It is a charity organisation for young orphan girls in india. The orphanage is in india currently but want the name and website to have an international appeal. Would like to integrate a payment gateway to the website so it easy for people to donate for their education,sanitary needs,food,clothing,mediaction and general wellbeing.

Business Name + Domain Names

SOAR Star Orphan Aid Relief

by mikeflegle

YOGII Young Orphan Girls In India

by mikeflegle
Girls Wanna Have Fun
Indi Amor
MercyRain Charities
House Of Hope Orphanage
DOVE Delivering Orphans Vital Essentials
Everyone's Children
Today's Girls Tomorrow's Future
HOPE Help Orphans Plight End
iHERO International Healthcare, Education & Restoration Orphanage
Pink Wings
Celesteel Merciful Displacement Residency
OGindia Orphan girls of India
BlessingWorx Charities
Little Treasures Orphanage
Open Alms Pathway to Hope
Basic Needs Please
Budding Futures
GirlsFirst Charity
Recovery Mission
Galaxy of Grace
Girls of India
our girls
Womb2Woman Girls Home
We Are Tomorrow
Always Savalina
Powder Puff Charity
FOR Furnishing Orphan Relief
Providence People
Gurle Fund
International Home for children
Planet Little Miss
Hope, Skip And Jump
Her Heyday
P.T.A.O. Passage To Assist Orphanage
UnityHelp Charity
a Child Needs Sponsorship
GalUp Charity
Girls accross borders charity
Girls Need2Bloom
Women of Forever
Harmony Rise
Grand Orphan Plan
Gift to the girls charity organization
Girls2Women Charity
Can't You Care
A Meal and a Doll
Princess' Awaiting Castles
Her Life Matters
grl mpwr
Pick your Angel
The Happy Place
Basket Of Hope
India's Orphaned Girls Relief
Out of the Ashes
Feeling Sari for Girls
IGOP International Girls Orphaned Program
Freedom Gifting
New Aura
vision princess
Distant Kindness
Lifeline to the Future
Anya Charity
Girls Power
Nurture Gift
New Leaf
Horizon Home
SteppingStone Girls Charity
Life Confident Society
Girly Caring
Fyrefly Center
Worldly Cause
Young Promises
punjabi pigtails
HeartSafe Havens
Girls Rule Charity Organization
Reaching Out
KindHeart Helpers
Girl Helpers International
Smiling Futures
Full Hearts
the world's children
Wholehearted Embrace
Lotsa Care
Home Between Homes
SPARK Support Providing Aid Relief to Kids
Home of the Loved
Grit Gifting International
Girls just wanna have fun
Ganesha 4 Girls
World Love Charity
A Samaritan's Heart
Adia Diva
YOGIRL Young Orphan Girls of India Relief League
Saving Seed
Care 4 Kids
Hearts to Fill
Caring For Others
Girl's Gotcha Heart Charities
GCOG Global Charity for Orphan Girls
Orphan Girl Dreams
India Be well
Love 4 Little Ladies
Precious Stars Assistance
Excalibur Haven Charities
IndiGirl Love
Hopeful Girls Grateful Charity
India's Full of Hope Charity
IndiGirls Charities
Angels Amongst Us
Angel visits
Female Misery
The United Women
Guiding Girls Home
Girl Power Charity
OGAF Orphan Girls Awareness Funds
Alista Center
Anya Orphanage
Brite Futures Orphanage
LotsaHeart Foundation
All our Children
Safe Tee
It's Greater Now
Sunny Start Charity
Precious Stars Protection
Global Orphan Gateway
Smiles and Sharing International
Destiny Village
India inc.
G.I.R.L.S Girls India Relief Loving Support
India's Brightest Stars
Future Family Builders
Ladybug Tribe
ZuuZuu Girlz
Almster Fund
FinestKind Caring Home
Tiny Rupees
Girls Just wanna have hope
Happy Life Line
LetsHelp Charity
Grateful Girls Donations
Arya's Grace Foundation
Charity For Chances
Blooming Dahlias Orphanage
Hope India's Girls Relief
Shining Hearts Trust
Girl's Hope
Blossoming Hope Girls Charity
Keeping Hopes Alive
G.L.O.W Girls Life Orphans Wellbeing
HALO Help Assisting Little Orphans
GOOD Giving Orphans Online Donations
Shepherd's Love for Orphans
Child First Orphanage
Caring Heart Of India
STAR Sending Transformative Aid Relief
Garden of Hope
Girls of the Future
Horizon House
Pink Blossoms Charity
Raising Futures International
India Relief Funds for Orphan Girls
Rising Gems
BlessingWorks Charity
Young Angels Charities
India Care and Share
Pink Wings Foundation
A Girl's Village
WellSpring Home
LittleStars Orphan's Hope
SIWI She Is Worth It Foundation
HopeLight International
Butterfly Girl Charities
Junea Organization for Young Women
Hope and Charity
Young Girls Charitable Needs
Loving hands charities
Green Light For Girls
Indian Girls Relief Fund
Project Hope
Aasha Girls Orphanage
GOBIG global org. for the betterment of Indian girls
Caring Across the countries
The Giving Connection
India Gateways
CORE Charitable Orphan Relief Effort
Blessings For The Children
