bar
Cordials & Cannoli
The Labor Pool
Whiskey, Wings N' Wraps
The Galaxy Ristorante & Trattoria
Ciao Cafe
Cafe Galileo
Paizon & Patron
CosmoCabana Inn
Fire House Lounge
Cosmix Cafe
Eatza Pizza & Pub
The Scrounge Lounge
The Wing House
BlueStellar Restaurant and Bar
Amarillo Amaretta's Lounge
The Blue Comet
Galileo Lounge
Margarita Ville Cafe
Chill'nChow Lounge
The Blue Guys and Skies Cafe
Mario's Barrio
Queso Pan y Vino
Cosmos & Cuisine
Double Olive
Brick Lounge
Bellini Patio
Sauce N' Serve Lounge
StarLight Bar and Lounge
Corona Cantina
Paisans Pizza and Bar
Margherita Margarita
Galileo's Grub Hub
The Brick Oven Brewery
Cosmix Cork'nNosh
Bel Piatoo
Fire On The River
5 Star Wings & White LIghtning
Cozy Cosmos Cafe
Cosmos Cork
Cosmo Lounge
Cosmos Cucina
Happy House Lounge
Wine & Dine
Tom's Cabin
Toscanini's Martinis
Community, Cocktails & Cafe
Cork'nFork Lounge
The Tuscantina
Pastas & Pours
Starry Nightery
Slosh & Nosh
Drink ups and Link ups
Iguana Italiaus
Fire & Spirits
Stellar Wine Cellar
Ginos Guava
The Wing House Cafe and Bar
ciao tutti
Cosmotini Cafe
Cavino 3irst
A Toast To Italy
The Cosmix Cork Lounge
Fra Diavolo - Italian Robin Hood of History
The Brick Oven Lounge
Fresh Bar
Luigi's Linguine and Luminary Lounge
Blue Star Ristorante and Trattoria
Cosmo Grotto
Pizza & Pina Colada's
A Fine At Italian
Tasty Tom's
Blenders Bar & Bistro
Pizza 'n Pizazz
The Milky Way Lounge
Galileo's Lounge
The Cosmic Cup & Cafe
hot wings and cool things
OaksHaven Resto & Cafe
Risky Whiskey
Italio Tango
House of Amoura
FireFly Wings
ItaliCosmo Cafe & Lounge
Starred N Charred Cafe
Serata di Amaretto
Brick Oven Lounge
Souse & Douse Lounge
The Alibi
The Galactic Nucleus
River Rapids Cafe
Tantalizing Tom's
Italia IQubed
Tom's Tip Top Cosmos
Juvino Jupiter
Pit Fall
Sauce & Serve
The Solar System Bar
Toms Tummy
Coal Fired Cosmos
Slosh and Nosh Lounge
White Lightning Cafe
Vin'nDin Inn
Hot Coals Cafe
Vine & Dine
Savvy Situations
Coal Fired Pub & Pizzeria
Romeo's Room
Pina Colada's & Pasta
Cafe De La Cosmo[s]
Fire Pit Lounge
Port o' Bella's Cafe
Star Bar
Hot Fire Cold Drinks
Itallian Bell
Fiera Wing Pit
The Cosmic Pub 'n Grub
Blenders Bistro
Tom's Tabernacle
Vine & Dine Cafe
Rum & Risotto
Maestro Miccia
Savory Spirits
Stellar Castello Cafe
Up In Smoke
Papa Roni's
peers and cosmospheres
D'Vine'N Dine
Coal Fire Pizza & Cocktails
The Drink Well Lounge
Barycentre Lounge
Coaled Charred Cache
Oregano Cafe
Siena Spirit Bistro
Tuscan Taste
The Rinky Drink
Blue Lagoon Lounge
Starlit Char Pit
Cosmos PubNGrub
Firefly Cafe
Fire Wire
Tommy Twister
