We need a tagline for our 100% Natural Mosquito Repellent Bracelets.
Our Brand name is #MosquitoSpell

We are 100% All Natural Plant-Based Oil, Non-Toxic Travel Insect Repellent, Safe Deet-Free Band, Soft Fiber Material For Kids & Adults, Keeps Insects & Bugs Away.

We want something Catchy & Unique! These Bracelets are mostly for KIDS!

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The Natural Way To Keep Mosquitoes Away!

by newyorkdeb

The easy way to keep pests away!

by PTNamer
Bracelet's 100 percent natural, bug's 100 percent gone!
Stay Skeeter Safe!
Bands On, Bugs Off
Become invisible to bugs!
The Wearable Mosquito Repellent
The Skeeter Defeater!
Time to take back the outdoors!
The safe and natural way to keep bugs away!
Armed Against Mosquitos
Put the Magic Back in Summer with MosquitoSpell Wrist Bands
sends skeeters running!
Stop Insects From Bugging You
Repel Pal
Be colorful And hit the trails with MosquitoSpell
Putting Mosquitoes in a Trance
"Mosquito Spell, The Fight That Makes The Bugs Stay In Flight!"
MosquitoSpell. Mother Nature's way of telling bugs to GET OUT OF HERE!
enjoy life without the bites
"Bugs won't like you"
"Repel those pests and still look your best!"
Bewitch the itch!
Have a safe bug away day
Don't Brace Yourself, Mosquitoes aren't coming
Simply Enjoy A Bug Free Summer
Incognito Mosquito Repellent
Get Outta Here Bugs!
Your Magic Shield of Protectant
Spellaway Mosquitoes
MosquitoSpell Makes The Bugs Fail!
Mosquitoe Block Judo Chop.
Insect repellent never looked cooler!
Bye bye skeeters!
Signs won't work because Mosquitos can't spell
Mosquito Spell , naturally is the band leader in mosquito repellant
You can tell with mosquito spell
Secret Weapon Bracelets
You will love it. Mosquitos will hate it.
The Bugs Don't Bite!
No more toxins, No more worries, Get out and play, the mosquitos will scurry!
Good 4 You, Bad 4 Bugs
Wear a MosquitoSpell, and the bugs will repel
Go 'way, Skeeters! And take your friends too!
Kids can play while mosquitos stay away
If it's on you,bites are not
BioBracelets Beat Off Bugs Naturally!
The mosquito torpedo
Show bugs your true colors.
More Buzz than Bite
MosquitoSpell, When 2nd Best Isn't Good Enough.
ZiP Off
Bugs Will Be Banned !
Outdoors made easy
Free to play with no bugs in the way!
Skitter those skeeters away.
Bug Away Booster Bracelet
MosquitoSpell bracelets are most effective, using only the basics
BugsBGone Bracelets!
We Hate Bug Bites!
NonTox Blox
Wild Childz
RepellBeGone Bracelet
Bug Away Bling
Defeato those Mosquitos!
Mosquitos won't bite we don't either
zap'em dead
Put a Spell on Pests
Hey Skeeters! Buzz off.
"No Bites Tonight"
Keep the Mosquitos Mellow
The Kids Are Alright, With Mosquito Spell
Skitow Alert
Sleeping Spell
Best Wrist Pest Resist
Free Spiritz
Vetoes The Mosquito
Can't Bug ME!
Cast Away Mosquitos!
Fit and Fix Mosquito
No Mo 'skeetos!
Magic Repellent
Biting was simply repelled
MosquitoSpell equals Mosquito Magic!
100 percent Natural Wizardry, Cast a Mosquito Spell
Embrace no bites.
There's no time for bugs!
All magic, no wand!
Cutie Cootie Cuffs
Be a wizard for the day and put pesky mosquitos under you spell to keep them away!
An outdoor kids best friend!
Bug free is the way to be
All natural. Minus the bugs.
MosquitoSpell puts bugs in a trance
It's All Natural Mosquito Magic
Stop, Drop, Control
Bug Off Me
Bug bites are bad so join the fad to wear Mosquito Spell bands.
Be Bug and Bite Free Gauranteed
Mosquito NoWay
Kids love wearing it! Mosquitoes, not so much.
