The current company name is West Hill Acquisitions, but we received numerous negative customer feedback because the term "acquisition" give the impression that the company is a financial business. Furthermore, the term "West Hill" has no more connection with the business.

The strategy of the business is to grow through acquisitions in the food sector. It is the view of the Board and management, that any perception of being as asset stripper or similar investor would have detrimental effects on the prospect for further acquisitions and therefore could limit the future growth of WHAL. Therefore, a name change of WHAL is proposed to eliminate any misconceptions with regards to the intentions of the future acquisitions and subsequent integration in the group.

Based on numerous discussions, the future name should convey the following attributes:
...- Be descriptive of the business which is food services, food production, food distribution or food overall
...- Instil confidence and trust
...- Have affinity to food
...- Evidence long term investment horizon
...- Show that it is a group of companies with individual names

Business Names

Total Foods Ivestments

by Sweekster
ExcellSource Foods
Happy Food Services
All Foods Investments
EverCrest Food Services
Legacy Food Partners
EverFoods Investments
Complete Food Investments
Total Foods Investments
NewHorizons Food Group
Five Star Food Services
Viable Food Integrations
Pinnacle Food Services
Nourish Enterprises
Echelon Foods Group
Umami Group
Spectrum Foods
Highland Hospitality Group
The Cornucopia Group
Food Melange Investments
Grub for growth
Allied Food Consortium
FullPlate Food Services
FoodRealm Vestments
Prospect Food Group
Main Dish Partners
Cuisine Collective
Consolidated Food Industries
StreamQuest Investments
Suite For Eats
Ivest Food Group
United Food resources
Stratus Food Group
Fork Quarter Foods
Investa food supply
FoodVestment Group
Sagacity Foods
Presidential Food Group
Foodyle Acquisitions
Arcadia Food Coalition
Food Sector Investments
Innovative Food Systems
Acceptance Food Group
SilverPlatter Food Services
The Affinity Food Group
Surplus Service Foods
Spherical Foods Capital
Nutrea Food Services
Shared Food Investments
Subsistence Alliance
Edistone Investments
Food Sourced
Credence Food Association
Open Table Collective
Apex Direct Foods
Absolute Foods
Freshfare Gains
Cornerstone Food Group
LifeStaff Associates
Strategic Food Services
Affinity Food Services
FreshMark Food Services
Advantage Food Group
Cravella Group
Favor Food Investments
Fortunada Food
Acre Market Services
GoldStar Food Services
Crescent Food Group
Foodwise Strategics
Grow Forward Foods
GoodGrub Group
Prudential Produce Association
Indicia Foods
Council Food Group
Qualifare Food Services
Reliable Nurishment
Summit FoodHub
Hearthstone Market
Amity Food Group
NovaPeak Food Services
Food Forte Group
Wholeness Distribution
Entrust Food Group
True Foods Investments
Apptiva Food Services
Food Assortment Investments
SavoryDays Enterprises
Fare Faction
Pinnacle Food Group
Innovative Food Groups
Vested Foods
Bountiful harvest group
Prospera Food Services
Colissia Culinary Group
Artisa Oversight
Nutriment Group
Sage Food Group
Axiom Food Association
Fortitude Foods
Infinidine Partners
HealthStar Food Seevices
Integrity Food Group
Entrust Food Investments
Horizonline Hospitality Group
QualiCare Food Services
Savant Food Services Group
Paradigm Food Group
Every Foods Consortium
Affinity Food Group
TruVest Foods
New Level Food
FoodAbide Investments
Fare Share Services
Eternal Food Services
FareCrest Ventures
FoodCraft Partners
Simpatico Food Securities
Prime Picked Foods
Chow Coup
Canopy food service
Valiant Food Venture
Invision Food Group
Century Food Industires
VastFoods Holdings
DineStar Coalition
Flavorable Food Services
Foodfully investments
Credible Edibles
BridgeServ Capital
Artisana Oversight
Omni Food Investments
Wholey Enriched
Composite Food Investments
Cuisine Crew
Farewell Investments
Food Factor International
Food Sector Accommodations
DuraFood Investments
Presidential Food Services
Omnifood Assets
EverTaste Enterprises
Cooperatively NutRichous
Fare Trade
Signature Culinary Alliance
Food Service Syndicate
Top Shelf Food Services
United Nourishment Services
Artisian Find Group
Stratum Food Investments
Food Connossieur Investments
Acceptance Food Services
Proviso Food Enterprise
FareWorth Services
Dine Out Services
RealGood Food Investments
Sustenance Pantry Collective
TruFresh Food Services
Universal Foods
Seasonal Harvest Group
EverGather Food Group
Food Ops Group
Superior Foody Production
