Starting home builder that will specialize in a full service design/build package from start to finish, inside and out (including landscape design) that will focus on the upper mid level home buyer. Not a starter home type builder. This will be a company that focuses on the clients that are building the long term, custom home that they plan to raise their family in for many years. Very upscale finishes in and out will be encouraged by us to clients and we pride ourselves on never cutting corners and always finding the highest quality sub-contractors available to build an immaculate home.

Wife is a design connoisseur and is a budding designer that is being sought out by many other custom builders as well.

This business has the potential to be tied in with existing family enterprise of a large wholesale Greenhouse business that supplies all types of flowers to the Big Box Retailers (HD, WM, Costco), so some type of name that has a twist on a flower name or type may be something to consider.

We would also like to see names that incorporate our last name, Barker, as well as potentially something with our first initials of the family as a whole, N, B, K, B, B, H. Not a must for all of them, but certainly would like to involve the kids as they will be the next gen to run this business.

Business Name + Domain Names

Legacy Six Custom Homes

by CleverBrands
Beams to Blooms
Barker6 Custom Dream Homes
Barker's Cultivated Homes
Barker UltraHomes
BarKer BNH Custom Homes
B6 Homes
Built For Life Homes
Legacy Hone Designs by Barker
Barker TurnKey Homes
The Budding Barkers
Barker Because Designs
Juliet Rose Designs
BbbCreative Custom Homes
BarkerBuild Co
Barker Homescaping
Barker & Brood Home Designs
Barker First Family of Custom Homes
Blossoming Barker Homes
Noble Blossom Homes
Barker Home Grown
HomeBloom by Barker
Barkers Architectual Homes and Designs
Barker DreamTeam Custom Homes
Barker Heirloom Homes
Barker Supreme Custom Homes
Barker & Barker Custom Homes
Flora Homes
BarkerFleur Homes
NBKH Custom Homes and Design
Struct Nouveau Designs
6Jewels Custom Homes
Design by Barker
RedChalet Custom Homes
Barker6Pack Custom Home Designs
Iris Family Original Homes
BarkerBurbia Homes
RiseFourth Home Design
Lavender Dreams Custombuilt Homes
Lavender Custom Homes
Fortified by Barker 6
Another Barker Design
CastleHome Custom
HomeGrown Designs
Lifestyles Designer Homes
BuiltWithPride Homes
Design 2plus4 Homes
TierOne by Baker
FloraBuilt Homes
Latitude Barker Homes
Barker level 6
BarkeRose Built
Barker Family Whole Design
Baker Nouveau Custom Homes
Starter Barker
SixthSense Dream Design Homes
Exquisite Evergreen Homes
Roses & Roots Home Design
Bloomopoly by Barker
KBBH TotalQualiT Estates
Honor View Homes
Bloomopolis by Barker
Barkers Kinfolk Home Business
Infinitely whole
We Barkers Build Homes
Hello Home by Barker
Voltaire Home Design
Barkers In Bloom Home Design
BarkeRose Group
Serendipity Designer Homes
Barkeropolis, Inc.
Willow&Sage Designer Homes
Bloomin' Barkers Home Design
Regalia Homes Imagined
Building Memories Custom Homes
IntegreTeam Home Designs
The 6 of us homes
First Tier Baker Homes
BarkeRoot Brilliance
TreeBark Designs
La Mystique Custom Homes
Baker Pivotal Builds
Daisy Barker Homes
6Vines Custom Home Design
White Lillies Home Design
Entirely forever
4Saplings Custom Homes
Inspira Custom Homes
Intrinsic Home Design
SixthSense Home Design
Burbs by Barker
Beams & Blooms
Lily and Lace Designs by Barker
4Leaf Dream Builds
RoseStone Designs
BakerBrillant Homes
BBB New Kingdom Homes
Barkers Dream Factory
CrestClan Home Design
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North Star Custom Homes
Rosebud Custom Designs
6Petals Custom Homes
BakerCraft Designs
Wildflower Custom Homes
Barker Brand Design
Lasting Legacy Custom Homes
Barker 6 Customs
Premier Custom Homes by Barker
DesignScapes by Barker
Barker's Garden Custom Home Design
Hearthside Custom Houses
Barkers Pride Custom Homes
Barker & Buds Home Designs
6 Leaf Clover Designs
LifeStyled Custom Homes
Barker Place Homes
ModernSix Home Design
Vanguard Custom Homes
Barkerburbia by Design
Barker's Prized Home Design
Paragon6 Custom Home Designs
NHKB Home Creation
Design Emmissaries
Dahlia Finest Homes & Design
Barkers' RoseGarden Homes
HomeBrite by Barker
Barker Bunch Custom Homes
Barker Abodes
Barker & Bairns
Barker and Blossom Estate Homes
Barker Infinity Custom Homes
Barker And Kids Design Group
Barker Minds
Timeless Home Design
Barker Greenhouse
FinestKind Custom Homes
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Barker CustomBuilds Your DreamHome
Dwell Home Design
Raise the Bar Custom Homes
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Quality Choice Foundations
B Memento Designs
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RekRab Designs
Rkidz eNBarK Homes
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Barker Design Pros
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B6 Custom Dream Homes
Better Built Kustom Homes
B Cubed Homes
DomesticDesigns by the Barker Team
Budding Developments
Barker Prime Design Homes
Designing B's Custom Homes
Bud Barker Custom Homes
Luxuriant Home Development By Barker