Micro Fighter
If something's bugging you we can help.
Cast a colorful Spell with MosquitoSpell
ward off mosquito's
They can't stand The Spell!
"Don't settle for mosquitoes that mettle"
Skeeters Skedaddle
"Brace Yourselves with MosquitoSpell!
"The Mosquito Spell Puts The Bugs In Jail!"
Letting kids be kids without bugs in the way!
a bug bewitching bracelet
"We don't like Mosquito Kisses!"
"Nature's Bugout"
Naturel. Repel.
Bugs gone bye bye
Skeeters Away While You Play
Bite free and elsewhere
Can you spell "freedom"
No one's bugging me!
Everyone Wants a Mosquito Spell
Your Invisibility Cloak
Friend of Nature, Foe Against the Buzz.
Mosquita Ta Ta
The All Natural Mosquito Defeato!
Buzz off!
Mosquitos know where not to go
Beat a Skeeter
MosquitoSpell is legit. Wear it and you won't get bit!
No Toxins, No Mess, No Bites
Gotcha Bug!!
If you don't want to smell wear a mosquito spell.
It's A No Biter
The great outdoors has never been less bitey
Hocus Pocus Disappear!
No Skeeters Allowed!
Bye Bye Mosquitoes!
Nobuggy Does It Better
Naturally Defeato Those Pesky Mosquitos
Buzz Out MosquitoSpell Does Shout
repelling the enemy mosquito
When You Say MosquitoSpell You've Said It All.
Safe Spray Makes Bugs Go Away!!
Fight bugs like a Super Hero!
Bracelets That Won't Bug You
Mosquito Bangle Banned
Brace for no bites.
The Super Heroes Of Mosquito Defense!
A Naturally Magical Way to Keep the Bugs at Bay
Bring It On
Keep Going!
Look Ma, No Bugs!
A spell to repell!
Shoo, Fly, Shoo!
Mosquito Menagaerie
Bugs Stay Away & You Shout Hooray
The bug repellent you can take off
No more whine and dine, these bracelets are divine!
Magically Keep Annoying Pests Away
Don't pay with an arm and a leg.
MisquitoSpell sends Skeeters to well, you know
Kid Friendly Bug & Insect Repellent
flick of the wrist
The Magical Mosquito Bangle
Play Anywhere!
Moms Like You Choose Natural MosquitoSpell Bracelets .
Cast Off Mosquitos
Quiet the buzzing, No fussing
You gotta Beat the Mosquita
Awesome Way To Stop Bug Bites
Keeping you outdoors!
Safe to keep playing!
"Embrace the Future of Bug Defense"
"Safe enough for kids"
Get Away Bug
Naturally Protects Kids and Keeps Mosquitoes At Bay
Bugs vamoose when repellent is loose.
"Say hello to Mosquito Spell bracelets, and Bye Bye to mosquitos !
Take a bite out of your life.
we put mosquitos under a spell
Kid's First Defense against Mosquito bites
"Grow Your Mojo"
Jump on the Bandwagon to Keep Bugs Off
"No New Bites Cause The Bugs Can't Fight!"
Skeeter Beater Bracelets
BRACElet yourself for misquito season!
At last! A misquito repellent that doesn't BITE!
Itch free fun
Mother Nature's Magic
Don't worry we don't don't
Bug Me Nore More
Only Toxic for the Mosquito
The Magical Mosquito Repelling Wrist Band
"Finally Begotten Bug Relief"
"Natures Best kept Secret"
Send those mosquitos to hell
You'll wonder where the bugs went.
Shoo Fly, mosquitoes too!
Its a brace, repel away
Put the Bite On Bites
Good nature fights pesky nature.
The Bug Fighter for Play
No Biting Allowed
Skeeters Scatter!
Naturally effective!
Repel Bugs Naturally with PowerBio Bracelets!
One whiff and bugs vanish!
No bugs, naturally
Embrace Life Better with Mosquito Spell
Bugs Disappear with MosquitoSpell
You'll be Invisible to them. They Can't Bite What They Can't See!
Slip One On & You Are Good to Go!
Safe, Natural, Longlasting
"Wear without worrying"
Mosquitoes? Wave Your Magic Bracelet!