Martini Perfetto
Coal-Fire Empire
Whiskey Cosmosis
The Italian Place
Sauce Boss
Martinis and Paninis
Whine'nDine Cafe
Cosmix Cork Lounge
Primo wings 'n' things
Luna Lagoona or Luna Lagoon or Lagoona Luna
Cork'nLadle Cafe
The Cosmic Cricket
Fired Up Bottoms Up
Wingy Dingys and Other Thingys
Whiskey Wild/s
Bud Hub
Italia Table Cafe
Riders on Blue
Luscious Lounge
Tuscan Tom's Whiskey River Cafe & Lounge
Cosmic Cosmos
Zucchini Martini
Whiskey Ticklers
Galattico Lounge or Bistro
Pizza On The Rocks
Chill & Swill
Fire, Wings, N' Things
Tuscan Flavors Cafe
CosmiCasual Lounge
Linguini 'n Martinis
Toscanini Linguine
Ziti Martini
Milan Cafe
Il Cosmico Sala
Turn Up The Heat
Beers & Cheers Cafe
The Cordial Cafe
Hot Toddies
Lah Di Dah's
Cosmic Flames
Italia On The Rox
Whiskey & Wings
Our Place
Frisky Business
Grande cucina italiana
Sit and Situate
Tuscan House & Limoncello Lounge
Rizzo Rocco
Keg Crusaders
Toms Town
InVigor8 Cafe
The Rathstellar
Ho Bevuto
The Charblazer Stargazer
Charcoal Lounge
Cuisine N Cosmo's
Flaming Tower of Pizza
Around Clock
Gettin' Sauced Bar & Grill
The Pampered Penguin
Vibrant Cosmos
Martini Thyme Lounge
CharBlaze StarGaze
RW Saucy's
Cosmos Cork 'n Fork
Whiskey Wild Fire
Spaghetting Sauced
Cosmix Caper Lounge
Hot Toddy's
CosmItalian Corner Cafe
Italia Pit
After Hours Meteor Showers
Juvino Jigger
Fire & Ice
Italia Cosmic
Cork'nGrub Pub
Tequila Appeal
Tick Tock Stop
Spuds N' Suds
Din'nVin Cafe
FireChar'd & IceBrew'd
Tuscan Thirst
Fettucine & Martini
Galileo's Cafe & Lounge
Cosmo's Cellar
Bronze Alligator
The Whiskey Well /Lounge
Toscana Banana
Juvino Jingle
Italian Cosmo
Charred & Starred Cafe
Siena Hearth
Jig'nJive Lounge
Rossini & Bellini's
Wingin' It
Cafe Inferno
Hot N' Saucy
Blue Sky Bar
The Americano
Cafe & Cocktails
Wings, Wraps & Whiskey
Philly Chilly
Tuscan House Lounge
Chaos Alehouse
Galactic Nightery
Blue Galaxy Cafe
Pit Fall Bar
Char House Lounge
Don Friatta's
Abolition Prohibition
Coal Fire Pub
Whisk E Business
Galaxy Inn
Cosmic Corks'nForks
Jersey Jive
Sizzlers & Fizzlers or Fizzlers & Sizzlers
The Olive Pit Lounge
Wing-a-Ling Lounge
Souse and Sauce
Divani Cafei
Bar Uva
Oakshaven Italian Resto
Seven Heaven
BluStellar Ristorante and Trattoria
Juvino Jig
Impulsed And Twist
Bellini & Linguine
Outer Limits
Douse House Cafe &/or Lounge
Shackers Cafe
CosmixTini Lounge
Coal Fire Bistro
Rocco Cafavino
Hot Chews & Cold Brews
Pub Partheon
Wing Cosmosis
Tini's N Guine's Lounge - Tini-Martini - Guine-Linguine
Abyssinia means Ill be seeing you
Pizza Pie Pub
Rush Torrent
Kinnikinnik-read the same way backwards
