Inhale is a Vaping Eliquid manufacturer that uses the best quality flavourings and liquids to deliver to its customers a limited but quality vape.

Our flavour mixers have come up with the best variety of flavour combination and have created a range that is mind blowing for people that are into vaping.

Without jeopardising the flavour we have managed to create a smooth liquid that you can feel when you vaping.

We are looking for a tagline that will encourage the customers to try our liquids and keep them coming back. Something memorable that stands out from the crowed.

We would like to put a limit of four words as a maximum.


silky smooth quality flavors

by Lorie74

Redefining Smoothness.

by Styler07
Tastebud flavot
Legends vape
Your flavourite eliquid.
This way 2 enlightement
Exhale Your Dreams to Life with your choice of many flavours
Breath Defying
Taste the Feeling
Send your senses on an amazing taste adventure!
Tasting is believing
Ignite your taste buds with Inhale Vapes
flavour it, fill it, breathe it
Magic Vapor
Indulging the senses
Tasty combinations of pure indulgence
Experience the Flavor
Eliquid, Everything you Never Expected
Liquid innovation and sweet sensation.
"Travel with us" Inhale
Flavour Artisan Creations
Take you to the moon and beyond
Breathe Deep Flavor
Dream or clean steam
White Gold. The mist that carries the ultimate bounty
Making your e cig taste great again and again.
Your vapor's beverage of choice
Feel the Rapture
Yes, We Breathe
Respired Imagination
Gypsy Fog
Never late, great vape
Super vape hold the cape
Taste the aroma
Experience Taste Exotica
Basically the Best Eliquid Yet!
Mouthful of the Sexiest Taste
Rapid Liquids
You've had the rest, now try the best
Our smoke rings lead you to better things
Tastes so good that vapors continue inhaling
Flavour To The Max!
Pursue the Passion
Puff paradise!
because you shouldn't lose taste for quality
Flavored Liquid Aid
Inhalation Intoxication
Feel the vap!
Making A Splash
Tag, You're It!
Sublime pufftastic taste
Flavour Float
Plantastic Journey
Rape the vape
Next best thing to Tennessee Whisky
Gourmetzing Flavour Fusions
That liquid velvet taste.
Hipster master
Grasp Greatness in Flavour.
Viper vape
New Realms Of Flavour
No fake vape!
v.i.p. reserve
Suck it up
Another Name for LOVE
Our Flavour is unique
Smell, taste, enjoy.
A different type of romance
Vapourat to Time
Smooth talking flavors
An ambrosial experience!
Puff in bliss.
"Will Shatter Every Paradigm!"
Inhale Vapes Will Blow Your Mind!
1001 Flavours
Inhale A Cut Above the Rest
New Era E Liquid
Blue Ocean Flavor
smoove groove flavors
Cloud Your Mind
Flowing Flavor Fountain
Exquisite Fruit Mixes to Calm & Relax
Unique Liquid Ecandy
Smooth Juice
Liquid flavors on flavors
Golden rod Natures first mist
Ignite Life, Tastebuds First
Your daily oxygen
Passionate Vibe
Flavour of the day!
Savor in Serenity
Treat Yourself To Yum
unforgetable liquid
Juicy Juice
kavena Eliquid
Smooth, now that's decent!
Inahle. Lead the way
Enveloped in flavor
Quality smoke that doesn't choke.
quality smooth for you
An Educated Flavour Sensation
Savor your Breath
To have a nice air about you, it helps to have nice air IN you!
The taste with character
go from zest to best
It's Gnawty
Smooth Flavour Inhaled. Mind Blown.
The smoke that isn't a joke
It's ambrosia!
Get your groove back.
Mangberry always fresh
"Destress with Great Taste."
Feel the Smooth liquid, that you can feel while your vaping!
Smooth Cool
Just Breathe
Don't be afraid to share. We'll make more.
Taste the Clouds
Vapin' Satin
eliquid put on your magic cape with our mind blowing vape
Elusive E
Quality comes first when it comes to your lungs
Try Inhale and you won't want to exhale!
Vap Tek
Ignite, indulge, enjoy. Repeat.
Always on hand
Inhalicious Flavours
For the Hippy Lippy Bunch
We create flavors that surpasses all others!
A great look and even better taste
Intriguing tastebuds breathe
Take hit. Stay lit.
Savory Smoke for the discerning evapor.
smooth taste
Prestige vape
Smooth4U Vapours
Ascend Your Atmosphere
Crafted for your enjoyment.