Banquet Table Group
FareNova Services
Premium Food Group
Prudenta Food Services Group
Chef Portfolio
Active Nourishment
Fidelity Food Services
GoodFood 4 All
Bistro Boys
Exquisite Foods Group
FoodSteady Investments
Encompass Food Group
Focus Food Dynamics
Club Cuisine
Food Zoom
All Food Investment
Prima Food Services
Foremost Food Investments
Synergy Food Investments
BestFood Agency
Prime Food Investments
GoodTaste Enterprises
Foodfield Companies
Signature Foodservice Strategies
Superb foods inc.
Future Food Services Group
SunRay Food Group
Focused Food Investments
VisionVest Foods
FoodLogic Investments
FoodFresh Investments
ChefBest Enterprises
Action Foods
Bright Point Foods
Progressive Foods Group
Forever Food Cos
New Horizon Foods
Sterling Foods
Ideal Foods Investments
Earth Foods
Food for growth
Adventures in food
delight trust
CrestRidge Food Supplies
Dinner Times
BrightPlus Food Co.
Acceptance Food Solutions
Concord Foods
IntelliFood Services
Clearizon Food Investments
AllStar Food
Apex Food
Allsphere Foods
FoodForce Investments
Truly Food Enterprises
Central Staples
Ultimate Food Investments
Global Food Group
In Pursuit of Cookery
FoodRight Ventures
Food Industires Consortium
Brookdale Food Supply
Accent Food Solutions
Infusion Food Network
Service Beyond
Eternal Food Investments
Pursuit in the Food Zone
Amercas Best Dining
Happy Haul Food Services
organisation best foods
Kitchen Vista Ventures
FoodGroup Alliances
Todays Food Services
Horizon Food Agency
Truzona Food Agency
FoodScope Investments
Fresh Food Investments
VastWay Foods
FoodSense Investments
Foodwell Investments
Grocers connection
Food Assets
BriarHouse Food Distribution
Sunrise Food Services
Food Solutions Group
Everything Eats Group
OakView Foods
Nexus Food Investments
FullCircle Food Investments
WholeSum Food Investments
Everspan Foods
The Food Family
ProVest Food Group
Triumph Food Group
Fortis Food Inc.
Simply Foods United
Assured harvest
Stable Table
Pleasant Plate Enterprises
Visionary Venture Foods
Food Folio
Pyramid Food Network
HorizonPoint Food Group
Complete Nourishment
Prime Feast Group
Horizon Food Group
Heart Foods Inc.
Meal growth solutions
Edible Horizons Group
1st Choice Foods
Horizon Food Investment Services
Customers Choice Eateries
Future Foods Investments
Food Source Investments
Food Finds
Food Facets Alliance
Promised Foods
Food First Investments
Horizon Acres
Total Food Services
Star Food Services
Evolution Nourishment
Winning in the Food Zone
Food Directions
Harvest Horizons Group
Absolute Abundance Foods
Food360 Group
Food Pro Group
Pro Food Partners
FoodCentric Collective
Horizons Food Investments
Orbit Foods
Food Group Grow Ventures
Crestor Food Investments
WhiteOak Food Services
Visionary Food Services
HavenTrust Food Co.
All Food Horizons
up hill finanaces
Assurance food group
Noble foodz
FoodStock Investments
Foodwise Conglomerate
Prime Food Group
VastFoods Investments
Horizon Food Distribution
Friendly Food Alliance
Pioneer Food Group
Food setup ventures
Culinary Alliance Group
United food cooperative
Meals are Teamwork
Munch Services
SummitPeak foods
Foodental group
Friends of Food
RightChoiceFoods Srvc.
Plate Development
Integracore Food Association
West Hill Trust
FoodGroup Solutions
Cervus Food Agency
The Optimal Food Group
A Plus Food Services
Food Connections
WHAL Food Services Group
Key Lime ltd
Open Table Intitiative
Nosh Distributions
AlliedChef Foods
Honor Foods
CoActive Foods
Full Food Investments
Ovation Food Group
A Family Fare
OneWorld Foods
Decree Food Services
FoodBUX Services
Nutrition Acquisition Group
TruTaste Food Services
SpectraFood Services
Dish Developments
Curated Foods
Patronage Pantry
TruVision Food Services
Rock Horizon Foods
Total Foods Enterprises
TruNorth Food Services
Foods InLeague
Horizon Food Services
Castor Food Services
Victory Food Group
Food Entourage
Main Food Group
Infinite Food Group
Outlook Food Group
confidence edilbes
Mosaic Foods
Foods Gold
Dinerset Circle
Bread for Bread
FoodWise Growth
Executive Food Servcies
Bon Appetit Consortium
The Restaurant Collective
Nexxum Food Investments
Food Growth Holdings
Select Food Group
Veritas Food Group
Trademark Food Investments
Reliance foods
Shared Provisions Holdings
Victory Food
Food 4Life Group
Caravan Holdings
Community Fare
Ally Food Investments
Evermore Food Services
Breadcrumbs Food Services
Food Aficionado Investments
Ultrafood Services
A to Z Food Distribution
Food Acqs
Folkstone Foods
Horizon Food Innovations
Western Food Group
Coalition Food Investments
Horizon Foods Group
Bridgebrite Food Investments