Cork Cosmos
Mug Shots
Cosmo Pizza Cafe
The Copper Stein or Mug
Fired Up - Pizza, Wings, & Whiskey
River Corner Cafe
Round The Corner
North Star Nosh Bar
The Fare Well Lounge
Italia Galaxy Cafe
Gettin' Sauced Pizzeria & Pub
Chug & Ciao Cafe
Three Fine Italians
The Jersey Diner
pizza tiki
Tony's Tuscany Cafe
Mozarelli's or Mozzarelli's
Community Cravings
Galactic Italian
Cosmos and Loungerie
Tuscan House & Arrivederci Lounge
CosmiCoal Fire Pit
Stargazin' Charblazin' Bistro 'n Lounge
Jersey Jaggerbomb
The 6th Dimension
BluStar Italian Restaurant and Bar
Suds & Slices
Coal Casa
martini lenguini
Wind Up And Dine Out
Pizzaros Passion
Meatballs & Margarita's
Whiskey Cosmos
Juvino Jagger
Chill & Ciao Cafe
Pizza My Soul
RocOn Rhythm
CosmoCool Whiskey
Cosmo Osteria or Cosmosteria
Coco Loco
House of Cosmos
Ciao! (hello)
Firewater & Hot Wings
Pizza & Cocktails
Izza Pizza
Alehouse Dock
The Cosmos Cork
Martinis & Ciao
PyroGalaxy Lounge
Brick Clique Cafe
Luna Fortuna Lounge
Chats with Cosmocrats
The Pits
InVigorAte Cafe
Cosmos Cork'nNosh
Jumpin' Jersey
Roast & Toast
Cosmixers and Cafe
Cucina Raffinata
Cosmos Cork Cafe
The Spruce Goose
Stellar Cellar Cafe
The Eighth Wonder Lounge
Mojito's & Meatballs
Cork'nLadle Lounge
Meatballs N Mojito's
Hot wings and cool martinis
Comet Cafe
Pina Colada N' Ricotta
Pizza Luna
Flaming Cosmos
The Jersey Cosmos
Take Wing Lounge
Cosmos Wings
Jagger Juvino
Linguine 'n Martinis
Cornetto Stiletto Cafe
The Liquid Lounge
Cosmic Keg Cafe
All the Buzz
Tuscan House & Luigi Lounge
Carbone Salone -coal lounge
Star Fire Lounge
Martini Ville Lounge
Martini River
Posh Toddies
Galactic Cafe
Tuscan Oven
Whiskey Creek
Preslicely Done
The Walkabout
The Tap House or Club
Wine Down lounge
Castillo Italio
Thinks Drinks
Casual Cosmos
Amaretto Sour
Fare Well Lounge
Italia Rocket
The Pizza Ritza
River Run Cafe & Lounge
Concoctions Cafe
Tuscan Tina's
Campari Safari
Capella Retreat
Cosmos Cork Capers
Lil' Italy Pizza & Pub
CelestItalia Cafe N Lounge
Tom Collins in Toms River
Lotsa Mozza
Cosmos & Kismet
My Sister's Place
River Rum Lounge
Vino Fino
Fire a Cork with CoalFire Wings
Pasta Pete's
River Corner Lounge
Fiume Bar And Lounge
Martini & Panini
Partake 'n ContemPlate
Olive You
5:00 Shadow/s
Wholy Cannoli
Old World Wings & Whiskey
Cosmofires Cafe
Cosmos Pub'nGrub
Cosmo Chicken
Cosmos Keg
Di Vinci's Drink House
Cosmos Cafavino
The Grape Imbibe
Sauce and Toss > Sauce 'n Toss > Sauce & Toss
Pizza Piazza
pefetto pop inn
Sauce N' Serve
Vinny T's Bar
Spirits Lounge
Linguine Lounge
Linguine Lightning
Red Room Lounge