"I'm good "
Aromas that roam with you!
I'm Cuckoo For Delicious.
Cobra vapes , python vapes , grizzly vapes
Alchemy is in the air!
Take a draw!
flav it up vaping
Fruit Infusions
What Exceptional Tastes Prefer
Say it loud! INHALE, don't cloud.
Crest of the Wave
Taste, Warmth, Speechless!
The New Freshmaker
Take a pull of your taste
Explosive flavor
Wonderlust flavors
Feel Inhale & Hearty!
Smoothe inhalin!
A tasty feel
"Sweetness, Madness & Dreamlike Surrender"
The sky can't be the limit if we're the ones inhaling the clouds.
smooth orgasm cloud flavours
OMG Flavours!
Luring Your Senses Astray
Exceeding your v apectations
Vapor essentials
It's that smooth
Diffusion of taste
Slides right down.
Mindblowing magic moment
Breathe easy. Taste fully.
Whatever feels ya on
Squeezed with Possibilities
tag your flavor sens
Take a Brake Have a Vape
Master smooth!
lusty vappy
Stimulate At First Taste
Fresh & Warm Fruity Senses
Fruit eazybrezee flavor
Vape it down
Take me, and Fly in Heavens
The favour lottery
Viper smacks
Vape zen
Taste The Vap3Bow
The Juice with more juice
Your Soul Potion
Billowy Blows
Vape Both Zen And Zing!
A flavor sensation
Treat yourself right
Warm Fruit Sensation
Get your groove on.
Puffing on a Cloud
Tantalizing Taste Sensations
A jolt of flavor
Your eminence
Take in, Chill out
Smooth you can taste.
Inhale and Delight Your Senses!
Our flavors vary. Our quality does not.
Refreshingly Flavorful
Indulge in your flavor
A delight for your senses
A Sense of Pure Smooth
Breathe in the flavor.
Smooth Flavour. Designed To Savor.
For those who like to feel the taste
Majestic Flavours Unleashed
Flavor you can feel
Deliciously Smooth
Inhale the Smooth
Amazing, silky, elite flavours
Do Yourself a Flavor
Take Your Time Taste The Flavor
Silky smooth sensation
Unlock life's essence.
Escape Ordinary.
Sense the flavours
Wrap yourself in flavor
Unleash the Flavour
Silky smooth infused flavour
So many flavours, so much smooth.
A Sensation Elevation
Immerse Yourself in Flavor
Inhale flavour.
Breathe in bliss.
The New Choice of Vaping
Flavour You Can Feel
Taste you can love
Daring. Distinct. Delicious.
Taste of Class
Distinctly Delicious Flavour
The Flavor of Smooth
The taste is only the beginning.
Time For a Flavor Break
Ignite your pleasure.
Smooth flavor with every breath.
Live the dream, vape extreme
Immerse yourself in the flavor
Smooth Feel, Exceptional Taste
Let go. Follow the stream.
Waves Of Flavor
Next Level Flavor
Breathe In, Vibe Out
Experience the Essence.
A Tasteful Escape
Indulge in the extraordinary.
Supercharge Your Sensation
A Taste Of Freedom
Awaken your flavor senses.
Enchant Your Senses
Exhileratingly Smooth
Savor the moment
Epic flavor,enjoy
Flavor 2 Savor
Smooth on over to the flavour side!
The Serenity of Smooth
Breathe in. Relax. Repeat.
Euphoric Flavor Blends
World taste
The Flavour Savor
Flavor to the Max
Eyes closed, relaxation at last
Flavour never felt so good!
Scentsation Smooth
The Feeling of Flavour
Flavorful Infusions Smooth Sensation
Exquisite Elixer
Breathtakingly Good
Flavors To Savor
Inhale for a breathtasting experience
Get lost in the clouds
Daring to be Delicious
Flavours that rise to the occasion.
Definitely Daring, Decidedly Delicious
Inhale expectations, Exhale satisfactions!
Savor Your Sensation
Be A Flavor Fan
The Sophisticated Deviation
Rise to Flavor
Exotic Aroma. Pleasurable Flavour
A taste so good, you can't wait to inhale!
Taste the Bliss
Infused with Smoothness
Savor Your Day
taste the power feel the freedom
Sense the Flavor
The Smooth Selection
Give yourself a certain air.
Luxurious "E" Liquid
Ignite the Intensity!
Flavors you want to savor
Deliciously Different
Enter the Taste Beyond
Game Changing Flavor
Inviting flavor. Memorable taste.
