We are looking for a name for a multifamily apartment building with 161 units, ranging from studios to 3BR, and 12,000 square feet of commercial/retail office space, located at 171 S Fair Oaks Avenue, Madison, WI 53704. It is on the east side of the city, in a semi-industrial (older and slowly becoming mostly residential) and residential neighborhood. Nearby landmarks include the historic Garver Feed Mill, Olbrich Gardens and Lowell Elementary School. It is roughly 1/2 mile from Lake Monona, and 2.5 miles from the State Capitol building. The architectural style is "urban industrial". Renderings can be seen here: https://mcgrathpg.com/apartment/171-south-fair-oaks.

Business Names

Oak Point

by newyorkdeb
Acorn Arboretum
Made America
The UnCommons at Fair Oaks
Urban Oaks Villa
FairOaks Ridge
171 At Fair Oaks
Fair Oaks Towers
Capital Vue Apartments
Serene Oaks Villas
FairOaks Estates
Aventure Oaks
Easteden Oaks
The District
Aurora Oaks
Scenic Oaks
The Depot
Flamingo on Fair Oaks
Encompass Lakeview Plaza
Fair Venture
Fair Oaks Hall
Oak Dale Estates
UrbanLake Terrace
Kingfisher Crest at the Gardens
The enchanted home
Crossroads Plaza
Olbrich Hall Apartments
Inventure Landmark
Industrial Avenue
Acorn Medows
Garver and Gardens Grove
Garver Gardens
171 Center
Big familys
Family Tree at Fair Oaks
The Urban Hang
Oakbrook Manor
Millville Park
MononaOaks Apartments
Burrow Square
Urban Gardens Preserve
Family Spacing
Acorn Bowers
Home Comfort Apartments
The Oaky Woods
Metro Eden
Oak Brick Park
Taychopera Terrace
Mill Gardens 171
Oak Flats
Tree Mills Community
171 Olbrich Oaklands
Urban Elevations
My Fair Oaks
Lake Monona Estates
NewHope Properties
Dimension 171 Properties
Roosevelt Towers
Atwood leigh
Monona pride
Mirror Lake
Number 171
Rockwood Apartments
Oakley Residences
Monolithic Oaks
One six one oaks
Olbrich sala
Madison Square Avenue
One 70 One Fair Oaks
The Oakville
Olesouth Residential Estates
Lakelet Dwelling
Nostalgic Quarters
Dream Vista
Union Place
Inventure Industrial Square
Fairly Living
Blue Mound Inventure
The Beltway
Monona Marquee
Madison Garden Arms
Pebble Brooke Estates
161 4 U
GoldStar Water Apartments
Atwood Glades
Sherry Oaks
Leafy Oaks
Palazzo Oaks
OneSixtyOne East
Arrow Oaks
Olbrich Opus
Fair Oak Apartments at 171
Inventure Oaks nests of Olbrich
FairOaks Urban Garden Residential Estates
OakGate Center
Miller's Place
Venture Center
Mad mills
Badger Dens
Monona Business Loop
Ascent Residences
Fair Oaks Borough
Olympus Oaks
CrossLink Center
The Artisan
161 at 171
Canopy at Olbrich
Madison Inventure Living
Monona Springs
Peaceful Olbrich
Olbrich Breeze Estates
Mill Hills
Inventure Edge
Inventure Residency
Arclight Plaza
Fusion Oaks
The Mill on Fair Oaks
Eleven oaks
Monona Shores
Urban Confluence of Madison
fairwood Haven
The Capitol
Glass Oaks
Inventure Of Oaklands
Total Comfort Apartments
Atwood piazza
Monona at FairOaks
Olbrich Moda
OakSpan Crossing
The Hob
Opolis at Fair Oaks
Atwood Arms
Prestige City
Canopytop Manor