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Barker Custom Home Development
BarkerFamily NewHorizon Homes
Entire Family Homescapes
Budding Barker Custom Designs
Ideal Homes by Baker
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six barkers do it better
NBK BBH Barker Homes
Pedigree Custom Designs
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KBBH Planners
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Barker's Kingly Homes
Constant Plus Value
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Bakers Manors
Dwelling Designs
Charm Peddler Designs
BarkerBranch Home Designs
Dream Completions
HexaBranch Home Design
The TurnKey6
6Barkers Home & Arcadias
B B B Design
Barker's Homesteads
Barkers TopTier Custom Homes
Bespoke By Barker
NewBrix 6
Architecture Designs by Barker's
Barker Bunch Designs
Sprouting Barkers
3BHNK Barker Designer Custom Homes
Roses and Buds Homes
Barker6 Creative Designs
MorningGlory Custom Home Designs
Camellia Custom Homes
Lilly Custom Homes
Barker Designs
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Sundance Designer Homes
Homes by Barker
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Barker's Finest Homes
Barker Home Innovation
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6Barkers Budding Home Designs
HUB6 Designs
Vizions by Design
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Legacy Dwelling Solutions
Summit Custom Homes and Design
Barker Elect Custom Homes
Barker Family Creates For Your Family
Barker Class Home Development
Barkrafter HomeDesign
Barkrose Superior Home Design
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Barkers Begonia Homes
Bark in Business
Barker's FamGlam Home Designs
BARKER'S UltiCraft Homes
Azalea Homes
Barker Footprint
Barker360 Designs
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Centerpiece Custom Homes
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Barker's Home & Flowers
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Barker's Family Designer Homes
Barker's Home and Garden Dream Designs
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Big Six Barker Homes
Custom Home Gurus
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Hawthorne Premium Homes
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Paradise Delivered
ModernRoots Home Design
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Rosetip Designs
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Hibiscus Family Homes
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Hubunkers A Green bulb
Home Solution 6
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New Waves Built
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Housing By Barker
B Family Residences
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kreative kreations
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Barkers' TLC Custom Homes
Tulips and 3B Homes
Bakers Exclusive Homes
Build It Barkers
designs by barker
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RealCustom Estates
BNK Three Customs
The Art of Home by Barker
Rose Petal Custom Home Designs
Customized quality
Barker Family Spec Homes
Barkers Designs
Nemesia Custom Designs
All For You LLC
Heather Homes
Structure Saints
Barkers Big Home
Barker NextGen Home designers
Craftsman Clan
Custom by Barker
MindBarkers Homes
Bark Homes
The Barker Touch Fine Homes
BarkersBrood Custom Designs
Barker Habitude
Barker & Sun Homes
Barker HomeCrafters
Wildflowers6 Custom Design Homes
FifthCorner Home Designs
Clover Custom Homes
Barker Custom Imperial Homes
Barker Kindred Bloom New Homes
Distinctive Barker Homes
Barkers Legacy Estates and Designs
HomeSprout By Barker
Homes with Soul
Aliva Home Design
Six for Designed Homes
Barkers Custom Mansions
Six Hearts Custom Homes
BlueNova Homes
Barkerbilt Custom Homes
Home Reliance
Barker Kids Future Custom Homes
Calyx Custom Homes
3B's&NHK Barker Custom Home Designs
The Bloomin Barkers
Barker's Custom Home Appeal
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Barker House Design Group
Grand Designs Custom Barker Homes
BARKER & BLOOMS Custom Home Crafters
Barker Majestic Homes
Elevated Craftsman Style Homes
Primrose Quality Homes
Big KAHUNA Snap Dragon Homes
Barker and Fleur
BarKer HydraNgea
Barker Customized
CastleFlora Forever Homes
Arranged Designs by Barker
Cared Customs
Heritage Home Designs
Barker's Flowers&Fantasy Home Design
Land Mark Great
Finecrest Custom Home Design
Barkers Designer Heritage Compounds
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BarkerCrafted Home Design
Live Love Luxury Homes
Barker The Home Design Experts
Essential Gains
Barker Concepts
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Barker and sons
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Bildwel Home Design
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Lotus Home Design
Future Designing
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Arose Home Design
Barker Family Custom Contractor BCreating For Your Family
Budding Homes
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barker 6 custom design
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Home, Hearth and Sprout