spice of life
Cafe Itaiana Galactica
Wings & Whiskey
Fiery Nightery
The Cosmix Cork
The Stellar Cellar
Bonafide Bistro
Tang-Oh Itali-Oh
Zingy Linguine Lounge
Constellations & Libations
Jersey Cosmos Lounge
Cosmos Corks'nForks
Martini & Linguini
Savory Slices & Suds
Tutti Bella
Spirits & Slices
Venice Nights
Rocco's Heaven
Coal Miners Lounge
Sizzle Swizzle
Rocco Rizzo
Wild Things
Tequilian Tiziano
Fire Flyer
Italian Philly
Grub'nCork Lounge
Tuscan Thyme Lounge
Fire N Ice or Cosmic Fire N Celestial Ice
KegCapers Cafe
Razzmatazz Tap
Barr Flyy
Shakin & Bakin Lounge
Toscanini Fettucine
Lucky's Lounge
Parallax Bistro and Bar
Keg Kapers Kafe
Charcoal Cafe & Lounge
Cosmic Caper Lounge
Brick House Lounge
Aquila Tequila N Auriga-toni Cafe
Aurora Cafe
Rivers Edge
The Sidebar Cafe & Lounge
CosmicAura Char Bar
Posh Toddy's
Astronomical Ristorante & Trattoria
Big Bang Bar or Bada Bing Bang Bar
Fire On The Rox
Tuscan Whiskey & Wings
Char House Bar & Grill
Tom's Diner
Mediterraneo Cafe
Wing-a-Ling's Lounge
Houdini Martini
Cabaret Cosmos
Cosmix Firepit
Pizza, Wings, & Things
Tuscan Moon Lounge
Presto Bistro
Cosmo Sphere
Italian Sidebar
Cafe Amore
Cosmos Cellar
Thracian Temptation Cafe
Margarita Medley's
Livorno Lounge
Wings & Things Bar & Grill
Blazin' Wings & Whiskey
Blue River Cafe/Bar
Jersey Pour Lounge
Thrill Grill & Lounge
Rhythm Rumble
Mad Hattans
Bella Trattoria
Fettucine 'n Martini
Level Lounge
Tuscan Function
The Pour House & Pizzeria
Cosmos N Cuisine
Tequila Twister
Coastellar Cafe
Tuscan Twister
Tings Fire
Souse and Douse Cafe
Saucy's Lounge and Cafe
Wing Ding Lounge
The Back Room
Lucca Round
Inferno's Cafe
Happy Pappy
Toscanini Fettucini
Divine Dine & Wine Cafe
Pizza Plunge
Cosmos Coals
Amore Cafe
Piazza Benvenuti
The Chase Lounge
Tuscan Tequilla
Iguana Italianix
Juvino Juvial
Gettin' Sauced Pub & Pizzeria
StarGazer CharBlazer
Red Brick Tavern
Cork Cohorts Cafe
Fine Dining & White Lightning
iVin The Grape
Juvino Jinx
Dino's Vinos
Mojo Cosmo
Bazooka Lucca Lounge
Locco Mocco
BaryCentre Bar or just BaryCentre
Cosmix Cork
Alca Hall
Sizzle & Fizzle or Fizzle & Sizzle
Dousing House
Energetique Cafe
Coal Fire Pizza & Pub
Stolis 'n Cannolis
Whiskey River Bud Hub
Mangiare And Martinis
Cuisine & Cocktails
Light My Fire - Pizza, Wings, & Whiskey
Linguine & Martini Lounge
Linguine & Martinis
Braschi's Whiskeys
Tuzcani Cafe
The Pub House & Pizza Parlor
Souse and Sauce Cafe
Starry Char Bar
Houdini's Linguini
Souse and Sauce Lounge
River Boys
Cucina Italiana
Cosmic Capers
Where the River Bends, Visit your italian friends
The Cellar Gourmand