Verdir at FairOaks
Oak Dynasty
Fair Vue
Monona Chambres
Oak Maison
Highlyte lofts
Madison Marquis
Oak Estate
Oak Esplanade
History on Fair Oaks
Domicile 171
Happy Acorns
Cheese View Apartments
The Trapasso at Stark
Everhill Arc
Ascend Madison
Oak Forest
Inventure Next
Oaks Gentry
Oak front place
Club 171
Right At Home Apartments
Town Center Towers
Formation Oaks
Oakmoss Place
Olbrich Business Villas
Fair O. Living
Madison's Beacon
Manor on Monona
Fairest Oak Courtyard
Capitol Overlook
Urbania Olbrich
Blue Violet
Memory Oaks
AxisPoint East
Oak Towne
Majestique Villa on the Oaks
Fair Oaks Acres
Madison Millrite
The Cloister
Oltopia 171
All In One Family Apts
171Vue Apartments
Viewpoint Square
The Barlow
Open Cove
Merry Monoco
New Urban Oaks
Industry at Fair Oaks
The Accolades
Habitat 171
Wayne Oaks Apartments
Lowell Apartments
Revolution 171
Urban Zenity
Spaces 171
Elevata at Fair Oaks
The Lakes at Olbrich
The Moderne of Madison
Inventure Gardens
Deluxe Palace
Harbors and Arbors Place
Olbrich NewHorizons
Windfall Oaks
The Plieades
Fair oaks townes
PeakVenture Dwellings
Everview Oaks
Oak View Apartments
Green Oaks
Pleasant Oaks
Madison Point Place
Mill Oak Suites
Fair Oaks Suites
Monona Square
Fair Pointe East
The Village at Olbrich
The Groves at Fair Oak
The Royal Oaks
Madison Pointe
Monona Commons
Fair Meadows East
The Urban Oaks
Fair Oaks Manor
Grand Oak Plaza
Oaks of Madison
OakSpring Terrace
Madison Grove
Fairwick Oaks
East Madison Manor
Fair Oaks Residence
Oakmoor Place
Fair Oaks Place
Oakwood Manor
Oakwood Heights
The Colonade at Fair Oaks
Rock River Apartments
Madison Oak Apartments
Urban Oaks Apartments
Fair Oaks Court
FairOaks Terrace
Emerald Oaks
171 Crown Oaks
Fairview Square
Oakcrest Point
Grand Oaks Cove
Crestwood Oaks
ForestView Residences
Arbor Grove Place
FairOaks Flats
Olbrich gardens
GardenMill Oaks
Millside Apartments
Colonial Oaks
Heirloom Oaks
Eden Oaks
Oakcrest Place
Paramount 171
Madison Tower East
Crestview Point
Milltop Oaks
The Flats at Fair Oaks
Modern Oakes
Capital oaks
Oak Haus 171
Fair Oaks Gardens
Olbrich Tower
Olbrich Flats
Courtyard on Oaks
LakeLand Oaks
Olde Mill Square
Oakview Heights
Millstone Ridge
The Landmark Terrace
Four Lakes Estates
Black Oak Residences
The Courts of Fair Oaks
Fair Oaks at Garver Mill
East Side Haven
Manona Oaks
IronOak Living
Mill Grove
Madison Park Apartments
171 Olbrich Haven
Oak Mill Park
FairOaks Arch
Ever Oaks Point
Oakwood Green
Gardenview at Fair Oaks
Oak gardens
FairOaks Center
FairOaks Mills
High Rock Inventure
Capitol Commons
Urban Gardens
Fairmoor at the Oaks
Laguna Oaks
Garden Side Apartments
FairOaks Square
South Madison Oaks
Prestigious Oaks
Woodland Oaks
Olbrich Garden Lofts
Legacy Oaks
The Cove at FairOaks
Oaks Vue
Thousand Oaks Square
Urban Oaks Cove
Arborland Oaks
OakFront 171
OakVista East
OakBridge Point
Worthington Oaks
Uptown Oaks
Lofts at Olbrich
Shavano Oaks
Royal Oak Towers
East Hill Oaks
Madison Creek Homes
Midtown Oaks
Oak Hollow
Oak Bridge Park
Atwood Heights