Protect Your Children. Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Easy Outdoor Living Just Got Easier
MosquitoSpell snap! and all is well
Out Out Darn Mosquito
BuggOff Plus
Repell with Mosquito Spell
No itch, sleep well!
Abracadabra! MosquitoSpells, MosquitoGone!
Bug off!
MosquitoSpell Shines And Repels
Don't just brace yourself for bug season, BRACELET yourself, instead!
Rad bands that ban bugs.
This Bites!
Puts a spell on Mosquitos
Shoo Skeeters!
Mosquitos Say "No, Thanks!"
Upper hand on pests, stylish bracelets
Your not mosquito lunch
mosquito swatter
Don't be buggin, get MosquitoSpell!
A wise way to Repel
Wear the bracelet since Mosquitos can't spell.
The one bracelet to beat all bracelets.
no more mist
Our bracelets use magic, Earth's secrets that repell, safe and Deet free, they cast a powerful "Mosquito Spell!"
Bug Zap
Stylize Your Safety !
She mosquito dont bother me
Make bugs magically stay away!
Get rid of mosquitos with a stylish bracelet.
Bug the Mosquitoes so They Won't Bug You!
Bippity Boppity Bite away
Sheer Mosquito Defeato!
The Safe & Wearable Insect Repellent featuring Patented, Powerful Protection
Mesquito? SheGawn!!! Bugs? SheGawn! We Got What You Need!!!
Mosquito repellent has never been this chic.
Why spray to keep pests away!
Repell Defense Bracelet
Mosquito Spell Be Bug Free!
Skeeter Beeters
Easier Trailes With MosquitoSpell
"All Summer Protection Bite Free"
Naturally Repel under the Spell!!
BRACElet yourself for bugs!
Beatin' Gettin' Eatin'
Less bugs. More play.
Bug away bracelets BAB
"Wear The Wristband"
Starve a skeeter today!
All the ingredients you need to cast a spell on bugs
Don't get bugged, get MosquitoSpell !
Hands on, bugs off!
BugsOff Bracelet
no more bites
MosQuito Repellent Bracelet
Brace yourselves for no more sting
There's Only One Thing in the World I Want and That's Mosquito Spell!
The Safe Way to Keep Mosquitoes at Bay!
Naturally sets the no bite zone.
Say goodbye to Skeeters!
Hours of Protection for Hours of Fun!!!
The Safe Way to Keep Bugs Away
No Swats, No Slaps, No Stings
The Fashionable Mosquito Repellent
Bugs Be Gone & Life Goes On
Makes mosquitoes magically disappear!
BUG BE GONE! 100 percent Natural Protection
Arm Yourself with MosquitoSpell
Because Summer Shouldn't Bite!
Your Armor for the Outdoors!
Naturally Bug Free
Snap On, Bugs Off
Fight The Bite Outright
Watch Bugs Vanish with MosquitoSpell
Bracelet on, Bites gone
Bracelet on. Bugs off.
MosquitoSpell Works Like Magic!
Cast a Spell to Repel
Naturally Keeps Bugs Away.
"Not A Bug In Sight"
Repellant Never Looked So Good
It's how we roll bug control
Enjoy the Outdoors again!
Chase em' Away the Natural Way
Mosquito spell send bugs packing
Keep Mosquitos Away the Safe & Fun Way!
Keep Bugs At Bay The Safe & Natural Way
The Safe & Natural Way To Keep Bugs Away
The Natural Way to Make Bugs Magically Disappear
The all natural way to keep insects at bay
"Beat the Bugs"
Bug Protection In A Snap.
See Ya later Bugs!
MosquitoSpell for a clean repel
Mosquitos will hate it!
Saved by Mosquito Spell
"Block the Bite"
Hands Down the Safest Mosquito Repellent
A magic shield against bugs!
"Repels like Magic"
We put the QUIT in Mosquito
Carefree Bugfree
Naturally Repelling Mosquitoes
This is what the buzz is all about
Play all day, without the spray!
Bug free, naturally
The intelligent repellent
"Nature's Kindest Bug Relief"
Bye Bye Bugs
Get the Upper Hand on Bugs with MosquitoSpell
Bugs disappear like magic.
