We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicating to improving animal welfare in the Midwest. Our organization is committed to educating the public regarding animal welfare issues to push awareness, understanding and action.

We are currently active in Kansas and Missouri, and plan on expanding to Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, South Dakota, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.

The animal welfare issues we address range from (primarily) companion animal (puppy mills, commercial breeding, breed specific legislation, animal abuse, etc.), to exotic animal ownership and trade (big cats, bears, monkeys, etc.), working animals (horse carriages), wildlife animals, and livestock animals.

Our name should reflect our mission and vision of a Midwest that is pro-animal protection and welfare.

Business Names

Midwest Animal Welfare Group

by Agent 612

Midwest Animal League

by newyorkdeb
Midwestern Society for Animal Welfare
C.A.R.E Collective Animal Resource Education
SpeakOut for the animals
Animal Allies
Paw Unity
Voices for Animals
Pro Animal Advocates
Animal Awareness Agency
Humanity for Animals
P.A.W. Pushing Animal Welfare
Loyal & Wild
TruVision Animal Welfare
Paw in Hand
Well Farm
Tender Animal Care Center
Swing For The Animals
Animal Support Team
Breathing Beings League
P.e.a Protect every animal
JustUs Animal Rights League
Bright Futures For Animals
P.A.L.S Protect Animal Legislation Service
Animals 101
Wags 'n Wishes
PAW Promoting Animal Welfare
Opposition Extinct League
Animal Welfare Action League
Advancement for Animals
Midwest Care to Aware
Worthwhile Wildlife Welfare
Good Paws in Good Hands
Activism for All Animals
WellFarm Animal Welfare
JustUs Animal Advocats
The Animal Watch
Super life for all animals
Pupwards Animal League
Herd Voices
For Pet's Sake
Animal Care Control
Paws Priority
The Midwest Untamed
Help the needy animals
Nature Among Us
NorthWay Animal Protection Center
Midwest Kindness for Animals
Midwest Animal Protection Education
MW Animal Protection
Midwest Supports Animal Protection
Furry Felicity
Specie Integrity Group
AVOM Animal Voice of the Midwest
The Animal Liberation Organization
Mother Nature's Helpers
Wellfare animals
Animal Leaguers
Most animals
Patriot Animal Support & Protection
Moral Pet Friends
Pawsitivty in the Midwest
Well Farm Animal Protection
The Stewards
Got Pet's? Animal Awareness
Welcome Whiskers
Earthly Beings Support System
Midwest L.and O.f V.aried E.volution
M.A.P.S Midwest Animal Protection Services
Ethos Animal Welfare League
Midwest Animal Protection and Welfare
Bright Star Animal Welfare
MidWest Dedicated Animal Awareness
Midwest Animal Protection League
New Horizons Animal Advocacy
Midwest Animal Partners
Midwestern Society for Animal Protection
Midland Animal Protection Organization
M.A.W.S Midwest Animal Welfare Support
Midwest League For Animals
Animal Concerns Advocacy
Midwest Humane Group
Midwest Animal Allies
Animal Protection League
Animal Integrity Force
Midwest Animal Protection & Defense
The Animal Welfare Connection
Midwest Protection for Animals
Animal Welfare Midwest
National Animal Advocacy Group
Midland Animal Advocacy
Advocates For Animals
Sunflower Animal Rights League
Helping Hands for Paws
A.W.E.S. Animal Welfare Education and Support
Midwest Animal Education and Advocacy Organiztion
On Behalf of Animals
Animal Hub
midwest animal sanctuary
Continental Animal League
Greater Good animal welfare group