FairOaks Living
Mill 171
Capitol Cascade
Olbrich homes
Old Oak Gardens
Sunlit Oaks
Heritage Mills
NobleOaks Properties
Inventure Uptown
Heights of Madsion
Fair Oaks Way
Oaks Bluff
Fair Oaks Project
Madison Oaks Terrace
Oak Grande
FairOaks Capitol
The Lakehouse
Faircrest Gardens
Urban Mill Gardens
Everlasting Oaks
Atwood vista
Sweet Oak Villa
Eastern Oaks
Madison Mill Haven
Crowning Point Villas
The Southern Oak
New Oaks Plaza
Crestmore Commons
171 At Fair Oaks Square
Oak Residential
RegalOaks Park
Lake Monona Crossings
Oak Lake
Fair Oaks Forest
Old World Oaks
Madison Oaks Homes
Renaissance at Fair Oaks
Autumn Oaks
Millbrich Manor
CityZen Oaks
Garver Mill Lofts
171Oak Garden
The Oakwoods
171 CityCenter
Monona Mills of Madison
Rustling Oaks
Brookshire Towers
Dane Oaks
Monona and Oaks
Madison Landings
Inventure Point
Oak Shire
Garver Olbrich Apartments
Golden Oaks
Fairy Oak Woods
Cornerstone at Fair Oaks
Tranquility Oaks
Oak Trails
Chateux Fair Oaks
Independent Oaks
OakChase Parc
Roosevelt Oaks
Centrus Square
The Atwoods
The Mark of Madison
FairOaks Crest
Creston Oaks
Hillcrest Plaza
Fair Oaks Royal Historia
BridgeMill of Madison
Fair Oak Villa
ParkView Square
LandMarks 171
Excelsior Oaks
East Garver Loop
Capitol Way Suites
Community Oaks Living
Madison TownHouse
East Oaks Village
Atwood Lofts
171 East
Signature Oaks
Acorn Glen
The Urban Domain
Industrial Oaks
Olbrich Plaza
TopTier Oaks
Oakcrest Apartment Complex
Industrial Heights
Capitol Village
Watermark 171
Industrial 171
Highcourt Villa
South Oak Parks
The Madison Oaks
Garver Plaza
The Alexandria
The Avenue
Great Point Madison
Moana Oaks
12 Oaks
The Stark at Fair Oaks
The Streets of Capital City
Keystone Oaks
Lake Plazid Oakz
Urbanly on Fair Oaks
Primrose Gardens
Woodland Gates
Atwood Homestead
Oaks on the Trail
Madison Oaks Estates
WestLight Domain
Garver Neighbors
Modern Oaks
Fair Oaks Nook
Loft 171
Fantastic Fair Oaks
Urbana Square
PlentiOak Place
Michael Oaks
Bell Fair Oaks
Superior Oaks
Oak Path Commons
The Park at Fair Oaks
Acorn Ridge
Monona Modern
The Streets of Fair Oaks
Tall Oaks Circle
Urban Oasis Villas
Oakley Park Residences
Stellar Oaks
Reserve at the Mill
Inventure Downs
Oak Capitol
Sweet Oaks Place
Elite Oaks
Landmark Oaks
Villa Oaks
Key Point
Heavenly Oaks
Madison Place
Avalon Oaks
Mellow Meadows
Oak n' Gardens Apartments
MadTown Mansions
Monona Gardens Apartments
UrbanOaks Inc
Indus Capitol Commmons
The Plateau at Fair Oaks
Inventure Adventure
Urbside Oaks
Capitol Square
Grandview Oaks
Capital Downs
Madison City Center
South Oaks Rural Village
Fair Oak Apartments
FairOaks Colonnade
171 Capitol
Fair Oaks Villa
Oaken Olbrich
Metro Vista
IvyRidge Oaks
New Olbrich
Acorn's Edge
Living at Madison
Windsong at Fair Oaks
Oakley Place
Vistas of Olbrich Gardens
The Avenue Lofts
Home at the Oaks
FairOaks View
Family at Fair Oaks
Fair Oaks Roost
Urban Oaks and Garden
Olbrich Viewtopia
Serenity Park
171 FOA
Olbrich Urbanova
East Acres
Nova capitol
The Oakleys
Cranberry Fields
