Care Health is a non-profit community-based organization, what is called as a (Federally Qualified Health Center) with two locations in South Carolina, USA. Under the guidance of a local Board of Directors, we have been providing health care and pharmacy assistance since 1993. The mission of Care Health is to improve the health of individuals and families in our community by providing the highest quality health care services, especially the underserved, that is affordable and accessible.

Points to Consider:
We operate just like a family practice but we are able to provide discounts to individuals that have high deductibles or no insurance coverage.
We are not a free clinic and accept many insurance carriers.
We offer family care, private pharmacy, radiology, mental health, and substance use disorder services. (Not all services are under the same roof.)
We want a name that appeals to all individuals, including the insured.
We provide a high quality of care as we have a full-time quality team.
We do not want a name that people will have trouble spelling or pronouncing.
The name may extend to our pharmacy
Our systems are state of the art, with easy patient access to a portal, (records), digital check-in from the phone and portal communication to providers.
We are a great team with friendly dedicated staff working in a relaxed happy environment.
No one remembers our new name, (Care Health) and they still call us Care-Net, (our old name).

Business Name + Domain Names

InFocus Health

by Agent 612

Advantage Health

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New Plight Health Services
CareLine Health Services
Horizon Health Center
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Caresville, Carolina
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