For Our Friends
Wild & Domestic Animal Welfare
Central States Animal Welfare
TrueAwareness Animal Protection
Advocares Animal Welfare Mission
Peaceful Kingdom
Animal Action Accord
Helpful Empathy For Animals HEFA
Voice of the Wild
2 Profit Animals
Care Menagerie
Companions of Animal Ethics
Animal Life Protected
Open Country Animals' Friends
Furry Crocodile
Midwest Animal Foundation
Outreach & Action Animal Protection
Creature Consorts
Midwest Animal Awareness Org
Midwestern Union for Animal Welfare
Natural Protection
Well Aware Animal Protection
Animal Ark
No Animal Left Behind
Akita to Zebra Animal Welfare
Midwest Awareness
Best Friend Awareness Project
Sapien Support
MAP MidwestAnimalProtection
All Paws Animal Welfare
Rescue Companions
Midwest Humanitarian Referendum Act
Animal Cuddle
The Animal Welfare League
True Care Critters
Insight Animal Plight
4 Midwest Mercy
Midwest Animal Aid
Great Plains Animal Care
Midwest Animal Rights Empowerment
Embassadors of Animal Welfare
Animal Welfare Coalition
Animal Betterment Center
Paw Support
Animal Empaths
GentleWild Animal Preservation
Paws United
Loyal Friends Animal Protection
MidWags Animal Welfare Group
Act and Protect
Voices for Animal Protection
US Animal Guardian
Four Paws For Protection
Save Toto
Know Abused Animals
The Voice for Animals
Fur life
Defend our Friends Midwest
Prosper West
Middle West Animal Conservation
Midwest SafeHaven for Animals
Advoshield Animal Protection Coalition
Western Animal Welfare
Animal Welfare Education
Elite Animal Welfare
Eagleye Animal Awareness
Educate & Protect Animal Organization
Midwest Animal Welfare Society
Viva Tails
Midwest Animal Awareness Organization
Midwest Animal Welfare Project
Hand In Paw Midwest
Ozarks And Beyond Animals
Paws 2 Care
Cultural Animal Welfare
Midwest Mammal Protection Coalition
ultimate protection services
Wild Things Midwest
Midwest Friends of Animals
Creature Support & Classes
Guidance for Safe Animals
All Animals Matter
MidWest Pet Samaritans
Midwest Humane Hub
Critter Corps
Midwest Animal Protection Agency
gentle paws
The Animal Advantage
Great & Small Animal Welfare
All About Animals
All Creatures Protection Association
Animal Kindness
PPP Progressive Pet Protectors
Pro Animal Adventures
Animal Educare
All Animal Protect
Citizens Concerned for Creatures
Pawvisors of Protection
Animal Nation Preservation Union
Animal Active Action
Midwest Animal Rights Education
Assistance for Animals
Care for all Creatures
Protecting Pals
Care Kingdom
Vital Rise Animal Protection
Midwest animal protection team
Avid Animal Protection Group
Beyond Pets
Midwest Wildlife Welfare
Faunae Welfare Group
Midwest Animal Protection Network
Allies for Animals
Animal Love & Protection
Animal's Armor
Animal companions concern
Animals In Need Allies
Healthy Animal Project
Animal Aid
OneTouch Animal
Sector Life Species
One Heard
Friends of Four Legs
Midwest Animal Warriors
Midwestern Animal Collision
Animalife Awareness Fund
Unique Charity for Animal
123 All Animals Count
Home on the Range
Animal Education Support System
Midwest Animal Welfare Association
Animal Shield
Animal Ambassadors
Animals Are Us
Animal Hope Alive
Animal Views
All 4 Paws
Provision Animal Welfare
Furry Friends Welfare Team
Animal Care & Livelihood Organization
Animal Betterment Group
Think like an animal
Paws And Hands Together
123Go Pro Animal
Long Leash
Furry Soul connection
Animal Protection & Welfare Partners
Compan Care
Midwest Animal Magnification