Goodway International
FAITH Fund Aid Internationally To Her
Pink Petals
Hope of Agnes International
Pria's Youth charities
Girls In Need Charity
A Gift To Grow
SOAR Supporting Orphans Aid Relief
SPARK Supporting Parentless Aid Relief Kids
GOAL Girls Orphanage Advocacy Leaders
Daughters of the World
Dreamland Organization for Young Women
Rainbow Girls Charity
Building Her Future
Rising Star Charities
Aasha Orphanage for Girls International
Loving Angels Orphaned Indian Girls
Home at Heart
Sweet Angels Orphaned Indian Girls
GHI Grace Home International
A Girl's Hope
Archway Charities
Helping Hand Indian Girls Charity
Changing Girls Lives
Caring Mercy
The Compassionate Connection
Bless Express
Giving Pathway
The League of Girls Charity
Treasured Girl's Charity
SDOR Sunny Day Orphan Relief
ShePower Charities
JOY Joining Orphaned Youth
Women of Tomorrow
Vital Visionaries
Caring Compass Foundation
Angel Wings Charity
Pink angels
Horizon Home For Girls
Assisting Abroad
Little Women Charity
Precious Stars Charity
Helpful Haven
Vivid Village Education
Little Angels Outreach
Precious Stars Orphanage
The Lotus Trust
GlobalGirls Charity
CORA Continued Orphan Relief Alliance
Angel House Charities
GOHI Girls of Hope India
Orphan's Hope India
Giving Grace Charity
New Hope Charity
Eden of Butterflies
India's Angels
Caring Lighthouse
A Place For Girls
REACH Relief Encouragement Assisting Childrens Hearts
Angels of India Orphange
Orphan Angels House
Blooming Butterflies Charity
Guardian Angels for orpahan girls
Hope For Her
Loving Legacy Foundation
Angels Faith
Dreams that Soar
Girls Becoming Ladies
Little Girls Smile
Give 4 the Girls
Gracing Girls
OCEAN Orphaned Children Education And Needs
Petals of Hope Orphanage
Generation Grace
The Gifted Future
Girls Place
Hope Haven Girls Charity
Colour Me Free
Future Leader Sponsors
Growing Girls Global Outreach
LEAN life education assistance necessities
GOGO Give Orphan Girls Opportunity
Benevolence for Orphans
Give for Girls
Abundant Grace
Charity For Young Girls
KindHelp Charity
Help Our Girls
Orphan Care Fund International
Mercy Orphan's Care
Help Them Shine Girls Charity
One Vision United
The Giving Path
WOW worldwide orphans welfare
India ChildHelp
All Care Orphanage
Little Ladies Outreach
Wing Builders
Sapphire Gate
Sunny Starts Girls Orphan Aid
Wishing well Bridge
Giving Lyfe
SOS Sending Orphans Supplies
Brave Girls, Kind World
Indelhible Impact
Second Chance Charity Foundation
Purses and Pigtails
HOH Haven of Hope
Give Girls a Future
Girls in Growth
Princesses Need Castles
Pink Samaritan
Fresh Hope Charity
Her Hope Charity
Girls of Hope
Angels Foundation
Betterment Futures
Lift Up Little Women
Hearts and Hands
Give Them A Chance
Gains for Girls
Aid to Girls Globally
HAND Help Aid Neglected Dependents
Give Girls A Chance
Inspired Herizons
Friends Of Orphaned Indian Girls
Charity For Orphaned Girls
BOTC "Botsy" Benefiting Orphans Through Charity
Lotus of India
Angels in Need Project
EON Essential Orphan Needs
Aid 4 Orphans
Angelic Caring Foundation
Girls Empowered
Wings of Love OrphanCare
SONG Sending Orphans Necessary Goods
Seeding Future funds
Bridges International Girls Aid
SOLVE Sending Orphans Life's Vital Essentials
Gifts for Orphan Girls
Future Mothers of India
OPUS Orphan Provisions Urgently Sought
FOYO funding orphaned youth organization
Save Our Girls
SHARE Supporting Help And Relief Efforts
IN Bloom
Hope Palace
Peak Potential Orphan Relief
Global orphanage Funding
Bryte Expectations
Streams of Hope for Orphans
House of Promise Orphanage
Indian Orphaned Girls Charity
Betterment Lives
A Daughter's Keeper
In Caring Hands
Home of Whispering Hope
Global Girls Assistance
Loving Kindness Indian Orphaned Girls
New Age Charities
Girl Launch
Universal Orphan Charity
Ladies of Hope
New Horizons Conservatory
Ladakee to Hope
With Hands & Hearts
Hope Home
Zoe's Trust
Handsel and Gretel
OGRA Orphan Girls Relief Aid
LilyPond Orphan Fund
Empowering Orphaned Indian Girls Charity
AllHeart Giving
Girls' Life
Fresh Start for Girls
Shine On Her
Girls to Glory
Edgesong Goodwill Mercy Home
Haven House
Hope and a Butterfly
Little Miss Mission
Sodality Sisters
All Indias Daughters
Global Sisterhood Support
Life With Alms
SACA Sanitary Needs
Girl's Global Kindness
India Aid For Orphan's
Girls Shine Brighter
Girl's Complete Charity
Girls orphanage India
Meeting Their Needs
Angels hope
Blessed Hope
WHINT Whisper of Hope International
There's Always Tomorrow
TruPath Charity
Given a Girl a Gift
Maiden Haven
Daugther India