Golden Acres
Studio 171
Olbrich Home Place
Urbania Place
Fair Acres
Urban View Apartments
Acorn & Sage
The Plex
Transitions Urban Living
Oaks&Stone Suites
Garver 171
Acorns Inventure
AtWood Studio
Acorn Tower
EastOlbrich Gardens
Building 171
5 Lakes Estate
Inventure Crossing
Wisconsin Oaks
Bricks of Olbrich
Inventure Cove
Evercrest Point
Fair Oaks Corners
The olbrich estates
Avalon Mills
Eastwood Place
Madison Majesty
Canopy Crest
Olbrich Station
Enclave On Oaks
Lowell 171
Olbirch Aventure
Capital City Oasis
Red Oak Place
Old South Oaks Village
Oakfield Horizon
Monona Skyview
171 Grand Oaks
Good oaks
Tall Oaks Garden
Lake Promenade
Fair Oaks Multi Plaza
The Complex at Fair Oaks
Skyscape Villa
Capital City Inventure
Acorn Ledge
Oaks Place 1
Fallview Shores
FairOaks and Olbrich Common
Fair Oaks Oasis
beechwood court
Climbing Oaks Villas
Fine fair oaks
The Place at Monona
Oaks Acclaim
Lake OakWood Residential
Fair Oaks Complex
Capitol 171
Bridgeview Flats
Diamond Oaks
Urban Living
Wildwood Acres
Trellis Oaks
The Avedon
Sky Horizon Oaks
The Garden Inventure
Precision Oaks
The Nest on Fair Oaks
Oakside Place
Industrial Oaks Properties
Horseshoe Oaks
Capitol Villas
The Tower At FairOaks
Historical Oaks
Olbrich Oak Apartments
The Barracks
171 Park Square
upscale madison
The Corniche
East Oaks Vista
Madison Apartment Homes
Fair Oaks at Madison
Monona Highlands
Monoma Crest
City Oaks
Sylvan Oaks
The Oaks
Oak Grove Mall
The Village at Fair Oaks
Zenity Place
The Archways
Olbrich Apartment Homes
Oak View Lofts
Lowell Villa
Madison near the Lake
Arcadia On Oaks
Olbrich Square
Monona View Place
Madison 171
Monoma Heights
The Commons at Fair Oaks
Live fair Oaks
Fair Oaks Station
TruOasis Properties
Oaks and Bryan
LegacyVillage Apartments
Ariel Gardens
Destination Oaks
Ridge Crest
Centerview Oaks
Fair Oaks Hills
Fair Circle
AreaTrend Place
Gardena Heights
Robins Cove
Oak Savannah
Premier Oaks
Oak mill gardens
Oakwood Gardens
Foaks Place
Fair Oaks Development
Brighton Oaks
Insignia Homes
Pantheon Oaks
Oak Vidas
The MetroMona Building
East Garver Place
Graceful Oaks Villas
Luxury Oaks
Old Mill Center
The Madison on Fair Oaks
Oakrich Heights
OakRidge Towers
Fair Oaks Works
Urban Lofts
Oaks Estate
East Monona Terrace
Cedar Oaks
Tall Oaks East
Robin's Roost
Lakeview Gardens
DiverCity Oakz
Olbrich Crossings
OakRidge Industrial
OakTown Village
171 and Garver
East Garver Square
The Richoak Avenue
Water Oaks Apartments
Cinnamon Oaks
The Yard at Fair Oaks
Urban Villa
Manors at Olbrich Gardens
Monona Gardens
Olbrich View Estate
Palladium at Fair Oaks
The Factory
Botanical Vista
Olbrich Rose
Oakwood Bluff
Monona Arc
Fair Lake
Modest Oaks
Inventure Landing
Oakview Manor
Orchard Apartments
Legion Oak
Olbrich Garden Court
Fair Oaks Hearth
Madison Stroll Flats
Oak Moon
ClearView Oaks
Madison Peak Tower
Oak Avenue Apartments
Builtmore square
Monona Manor
All Bright Oaks
Woodcrest Communities
Capital At Fair Oaks
Bella Oaks
Scape 171
The Oaks Apartments
Concourse at Capital
