An online Micro-Journaling SaaS (Software-as-a-Service). It's a tool for logging the important moments of your life in a sentence or two. Examples: Got married today. Today Grandpa died after a long illness. Got accepted into college. Was fired today. Started a new job at XYZ corp.

(We're launching in April 2019)

We've been through about a dozen names (currently 'DayStack') but I'm not 100% happy and would like to find a better one before we launch next month...

To give yourself the best chances of coming up with a name that fits, I strongly advise you to (1) visit the website, (1) create a free test-account (Enter promo code 'NFORCE' on the checkout page to bypass payment!!!) and (3) USE/explore it for a few minutes to gain a feeling before deciding upon a name:

Some people are having trouble finding the promo code field. You must go to the checkout page. There you'll see a button that says 'Have a promo code?'. Click that and a field will appear. Enter the code 'NFORCE' into the field and click the button that says 'Apply code' -- this bypasses payment and creates your free test account.

- We prefer shorter names (4 syllables max, 12 characters max)
- Names that 'roll' off the tongue are great. (easy to say)
- Please avoid dashes '-' in the domain name.
- Please avoid numbers in the domain name (ex:
- Feel free to submit our current name 'DayStack' (seems nobody has yet). I'd like to include it in the final voting. If it wins we'll keep it.

Domain Names

Domain name submissions are kept private.