The Snap on Mosquito Repeller
The Fun & Safe Way To Keep Bugs Away
The Natural Way to Keep Bugs Away!
Keep bugs away without the spray
The Fun Way To Wear Repellent
Repel & Relax
Don't let them bug you
Bracelets that say, "Keep Away!"
Enchanting Style, Potent Effect!
The Skeeter Free Solution
Put it on. Keep bugs off!
Naturally Safe & Effective Bug Repellent
Quell The Biters With MosquitoSpell
Safe Insect Relief
Keep mosquitos at bay the natural way.
The No More Bites Bracelet
Demand the band
The Skeeter Beater!
repels bug fast
Nature's BuzzKill.
The Naturally Magical Mosquito Repeller!
The band that bugs fear!
The Natural & Safe Repellent
"Stop Being Bugged"
Oh, buzz off!
The bracelet that tells bugs to beat it
"The Fashion Band that Mosquitos Can't Stand!"
Natural Bug & Insect Protection for the Whole Family
Keep away the bugs today!
Spells trouble for mosquitos, spells comfort for you!
Make Yourself Invisible to Bugs
"Control you don't have to think about"
Safer than a spray to keep bugs away!
MosquitoSpell, Trust The Name, It will do the rest.
Just say no to bug's with MosquitoSpell.
Skeeters Scat!
"100 percent Natural 100 percent Effective"
Complete Protection, No Spray
Be Magically Bug Free!
Bugs Despise Us
Safe Natural Protection
No If's, And's or Bugs About It
Bug Protection With A Flick Of The Wrist.
Magic on your wrist
Bugs Be Gone Bracelet
Our bracelets spell protection
It's like magic! Natural bug repellent without the mess
Arm Yourself Against Mosquitos
Buzz patrol at its best
Keep mosquitos at bay without the spray
Mom approved Mosquito protection.
Mosquitos Away the Natural Way
The band that beats the bugs
Bug Me Not
"Chemical Free Protection for the whole family"
Don't Bug Out! Bug Off!
The stylish way to keep bugs away
"Keep off bugs naturally"
"Bug Free Living!"
How mosquitos spell defeat!
"Put a spell on insects with MosquitoSpell"
Living Life, Naturally Bug Free
Leave Me Alone Bugs!
Summer sun, and nothing to stop the fun
Natural Mosquito Avoidance
Poof! And bugs are gone!
"We Gotcha' Covered!"
The Natural Way to Arm Yourself Against Mosquitos
Put them On and Bugs are Gone
Puts bugs on the run so kids can have the fun!
"Just like Magic"
The Mosquito Solution
Mosquito free, naturally.
Making the outdoors fun again
Keep Bugs Away, Everyday, The Natural Way
The Natural Way to Keep Bugs At Bay!
Bugs Go Away Without The Spray!
Cast a Spell to Repel Bugs!
Summer nights without the bites
Keeps bugs away so kids can play.
By Nature. Bye Mosquito.
Put a Spell on Mosquitos!
Strap it on and bugs are gone
No Bugging Allowed
Buzz Off, Mosquitoes!
Where repellent meets fashion, naturally!
Bug Free Good Times!
Get in the Loop, and Keep Bugs Out
No Toxins, No Bugs, No Worries
Enjoy the swing, without the sting!
Expel with Mosquito Spell
Take The Bite Out Of Summer
Disarm the swarm!
Bugs won't Bug Ya
No Bugs No Worries
Say bye bye to bugs and bites
Be bug free the easy way.
Brace Yourself, No More Bugs
The Natural Way to Make Bugs Vanish
Naturally Safe and Effective
Zero spray. Zero smell. Zero bugs.
Safe & Effective Bug Be Gone Repellent
Protect Your Children AND The Environment
Works Like a Charm
Bugs are gone, we play on!
Naturally magic!
Cast a Spell that Works Like Magic! MosquitoSpell
Buzz off, bugs!
Naturally Repel with MosquitoSpell!
Skeeter Defeater
Quit The Itch
Tell 'em to Bugger Off with MosquitoSpell
No bite summer nights
The Easy Way To Keep Mosquitoes Away!
The Handy Bands to Banish Bugs
Abracadabra! No More Bugs!