Slosh N' Nosh
Guidos Galaxy
KegKapers Lounge
Cosmic Cloud
Brickyard Bar and Cafe
Dino's Cantino
Tarhana Cosmicabana
Jersey On The Rox
Friskey Whiskey
Tuscan Sundowners Cafe & Lounge
Wing House Lounge
Jupiter Juvino
Italio Maestro
Wings Over Jersey
Vino's Tinis
Working Class Lounge
WorkPlay Cafe
CasuaLux Cafe and Lounge
Italian Batallian
Char Fire Eats & Ice Cold Drinks
Blue Town Tabernacle
Casual Cafe & Cosmos
The FirePlace
Rocco Rhythm
Cocktails & Cuisine
Tuscan House & Little Villa Lounge
Chambray and Cafe
The Brew House
Stars and Stripes
Fireshot or Fire Shots
Corona Canteen
Hot & Saucy
Cork'nChalice Cafe
Meatballs & Other Delights
Good Spirits Cafe
Cosmo Crawl Cafe
Jumping Jack's
Simply Gorge Us
Energy Eatery & Bar
VinoNation Station
Bar Sistema Solare
Luigi Lightning
The Whine Rack
Earthy Jersey Cafe
Galileo Cafe & Lounge
Corks & Forks
The Long Shot
The Char Bar Galaxy
Pub Trattare
Tusca Annie's
Whine & Loaf Cafe
Too Hot To Hoot-read the same way backwards
Whiskey Beer Here
Tempo Tap
Bistro Italian
Viva Festiva
Casa di Italia
Swig & Dip
Tom's TimeOut
Wild Whiskey & Wings
Cosmo's Karma Room
happy hour
Cafe N Cocktails
Firey Winery
The Rocks
Cafe Concoction
Trutti BARoody
Taste of Tuscany
Cosmic Karma
Philly Bell
Cosmix Caper Cafe
Guidos Grotto
Toast & Roast
Munjones and Coalfire
Wonders In Italy, Latin Is Red Now-read the same way backwards
Juvino Jolt
River Rapids
Meatballs & Mojito's
BlueCollar BrewCellar
Pappa al Pomodoro
Meet@ Pizza
Tuscan Tini's & Guine
Casa Vino
Sauce & Serve Lounge
The Venue
Toms Tuscany Cafe
Cosmic Capers Lounge
Cosmic Crusaders
Cosmic Chug Cafe
Tapas N Tinis
Italian Den
Tonic House
Cordial Inn Cafe
Char Bar
Blue River Bistro
Vinny T's Cafe
Cork Cohort Cafe
Fresh Eats Land
Classy CosmiCasual Ristorante & Trattoria
Cork Connection
Fine At Italian
Linguini & Martinis
Well House
Toms & Tuscani
The Linguini Lounge
The Hot Sauce Lounge
A Car, A Man, A Maraca- read the same way backwards
Twisted Tuscany
Cafarino Carumba
Aristo Commons
All Fired Up
Olive Arbor
Mizar Bar
Fired Food & Firewater
FinePlatter N FireWater
Spaghetti Sauce & Getting Sauced
Tuscan Tiziano
Martini Homeruns
Cosmic Carumba
Bella Capella Lounge
A Pizza The Action
Casual River Bar
Social Hour Cafe
Lazee Gazee
Jersey River Bar and Lounge
Italia Smooth
Fettucini 'n Martini
Italia Energix
The Farmhouse
Kosmos Karma
Italia Gyrocker
Green Vine Cafe & Lounge
Red Corner
Coal Hole
Signs of the Times Cafe
The Cafe Lounge
Luminescent Lounge & Linguine
Auriga-toni Cafe & Aquila Tequila Lounge
Italiano Iguano
All Sauced Up
