We are starting a new medical clinic which will have many facets. It will initially be staffed by a solo provider dual boarded in Internal Medicine and Sports Medicine providing primary care/urgent care and also sports medicine services. Down the road the clinic will expand and add another physician or physician assistant/nurse practitioner. The clinic will also have online access via telemedicine to allow patients to be seen from home. The goal is to improve access to the clinic via telemedicine while also allowing patients to be seen in the clinic. Sports medicine also entails ultrasound diagnostics, ultrasound guided injections to relieve joint and tendon pain, concussion management, treatment for arthritis, treatment for osteoporosis and joint pain. The clinic will be associated with and located in the same building as a large physical therapy clinic.

Business Names

Active Care Clinic

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Direct Access Medical Care

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New Motion Wellness
Access360 Health Clinic
Healthpoint Primary Care
Athleta Wellness
The Meditech Team
FirstCare Health & Wellness
Access Health and Wellness Solutions
Innova Health
M.D. Phone Home
ActivCare Medical Clinic
Qualified Pros Clinic
Access Medical
Sprains & Things Clinic
Easy Primary Care Plus
The Huddle Bubble
Modernized Health Network
Kindred Clinic
ROM Clinic
FastTrack Internal & Sports Medicine
Telsport Healthcare Center
HealthAccess Center
Good Health Primary Care
HealingCare Clinic
Sports Clinic for All
Conveniant Wellness
Passage to Primary Care
Medical Arts Health Care
Adapted Health
eAccess Clinic
1st Choice Wellness
Active Body Medical Clinic
Active Health Focus
All Access Wellness
OneBody Wellness Centre
MotionPlus Health
All Access Care Clinic
Cutting Edge Health Care
Quick Care Sports Clinic
Quality Health & Wellness
Activus Health & Wellness
TruAccess Medical
Primary Care Healthplex
Momentum Wellness
EZ Access Healthcare
New Tomorrow Access Health
Reflex Integrative Health
Access For All sports medicine and urgent care clinic.
Onsite & Telemed Primary Care & More Clinic
Strategic HealthCare
Here & There Urgent Care
Better Access Health
Fysiq Health
Absolute Healthcare
Pristine Health Management
AccessEZ Healthcare
E Doctor
Omnicore Med
Optimal Health & Med Center
Primary Access Health Clinic
Dynamic Range Sports Medicine
BiMedical Health Choice
Move It Urgent Care
Universal Medical Treatment
TruAccess PrimaryCare
Sweat Less Clinic
Opticare Medical Clinic
ThriveConnect Unified Healthcare
Total Body Care Sports Clinic
Sports Premium Care Clinic
AccuVita Wellness Center
Clockwork Clinic
ProActive Access
360 Joints Therapeutic Center
Telespan Medical Care
MaxAccess Wellness Center
Prestige Primary Care
Lifestyle Primary Care
Tomorrow's Health
Convenience Plus Healthcare
Allmed onecall
Back To Wellness
The Sports Joint & Primary Care Center
Sports Health Group
Secure Health Clinic
Advantage Access
Pathway Sports Medicine
Crown Primary Care Clinic
Health Gate Clinics
Sports Clinic Knowledge
All Access Sports Medicine
Here and Home FlexCare
BrightWay Specialty Health
HealthFX Care Clinic
Medilorem Center
LifeStream Primary Care
All Access Joint Care
First Moves
Life partner open doors
Medlete Medicine for Every Athlete
Total Comfort Clinic
Total Wellness Mall
Optimum Health
Total Access Healthcare
Online Diagnosis
Alternative Medical Solutions
Limberpoint Medical Care
Easy Access Almed
Sports Wellness Clinic
VitalBody Sports Medicine
Promote HealthCare
Olympic Medical
Peak Med
In Motion Health Clinic
Engagenow clinic
Primary Treat & Heal
MotionLink Health Clinic
Gateway Healthcare
Centerstone Wellness
The Golden Rule
Driven Sports Medicine
Health Rx
Finish Line Care Clinic
Healthate Clinic
Sports Health
ThriveWell Health Care
Joint Joint
Active Life Medical Care
NobleCore Wellness
Access VantEdge Healthcare
Clinic 4U
Progressive Health Care
MedActiv Care
Flexations Medical Clinic
Active Access Health And Wellness
Telemedicine Care and Clinic
Accesswide Healthcare
Crestview Health
Remote Diagnostics Sports Medicine
Endeavor Total Healthcare
Fit Wellness Center
Here and There Care
AllMed Clinic
Cornerstone Medical
Active Aid Clinic
Primary Choice Health Center
GoldStar Primary Sport Clinic
Innovative Sports Clinic
Edge Cut Healthcare
Ahead health
Invara Sports Clinic
Health 1 Direct
JointMed Health Services
Crown Healthcare
SportsWise Access Health
TeleDoc Sports Medicine and Wellness
TruWell Convenient Care
Better Health & Wellness
Optimum Health & Joint Pros
Aditum Joint and Total Healthcare
IMSM Health Solutions
Your Medical Source
Select Medical
HealthIQ Primary Care
Aygeon Wellness
Getting Your Life Back
Master Medical
Equinox Access
All's Well
MediHealth Center
Bricks & Clicks Health Access
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Ortho Advantage
PriUrge Medics
Accent Care
Vast Health Solutions
TruNorth Care Clinic
Elite Health & Medical Care
Joints and more healthcare
One Stop Medical
Heart of a Champion Wellness
Whole Person Care
Total Wellness Advantage
Mobility Medical
Champion Wellness Center
Trust care clinic
TruAccess Wellness
Primary & Sports HealthPlex
Meditele Clinic
EliteWell Medical
All Medical
Myriad Medical
FiveStar Paradise
Carenogtics Medical Associates
Practice Winning Medical Practice
Apex Wellness
Summit Primary Care
Wholehearted Wellness Center
Vibrawell Clinic
Direct Access Wellness Clinic
Supreme RedHot Care
Complete Wellness Clinic
Move Diagnostics and Clinic
Vytal Health Clinic
FlexMed All Access
Bridging Access to Care
moda medical
JointEvolution Medical Clinic
Exceed Sports Medicine
All MedXpress
Monarch Medical Access