Variety of Pleasure
Experience the Smooth Flavor
Can you feel the flavour?
Smooth Ready
Satisfy your senses.
Taste is everything.
Smooth Flavours for the Soul
A breath of fresh flavor
Flavor at its finest.
Flavor your Days
Smooth flavors, smooth vapors
Rainbow of Flavor
Feel the Sensation
Higher Expectations
Elevate Your Experience
The Bloom of Euphoria
Definitely Daring, Decidedly Different!
Mouthwatering Enjoyment
A new world of flavor.
No regrets. Just great taste.
Experience the Exquisite
Empower with Smooth
What flavor is your cloud?
Savour the Flavour
Surrender to Flavor
"Your Flavor Crave"
Feel the Cloud
Smooth and Satisfying Taste
Our Flavor Doesn't Waiver
All Flavor, Totally Smooth
Sensational Flavor
The Essence of Sophistication
Inhaling Reimagined
Flavoured like no other
Savor our Flavor
The action that brings happiness!
Your senses will thank you.
Surrender to the Sensation
Liquid Sunshine
Flavor for Days
Your Flavour Connoisseur!
Savory flavory
Experience true flavour
The New Age of Choice for Adult Smokers
Breath In, Breath Out
Don't Take Everyone Else's Word, Experience it for Yourself
Super Smooth Breath
Taste the FlavourWave
Smooth. Quality. Mind Blowing Flavors.
Dream Flavor You Savor
Smoothness and flavor that'll satisfy your senses
An Attitude Beyond Flavor
The clean way to stimulate your senses.
Bask in the Flavors
Taste Further
Draw deep from the flavor of life.
Deliciously Daring Experience
Feeling the Flavour
"Surrender To The Extraordinary!"
Inhale Our Vape and Blow Your Mind!
Partake The Smooth
The ultimate fusion of warmth and flavour.
Enjoy The Moment
Vape mania
Flavour Designer
Invite The Smooth!
Vapor Piper
The Alternate Attitude
A Trail of Enjoyment
Experience Life
A 3D Flavor Experience
Amazing vaping flavors.
Best. Eliquid. Period.
The smoothest smoke
Challenge Your Senses.
Inhale the Feel. A different Deal
Feel Your Inhale
Flavoring your senses
Picnic for the senses
Flavour your Senses
Worlds of flavor
Experience a new level of flavor.
Savor The Vapor
Breakthrough Flavor
Feel, Taste and be Happy
Small Batch Smooth
Amaze your senses!
Every breath is worth it
Trailblazing Flavor
Awaken your taste buds!
Your Next Great Moment.
Your mind will blow with this flavorful flow
A drop of luxury.
Smoothe Breathease
Send Your Senses to New Heights
Feel the flavors
Blow your mind, not your cool.
Just try it, you can't deny it
Explore the Sensation
Inspiring Every Breath
Escape to Flavor
A Truly Pleasurable Taste Experience
Feel of silk, taste divine
Breathe In and You'll Know
Inhale the flavour
Your taste, our commitment
Once You Experience it, You'll Know
Beyond Smooth!
Flavor that feels intense
Smooth Blend Of Bliss
Smoothest of journeys
Kiss the Mist!
The Smoothest Part Of Your Day
Be mesmerized, Be vaporized
We've Aced Flavor
Essence of Taste
Savory Flavored Taste
Ride the FlavourWave
Total Flavor Immersion
Live long and vape strong
Oh How Sweet it Is
Clean flavour, itensified
Savor The Curated Flavour.
Breath of Fresh Flavor
Inhale Our Elixirs & Blow Your Mind!
Good Vibes Only
Chill Out Your Taste Buds
It's a treat for your senses
Smooth for your satisfaction.
A flavor so intense you can feel it
Senses Awakened
Experience the tranquility.
Revel in the Vape
Immersion of flavor.
Feel The Favors
Experience it to Believe It
Vape Velour
A liquid you can enjoy vaping with
Feel, Taste, Believe
Mango Sunrise
Infuse your senses with extraordinary taste !
Delicious Deliquescent
A Sense beyond Taste
Crave the Smooth
Experience it for yourself.
You reap what you blow.
Invoke a new Sense of Flavor
Embrace. Excite. Enjoy.
As smooth as a breath of fresh air.
Choose a scintillating multisensory experience
Incense For The Soul
Inspired Nirvana
Luscious tasting eliquids
Makes Life a Little Sweeter!
