Need a unique name of a luxurious gated community which is a bit out of the city but not too out of the city. the community have about 400 luxurious housing units.

Business Names

Avalon Manor

by Hoosier68

Luxurious edge communities

by moani808
Potestatem Estates
Lascivious Housing
Twelve Oaks Communities
Royal Heights
RedStones Estate
Regent Park Estates
Luxura Estates
Intown Haven Community
Eminence Palace
Deluxe Opulence Estates
Beau Monde Village Manors
Luxe District
Upper Crest Communities
Exquisite Living
A beautiful place condominiums
Trellis Communities
welcome home communities
Edwards Way
The Lavish Chateau
Serene Housing
ModernEdge Communities
crypto homes
Luxurious Gated Community
Briar Club
City Glow Gated Community
Luxclusive Estates
Gated Missions
Living the dream condominiums
Alco Communities
Vitre Commons
Larimar Luxury Apartments
Captive Beacon
Luxurio Residency
UpClass Gated Community
Fortune Cottages
towne creek
Outskirts Housing
Lodging by Design
Community Corner
The Cloisters Gated Community
Pampered estates
country estates
Intuitive Homes
Play Hideout.
Clarke Farms
PalacePlace Estates
The Stewardship
Gazing Escape
ThinkTank Advernture Luxury
Albachiara manor
Sweet Home Gated Communities
Reigngard Estates
Los Prados Estate
Vine Village
Nationwide Luxurious Gated Community
Grand Gated Living
Luxury Estates
Luxata Housing
Estates of Splendor Passage
Peace manor
City View Community
Xanadu Gated Communities
Florence Estates
Little oasis
The Passages
Sophisticated Estates
La Luxe
tallloks gates
Canaanland Luxury Homes
Sereno Proprieta
Intermediate elegance
Syntax Luxurious Gated Community
Builders Gated Communities
Eden Farms
Fit for a King Community Housing
The Homes of Harvest
Sheltered Kindred Estate
Seek us First.
Outer Limits Community
Bastion Flats
Good Life Gated Community
Luxor Estates
Luxe in the woods
Empyrean Gated Community
Higher Livings
The Residential
Devian point
Outskirts Community
Cloud 9 manor
Bonita estates
Manse Hearth
Pearly Gates Estates
Splended Gardens Gated Community
Out of Towner Estates
Clout community
fancy living
Rich estate
Next Level Luxurious Gated Community
Community Cottage
Luxor Luxury Living
Conyers farm, Greenwich,connecticut
Golden group homes
Greenway Advernture Luxury
The great estate
High Qualities Estates
Ascending Demesnes Village
Land of oz
Surrounding simplicity
High tor
Residental Fulfillment
Posh Pad
bridge land
city living in the country
Populace Estates
Suburban secure homes
Voyage Focus
port in a storm
Faivre Estates
Saint Peters
Top Tier Gated Community
Proximity Estates
Threshold's Gate
Undecided global realestate
Bermuda triangle valley
pearl homes
Gateway Span
Eden Prime
Peterian international estate
Refined Lynx
Steeplechase Homes
Gater Heaven
The Chiliad
Decisive Porperties
Lavish Lands
Innova Lux Estate
Queen's Manor
Dev Luxurious
Clouds High living
Cozy Breeze Estates
Glamorous Prime Site Community
Oakwood Manor
Avalor Manor
HighGate Manor
Rosewood Oasis
Royal Garden Estates
Oasis Estates
Marvella Estates
Marblestone Estates
Greystone Manor
Paradise Estates
RoyalCrest Estates
Rockfield Manor
Eden Estate
Devonshire Manor
Pinnacle Crest
Crown Royal Estates
Windmere Gated Community
Sentinel Estates
Century Gates
Harlow Estates
Crown Gate Community
Chestnut Hill
GreenHaven Estates
Stoneridge Manor
Wildwood Estates
Victory Garden Estates
Winsbrook Estates
Sanctuary Estates
Lavish Manor
Evercrest Point
Opal Estates
Urban meadows
Aurora Gate
Prestige Estates
Sunset Royale Gated Community
Garden Crest
Oakdale Residences
Highland Terrace
Meridian Crossing
SilverRidge Gated Community
Luxurious StoneWood Townhomes
Edgewood Residences
Summer Hills Gated Community
Paramount Regency
Arborview Estates
Aurora Crest Luxury Homes
Park Pointe
The Legend Estates
Heritage Gate
Secret Garden Estates
Ivy Hills
Colonial pointe
Avalon Heights
Richstone Hamlet
Oasis Vista
Luxella Communities
Le Haven
Adagio Grove Estate
Westbridge Estates
Peace Estates