Animal IntegriCare
Paw to Paw Connection
Fido's Animal Protection Commandos
2 Protect Animals
Teachers on Creatures
Benefit for Animals
Speak Up 4 Animals
Dogs to Hogs Animal Welfare
Pawsitive Affair
Until They Can Speak
Animal Advocates Foundation
MammalCare Outreach & Preservation
For Love of Animals
One World Together
Advocates For Animal Rights
We Care Animal Support
Animal Protection Services
Animal Safety Plain and Simple
Midwestern Animal Appreciation
Great and Small Partnership
Animall Conservatory
Respect for All Animals
Animal Amor
I luv cachorros
Midwest Animal Rights Support
Animal Paws Wellfare Group
FurReal Support
Animal's Voice
Love Thy Animals
All Animals Welfare & Protection
animalPro Well Fair
Haven of Hope
Midwest WellFur Rangers
Wild Ones Midwest
Pets Needs A Home
Animal Friend Love
Midwest Animal Rights Corps
PawClaw Protect
Brave Paws
Allied Animal Advocates
Animal legislation accord
TenderMammal Preservation Coalition
Animala Safe Haven
Midwest Animal Advocates
Animals Matter! Midwest
Raise Your Paw
New Day Ark
Animal welfare accord
Midwest Animal Supporters
Encouraging Tails
LIV Animal Welfare
Midwest Animal Protection Services
We Care Animal Welfare
Animal Welfare Impact Group
Ark Defense
JoyMammal Preservation Mission
ProActive Animal Partners
Midwest Animal Rights Enlightenment
Cared Creatures
Midwest Animal Welfare League
All Animals Awareness
Lifeguard Animal Welfare
Wellspring Animal Welfare
Happy Healthy Paws
Midwest Animal Advocacy
FourLeg Ed
Midwestern Animal Rights Advocates
Animal Welfare Impact Sector
Menagerie Voices
SafeTail Animal Support
Midwest Unlimited Kindness of Animals
Buddy Guards
TruVision Animal Support
Thrive Animal Awareness
FurWell Protective Society
Shaggy Support
Animal Protection Initiative
Midwest Wagging Tails Animal Welfare
Justice for the Voiceless
Animal Bien
Noah's Voice
Midwest Animal Assurance
SafeArk Midwest
APAW animal protection and Welfare
Mankind Group
SpeakOut for the endangered
Midwest refuge
Pets and Animals Welfare Society PAWS
Animal Outreach
Midwest Animal Rights Awareness
Animal Welfur
Animals are Midwesterners Too
Paws & Tails Caring Coalition
Animals Have Feelings Too
The 4Paws Sake Project
United Animal Welfare Mission
Keen Keepers
Lil Buddie Welfare Agency
Wild West Welfare
Animal Welfare Advocates
Unleashed Understanding
Animal Protection Team
Midwest Promotes Animal Welfare
Eastern Plains Animal Protection Coalition
Wit N Wild
Be Aware and Care
Creature's Comforters
Dare2Care Animal Welfare
Animal Benevolence Coalition
allgood animal protection
Animal Avengers
Meet learn and protect
Pawesome Animal Team
Midwest Heroes
Animal Welfare Awareness League
Animal Plus Protection
Animal safe house
Angel's for Animal Welfare
AllTails Education Group
Act to Protect
Animal Protection Union of the Hills, Plains, and Lakes
Animal Wellness
Noah's Nurture And Knowledge Reguge
midwestern native species refuge
Animal Acts
ProVision Animal Welfare & Awareness
Instructive Animal Protection
Midwest Animal Awareness Group
Fetch Safe Support
Caring Ark
Paws Clause
Midwest Ark Rangers
Midwest Animal Companions
Cause 4 Paws
Show Your Puppies for Puppies
Cause for paws
Paws Preservation Center
Animal Wrongs
Paws of Freedom
TruVision Animal Protectors
TruVision Animal Advocates
Kind Care Animal Awareness
Midwest Ark Animal welfare
Animal Allegiance
Animal Awareness Advocates
Advocates of Animal Love
Breadbasket Animal Care
Allied Animal Protectives