Explosive taste, Smooth Memories
Diffusion of flavors
Pleasing flavor one puff at a Time.
Enjoy a stunningly flavorful smoke
Why smoke when you can vape
Ignite, taste, enjoy.
Smooth Mood Flavour Blends
Taste your desires, exhale your Dreams into Life, unmoored by the nectar of your choice, vape with Heavenly flavours
There's a lot to like
Be Smooth
Breathe in mellow.
Auroric Flavors
Breathe Greatness
Challenge your chill
oh that moxy mist
Exceptional Essences
Tastier for Your Comfort
Ignite, indulge, enjoy.
Breathe taking smoothness
experience the sensations
Flavour By Design
Smell, taste, enjoy. Repeat.
Daringly Delicious
"Epic Sense Sensation!"
"Good Loving Liquids"
Infuse Life with Exotic
Sweet Times.
Escape to instant relaxation, with our expertly mixed liquids!
Flavour journey experience
Liquid Kiss Mellow Mist
Warm Delicious Flavor
Smooth mix
Experience Eliquid Elation
A higher standard by Scientific Design
Flavours you'll savor
Let Your Senses Excel
Standout For Flavor
A flavor experience
You won't regret it
The best way to increase your liquid intake.
Feel extraordinary.
Feel the Magic
Discover a whole new level of taste!
flavor sensation
Rephase your breath
Distingush Vapour
Quality is Everything!
A Breath of Fresh Clouds
A Caliber above smooth
Soothing sensations you can love.
We have great taste, and now so do you.
The limited vapor with a quality flavor.
Flavor without Bounds
Where Legends are Born
Whats your flavour
Prefered selection stock
Flowing with Possibilities
Get your smooth on.
A cloud above
Will Rock Your World
Feel liquid bliss
Flavour In The Air
savor the craver
Climatic flavours
Breathe Flavor into Life
Breathe In and Enjoy
Harvested Flavour For The Taste You Deserve.
Uniquely inspired, widely desired!
Uniquely Different.
Set Your Soul Afire
Slip of the Tongue
its a great escape vape
Ignite, taste, smile. Repeat.
Inhale a rainbow
The flavor revolution
Experience & Enjoy the Essence.
Welcome to Flavor Country
Experience Cultivation.
Experience Extraordinary
A real Sensory Experience!
Wake your senses
A Breath Of Fresh Air.
Enjoy our treasure of pleasure
Mixed Drip
Ninja vapor
"Feel the smooth difference"
Get Mixed Up!
A Flavor Immersion
Breathe in the Warmthness
Chase the Unique flavours
Eliquid make my day
Mindblowing taste that will make you crave more
let our vape blow your mind
The Liquid Thrill
A Smooth Rush
Cloud Chasing Flavor.
Get blown away in a good way
"The ample ease of flavor"
A Harvest of Flavors at your Side
Surrender to Flavour Indulgence
One Taste will Blow Your Mind
The Echelon Of Eliquids
Feel Power in Flavour.
Loaded With Flavor
Pleasantly Aromatic and Flavorful
Transformational Flavor
Experience the Smooth, Mind Blowing Flavor
Your flavourite taste.
Create Your Cloud
simply , Good!
Take the Flavor Plunge
Splash of perfection
An inner body experience
Flavors To Match Any Mood
Enthralling Eliquid Experience
Feel the Fragrant flavour
Feel and Taste the Rainbow
Experience the royal fruit difference
New Era Smooth
Cure your Crave with "Flavor"
My flavorite time of day.
Taste the World
Taste our everything
Fall into the Mist
Flavor that will take your senses to a whole new level of satisfaction
Euphoria unleashed
Smooth Soothe
Clouds of Confidence
Vapeful love
Refined pleasure.
Branded with Pure Love.
A Flavor Tsunami
Enlighten the senses.
smooth, sophisticated & smelling fresh
Transport Your Senses
Not your dad's eliquid
Be enfolded in flavor
Lucid Dreams
The Tree of Elation
Smooth, Clean Enjoyment
Savor all our flavors
Enjoy the Mind blowing Flavour
Flavor Your Path
"Regale with Reckless Abandon"
Come meet smoooth!
Experience Velvet Vapor
Take in the tranquility
Taste The Exciting
"Fervour for Flavour "
Vaping should be hip.
