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3 Chosen Names

All websites have a “Content Management System (CMS)” admin program that is used to update the words and pictures on the website without any technical knowledge or contact with a developer.Now many “web designers” just do the design bit, then outsource the technology bit to a company like us. We build them a bespoke CMS which we then rebrand for them as their own.So we need a name for this CMS software service (with available “” please).

private contest - chosen name kept private

I am looking for a company name that will easily translate into a website name. We have a current business named LCD4VIDEO that we want to change to something with a better meaning.We currently sell photo and video cameras and equipment online. We are opening a retail location. Ideally we would like "BLANK" Photo Video, but we are open to all suggestions. The two largest names in the same industry is B&H Photo Video and Adorama.