Don't Go Buggy This Summer
Outdoor Band
Completely Natural Complete Protection
"Naturally Repel Insects Well!"
Skeeters Away More Play!
We Keep Those Bugs Away Naturally!
You have the power to repel
"Put a Spell on Mosquitos Naturally"
Forget the spray, our band is the way!
"Your personal Bug Defense"
Bites be gone!
Mosquito free and loving it.
Bug off
Cast a spell against mosquitoes.
Keep the bugs on the run while you have fun
The wicked witch of the pest
Keep bugs away, nature's way
enter the swat free zone
Wrist Worthy Bug Protection.
Mosquito Free Zone
Repel 'Em with Mosquito Spell!
Best Pest Protection
Like A Spell, They Repell
No Bugging Around
Itchy, itchy bite and swell, banish bugs with Mosquito Spell!
The Magic Way To Keep Bugs At Bay
Bug the bugs back
Repel Mosquitos with MosquitoSpell
Skeeters Away!
While the bugs are away the kids will play!
"Nature's Magic Wristband"
Abracadabra Bug Free
Naturally fight against the bite!
Colors and styles and no bugs for miles!
A safe way to keep insects away
Our bands are the trick, so skeeters don't stick.
Wave Bye Bye To Bugs with the MosquitoSpell Bracelet!!
"MosquitoSpell Makes You Invisible to Mosquitoes!"
When The Mosquitoes Get Tough, You Get Tougher With MosquitoSpell.
Make more room for enjoyment with MosquitoSpell.
Beet The Skeet with no DEET
Smart bands that spell REPELL.
Natural relief from nature's pest
No spray. No smell. No bites.
Skeet O Way
Repel with Spell
The Natural Ring of Protection
Like wearing a bug shield.
Quell Bites with MosquitoSpell
"Keeping the bugs off so you don't bug out!"
No buzz bracelets!
Tells bugs to buzz off
Veto The Mosquito, Naturally
Full protection, zero spray
"No Bite, No Bump!"
Make the Skeeters Scoot
Bracelets That Spell "Buzz Off!"
Make Mosquitos Disappear
Forget The Buzz
Mosquito Spell? Yes Please
Shoo! Those Bugs the Easy Way!
NoMo Bites
We bug the bugs so they don't bug you!
The Pest Control Pal
The Magic Spell to a Bug Free Day
It Works!
Back off Skeeters
"Repel those summer pests with safe, all natural Mosquito Spell"
keep em away the natural way
A safe way to keep the bugs away
Spell VICTORY over mosquitos, Naturally!
They're stylish and repel they're MosquitoSpell
Naturally Repel under the MosquitoSpell!!
BRACElet Yourself Against Mosquitos
MisquitoSpell for a safe repel.
Fashion is in, bugs are out
Skeeter Guard
Oh no! Mosquito!
It's how you Spell relief
Buzz off, skeeters!
Let Nature Deal with Nature
Say goodnight to mosquito bites!
The Magic Bracelet That Keeps Insects From Bugging You
Mosquito Mind Back
The Bug Banishing Band
"Buzz Defense"
Put a Spell on 'Squitos
Bugs will stay at bay all day!
Wish Mosqitoes Away With the Flick of Your Wrist
Armed for defense
Wear Your Repellent With Style
Things go Better with a Mosquito Spell
Brace yourself for Biteless good times
Carefree and Itchfree!
The Handy Way to Beat Bugs
Ditch the Itch
Love My Mosquito Bandito
In the woods or in the yard we're blocking mosquitoes with this little charm.
Making Enemies One Mosquito at a time
"Relief is just a bracelet away"
Tough on Bugs, Naturally Gentle on You
Knock the itch out with Mosquito Spell
EZ Way To Keep The Bugs Away!
Bugs at Bay for Hours of Play
Bug Out!
"Now you see them, now you don't"
NOsquito Band
Naturally Stops Insects From Bugging You
This Spell Makes You Invisible to Bugs!
it's Like an invisible net
Mosquito Defense That Doesn't Stink!
Shield Your Family
"Sting Free Relief"
Put A Spell On & Keep Those Mosquito's Away.
Bug be gone , poisonfree ,naturally!
Put The Spell On 'Em!
Bugs hate our bracelets
Take the bite out of your day
The Plantastic Mosquito Repellent!