Ark of Noah Animal Commision
Midwest Animal Rights Movement
LegisLove AnimaLove
Pet Protect
Angels 4 Animals
Understanding All Animals
Master Animal Support
Midwest Mission For Mercy
FourLegged Management
Animal Huddles
Compashun Fur Critterz
Animal Action Organization
AnimalKind Midwest
Better Animal Treatment of Midwest
Call of the wild
Animals at Peace
Birds Eye View
Paw Protection Patrol
Hands for Animals Midwest
Animals Midwest
PureProtection Pros
Midwest Animal Rights Services
Cute Critters Welfare Agency
MidWe Animal Protection
Noah's Ark Organization
ProAnimal Protection Voices
Clover Reach
Animal Protection Partners
Solace Fur Souls
Animafety Society
Pawsitive Companions
Get Set To Pet
Nature Nurture Retreat
Animal Welfare Initiative
Animal Rise
Midwest Animal Protection Authority
Animal Agape
Action for Animals
Great Circle Animal Protection and awareness educators
Midwest Cares for Animals
BestFriend Wellness Institute
AnimALL Security
Animal Rescue Group
Triumphant Animal Support
In The Words Of An Animal
One Animal
Every Paw Matters
HushPuppies Care
PAWise Protective Front
Animal Umbrella
Midwest Animal Protection
AnimALL Safety
Midwest Animal Welfare Service
Support for Sentient Creatures
Paws and Claws Welfare
AnimALL Ally
Animal Watch
Animal Voice
4 the love of Animals
AAA Animal Advocacy Army
Valiance, Crusaders for Creatures
Because they can't talk
Affinity For Animals
Conservation Critter
Animal Activists
On The Sixth Day
Midland ProMammal Society
National Animal Welfare Center
Pawsitive Quest
Creature Compassion
Midwest Animal Action
Fauna Fellowship
Animal Care Force
Sacred Creature
Protected Paws
Mid West Creature Comforts
Beasts No Burden
Midwest Mammalian Care & Preservation
Pawsome Partners
Humans for Animals
Animal Guardians
Compassion Coalition
Stellar Animal solutions
Prevail Animal Protection
Midwest Animal Champions
Midwest Coalition for Animals
Safety4Animals Midwest
Partners for Pet Protections
Animal Protection Guild
Animals Force
Pawfur Animal Welfare
Anymal Education and Care for Any and All Animals
PureProtection Animal Support
Humane Project For Animals
2 Making A Difference
Midwest animal solace and refuge
Peace and Paws Cause
Creatura Coalition
Animal Protection connections
Animal welfare Sanctuary
Heads to Tails Animal Awareness
Voice for the Voiceless
Best Midwest Coalition for Animals
Fight Fur What's Right
For the Fauna
Pawsitively Protected
Midwest Animal Welfare Protection
Saints Rescue
North Central Animal Protection
Shielding Animal Friends & Education SAFE
On the MAP
Circle of Compassion
Creating Comfort to Creatures
Midwest Advocates for Animals
Midwest Organization of Animal Welfare
Animal Protection Midwest
Step Up 4 Animals
Lifebreed Awareness
Each and Every Animal
Animal Action & Awareness
Love Our Animal Friends
Dr. Doolittle's Revivalists
Wild Outdoors
All Animal Advocates
Ma Paw midwest animal protection and welfare
Midwest Beasts
Biorite Union
Beastly Welfare
Another Paw
Universal Animal Awareness
AnA AllNatureAffects
Menagerie Minded
Creatures Great & Small
Treating All Humanly
Awareness Beyond Limits
Animal Protection Org
Project Bullhorn
USAnimal Support Organization
AnimAll Midwest
Creature's Best Midwest
Love In Action Animal Care
Forgotten Friends
Learn&Love Animal Project
Eden's Garden
All Earth's Creatures Great and Small
For Footed Friends
Fur luv
Midwestern Advocacy For Animal Protection
Amimal Pro Team
Fur Better Days
ProMammal Preservation Guild
