This is a new law firm in Tanzania. It is intended to attract a variety of clientele.

The areas of practice are going to include Corporate practice this law firm is going to include corporate practice, intellectual property, finance and banking, tax and commercial practice, litigation practice, labour, employment practica, matrimonial, family and adoption laws, privatisation, competition and regulation practice, real property practice and immigration.


Intellectual Property, in this area, our law firm will assist clients in advisory, enforcement, registrations, non-contentious transactional work and contentious litigation work in Tanzania and East Africa (through our associate firm), involving all forms of intellectual property including patents, trademarks, copyright and domain names (online trademark). We will be advising clients on a variety of intellectual property agreements involving trademark licensing and assignments. We will also assist in conducting legal due diligence on portfolio of patents, trademarks and copyright works.

In Corporate Practice, we will be offering a wide range of services from the registration of companies (private, limited, non-governmental organizations, among other things) to acting as company's secretary to ensure our client's compliance obligations are satisfied. Drawing on our experience in private sector corporate management, the firm advises on wide range of corporate legal affairs such as; securitization; due diligence; corporate investment; pension and employment issues; and tax management.

In Donor Funded Projects and Charitable Organizations, we will be to providing services to the myriad of DFP projects, foreign governments and charitable organizations that make it their mission to improve the lives of Tanzanian people. We provide a wide range of services to our donor funded clients including establishment, tax advice, immigration, labour law matters and tenancy issues as well as many other services.

In Finance and Banking Practice, our law firm will be dealing with complex transactions for borrowers, lenders, issuers, lead managers, trustees, debt collectors, syndicated lending, assignments, international trade and finance.

In Tax and Commercial Practice, our law firm and team of experienced advocates will also be drafting all commercial contracts, conducting business negotiations, and representing clients in commercial transactions. Our lawyers' special expertise of tax and taxation system makes us a reliable first option for delicate commercial transactions.
Our team of accomplished litigators will also represent clients in areas of commercial and business litigation, mediation and arbitration. We intend to attract major international multinationals and individual entrepreneurs and all benefit from our personal touch a

Business Name + Domain Names

AfriCorp Advocates

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AfriCore Legal Services

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BlueNova Law Associates
AfriCompass Advocates
Promise Partners
AfriQore Firm
AfriJuris Associates
ClearCore Legal Services
Paradigm Trust Law Group
AfriCrew Associates
Truvanta Law
Pinnacle Law Associates
Afrocentric Legal Services
Pride Trust
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Elite Law Associates
Zenji Law Offices
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Safari Law Services
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The Tanzania Law Group
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Tanzanian Tech Check
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