Premier Food Integrations
Victuale Acquisitions
Signature Service Group
QualiStar Food Services
Verity Foods
Shoreditch Food Services
Yum Grub Company
Complex Food Groups
Foodwise Investments
Sustainable Nurishment
FoodGroove Corporation
Spoonful Gardens
Food Fare Futures
Affectionately Foods
Edible Ventures
Food Relations Group
Consumables Trust
Infinity Food Services
Comprehensive Foods Trust
Food Brands Group
Integral Foods
Savory Foods Ventures
Food Scope Investors
Foodies Distributions
Principle Cuisines
Nurishing Food Markets
Top Notch Foods
GoodGrub Inc.
PremierMark Food Service
Allied Comestible Corporations
Food Service Industry
Brand Fare
Come to the Table Management Group
TerritoryOne Food Distributors
Skyline Corporate Foods
Inclusive Food Industries
Axis Food Capital
Foodfinity Group
Multicultural Sustenance Services
FoodCourt Allegiances
FoodTrust Associates
Altru Food Distributor
Summa Food Advisors
5 Star Foods
Invision Foods
FeelRite Horizons
Food Futures
Truvanta Food Investments
Stepahead food supplies
Fusion Foods Investments
FoodPlus Investors
Priority Food Service
Zavory Ventures
Superb Food Distribution
For the Love of Food Services Group
Encircle Foods
Truon Food Enterprises
Nvizion Food Services
Symphony Food Investments
United Foods Investments
Manna Management
Tasty Horizons
Top Plate Group
All My Foods
Food Confederation
Father Natures
Bounty Food Service Co.
The Food Group
Chow Owl Enterprises
Hoverfood Investments
EverSeason Holdings
Resolute Food Service
Food Horizons
Reliant Provisions Corp
Manna Foods
Hungry Hub
Heart to Stomach
Family Table Foods
Worldwide Food Service Assembly
Food Collaborative
Alpha Food Investments
Investing in Foods
SavoryDays Food Group
Family Fixings
Flavor Matrix Investments
Horizon Foods Distribution
Bountiful bites
NorthCrest Foods
Confluence Food Group
Food Anywhere
business to business food
TruFood Investments
NuVision Foods
Corporate Cuisine Conglomerate
London Food Syndicate
Prospect Food Investments
TruValue Food Integrations
Synthesis Food Group
FoodFactor Investments
Stellar Food Group
FoodAffinity Group
Food to grow on
Food Offerings
Foods Canopy
Everything Food Conglomerate
Comensus Group
DineForce Partners
Activtru Food Group
Horizon Foodstuffs Group
Crestview Hospitality Group
WholeLife Foods
A La Carte Investments
Truly Foods
Axiom Foods
Unison Food Group
Trusted Food Investments
Star Trust Food
Prestige West Services
AccuSure Food Services
The Food Brood
FoodSync Investments
Food Relations Association
Salt Rock Enterprises
The GoodFood Guys
Foodistry Growth Partners
Edible Cooperative
Flourishing Foods Co.
Nosh Services
Coordinated Food Investments
ThisLittlePiggy Food Market
Everyday Cuisine Food Services
Top Food Service
Prime Provenders
Hearth Horizon
GreatFood Expectations
Advanta Foods
FoodPlus Services
Food Sphere
Alliance Foods
FoodGroove Holding Company
Triumph Food
Food Source Enterprises
The Bread Board
Meal Mogul Enterprises
Loyalty Foods
Consumption Group
Epicurian Holdings
Everbright Food Investments
Trustcore Food Integrations
Food Vibrations
Strikers Food corps
Credence Culinary Corporation
Resource Foods
Brightwell Foods
Facilitative Food Group
Whole Fare
Prime Food Services
Omni Food Group
Trustell Food Group
Stable Food Services
Amalgamated Food Investments
Food Pro Plus
Totally Fare Solutions
Corprep Cafe
Foodfare Ventures
Foodtopia Allied Services
Shoporium Procurement Services
The Food Factor
Food Sectors
Food Thoughts
Integrated Food Systems
Stable Food Investments
Sustained Sustenance
Proline Food Services
Food Service Investments
Mineral Empire
Primary Fare
Allegiance Food Services
Primier Food Industries
Long View Food Investments
Balanced Plate Alliance
Crown Foods
EverGusto Enterprises
WHAL street foods
Everything Foodwise
Shop Tasty
Unified Foodstuff Pantry
BestInvest Food Group
Vaule Food
Novus Cibus Group
Mosaic Food Group
Quest Foods
Growth Provision Holdings
World Fare Cuisine
Win Lock Grp
Propel Foods
Affinity Food Solutions
QualityTrust Food Service Group
The Restaurant Initiative
Infinidine Group
Kinship Food Partners
Plated Crops Cooperative
Neighbors Food Services
Prudential Produce
Orbyssia Food Group
Spearhead Food Group
Ordus Food Inc.
Essential nourishments
Managed Manna
Quailty Food Allies
NourishSpan Holdings
Food Compendium Investments
Affiliated Food Services
Food Services Group
Affinity Food Systems
AllFoods Group
Access Market
Food Segment Gains
FareSquare Holdings
Mutual Food Group
FoodQuest Zones
Total Food Investments
Daily Bread Outlet
Growing Trust
360 food mergers
Groupmark Foods
Servestors Group