We are an online business that provides financial investment advice to people who are looking to make money in crypto-currencies and stocks. Our new brand name needs to sound like a professional-sounding institution. It helps if it has something symbolic in its name to imply wealth accumulation. The brand name must be a 2 to 3 word name.

Using words in our culture that have a pre-existing association to wealth is helpful. Take for instance: "Beverly Hills, Palm Beach, Palm Springs, Rothschild, Berkshire". Then try to recreate something out of those words. For instance: Beverly Heights, Rothshire Research, etc.

Here's some other brainstorming ideas:

Name Idea: Take a well known name of a town or district or street in England/London, and add "Research" to make a 2-word name.

PS. I'm also a fan of using alliteration when possible.

Business Names

Pine Crest Research

by KristinMark

Brightpath Financial

by darylt383
Rockport Research
Kinsley Research
Momentum Financial
Bluevista Group
Heritage Research
Assured Capital Group
BlueCrest Finance
Everest Financial Group
Benjamin Fields Financial
Firmbridge Financial
Vanguard Financial
Quarius Financial
Everpeak Financial
MintPeak Research
Goldhawk Financial
CrestBridge Development
Sterling Peak Research
Plutus Research
GoldStandard Financial
Wingate Research
AcroVista Financial
Strive Financial Group
Gower Group
Hood Economic Elevators
CastleHope Financial
London Financial Research
Reedbury Research
Kingsmark Financial Group
Wyndhurst Research
Gildshire Financial
Totteridge Research
Bonington Forest Group
Rothschild Research
LA Lasting financials
Liverpool Research Group
ReFin Group
Kilamanjaro Profit Management
Crypto Resources Financial
Made Men Financial
AstorPoint Research
Tahoe Peak Financial
Wellesley Financial
Kingston Financial
Kilpspringer Financial
Berkshire Beach
Emerabury Watch
MonteCarlo Money Group
Midas Research
Canary Research Associates
Aygeon Acquisitions
Magic Mark Modification
Lucre Search Group
NY Tower Group
Harvardhill Group
Featherstone Financial
Guildford Group
Sentry Economic Consultancy
Rothshire Research
Watermead Financial
Findel Financial
Eagles Mount Advisors
Brookstone Crest Group
OakLeaf Financial
Sentry Financial Services
Palisades Outlook
Rothbury Research
Ion financial group
Citadel Financial
CryptoWealth Advisors
Bray Financial
Promontory Financial
Cyberwealth Capital
SouthOcean Financial
Eiffel Advice
Soaring Financial
Lloyd's Investments
Regent Hills Group
Alpine Ridge Financial
Gilded Growth Group
McKinley Financial Consultancy
Rotherhithe Research
FutureBridge Finacial
Dunbar Research
IronGate Financial
Berkshire Buttock
Wight Research
5th Avenue Investors
Crypto Counselors
Manticore Financial
LucreCastle Research
Finmax Group
Tangier Financial
Oxford Financial Solutions
Bloomsbury Investiture
La Velocity Heights
Bona Fide Research
Arborgate Financial
Moonbloom Financial
WealthShire Financial Solutions
Rubicon Research
ClearEdge Financial
Palm Hills Stock
Polaris Financial
The Boltons Group
Sanderling Financial
FreedomBuilders Financial
Greshire Research
Midland Financial
Kubla Khan Financial
Fleet StreetGroup
Hilton Heights
Gildpalm Research
Elm Hill Group
LevelTen Financial
Finsbury Financials
Sunset Lane
Claremont Research
AnchorSpan Financial
Finchley Financials
BeaconPoint Research
Ravenshead Research
Veritan Financial
BlueJasmine Group
SunCrest Research
Haven Oaks Financial
Gryphon Financial
Camelot Consortium
Reedham Research
Franklin Oak Financial
Assets R Us
Steelworth Research
Solomon Financial Services
Aspen Peak Financial