Beat the Bite
Bugs Away
Mosquito Spell, Magically makes mosquitoes disappear
Keep 'em away, naturally!
Enjoy the outdoors by wrapping our repellant around your wrist
No bugs near me,naturally!
Mosquitos Fall Under The Spell!
Bugs are Banned with MosquitoSpell Natural Bands
skeeter screen
Keeping the Bugs Away While the Kids Play
Where you turn for relief
You'll be a fan of the mosquito free band!
Safe bug away with MosquitoSpell
Amazing Bracelet That Really Ticks Mosquitos Off
Snap it on and Mosquitos bug off
"Mess Free Mosquito Control"
Bye Bye Buzz.
Fashion Right, No Bite
Cast A Spell Over Mosquitos
Dawn Til Dusk, Bugs Stay Off
Watch them magically vanish!
Put the band on bugs
Goodbye Swatter! Hello Snapper!
Mosquitos Say "We're Out Of Here!"
Bite free, naturally
Bracelets That Spell "Bug Off!"
The Bug Invisibility Bracelet
Bracelets that Spell "NO!" to Mosquitos
The wizard presents a bug be gone spell
Skeeter eater
Wave Goodbye!
Safe Bug Free Bracelets
Mosquitoes Shoo, Chem Free, Too!
I put a spell on you and now your gone
It's Only Toxic to What's Bugging You
Strap on a skeeter beater
Mosquito Spell, Don't Leave Home Without It!
Bite Fight Bracelets
Shrug A Bug
Repelling Bug Off Bracelet
Indoor Comfort for your Outdoor Life
Mighty No Bitey
The Wise Way to Keep Flies Away
Hands up, bugs down
Embrace the Magic of MosquitoSpell!
Mosquitospell on their arm keeps kids free from harm.
Wear the Magic, feel the relief.
MosquitSpell, jump on the band wagon
The last slap begins here!
Biters Take Flight With MosquitoSpell
Bite 'em back naturally
Beat the skeeters!
Put A Veto On The Mosquito
Skeeters Scared Huh?
To quell and repel try a Spell you won't smell!
We have the spell that mosquitoes fear!
Back Off, Bloodsuckers!
The Safe Bet for Kids and Pets
Get the Mosquito out of here!
Repeal with the Spell
Look your best while keeping away pests!
Send the bugs packing
Natural Kid Protection For Natural Pesky Bugs
Buzz away
Summer as it was meant to be
Skeeters Scram!
Outsmart those Mosquitos Naturally!
You and me are mosquito free all day
Our bark is bigger than their bite!
What Mosquitos?
You don't need spray to keep bugs away!
No Swat No Scratch No Sweat!
Enjoy the outdoors with Mosquito Spell bands ,providing natural protection against mosquito bites
Pure & Natural BugBeGone Repellent
No More Itchy Bites!
Bands that give mosquitos their marching orders.
Cure What's Bugging You
Magically Makes Insects Buzz Off
Style Rich, No Itch
Keep Mosquitoes at Arm's Length and Beyond
Outdoors is natural & so is Mosquito Spell.
Bracelets That Make Mosquitos Buzz Off
"Control without spray, lotion, or gel"
MosquitNO MORE!
Fight The Bite,Naturally
Where Nosquito Dares to Go!
Put pests in the past!
"Kindness For Kids Repellent'
The easiest way to repel is MosquitoSpell
Mosquito Be Gone
All Fun, No Bite!
Get away so we can play
Discover MosquitoSpell Difference.
Skeeter Off!
Mosquitos Be Gone!
"Itch Free Like Me"
We Put A Spell On You
Mosquito to partner "We've been scratched!"
Nobuggy Bothers Me!
The Snap On Bracelet That Spells Relief
Put the pests to rest
MesquitoSpell, 100 percent natural, 100 percent effective
Bite me Not!
Don't bug me!
Mosquito Spell we keep you bug free!
Mosquito Spell All Natural Repellent Bracelet
For Bite Free Adventures!
Bugs are out, style is in
Mosquitoes Shoo, Natural,Too!
Putting a Spell on mosquitos for good!
"Cast a Spell to Ban Mosquitoes!"