Wild Dignity Midwest
Trust in Love
Midwest Pawtection
Paw Care
AnimALL Protection
TruVision Animal Association
The Tail Of Tails
Paw Friends
Midwest Animal Protection Sodality
All Animal Awareness
4 the Luv of Animals
Animals Have Rights
Animal Life Partners
The Educated Animal Lover
We Speak For Them
Good Steward
The Midwest Animal Advocate
All Animals Need Hope
Feathers to Fawna Midwest
United Animal Awareness
Citizens For Animal Welfare
A Paw Up
All life matters
Awakening Animal Welfare Awareness
SaveAnimals LearnSupport
Helping paws in need
Care Coalition
Protecting Our Animal Friends
Midwest Animal Support Services
The Animal Awareness Project
All in All AnimalCare
Midwest Animal Support
Speaking for Animals
Animal Rights
Roar & Soar
Friends of Furr
One Paw At A Time
Meet in the Middle
Midwest Animal Protection Group
Furry Family
Pawsibly Purrfect
The Center for Animal Protection and Welfare
Free Range Companions
Animal Protection Agency
Animals Deserve More
Midwest Animal Protection Project
U. A. F For Life
Giving animals a voice
Caring for Critters
Great Circle of Friends
Animal Lives Matter
Animal Safety Guild
Comrade Care
AllTails Awareness
Animal Welfare Agency
Animal Protection Group
4 PrairiePets
Haven Refuge
Paws Possible
Prairie Pet Protection League
Paws, Purrs and Wilds
Animals Are People Too
TruProtector Animal Awareness
PawsPlus Sentry & Support
Pawsitive Aware
PACC Protect Animal Companions Coalition
Support Our Pals
Common Good Animal Welfare
MidWe Animal Awareness
Animal welfare and legislation
Midwestern Animal Support and Protection Coalition
Midwest Better Treatment of Animals
A paw at a time
Grab a Pet
Waggin' Wheels
All God's Creatures Matter
Noah's Havem
Midwest Animal Rights Essentials
Midwest protectors
Animal Awareness Association
Support for Animal Cohorts
SafSupport Animal Welfare
Cause for Claws
I Love Animals
Fighting 4 Animal Action
Midwest Animal Rights Catalyst
Comfort for Creatures
We Support Animals
The Free Bird Collaboration
The Animal Mission
Second Chance Companions
Nose 2 Tail Animal Advocates
Animals' Best Friends
Lil Critters Rights
Companion Peace
Furr Squad Animal Group
Animal Benevolence Mission
The Animal People
Animal Power
Friends Indeed
Midwest Animal Authrority
Furabilities Force
ProudPaws Animal Support
Animals Matter Here
Paws 4 a Cause
Midwest Menagerie Group
The Animal Collective
Animal Care & Welfare Volunteers
MidwestAnimal Protection Union
Furrever Friends Animal Welfare
In Defense & Protection Of Animals
Pause for paws
AAA All Animal Awareness
Wildlife Spokes
Animal Aware People
AwareWeGo Animal Welfare
Animal Welfare Defenders
Nature Entity Awareness
Educate 4 Animals
Knowing Animals
Featured Creatures
All things now living
Hope for Animals
PriorityOne Animal Welfare
TruProtector Animal Support
Helping furry paws
Champions for Animal Welfare
Paws Meow
A Better World 4 Animals
Animals Are Our Friends
Midwest Aniprowel
Midwest Animal Rights Mission
Midwest Proactive Animal Advocates
Midland Mammalian Welfare Coalition
Pushing West for Our Animals
Wildlife Active Awareness
Animal Safety & Wellness Bureau
Killer Instint
Wildlife Protection
TruProtector Pros
Fair Fauna
Midwest Coalition4Animal Welfare
Safe Harbor Refuge
PAWS Cause
Animal Health and Welfare
Mother Hen Animal Care
midwestern wildlife safe haven
MidwestAnimalMovement MAM
Midwestern Animal Welfare Awareness
Pet Principles Welfare
Paws in Good Hands
Thriving Paws
Haven Animal League