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The B's Generation Homes and Design
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The Barker Six
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3BarKerN Homes
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Bed of Roses Custom Built Homes
Flora Fine Homes
Got Your 6 Designs
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Barker Estate Homes
Barker Arms
Nu Barker Regal Custom Homes
Scion6 Custom Homes
Higher Level Homesteads
Stellar Six
HomeQuest Custom Designs
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Birch and Barker
Barker Clan Custom Homes
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SixBees Custom Homes
Senary Creatives
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BK Equals
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Level Six Homes
Cozy Home Design
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Pinnacle Homes
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Geranium Generations Homes
Built, by Barker Six
Clover Custom Estates
Homes2Order by Barker
Blueprints and Blossoms Quality Homes and Yards
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The Barker Kids Design Co.
Singular Designs
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Artistic Design Homes
ThreeB Designs
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ValueCraft Homes
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Elite6 Custom Dwellings
Barker's Blueprints
Honeysuckle Homes
Loftland Designer Homes
B Excellent Custom Homes
Burgeon Homes
WholeHome Family
Mark6 Designs
Azalea Gardens Custom Homes
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Visions High Quality Homes
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Barker's Finest Works
Nuvanta Homes
Home is Where the Heart is Barker Homes
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Baker's Neppetas
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Solid Bark Designs
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Flawlessly designed
6ways Family Homes
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Barker's Bellflower Custom Homes
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Estates By Baker
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EverTraditions Custom Homes
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No Place Like Barker Homes
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Barkrose Designer Homes
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Just Move In by Barker
Custom Comprehensive Designer Homes
Evergreen Homes and Design
Custom Living with Barker
Built By Barker Homes
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Barker6 Design Group
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Flower Child Homes
Alista Custom Homes
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6Barker Eminence
Barkers6 Designs
The Barkers Nest Legacy Home & Design
6BDivine Custom Homes
B Barker Kustom homes
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Bluebell Custom Homes
HBKN Offsprings Oasis Homes
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Developed & Designed Homes by the Barker Generation
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Barker BestHomes
BarKer HyaciNth
Barker Homefinder
Best NuHome By Barker Klan
Cultivated Digs
Residential By Barker
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The Barkers Designer Homes
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Barker Family Originals
Barker Wreath Custom Homes
Eden Homes
Barkers' Best Builds
Bakers Who Build
6Barkers Home & Garden
KBHN Custom Homes
6B Dreaming Homes
Connoisseur Custom Homes
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Freshpluck Homes
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Hob Knob Custom Homes
Team Barker
Barker's Home and Floral Design House
Barker Pride Custom Homes
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Flourishing Barker Custom Homes
Barker Builds
HomePrideCustomBuilt Homes
Barker Fans Designer Homes
Barker6 Premier Homes
Quality Barker Custom Homes
Barkers Golden Key
Barker Crest Custom Homes
Assembled by Barker
Rise Hearth
Barker Kids Building Better Homes
Barker Family Designs
Dwell Dorado
Heliotrope Homebuilding
Barker Homespirations
B3 New Kustom Homes
Barker's dream designer
Bakers Build Homes
Flora Custom Homes
Barker Branch Luxury Estates
Barker Family Customized Homescapes
VisionLux Custom Design Homes
Calla Lily Homes
2x4 Designer Homes
The Barker Bunch Heritage Homes
ForeverHomes by Barker6
Barker 'N' Kids Beautiful Home Builds
Marigolds and Mortar Home Designers
Quality Custom Home Designs
B.B. Bank Homes
Barker Family Presents Top2Bottom Custom Homes
KH2B Designer Homes
Barker innovations
Hexagon Custom Homes
SolidDesign Custom Homes
The Barkers 6 Designer Homes
Barker's Custom Home Designs
Buttercup Home Design
Legacy Craft Homes
Barker's Pride of Homes
6Barkers Custom Designs
Barker Brigade Custom Homes
Barker NextGen Homes
AmericanHome Direct
Rockrose Custom Homes
Petals and Peonies by Barker
NewGen Custom Built
DreamNest Custom Homes
Queen B Custom Homes
5Star Baker Homes
4Barker Builds
Barkers Infinity Home