Utopian Manor
Merrimark Manor
Enchanted Village Estates
Blackberry Cove
Royal Crown Estates
GoldCrown Luxury Estates
Woodshire Estates
Hampshire Manors
Larimar Estates
CastleLux Manor
Stoneway Village
Regal Manor's Gated Community
Eden Springs
Majesty Estates
Azure Estates
Aria Estates
MeadowLark Estates
Amethyst Acres
Queen's Estates
The Modera
Meadow Haven
Oakbridge Housing Developments
Meridian Estates
Valencia Estates
Pinnacle Estates
Dream Suite Estates
Blue Lavina Gated Community
StoneCreek Plantations
Ambrosia Park
Platinum Estates
The Manor Grandeur
Treasure Acres
Grand Gates
Goldstone Manor
Twilight Estates
Winquest estates
LuxuryHeights Community
Anastasia Gates
RollingHills Estates
Grand Vista Living
WestGate Manor
Golden meadow estate
Grand Hills
Crestwood Heights
Avant Luxurious Livings
Montibella Manor
TrueLux Living
Luxmor Living
GoldMark Communities
Lexington Gate
Majestic Estates
BluAire Pointe
Grand Royal Villas
Crowne Gated Community
Golden Estates Gated Community
Hampton Glen
Crestline Community
Edge Moore Community
Brookshire Bend Gated Community
Royal Perch
Majestic Estates Gated Community
Jubilee Villa
LuxAire Communities
BlueSky Community or gated community
Pebble Creek
Stonecastle Estates
Ashford Place
Avant Garden Estates
SilverLane Community
Grand Point Estates
CityScape Estates
Edge Gate
Magnolia Glen
Cherry Hill Estates
Olympus Homes
Chateau Estates
Avalon Hallow
Centurion Gated Community
SilverLane Estates
Luxur Estates
Ivywild Estates
Marquis Communities
Avalon Lakes
Royal Landing
Canterbury Village
Promenade Point Estates
Grand Palace Manor
Centuria Estate
Hideaway Hills
The Bourgeouis Estates
Talmadge Manor
Euphoria Manor
Hidden Path Estates
Gates of Eden
Echelon Place
Eve Gardens
Star View Communities
Jade River Estates
LuxurLife Communities
Pebble Brooke
Royal Class Manor
Cedar Grove Gardens
RockLand Community
Opulent Acres gated community
Zalara Estates
Terico Estate
Luxurious Living Communities
Quail's Gate Estates
Summitview Terrace
Hilldale Homes
GreenAcre Preserve
Coral Springs Homes
Splendor Estates
Gossamer Estates
Cabrisa Manor
The Avalon
Soleado Gardens
Longview Meadow
Safehaven Community
Vistas Village
Concordia Gated Community
Grand Luxury Manor
Cities edge
VentureKey Manor
Dorchester Villas
Hearthgate Vistas
GildTree Community
CityEdge Luxury
Quarius Estates
Starcrest Estates
Ashbury Estates
Encore Estates
LuxOne Place
Skyestone Manors
Bridgewater Square
Montrose Manor
Grenadine Heights
Gilded Acres
Camden Estates
Elegant Living Estates
Luxwood Housing
Modalux Estates
The Havens
Elite Gates
Vantage Villa
Arborea Estates
Bridgegate Homes
Clarion Park
Stellar Gated Community
Creative Design Community
Azalea Gardens
Royal Estates
Madison Paradise
Emporium High Rise
Liberty Grande
Serenity Valley
Vanguard Commonwealth
Golden Glades
Eloquence Gated Estates
ComLux Place
Mirage Pointe
Luxur Manor
Royal Manor
Urban Oasis
Castlerock Gardens
Upperlux Manor
Royal Gates Community
Phenom Community
Majestic Manor
Golden Lake Estates
The Luxe Oasis
The Everglades
Luxurious Point Communities
Allura Grand Manor
On the Edge Estates
Heritage Square
Comfort Estate
Paramount Manor
Elision Communities
Villa Hills
Golden View
Rose garden estates
Rustic Arms
Provincial Estates
The Parklands
The Gold Pillar
Brookstone Manor
White Oaks Communities
Riverside Suburbs Gated Community
Regal Manor Gated Community
Pointe Lux
The Grand Estates
pearl grand homes
Peony Point
Soflette Gardens
Memory Manors
Bella Royale Estates
Ellora Estates
Pristine Park
Pemberley Place Estates
Grand Deluxe Estates
Orchid Landing
Casa Bella Vista
Gilded Gates
Trail Pointe
Ivory Garden Estates
EagleCrest Gated Community
Heavens gates
Rural Acres
Crestfield Community
Vista Oasis
Regal City Homes
Lormont Place
Royal Stone Estates
The Aurora
Towne Centre Communities
Pinewood Gates
Grander Gates
Creston Gated Community
Garden towngate
Grantham Park
SunRock Community Living
Fairfield Park
Berkely Court.
