We're a nonprofit organization with the mission to alleviate extreme poverty and violence in Honduras through youth empowerment and education. We run the Villa Soleada Bilingual School and Children's Home in the village of Villa Soleada. The school's mascot is the tiger. We are also working towards our goal of building one thousand schools in Honduras. We host volunteers who come to Honduras to help build schools. We have a soccer program and scholarship program in the community as well.

Honduras has a 66% poverty rate and is currently the most unequal country in Latin America. Crime and violence remain rampant, as Honduras continues to have one of the highest homicide rates in the world. 37% of Honduran children of secondary school age (12-16) are out of school. Of the poorest quintile, 62% are out of school.

In 2004, our young team began working with the families of the largest informal settlement in El Progreso, Honduras. They lived along a riverbed in cardboard houses without electricity, potable water, or a school. Gang violence, chronic unemployment, and generational poverty were rampant. Not one person had graduated from high school.

In 2007, we bought a 13-acre plot of land and began building a village with the families. The project--named Villa Soleada--allowed us to address not just one but all the challenges comprehensively.

Nearly 100% of the children from the community are on track to graduate high school. Together, we can help them attend college to break the cycle of generational poverty for good.

Our organization is apolitical and non-religious.

Business Names

Centro De Esperanza
Tigre Dulce
Un Mejor Manana
Lynx Foundation
STEP Supportive Teaching Eliminating Poverty
TEAM Honduras. Transformational Educational Advancement Mission
Honduras Tiger Team
Heart of Honduras
Honduras United Impact
Feeding Minds Honduras
Village Tiger
TigerPaw Education
El Progreso Dream Children
Honduras Endures
edification honduras
Souls United to End Neglect and Omission
Neutral Alliance
Safe Dignity
Rising Phoenix Institute
Child Powered
nueva vida
Children's Hub Honduras
Poverty's armour
S.u.e.n.o. Soledad Unidad Erudicion Neque Objetivo
Honduras Strides
Star Society Movement
Solace forSoieada
Coalition For Progress
Teach Independence Gradually Realize Emerging Success
Ensenar Esperanza
Building1 Foundation
vida del proyecto
UpSwing Coalition
13 Acres of Hope
Minds Do Matter
Nuevo Dia Alliance
The Elite Educators
Hondurans United
Soleada Uplift
Bravo Bound
Hopeful Habitat
TruNorth Missions of Honduras
Tigres Sueno
Levantando Honduras
Project 180
HonDream Team
Peaceful Tigers
A DREAM Team A Decent Reality Emerges After Misfortune
Children's Zone of Honduras
Tigre Angeles
Como mil Tigres
Rebuild Honduras
Betterment Futures
BackToEquality Together!
Keep it Honduras
Equal Opportunity Restorers
Harvest Plateau
SolValor Youth Alliance
Hondurus Children's Playground
Tiger Team
Tiger U
Coaligarse Academy
Villa of Cambiando
Los Ninos Primero
Building and blending
Dreamster Team
Cornerstone Academy
Everlasting Honduras
Generational Success Power
Tiger Teens
Betterment Lives
Force for Dignity
4 Honduras Sake
Honduras, together we can!
Pasion por Cambia Coalition
Tigre Fuete
Dare to Reach, Educate and Mentor
Los Guardianes De Tigre
Honduras Open Hearts
Grasp Your Goals
Clear Tomorrow
Joined Ways Project
Children of Soleada Alliance CSA
Enrollian Peak
Tigers Alliance
T.I.G.R.E.S. Toleration. Inspiration. Gratification. Rehabilitation. Education. Stabilitation.
Unified Tiger Team
Vida Promesa
Childreducation Honduras
The Tigerkind Collaborative
The Culture of Abundance Project
Together, Independently, Growing, Reaching, Educating, Supporting