Beacon at FairOaks
Old Brick Place
Meadowbrook Oaks
Centrality at Fair Oaks
Lake Monona Legacy
Ironwood Grove
Olbrichoak Building
Michaels View
Century 71 Manor
East of Olbrich
Imperial Oaks
Monona's Manor
Atwood Place
GreenOak Gables
Conquest Oak
171 Gardens
Lakehill Apartments
Urban Highlands
Garden Oaks
Landmarked Living
SouthOak 171
Woodland Pointe
Oak apHEARTments
DestinyVillage Estates
Power Oaks Apartments
Fair Oaks Park
171 and Olbrich
Estates of East Gardens
Gardenside Estates
Oak Bricks
Industrial Oak Venue
Pinnacle place
OakWay Resides
Olbrich Oaks Village
Under the Oaks
Glen Oaks
Atwood Oasis
Monona Lake Apartmemts
Oak and Stone
Madison Apartments
Oaks View Estate
Lakeside Gardens
Madison View
Inventure Inspired
Iron Bark Building
Stately Oaks
Inventure Modern
Fantasy Oaks
Fair Oaks Plaza
Oakspring Park
The Strata
Rising Oaks Haven
Landview Oaks
Happy Oaks
Greater Oaks
The Guild at Fair Oaks
Madison Oak Arms
DwellEast Residences
Madison Gardens
Madison Ventures
East Side 171
Oakbranch Living
South Oaks Chateau
Madison Corners
Bliss Oaks
Shady Oaks
Townsman Oaks
Madison Royale Gardens
Presidential Oaks
GreenView Apartments
Oakleaf haven
Oakway Towers
Tall Oaks Estate
Water Haven
Work Live Gardens
Fair Oaks Colony
The Family Oaks
Capital Flats
Urban Garver
At Home in Atwood
Capitol Oak
Green Garver Estates
Mill and Gardens Residences
Enchanted Tree
Inventure Peak
Garden Lake Towers
Oak Star Apartments
Upland Shores Urban Suites
Victory Oaks
MillWorks Square
171 Crest Haven
Avenue Oaks
Livingston Oaks
Fairville heights
Fair Oaks apartments
The Pearl at Fair Oaks
PeaceRidge Residences
OakLink East
Eastside Urban Flats
Gentle Oaks
Oaks & Olbrich Oasis
Capital Living
Oak Lotus
The StoneMark
Oak Villas
Gateway Oaks
Oak St. Park
Locus Oaks
Brio On Oaks
Urban Acorn Villas
FairOaks Family Living
Starkweather Park
Gardens at the Oaks
The Evergreen
Silverwood Oaks
Moselle at Fair Oaks
Monona Quarter
Landmark City View
Fair Oaks Lofts
Madison Mark
Resident Oaks
Monona Villa Estates
171Oak Park
East Town Center
Olbrich Urban Square
Emblem on Oaks
171 OakPlace Square
Acorn Oaks
Olde Worlde of Olbrich
The Oakys
CityHeart Center
Capstone Community
Olbrich Garden Apartments
Madison Square
Monona Oaks
Monona Oak
Inventure Horizons
Atwood Capitol
Oaks at Monona
Prodigy Oaks Ave
Oak Place Estates
Cozy Castle
Landmark Square
The Branches Dwelling
RedOak Parkway
The Landmark at Garver
Shady Oak Homes
Oaks and Gardens
MillPoint oaks
The Fairmont
Meridian Key
Homebound at Fair Oaks
Olbrich Estates
Olbrich Overland
Urban 171
Fairoaks of Monona
Rolling Oaks
Eden Green Inventures
Gardens At Fair Oaks
Oakley Fair
Oaks River
The Residence On Fair Oak
Inventure Dwellings
Telesto at Fair Oaks
Fair Oaks Vue
The Nestery
Beautiful Oaks
171 Sugar Castle Suites
Felicity Oaks
Oak Creek
Inventure Compound
Comforting Oaks
Garver Oaks
Olbrich Villas
Starry Oaks
Bravo On Oaks
Complete Apartment Homes
Fair Oaks Annex
The Urban Estuary
Oak Wood Suites
Oak plaza