Capstone Estates
Infinite Breeze
Chateau Forte'
Luxury Hill
The Bella Grand Estate
Laurent Estates
Briar Woods
Avonlea Estates
Willow Heights Gated Community
Ballymeade Estates
Luxe Gardens
Grand Heights
Calle Roma
Verdant Hollow
Spring Meadows
Grand Towers
Sky Lights Communities
LuxEdge Manor
Edgeport Estates
Glenway Estates
Golden Rim Manor
Griffin Gated Community
Deluxe Chateaux
Promise Hill Gated Community
Noble Estates
Luxe Living gated community
Lux Gated Community
GoldenKey Estates
Royal Toucan
Empirical Gardens
Edgewater Gate
Luxenity Estates
Vista Select
Rockwood Park
Royal Creek Luxury Apartment Homes
Outer City
Ivory Estates
Summit House Estates
Safe Heaven
Outerland Hills
The Elms Gated Community
Peregrine Heights
Golden Village
The Hollow
Grand Rivage
Wellbank Gardens
RubyRidge Gated Community
Royal Leopard Falls
Lux Estate Homes
Meridian Manor
Linden Downs
Appleford Estates
Urban Edge Estates
Pheasant Glen
Panoramic Estates
Horizon Key
Inspired Living Estates
Castle Cove
Legacy Lane
Empress Dominion
Silver Stone
HearthPoint Community
Legacy Gardens Gated Community
FirstClass Gate Community
Cresta d'oro Gated Community
Casa Dulce Estate
Azalea Estates
Trinity Estates
Luxor Flats
Quietside Homes
Vantage Gated Community
Avant Manors
Skye Luxury Homes
Trillium Estates
Capital Hills
Elite estates
High Rise Emporium
Commonwealth Estates
Avalon Ridge Communities
Jade Estates
Suburbia Gated Community
Elan Estates
PeakCrest Gated Community
Castlerock View
Alluring Meadow
Five Star Estates
Pleasant view pointe
Luxor Residences
The Villas Gated Community
The Palisades
Greater Metropolitan Estates
Mayfair Place
Livinity Acres
Luxury Commons
Excelsior Gate
Regal Estates
Mariposa Garden Communities
Carriage gate estates
Sterling Gate
The luxurious village
Bella Vista Manor
Elysian Estates
La Victoria
PineView North
CityEdge Deluxe Housing
Oasis Haven
The Lux Estate
Havenly Lux Estates
Fagen's Brook
Horizon Bluffs Estate
Dominion Luxe
The Bordeaux Regency
City Lights Estates
Urban Arks
Gloryfield Communities
Cashmere Gates
Garden Meadows
Providence Gated Community
Grande Allure Estates
Escalan Manor
Scarlet Oak Leaf Estates
Sky Manor
Anastasie Estates
Adelmar Gated Community
GildCrest Acres
Gilded Rose estates
Wakefield Place
Genessee Gated Community
Destiny Village
Fidelity luxuries
Meadow's Edge Gated Community
Lumerian Manor
Bridgeport Estates
Hidden hillgate
Legacy estates
Castlerock Vista
Silver Meadows
Crescentview Villas
Plainview Gardens
Vista Estates
Affinity Residents
Heron Landing
Zendoor Estates
Aria Manor
Harbor Acres
Golden Heights
Signature Point Gated Community
The Estates at Crown Meadow
Harbor Valley
Marble Gardens
Clover Ridge
WildFlower Estates
Avente Horizons
Corona Manor
Gemstone Luxury Residences
OpulenceWay Community
Diamond Community
Arcadian Gate
Regency Circle
Crystal Miles
Gratis Gates
The Pointe Gated Community
Grandeur Gardens
Luxurious Townhomes
Twilight Acres