Nottingpark Financial Research
Monterey Wealth Managers
Berwick Research
The Gloucester Group
Portico Peak Investments
Shard Research
Jefferson Eagle Investments
Geist Hills
Palmingo Financial
BelSphere Financial
BevCochere Heights
Stanford Financial
KeyWest WealthAdvisors
Rochester Research
Builtmore advisors group
Fairchild Financial
Genova Group
Wellsworth Financial
Chelsea Research
McLean Financial
Come and Grow
Gherkin Financial
Merritus Wealth Management
Berkshire Pence
Watermead Group
Teakwood Research
Kingly Advisory Group
Hillcrest Financial
Edison Financial Research
Stockton Financial Group
Brookswell Financial
Harvard Park Financial
Brentford Asset Management
Everbridge Financial
Ravenscroft Research
WhiteTower Research
Rockbridge Research
Oxford Financial Research
DynaVest Financial
Blackwall Research
Moonsphere Horizon
Newcastle Research
Knightsbridge financial
Rockwell Financial
Camden Pass Research
Weatherby Financial Group
Hammersmith Wealth
Forever Financial
Link Haven Financial
Hathaway Summit Advise
Rothsprings Research
DominionPoint Financial
Cromwell Financial
NewBridge Financial
Rivermont Research
Crestlock Research
Rocketship Financial Research
MarbleArch Financial
BlueStone Financial
Yorktown Financial
Elite Capital Investments
Lux Financial Research
Martingale Research
Wall and Gates Research
Brickwell Financial
Lloyds Legacy Group
Rockhaven Research
River Oaks Research
Ellesmere Research
Tumbridge Research Group
Whitstone Financial
Vanderbilt Venture Group
Ascent Profit Management
Cambridge Financial Pros
Wellshire Financial Group
Westfield Advisory Group
Questworth Research
Towerbridge Finantial Advisors
ArcStone Financial
Highgate Research
CrestMark Financial
Essex Economix Group
Redcliffe Research
Strongwell Strategies
Rhodes Capital Research
Hilshire Heights Research
Edgeware Financial
Stoneridge Financial
Hampton Heights Research
Bond Financial Investors
KnoxPoint Research
Centurion Financial
Mosaic Wealth Services
Downing Hills Research
Pierpoint Financial
Eastgate Financial
Balmoral Financial Group
Parkhill Research Investments
Allistaire Financial Group
Mount Hood Research
Wellshire Attainment Group
Bartlett Passage Research
Sun Valley Research
Mayfair Financial
Berkshire Hemisphere
Branson Talbot Financial
Rutland Research
Grovewell Group
Meridan Financial
Grandshire Group
Sandquist Research
Nottingham research
Clearstone Financial
Cliffhaven Financial
Berkshare Financial
Oakchester Financial
Gemstone Financial
Berkshire Opteimume
CoronaGate Financial
Berkshire Financial Group
Wolver Research Group
SoundStone Group
Rushmore Financial
Lancaster Research
Savannah Research
pantheon research
LifePro Financial
Valance Research
Stepping stone portfolios
Numismark Research
Solstice Financial
Romella Research Group
PinOak Financial
Stratus Financial
Proudspire Group
Livestment Group
Lakenheath Financial
Elite Investment Group
Greenwich Heights Financial
Sherwood Healy Group
Breckenridge Financial
Viridian Financial Group
Pyramid Financial
Bridgebrite Group
Wayshire Crossing
Trademark Financial
Oak Growth Financial
ClarityPoint Financial
Gibraltar Group
Knox Financial
Paxton Preferred
Accure Financial
Paradox Financial
Bermuda Triangle Enigma
Ferris Financial
Inspire Financial Group
Fearson Financial Research
Eximious Financial
Hillcrest Heights
Monarch Research
Magnus Mutual Finance
Sigil Financial
Capital Research
Ascot Financial
Orion Research
Pedestal Group
Keystone Financial
Chief Investment Group
Infinite Reach Research
Ascend Financial Market
Crown Voice Financial
Capital Height Research