Tuscany House Lounge
Firenze FirePit Pub
Tutti Italian
Pub & Pizzeria
Chickory Cheer
Pina Colada's & Pasta's
The Lower Room
Stars Italian
Il Toscano
The Scarlet Cork Cafe
CosmiCabana Inn
Sudsy Hut or Sudsy Hut & Cafe
Wings, Dings, And Things
Coal Fire Lounge
Prohibition Abolition
Shooting Stars Bar
Cosmo Toms
Solaria Sala
Vinny T's On The River
Cosmos Place
Firebrand Grotto
Mallview Lounge
Meteor Site
Coal Bowl
Galileo's Hub
Jersey Juvino
Astro Bistro
Roman Knights Cafe
Cosmic Firepit
Olive Lounge
Around A Clock
Marachino Vino
The Bar
Vinnie's Vineyard
Vinny T's Longe
Whiskey Cosmocrats
Beauta Shootas
Cafarino Calabash
Cork'nChow Cafe
Celestial Spirits
Jolly Joe's Cafe
Rocker Rhythm
The Cosmos Cafe
Cosmos & Cannoli
ItaliaCosmo Cafe
TR Bar
Tuscan Toni's Cafe
Kosmic Karma
Ziti, Za, Wings, & Whiskey
Catena Cantina
The Sidebar Lounge
Low Lights & High Gravity
Vino Yard
Sala Lounge
Cosmic Caper Cafe
Forks & Corks
Fruit of the Boot Italian Food
Tuscan Tom's Cafe
Nightplay Cafe
Ciao 'n Chew
Cosmic Keg Lounge
CosmItalia Cafe N Lounge
3irst Twizzler
Social Hour
Luigi's Lounge
Zippy Dee's Cafe
Mama Liona's
Mecca Me Pizza
Mojo Factor
PrimoD'Vino Bistro
Tom's Tuscan Cafe
Charcoal Cosmos & Cafe
Charblazer Stargazer
Tuzcani & Cafe
Wine & Dine Cafe
Rocco Rhapsody
Guava Cavern
Cosmos Cafarino
Maestro Bistro & Bar
Blue Lagoon Bar/Cafe
Whiskey, Wings & Things
Leaning Tower Lounge
Wise Guise Alibi
Pina Colada's & Pizza
Bella Bolla
Rossini & Bellini
Martini Maestro
Martini & Tortellini Lounge
Cosmos On The Mediterranean
Thirst Twizzler
Grotto di Salone
Tini's & Guine's Lounge
Salone Solarium
Blue Town Cafe
Mozarella & Martini's
Juvino 3irst
The Blue Zone Cafe
Coaled Cache
Loosy Goosy
Pasta Sangria's
Tiziano On The Rocks
Plato's Playpen
MoonLight Bar and Lounge
Blue Collar Town
Whiskey Italy
Cosmos Chow Cafe
The Big Bang
Helter Skelter
Italian Cafe & Cosmic Lounge
Lacchini Martinis
The Drink Tank
Guzzlin' Gino's Bar and Cafe
Eyes to the Skies Cafe
Luigi Lounge
Pisa Pizazz
Slices & Suds
Italia On The Rocks
Beauta Shooters
Tuscan Stans
Blue Collars on the Rocks
Eclectic Cafe
Authentico Lounge
The Fire Pit
Starred & Charred Cafe
Mediterraneo Bar
Cosmofires & Pizza Cafe
Cinzano Cafe & Lounge
Salone Cosmica
Fettucini & Martini
SolarElite Eatery and Lounge
Happy Our Cafe
River Run Lounge
Fire Bar
Lightning Lounge
Temptation of Tom
Cosmo Alimentare
Whiskey River Cafe & Lounge
World of Wings
Fire Pit Cafe
Cosmic Cafe
Bevanda Bravo's
Charcoal Cafe & Cosmos
Giardino Fresco
Mojo's and Cosmos
Italia Gyrox
Things Get Frisky with our Whiskey!