Bug Repellent Magic
Shoo Bug
Repel Insects. Attract Relief.
Kid Friendly, Mosquito NOT
Bugs can't spell
Non Toxic Bug Be Gone
Bugs Can't Beat the Band!
No Buggin', No Kidding!
Because Bugs Don't Know How to Spell
Maximizing fun by minimizing mosquitos
The Bug Away Bracelet
MosquitoSpell equals Mosquito Repel
Stay Skeeter Free!
MosquitoSpell, just say no to bugs.
Because Mosquitoes Don't Know How to Spell
The Naturally Magical Mosquito Master
Magically Cast Away Insects and Bugs
Slap happy days are gone!
Think Different, Think MosquitoSpell.
Have a squito free day
Repel with the Spell
Armed Guard Fashion
Super Power Repellent
Presto zing! No more sting!
Shield Yourself
This bracelet spells it out clearly stay away Mosquitos!
No Bites, Sleep Well!
The Bite Free Circle
MisquitoSpell. It's the skeeter depleter!
They run like hell from the mosquito spell
Put The Smackdown on Mosquitos.
MisquitoSpell for the best repel.
Wrist Assured Our Bracelets Will Arm You Against Mosquitos
The Magical Mosquito Master Bracelet
Let Kids Be Kids! Itching Not Included!
The Magic Way To Keep Mosquitoes Away!
Beat Off Bugs with RepelPower Bracelets!
Stop Itching For A Fight
The Natural Critter Guard
Stay 'Skeeto' Free!!
Mosquito Spell No Bug Braclet
Bite back!
"Swarm Away"
The Number 1 Vanishing Spell
"The Natural Curse That Keeps Them Away"
We Put the Spell on You!
Repel Bugs Naturally with PlantPower BioBracelets!
Bugger Off Skeeter
Quit Buggin Me!
Healthy Bite Free!
Minimum Mosquitos
Shoo flies, mosquitoes too!
Bugs beware and doing it with flare
The way to go for the kiddos!
"A Magical Mosquito Spell"
Comfortable protection
Go outdoors
Mosquitos Suck
Keep It On Hand!
Be Armed Against Bugs
Go Mosquitoless with MosquitoSpell!
The Bye Bye Mosquito Bite Bracelet!
"Look Ma I'm Bite Free"
Move with freedom
The Fun Way to Repel Mosquitoes
The bracelet that blocks bites.
Brace Yo'self
Hocus Pocus Insects Be Gone!
Charmed against bugs ,naturally
Cast The Blood Monster Away
"With this band I repel"
No swatten here
"FYI, Bugs do Bounce!"
Nature makes them leave you alone!
Time to Brace Off!
One spell to shoo them all.
Bugs stay away while you play
From mosquitoes to nosquitoes.
Scare Away Squits wiith MosquitoSpell
Repelled with MosquitoSpell!
"Family protection you can trust"
Nobuggy Knows
Skeeters Buzz away
"El Natural Bugster"
Get Out More
Outside Is Fun Again
Put The Wammy On Mosquitos
Perfect Portable Protection
The Number 1 Natural Vanishing Act
Fun, Fashionable & It Works!
"With the bugs away the kids will play"
Say Farewell To Insect Bites With MosquitoSpell
We'll put a Spell on you!
Put A Spell On Them
Spellbind skeeters with MosquitoSpell!
enjoy the outdoors as they were meant to be!
That's one bombshell repellent!
Look Ma, No Bites!
"With the bugs away families will play"
Kids Repel Pal
Bandito mosquito
There ain't no bugs on me!
Protect your kiddos from mosquitoes
Repelled they are, Bite no more
"My Family Matters All Natural"
Bites Away
Mosquito Free Circle
Go Go Mosquito!
Number 1 Natural Bite Repellent
Stop Bugs on the Go
don't bug out!
Bibbity Bobbity Bug Be Gone
MosquitoSpell, keepin it real and keeping it bug free.
Take the bite out of mosquitoes bites!
Repel. Excel.
Keep bugs away the way Nature intended. Naturally.
"Bite Free Relief"
Put a colorful system in place to keep your kids safe!
Makes squitos skedaddle
No More Bug Bites!
You Family's Ring Of Protection
This is how you stop bugging me