Mont Blanc Group
Aspira Financial Group
West Palm Research
Confirmator Financials
Magnus Research Partners
Primesso Group
RidgeTop Group
Next Level Financial
Right Step Financial
Tungsten Financial Associates
Clearpath Financial
Mainstay Financial
Assets Atop Attest
Affinity Financial
Stalwart Finance Group
Wilshire Hargrove
Wilshire Financial
Stash Financial Services
Creek Crossing
PeakRidge financial
Maltese Financial Research
Vested Research
Synergy Financial
Phoenician Group
Rolling Ridge Research
Capstone Financial
Havenwell Research
Evolution Financial Investment
The Hamptons Group
Wintercrest Advisors
Sugar on Top Financial
malibu beach financial
Essex Financial
Wellington Group
Stonebridge Financial
Campfire Financial
Devonshire Research
OxBoro Wealth Management Group
VitalStats Financial Research
Insight Financial
The Lunar Group
Veritas Research
Silver Penny Financial
Addington Investments
Sovereign Tree Research
Empire Ridge
Alpine Financial Advisor
Aberdeen Acumen
Manchester Financial
HavenCrest Financials
Ace Financial
Diversity Financials
Riviera Research
Diamond Trail Research
Infinity Research
Accrued Wealth Financial
Countessberry Financial
Saxon Services
Visionquest Finance Group
Uptown Investments
Arco Financial Group
Citrine Research
OakRidge Financial
Aspen Strategy Report
Metableau Financial
Hadrian's Citadel
Montego Financial
Wilmington Research
Stoneharbor Finance
Spyre Financial
HarborCrest Group
Wrenworth Group
Starmark Research
Capital Heights Financial
Goldmark financial group
AceMark Financial
Tartan Financial
Alps Financial Group
Trimark Financial
Nestmark Financial
Sharper Edge Financial
Winshire Financial
Precision Financial
ParkWest Financial
Fake Cash NeverProspers
Clandestine Financial
Millenia Group
Maidstone Financial
Gates Peak Financial
OxenBrior Group
Excalibar Rising
Pike's Peak Privy
Paradigm Research
Palatia Financial
Force10 Advisory
BlueCrown Investment group
FreedomOak Financial
Timberline Financial
Titan Financial
Everworth Financial Group
Propel Financial Solutions
Altitude Group
Excel Research
Silverline Financial
Merit Research
Millennium Mutual
Liforged Financial
Elevate Financial
Skypoint Financial
Affluent Finances
Maddox & Moray
Obsidian Financial
Excel Financial
Currency Investables
Biltmore Financial Group
Crossing Financial
Accuvest Financial
Stonegate Research Group
The Greystone Group
Weathington Group
Cinnabar Financial
Family Financials
AltruSure Financial
TopRung Financial
Pathmark Finance
Alpine Research Group
IvoryPeak Research
Double Trust Group
CrestPeak Financial
Heathrow financial
Legacy Investment Group
Eventide Research
Insignis Financial
Empath Financial
Cornerstone Confidential
VentureWise Research
Kings Cross Financial
Richmont Research
Juniper Financial
Finagen Research
Marble Summit Group
Cascade Capital
Bluewater Finance
Forte Financial Group
Primo eStock
Cryptex Group
Point Place Financial Experts
Crownpointe Research
Mutually Assured
Budgetry Budget Tree
Paramount Financial
Greencrest Research
Affluence Financial Group
Online Financial Network
Financial Favor
Cloverleaf Finance Group
Brookhaven Financial
Axis Advisers
Accelerate Financial
Silicon Valley Financial
Reap Financial
Zenmark Group
SilverCreek Financial
Hartshire Harcourt
Hollywood Wealth Accumulation
Brookshire Confidential
Gilt Financial
Radii Research
Plateau Financial
Hills Confidential
Flamel Financial
Capital Apex Group
Triumphant Financial
Celestial heights Group
Goldhaven Financial
Optimum Financial Group
Oak Vision Financial
Heavenwell Reasearch
Parliament Financial