Manny Hattans
The Cosmic Fire Pit
Vinny T's
Cosmic Cork
Fireworks Cafe
Social Hour Cafe & Lounge
Crystal Pistol
Toms River's Italian Nibblers
Upper Crust Cafe
Epic Eats
SWIGS Lounge - defintion a deep draft of liquor ; engage in drinking liquid in great gulps
Tucan Room
Away Again
Guido's Pub'nGrub
Frisky Whiskey's
Tuscan Twizzler
Baked Martini
Coal Lounge
Trattoria Fiorenza
Cool Water Float
Cheers and Cosmospheres
Cosmic Corks
Little Italy Pizza & Pub
Stellar Rathskeller
Toscano Lounge
The FireHouse
Fired Wings N' Things
Toscanini Linguini
Cosmona Lisa's
The Cosmo Club
Mira Birra
Sparkling Spirits Cafe
Bistro & Blends
Wine & Whiskey
Mounge Lounge
Blue Banjo
Cosi Cosi
Pizza 'n Pizzazz
INGO Italio
The Posh Slosh N' Nosh
Tini's N Guine's
Tomsdoor Grill
Ole Cannoli
Margarita Ville Lounge
Social House Cafe & Lounge
BluHorizons Cafe
Pour House Pizzeria
Italiano Delicio
Paesano's Bar -means fellow townsman's bar
Tuscan Cafe & Prosecco Pub
Cabrini's Martinis
Posh Sauce
Fire it up
Club Cosmo
Hydration Station & Cafe
Italia Tavern
Dante's Corner
The Blue Club Cafe
Chill and Grill
The Cordial Chef
Posh Nosh Cafe
Cosmos Carumba
Shining Moon Cuisine
Wanton Wine'nDine
The Pour House
Grub Hubble
Lounge Lizards
Cosmic Cocktails
Cosmix Corks'nForks
Cosmostini Cafe
Three Thirsty Tom's
Green Valley
Nosh - Nosh =a big meal
Galassia Caffè e Lounge
Dahlia Italia Cafe
Backdoor Bacaro
Suds & Spuds or Suds N' Spuds
Rocco Italio
Coal-Fire Umpire
Whiskey Well Done
Kickback Kafe
The Char Bar and Grill
Jersey Joint
Starburst Cafe
Coal Control
Wild Fire
Suds N Buds Char Bar or Star Bar
Margarita's & Mozarella
Rocco 3irst
Fork 'n Cork Cafe
Martini Mayhem
Italia Rocco
Cosmos 3irst
Cosmos Fiero
Posh Nosh Lounge
Lounge Sistema Solare
Cielo Italiano
Galileo Villa or Villa Galileo
Martinized Whiskey
Stars & Chars
Mozza Lisa's or Moza Lisa's
Char Grill Lounge
Revitilizing Vittles
1st 2nd 3irst
Jigger & Rigatoni
Move Philly
Karma Cosmix
The Whinery
Martini Linguine
Brick Oven Brewery
Brick House Oven & Lounge
Little Italy Bar and Grill
Corks'nForks Lounge
Celestial Lounge
Tuscan Bistro & Bar
Coal Fired Pizzeria & Pub
Bellini & Linguine Lounge
Bellini Garden
Star Cafe
Hot House Lounge
Pizzy Wingzzy
Toscanini Martini
Tuscan Aromas
Pasta Pub
Pastas & Pina Colada's
Douse House
Vinice View
Whiskey Dreamtime
Laze N Gaze
That's Amore Cafe
Etrucsany & Tuscany Cafe
Cordial 'n Cafe
Cosmo Coals
The Papa Razzi Club
Old World Whiskey & Wings
GalactiComradery N Spirits
Cosmos & Crostinis
Karma Kosmos
The Cosmic Cork
Meatballs & Martini's
Hungry Hippo's
Casual Keg
Cafavino 3irst
Cosmic Camino
Cosmic Coals
Forks & Ports
Cosmix and Cafe
Fettucini & Martinis
Bellini Lenguini
Cosmos Cafe
TimeOut Cafe
Cosmic Cork Capers
Cosmix Crusaders
Upper Crust Drink Deck
Whiskey & Wraps
Fire Glow
Rococo Italico
CasaNova Cafe and Lounge
Tom's Tankard
Tuscan Wings & Whiskey
Sway Cafe & Lounge
Oakshaven Cafe
Tuscan Times Bistro
Posh Nosh Cafe & Lounge
Whiskey N' Wraps
ZestyWings N Whiskey Cafe
Martini & Tortellini
Balboa's Retreat