Forbidden Nectar
Drink It In
Try a Sweet Journey
Exhilarating Flavor
Plantastic Flavor To Savor
Flavors Delight
Be A Flavor Star
Senses Awaiting
Taste the Silk
Smooth Flavorite
Taste it Feel it
Premium vapor essential
Cloud Pit
Potent Puffables
For A Sublime Sensation
Puff It!
Sensational flavours that will knock your taste buds into another dimension
Vaporate to the Band
When Flavour Isn't Enough
Savor your flavor
Mmm Smooth!
Our One Hit Wonder
Peace of mind, and instant gratification. Pure, simple, and refreshing!
The Alternate Elevation Of Sensation!
My flavourite time of day
A Smooth Aurora
Sense Smooth
Our mixes will stick with you.
Flavour feeling good!
Flavor with every puff.
For Flavour Cravers
Flavour Soiree
The Flavour of Tradition
Flavor That's Bolder.
Select the Smooth
Fruit of Sensation
Fill your gap from our liquid tap
Take the Nature, enjoy the nature
Smooth, the new norm
"Flavour, Intensity & Dreamlike Surrender"
"Your Flavorite Eliquids so warm and smoothe"
Intense Inhalations
Not for the feign of heart.
Sensory Cornucopia
Layers Of Flavor
flowing flavor that you will savor
Mind Blowing Flavour
Enhance to elevate your vape
Amazing vaping .
Intensity mixed with nirvana
A cornucopia of flavours & aromas.
Embrace Total Essence
Eliquids Aha moment
Vape Your Cares Away
So smooth you can feel it!
Vaping So Smooth You Can Taste AND Feel It
Love at First Breath
Feel the intense flavor
Smooth to Sooth
The aroma that Puts you in a Spell
Uncontrollable flavors humidify
Juice me quick vape me slow
Take the edge off
It Feels Amazing
"Bring us your mood"
Flavor just right
Indulge Out Loud
A sensory enlightenment
Unsurpassed Flavor. Unmatched Quality. Unrivaled Life.
A Puff above
Delicious Diverse The air you dont breathe You taste
Breath deep.
For Flavour Ravers
Breathe In Flavor, Exhale Satisfaction
Bask in the rainbow cloud.
Tasteful liquids
Get ya flavour on.
Embracing The Smooth.
A Fume of Flavor
OneClick Smoking flow
Live It Up
Pick a flavor "taste your choice"
The Flavor of Joy
Experience it and You'll Understand
Flave your heart's content
Dust Your Knuckles
A Steam Sensation
Taste the flavor, feel the Inhale
Breathe In & Blow Your Mind
Go Drip
Escape When U VAPE
Take, take me away
Vape like there is no tomorrow
You Won't Believe it Until You Experience It
A sense adventure awaits
Full, Fierce, Flavour
Breath Bold
I Am On Cloud 9
Cloud Nine Vape
A taste of divinity.
Breathing Nectar
Taste of heaven
Flavored For Life
The Tongue Tickler
Mixy vape
Inhale and Bloom
Color flavored clouds
Life Should Taste As Good As Inhale
Breathe in liquid gold
The Ultimate Juice
Above It All
Lickety Spit
Liquid love
Living Vivid Liquid
Going beyond flavor
Feel the power of the flavor
Ignite, taste, smile, enjoy.
Elevated Flavor, For an Elevated Life
We Produce Euphoria
You'll Believe In Magic.
Blazingly Smooth Definitely Cool
Vape the Rainbow
a taste of heaven
Smoother than smooth
tevana Eliquid
Forget The Rainbow. Chase The Cloud. or Forget The Rainbow. Taste The Cloud.
So exhilerating one puff just isn't enough
Pure Smooth Liquid
Magnetic Flavors Draw You Back For More.
Variety at its best.
The silky cloud
Smooth Flavor Senses
Taste Pleasure Experience Wow
Mind, body, and smooth
Illuminate Life, Infuse Exotic
Experience the Smooth Scale
It's Flavoriffic!
A whole new experience
Smooth flavour pufftastic
Experience the vivid cloud.
Sip Till Your Fresh!
vaep to the flavour
Escape With A Smooth Break
Flavorsome that surpasses all others!
Spirit, Soul & Reckless Abanon
da dragon
Oh So Smooth
Unique Flavour Experiences
Welcome To Mangberry Day
Pursue with Reckless Abandon"
The peak of vaping
Just Experience It
Made By Master Alchemists
A party for your senses
Cravers Flavor Paradise
Silky smooth taste sensation that'll blow you away!
Get the juice on us.
The Taste of Sheer Delight