Luxurious Heights
Grand Pavilion
Ashton Arms
Monarch Crest
Panache Pointe
SignatureCrest Gated Community
GoldSummit Acres
VentureGreen Residences
Cypress Haven
Goldenridge Estates
Lillian Estates
Warwick Villa
Greater City
Western Retreat
The Royal Manor
Sentry Springs
The Purlieu
Idyllic Estates
Palacia Estates
Gilded Haven
Pleasant valley manor
Summerland Village
GateRich Estate
Carlisle Court
Prosper Valley Gated Community
Tranquility Row
BluRidge Estates
Heavenly Homes
Para Dice Luxurious
Rural Opulence
Epiphany Estates
Green Forest Complex
Arcadian Heights
Day lilly Estates
Hyperion Park
Stock Edge Community Homes
Edge of Excellence Estates
Meadow Woods
Shangri la Casa
Elegance of Luxury
Sublime Gated Community
Mathilda Maja Esates
Vista Villas
Monaco Place
PeopleLive Estates
Quarious Homes
The Landing Community Homes
LaMystique Luxury Homes
Europa Community
Hidden leaf apartments
Nuovo Estates
Alestra Arms
Avalon Estates
SecureLuxe Community
Dominion Ridge VIllas
Lapis Heights
Riviera Dunes Estates
Apex Living
PeaceRidge Residences
9 Clouds Community
Quail Run
Ponderello Estates
Balmoral View
Zinnia Park
Walnut Hills
Lookout estaste
Sunquench Terrace
Floral Gardens
Affluence Acres
Maisonette Point
Elysium Estates
Prosser Park
Peaceful Retreat Estates
Luxe Homes
Tetramont Townhouses & Gated Community
Lavish Gardens Gated Community
Home at the Havens
Luxurious Choice
Paragon Manor
Aristocratic Estates
Grand Opulence Estates
Luxuriant Living
Madera Acres
Gated Fancy Block
Eden Run
Imperial Royale Gated Estates
Whisper Meadow
Community Gates
FoxRun Estates
Cimaron cove
Edenia Estates
Luxe Landing
Sandy Brooks Estate
Haven's Grounds
Luxtopia Manor
Villas Mon Reve
Waters Edge Estates
Secure Gates
Realm Royale
Lavern Luxary
Atlantis Gated Community
Elevated Estates
Luxor Edge Gated Estates
Settlers Landing
Sekuro Manor
Amber Glen
Goldway Gardens
Pivotal Luxurious Gated Community
golden gates
Homestead sanctuary
broadway estate
River Stone Garden
The Residences
Easton Homes
Avanti Luxury Living
Lavish Gated Estates
Gated Missions Luxurious Developement
Junea Manor
Charming Skies
Bell Gardens
DreamLeaf Manor
Veritas Village
Silva Estates
Charm Peaks
The Renaissance
Kensington Estates
The Legend Gated Community
Palatial Place Gated Community
Valor Hills
Crestview Gated community
Home Edge Estates
Secure Opulence
Guardian Villas
Luxe Estates
Lowndes Grove
The Okapi
GrandLuxe Gated Community
Ellesmere Estates
The Classic Hearth
Sun Stone Bay
Claves Estates
Swansmoor Estates
LUX StoneWood Homes
SunTropic Community
The Magnific Countryside
Elevatus Homes
Shellturn Luxuries Commute
Noble Homes
Holiday Plains
Eclipse Community
Golden Pines
Golden Path Community
Solimar Homes
The Epicurean Estates
Sturdy Communities
Meridian Key
Gated Highlands
The Enclave
Gardencourt Estates
Carpe Villas
Estivus Estates
Nova Community
Lap of luxury
Blackstone Community
The Sanctum
Halcyon Gated Communities
Hartford Gated Community