Progressive Financial
Ozark Enterprise
Titan Finance
Specialized Financial Research
Summit Financial Research
Alpine Group Financial
Maven Financial
Rosehill Financial
Summit OnPoint
Peak Prosperity Investments
StonePillar Financial
Noble Riche Financial
Quantishire Research
Ascendant Financial
Framework Financial
Crestpoint Research
Lightning Strike Research
El Dorado Research
Assured Financial Advisory
MountainTop Financial
Edgewater Financial
BluePeak Confidential
Powerhouse Financial
Ascent Advisory Group
Touchstone Financial
Flame Financial
Wilshire Palisade
Perpetual Financial
AviForth Trackingvest
Manifest Investments
HighPoint Financial
Capital Connect Advisory
Staffordshire Halston
Ravenwood Financial
Trustwell Research
Cloud10 Research
Culmination Financial
Fortune First Financial
DoubleDagger Financial
Devon Wilshire Financial
Templar Financial Group
Arcadia Procision
Trucache Research
Beauchamp Financial
Premier Financial
DerbyshirePeak Financial
SageStreet Financial
Castle Ridge Financial
Carmel Premium
Didmore Financial
BlueOcean Financial
Higher Heights Financial
Vestrek Financial
BlueNorth Financial
Willowhaven Financial
Emergent Research
Monticello Trust
PrimeQuest Financial
Summit Rock Financial
Prime Numbers Research
Apex Financial
Yorkshire Cambridge
Aspira Group
Iron Summit Financial
Spherus Research
Alchemy Financial
SmartCoin Financial
Skyhaven Financial
Acuity Capital Report
Vertex Financial Group
Universe Financial
Globe Financial Group
HIerarchy group
Futurity Financial
Everlast Enterprise
Arete Financial
NewStar Research
Forbes Financial
Cheshire Wellshire Upshire
Epitome Financial
Stellar Financial
Westminster Group
Falcon Financial
CrestView Research
Capstone Research
Pendulum Financial
Campbell Investments
Equilibrium Asset Management
Rothchild Group
Hopestone Financial
Confidential Springs
Archstone Financial
Conally Confidential
Valussen Research
Bridgestone Financial Group
TruVest Research Group
Derbyshire Brighton
Omnimark Financial
Inton Upton Totown
Luxor Advisors
Veridigm Financial
Absolute Financial Group
Omicron Capital Group
Aloft Financial
Titan Blue Research
Gilded Guardian Group
Financial Matrix
Safeguard Finance
Synoptic Financial
Hitchcock Financial Research
Entrusted Finance Group
Candelas Financial
Archer Financial
VantEdge Confidential Group
Cirello Group
Accolades Research
Surpass Financial
Crystal Gable Advisors
galleria group
Rothshire Financial
Flourish Financial Group
Castlebridge Financial
Lexington Financial
FuturaFinancial Research
Myriad Vista Research
Fulcrum Research
Granite Heights Group
Divitiam Group
The Rockshire Group
Windsor Financial
New Heights Financial
Launch Financial Group
SPIRE Financials
BluePrint Research
Envision Research
Acquire Financial
Milestone Financial
Encompass Financial Group
Europlane Medalion
Prestige Financial
Verve Financial
Alto Advisors
Montane Financial Group
Data Crunch Research
Wingate Financial
Owlmark Research
Saundream Group
Gibralter Financial
Avery Rose Financial
Advantij Research
Online Financial Research
BlueEarth Research
Wisdom Financial
Arcbow Financial
Triton Research
Uplift Research
Novapoint Group
Regalia Financial
Next Generation Financial
Bluestar Financial
Invara Group
Escalator Financial
TruVision Confidential
Volantis Financial
Crickshire Churchill Capital
Amethyst Financial
Continental Acumen
Insignia Financial
Academy Financial
Zenith Financial
CloudStar Research
Rockford Research Group
Microedge Financial
Vista Peak Research
Investment Research
Professionl Financial
Kazan Acumulation Consultancy
Movestment Research