Upward Alliance
Somos Familia Foundation
La Promesa a Los Tigres
International Intelligence
Honduras Establishment for Intelligent Minds
Empowered Enrichment Alliance
Copas y Manos
Invest Honduras
Youthful Scholars
TigerTail Team
Scholars de Manana
Honduras ThriveChild
Team Soleada
To Increase Honduras
Mission Betterment
Dreamscape Team
Mejor Vida
TIGRIS The International Group Reviving Education and Souls
TigerEye Building Blocks
Villa Tiger Teens
Cambio de Vida Foundation
We Are Tomorrow
Alphabet Honduras
Calidad De Vita
Honorables of Honduras
Tiger Pride
Planet Hope
Transiciones Positivas
EduCare Honduras
Think Squad
FullLife Academy
CentreOfAttention Organization
Transform. Innovate. Generous. Resourceful. Educate. Success
Team Compassion For All
Future's Journey Alliance
New Hope Villages
Honduras Youth Turf
Tigers Rule
Feeding Minds
Hondorus United Front
Educate for Life
Bebes Tigres
Enable Honduras
Trending Together
Hope Homes
Empowerment Enrichment Center
Scripts to Honduras
Gran Futuro
NewBrix Foundation
Brightspot Honduras
True Tigers
Liberal humarian
Honduran Kid's Castle
Hacia Arriba
The Gold Team
Capstone Coalition
Team Rise Up
Adelante Honduras
Graduate Honduras
Excel Ed
Team For Kids
Ascendant Society
Futuristic Dreams
Embrace Honduras
Project HondurArise
Honduras United for Children
Rise Up Honduras
Honduras Education Liason Project
Foundation of Hope for Children of Honduras
A Thousand Hopes
Futuro Brillante de Honduras
A New Generation of Hope Foundation
Education Uniting Honduras
Honduras Collective
Tiger Childrens Alliance
Youth Of Honduras Alliance
Hearts United For Honduras
Honduran Youth Unlimited
League Of Tigers
Tiger Revival
Betterment Honduras
New Generations Honduras
Bright Outlook Education
Children's Zone Honduras
One Step Ahead for Honduras
Freedom Schools Honduras
Pathways Learning Project
Alliance For An Empowered Honduras
Tigers Of Change
United ,Empowerd.Honduras
Honduras Youth United
Honduran Youth Empowerment Project
Proud Honduras Project
Restoring Honduras Alliance
Rising Tiger
Rising Stars Honduras
Honduras Hope Center
THRIVE Hondurus
Team for the Future
Vanguard Village of Honduras
T.I.G.R.E.S., Transforming Inner Generations Renewal Eagerly Succeeding
Building,educating & uniting in Honduras
Hope Workshop Honduras
United We Strive
Honduras Youth Zone
BrightPath for Honduras
Honduras Endurance Project
Honduran Dream Team
Project Betterment
Project Progreso
Build the Change
Honduras We Stand
Hope Ignited
The Village Revival
Empowering Honduras
TigerStrong Learning For Success
Team Tiger Honduras
The Honduras Project
DREAM, Dignity Rebuilding Education Among Minors
Lift Honduras
Hope For Honduras
Honduras Student Sphere
United Tigeryouth Foundation
Heartbeats of Honduras
La Buena Vida Foundation
Breaking Barriers Threw Education
DREAM Honduras Directed Rebuilding Enterprise Achieves More
Honduras Forward Fund
LifeBuilders Education Zone
Tough Tigers Foundation
Alliance Of Tigers
Team Tigers
Hondurus Children Matter
Villa of Education
United Tigers
Tigers EdVentures
Tribe of Tigers
Dedicate, Restore, Educate And Motivate
Villa Tiger Cub
Kid's Zone Honduras
Nuestro Futuro
Team HonduraRise
Thrive Sueno
Foundation de la Corazon
Educacion Unida
Team Tiger
Honduras Dream Kids Team
Honduras Angels
Grow Honduras's Future
Honduras Children's Domain
A Thousand Villages
Guardian Success Enterprises
H.E.A.L. Honduras Empowers and Aids Lives
Team Instilling Greatness and Raising Educational Standards
Hasta De Vida
Amigos Aspire
Project Esteem
BuildUp Honduras
Villa Soleada Coalition VSC
Honduras Hopes
Enabling young Minds, Providing Opportunities With Educational Resources EMPOWER HONDURAS
Tigers Revolution
Life Sense Honduras