CarePlus Medical
Internal Health Clinic
Key Health
HealthStar Primary Care
First Choice Heath and Wellness Center
Complete Access Health Clinic
ThriveWell Primary Care
Body PhysiCare Clinic
Mooncare clinic
FixU Medi Clinic
One Resource Medicine
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Centurion Health
Medic Ease Center
Carrington Primary Care
Sports and Wellness Care Center
Apex Primary Care
Primary and TeleCare Services
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Millenium Sports Medicine
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Us To You Sports Theraphy
Lifelong Sports Clinic
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The Fit Clinic
Primcare Clinic
Interface Medical Clinic
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Bandwidth Healthcare
InterHealth Clinic
Multi Mode Physical Solutions
Vibrawell Primary Care
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Physicians United
Core Health & Wellness
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Care 24
Vital vitals
Your Care, Our Priority
Direct Access Health Clinic
Healthcare Advocates
Nexxus Primary Care
Advanced Sports Medical Clinic
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Premier Primary Care
Athletic Care Clinic
Renew Health Center
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Range of Motion Healthcare
TouchPoint Medical
Gold Medal Access Medicine
here or there primary care
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Essential Health & Wellness Clinic
Access Athletics
Aches and Pain away Clinic
Pure Wellness
Right Health Road
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Your Care Access
Fusion Clinic
Multilevel Health Services
Motion Medix
Joint Theraphetics
Fitwell Sports Medicine
Wherever Care
Polyhealth Clinic
Steady Recovery Primary Care
Integral Health Care
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Healthy Lifestyle Wellness Center
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Quantum Medical
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Sports peace n silence
Town&Healthcare Incorporated
4th Down Treatment
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The Healing Place
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ThriveWell Medical Care
Improving Health
Your Way Wellness
Vitalia Clinic
e Scription
Athlete Rx
Care Scope Sports Medicine
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Bend to Mend
Panoptic Care
The Movement Doctors
Complete Primary & Sports Care Clinic
Well Played Health
hello, we're online for you
HeartBridge Care
The Active Health Joint
360 Health
Mete Medical Access
Pulse Health Clinic
TotalCare Sports Medicine
Easy Access Medical Care
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NetStem Health Care
Body Apex Health Clinic
Instrumental and Physical Healthcare
Quick Clinic
I.C.E Care
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See Through Services
Legion Medical Sports Center
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Inclusive Care
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One Touch Clinic
Myriad Health Group
Choicepoint Wellness
Keyjoint Klinic
ReadyMed Clinic
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Joint and Body Medicine
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Paramount Access Health
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Athletic Care Center
Health Ahead
Apex Zone
More movement
Propel Well Clinic
Wellbody Athletic
All Access Medical Clinic
Joint & Point
World Class Sports Medical
BluStar Medical
Wellevata Health Clinic
Primary Priority Health
Necessary Wellness Advisors
FullAccess Medical Care
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Health Emmissaries
Optima Care Clinic
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Care Passage
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Direct and Telemedical Health Care
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Alleviation of Pain & Discomfort Access
Cyber Diagnosis
Oaktree Medical
Central Health & Wellness Center
Primary HealthCare Coach
Dual Access Joint Care
Active Medical
Medical Net Clinic
Stretch Well
The Joint clinic
MediOne Precision Care
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Competetive Edge Primary Care
hometown medical associates
Flexible Medical
Pinnacle Wellness and Joint Center
Alpha and Omega Medical
Sports HealthHive
Alfield Healthcare
Foremost Primary Care
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Wellness Connection
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Rise Wellness
Joint & Body Restore
Vitruvian Consolidated Joint Care Group
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Move Telemedicine and Urgent Care
Signature Point Medical
Onvis Care
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Sports Care Center
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Superior Sports Medicine
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Timely Medical Treatment
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Primary Total Healthcare
here or there medical care
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Medical Mosaics
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Care Direct
Integrated Health Services Clinic
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CLINICore Wellness
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Marathon Practioners
Callable Care
Cyber Exam
Versatile Health Group
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HealthFit Oasis Center
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Relief Bound Clinic
Encompass Care
OneBody Clinic
Embody Health Center
Primary Medical Clinic