Aristocrat Financial
Financial Gain Group
Wealthcare Financials
Alista Research
New Millenium Financial
Regal Ridge Financial Advisors
Ravenhill Research
UpScale Financial
Beaumont Financial
Watermark Finance
Embolden Financial
Valkor Financial
AbingShire Research
InvestaStock Group
Banister Research Group
Gateway Financial
Rexford Research
Crypto Current Investing
Mighty Oak Group
Bentley Financial
The Mercantile Group
Sequoia Group
EverGreen Financial
Inventive Financial
CryptoSource Financial
Boltmark Financial
Summit Group Confidential
Spark Financial
BridgeCrest Research
Wealth Growth Group
Apogee Group
PrimeMark Research
Harmony Financial
Foresight Financial
Wallingford FInancials
Aristocracy Investment Group
Fortis Financial
Alchemy Research
Verdant Financial
Skye eFinance
Krocky Research group
Arundel Financial
Crescendo Financial
Ridgerunner Research
Westershire Financial
Topflight financial group
Wealth Advance Partners
Falconshire Research
Crowned Summit Research
Oasis Financial Group
Innova Research
Frontmark Financial
Castlerock Financial
Superior Financial
Truvanta Group
Blackline Pathworks
Halycon Heights Financial
Equitrust Planning
Arches Financial
Amass Financial
Opulence Financial
Loyal Capital Financial
The Omega Group
Richmond Research
IronClad Financial
Prime Finance
Wilder Financial Advice
Derbyshire Financial
Majestic Mountain Securities
Wealthstone Research
Vault Financial
Hamptonshire Hills Group
BrightonBridge Financial
Truespire Financial
Newport Financial
Paronis Financial
Skyline Financial
The Bolden Group
Velantra Financial
Orange Grove Financial
Deerborne Parker Financials
Royal Research
Vailar Financial
Steelhouse Finanicial
Sapphire Shores Research
Strident Financial
Opulent Research
First National Financial
Summit financial services
Ascent Financial
Goldridge Financial
Cypherion Services
Savant Financial
ProsperHouse Financial
LiveOak Group
RiseUp Investments
Trimountain Research
Grand Alpines Financial
Performax Financial
BellBoost Financial
Prosano Research Partners
Ignite Financial
HighCrest Confidential
Golden Financial
Higher Peak
Propel Confidential
Lofty Hills Research
Fremont Financial
Transcend Financial
Dominion Lane Group
GrandeLuxe Group or GranDeluxe
Gilded Branch Advisory
SkyGate Financial
Wentworth Prime
Financial Research Unlimited
Crypto Financials
TruePeak Financial
Outstanding Finance
Cumulus Group
NextStep Financial
Nimbleton Growth Investments
Venturewise Financial
Innovative Financial
Holden Heights
Global Research Group
Roundwell Financial Group
Greentower Financial
Aspen Ridge Financial
Triumphus Financial
Harpstone Financial
Smart Invest Group
Holbrook Financial
MOUNTAINPeak Financial
Financial Fiduciary
Emerald Roads Research
Ridgefield Research
SkyMount Financial Group
Luxshire Financial
Frederick Financial
Copious Investments
Capital Catalyst Group
eFinancial Future
Lodestar Financial
Tamarack Group
Merit Path Research
Foundation Financial
Riches Financial Group
sweetwater research group
Edenstone Financial Group
Key Confidential Advisors
PalmSphere Research
Pollinated Prime Financial
BlueRocket Financial
Royalpeak Group
Pyramid Resources
StarFox Financial
Havenwillow Finance
Frankenheimer Financial
North Sea Advisory
Farsight Financial
Wight Financial Resources
Highlands Financial
Yellowstone Research
Truway Research
Nexxus Financial
Maxim Financial
Zinnemann Profit Management
Amfortas Research
Empire Financial
Brentwood Financial
Uptown Advisers
Aspen Strategies
TopTier Financial
Orion Financial
Connexus Financial Advisors
Leadsdale turnbrook
The DeMille Funds