Replanting the Seeds
Honduras for Habitat
Team Youth Empowerment and HOPE
Tigers Unite
Tiger Village Movement Foundation
LifeBuilder Honduras
Villa Youth and Empowerment Center
Horizons on the Upswing for Honduras
Team Uplift
Tigris Ingenuity Team
Tiger Youth Renewal Project
Unidos Tigers
Honduras community outreach center
Beacon of Light for Children
Project of Dreams
Honduras Academic Establishment
Honduras Vision for Kids
TigerStrong Rising For Honduras
Honduras Future Leaders
Greater Honduras Alliance
Los Tigres Libre
Open Eyes Mission
Cultural Coalition for Change
Tigers Rising
Honduras Springboard
The Tiger Guardians
Honduras Poverty Action Coalition
Team Tiger for A Better Honduras
Acorns to Oaks Honduras
Tigers Rise Team
Villa Soleada for Hunger
Tiger Strong Honduras
VALOR, Victorius Abundant Life Outreach Rivival
Honduran Tigers United
The Opportunity Academy
Bravo Villa Coalition
Honduras Feline Hearts
Bright Future for Honduras
Tigers Feeding Children
United Togers
Goooo Tigers!
Honduras EDU Children Team
Improvement for Honduras Youth
Hondurable Tigers
United Uplift
Villa Soleada Community Project
Safe Souls
Tiger Might
ElevateLife Honduras
Tiger CoOperative
Tigres Totality
El Tigre Academy
Education Cultivation
NewHorizons Childrens Centers
Team Progreso
Tigers Roar and Unite for Education
Villa Soleada Regeneration Project
SafeHarbor Education For Honduras
South American Children's Zone
Villa Tiger Team
Honduras Children's Resources
Soul Mission Academy
Pledge for Honduras Schools
Honduras Youth Promise Institute
1000 Roars 4 Kids
Wealth Through Education
Enduras Education
Hope In Sight Foundation
Trust In Generations Restoring Education and Strength
Tigris Excelencia
Tiger Academies
The Golden Tigers Team
Wisdom Tigers
Tigers Den Coalition
Tigers Feeding Tomorrow
Tiger Team Honduras
FutureHope Alliance
Tiger Hunger Corps
Promocion de Vida Coalition
Thriving Tigers
Tiger Tenacity
Enlighten Academy
TigerSprint Alliance
Projection High
Honduras Felines
Global TigerTrust Initiative
Honduras Children Zone
Feeding The Roots Fund
Tiger Generation
Teaching Tigers
Teach a Man to Fish United
Villa Soleada Children's Zone
Team Outreach USA
Soul Safety Alliance
Generation Team
hands in humanity
Building Their Future
Flourishing Minds International
The Tiger Team
Little Tigers with Big Dreams in Honduras
Transcending Traditions Coalition
United Vision Learning Academy
Honduras College Dreams
Develop Honduras
New Bricks & New Books
Heroes for Honduras
Roaring Honduras
Honduras Havens
Academia Tigre
Epicenter Outreach
Honduras Building Blitz
Evermore Education
The Living Life's Work Foundation
Education Bridge
Chainbreaker Education
Tigre Escuela Honduras
Mission Honduras
Gateway to Better Education
Corazon de Tigre Foundation
Operation Hand To Hand
Sunny Future for Honduras
YEAH Youth Empowerment Aiding Honduras
TIGRE Team Independence Giving Respect Everyone Succeeds
Rebuild, Educate, Revive
Tigre Academia
Believe Building
Tyger Bright Corp
Building on better hope
Division Of Tigers
Hands 2 Honduras
TEAM Honduras. Teamwork Educational Advancement Mission
Hope Horizon
Families First
Project Riverbend
Future of Tomorrow
EduVillage Honduras
Ascentia Community Learning
Cultural Rehabilitation Foundation
Revisional Education Access Challenge of Honduras
TruVision Tigers
Projects of Hope
CheertheChildren On
Team Tiger Tracks
Honduras Enrichment Academy
Villa Uplift Coalition
T I G E R, Transforming Inner Generations Envisioning Revival
Sueno Team
Zona Escolar Honduras
Building Tigers, One School at a Time
EduStars Honduras
Team Suenos de Tigres
learn to Succeed Academy
Honduras House Foundation
Villa Soleada Rejuvination
nuevo comienzo