Providence Group
Hillsborough Financial Group
Halcyon Financial
Glasgow Research Group
Allegiance Financial
Aegis Financial
Clout Financial
Prosperous Financial
Finesse Research
Phoenix Research
Eminence Financial
TopShelf Financial Investment
Crest Financial
Castleberry Research
Financial Confidential
Worth Financial
Cumberland Clandestine
golden pine research
Platinum Edge Research
Newmarket Research
EagleRock Financial
Apogee Financial
Ascending Financial
Exclusive Financial Solutions
Valiant Financial
Olympic Research Group
Allied Integrity Financial
Skystone Finacial
Accrue With You
Sutton Dawes Research
The Financial Annex
Carmot Research
Paragon Research Group
Checkmark Finance
Prosperity Financial
Valley Ridge Financial
Vast Financial Group
Chysalis Financial
Oakbridge Financial
VanEdge Point
Lucre Research
Zenith Research Group
Monument Financial
Fairfax Group
Echelon Financial
Financials Investitutional
Crescent Key Acquisitions
Lighthouse Financial
CoveCrest Research
Verdant research
Coventry Research Group
Tundra Financial
Finnerly Financial
Bromptonshire Knightsbridge
The Sentry Group
Crowncastle Financial
Global Wealth Research
NewStar Financial
High Road Financial
Kensington Financial
Guardian Financial Group
Catapult Financial
Silvarro Financial
Faust Financial
Ventures Group
Acuity Capital Research
ReignForce Financial
Grandee Research
Astro Financial
Imperial Research
BluePrint Investment Group
Apex Subsidies
OmniPeak Financial
Barrister Research
Sunderland Research
Rothington Group
Pelican Hill Financial
CrownSummit Financial
Aspen Abbey Financial
Cryptology Financial Group
Axis Financial
Helios Financial
Westheimer Financial
Elite Financial
Oakcrest Research
Landmark Financial
BeverlyGlen Financial
CrownLuxe Research
Keen Investment Group
ClearView Confidential
Vertex Research
Terrace Datacapital Research
VantEdge Investment Network
Vestuguard Financial
Catalyst Financial
Bank Note Freedom
Cash Doctors
Calloway Research
Calibrated Consortium
Boldwell Financial
Lancashire Whitby
UpWon Financial
Lura Financial
First Class Group
Forrest Road Financial
Altitude Financial
Advantix Financial
Century Arc Financial
Spectrum Financial Group
Aspire to Inspire
Lauderdale Luxury Financial
VantagePoint Research
Oakwood Financial
Moneta Research
Preakness group
Hightower Research
Mesanto Financial
AlphaOmega Group
Financial Trending
Garnet Financial
Crown Financial Group
Odin Financial Group
Zurich Financial Group
North Star Advisers
Monarch Confidential
Ridgeway Manor
Ascension Financial
Horizon Financial
Beacon Star Financial
Crestmark Group
RISE Financials
Acorn Financial
CashPeak Financial Advisors
Acropolis Financial
Beverleyshire Group
Profusion Group
HillHaven Research
Edinburgh Financial
Principal Objective Planning
Measure Research
Apollo Confidential
CryptoStock Financial
BluNova Financial
Aspire Research
Altacrest Advisors
Cobblestone Financial
Midas Financial
Brookshire Financial
ArrowMark Financial
Uptown Financial
RockyTop Financial
Monarch Financial
Project Paragon
Richelieu Research
Ogden Financial
Novamark Research
NovaPeak Research
Investial Group
Forecast Group
Mosaic Financial
Monaco Group
Springtree Financial
Silveridge Financial
Beverlyblu FINANCIAL
AceWave Research
Tower Confidential
Monaco Confidential
Willshire Trust
Beverly Hills Research
Alpine Financial
Sterling Research
Stratera Financial
Acuity Financial
Cloverton Financial
Buckingham Financial
Cyber Wealth Counselors
Royal Capital
Fairacres Financials
Hemley Hemlock Group
Ivy league financial
OC Financial Group
Luxe Hill Financial