Holistic health and wellness facility and services.
1) I will offer private sessions for clients, and I am trained in several types of therapeutic modalities:
- BodyTalk (Energy medicine - for more info go here: https://www.bodytalksystem.com/learn/bodytalk/)
- Reiki
- Aromatouch (technique of applying essential oils)
- Somatic Experiencing (a type of body-based talk therapy)
- EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique (type of therapy that combines Western Psychology and Eastern Reflexology)
- Counselling (I'm a former social worker)
2) Will sell health and wellness products, through two major companies (Melaleuca and doTerra).
3) Will offer regular times for community members to use the space for yoga, meditation, socializing.
4) Will offer occasional classes on a variety of health and wellness subjects (e.g. mental health, stress management, parenting, relationships, etc.).
5) Will have guest practitioners come in to offer services (e.g. massage, reflexology).
My business is located in a small town called Mossbank in rural Saskatchewan, Canada. Population less than 500 in town, approx. 1500 in surrounding rural areas. My building is a historic feature in our town, as it was a former Mason's lodge, and also formerly used for visiting/socializing for military members during WWII, as Mossbank was home to a training facility for Canadian Airforce members for many years.

Business Name + Domain Names

Healing Touch Lodge

by miyvex58

Holistic Wellness Lodge

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Prairie Health & Wellness Lodge
How Holistic!!
Holistic Revitalization Lodge
GreenTree Holistic Wellness
Mossbank Holistic Healing
TruNorth Wellness Lodge
Holistic Health FX
Community Health & Wellness Lodge
Wellstrong Lodge
True North Health Services
Healing Hub
TerraWise Wellness Center
Easential Wellness Lodge
surround holistic health
DoveWing Wellness Retreat
BluePeak Healing
Soul Care
Mossy Lodge Therapeutics
Holistic Happenings
Soma Life Lodge
Holistic Lodge
HoliHealth Wellness Center
Spirit Tribe Center
Blend and breathe wellness
Alchemy Holistic Lodge
Total Body, Total Mind
Med Free Center
Freedom Corridor
Kultivate Wellness
Heal and Feel
Aligned Souls
Vitaliti Wellness Center
Professional Health And Wellness
Community Lodge of Wellness
Complete Health
mossy bank holustic
MossB Healing Center
All of You
Chakra Climbers
Community Health and Wellness
HolistiCalm Wellnes Lodge
Wellevata Lodge
health surround wellness
Canada Vibrations
Ruddy Duck Integrated Wellness Centre
Help Heal Well
FinestKind Wellness
Healthy Energy
Take Care Holistics Lodge
HolistaKey Lodge
Tip Top Shape Professionals
Absorb Wellness
NuVision Health
Yarn Barn
Hope Hub
Medella Body and Mind
Soul Equilibrium
Saskatch Health
Mentatic Health&Wellness
Mossbank's Vitalodge
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Touching Tones
Whole Being Wellness
Well Worth It
Heres to your health
Healthy heroes
Nu Lyf
Transcended Steps Healing
Make Serene
Timbered Birch Wellness
Moss Nature
Personal Mind & Body
Life Uncompromised
Head to Soul
Mossbank Synergy Healing
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Heal and Be Well Hub
MindWell Lodge
Saska Care Center
Cloud Nine Club
Anew You Lodge
Heals for Feels
Lodgical Wellness
Healing Mantra
Listen To Your Body
Happiness through Holistic Health Care
Healing You
Mend the Mind & Body
Green earth expressions
Abstract Holistic Health
Whole in the Wall
A PlaceTo Relax
Fellowship of Life Wellness Lodge
Old Wives Lake Wellness Centre
Body Max Lodge
We Care Studio
Best Life Lodge
The Healing Spot
yogic healing
genesis wellness
Sun Cadence
Soul Cleanse
Mossbank Somatic Therapy
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Person Centered Expressive Therapy Institute
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Uptown Potion Healing
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Your Best Self
Freewell Domain
Ohm Home
Happy Healthy Holistic Living Lodge
Holistic Happens Here
Atomic Energy
Enersite Lodge
Canada Elysium
Mossomatic Wellness
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Saskatchewan Holistic Health Center
Heal The Bill
Find Peace
Healthy Mind & Body
Pyscheal Wellness
Studio zen healing
Big Heart Healing Lodge
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Revolyoution Lodge
AngHealing Care Management
Happy Cadence
TheraYou Wellness Center
WholeSum Body
Sheath Psychiatry
Mystic Universal Healing
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Holistic healing
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Alliswell Practitioners
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Epiphany Lodge
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The Healing Phenomenon
Spiritual Soul
Ctrl Alt Zen
Saskatchewan Spirit Energy Healer
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Chakra Aura Recovery Meditation Academy CARMA
Love Yourself Holisitic Health
Healing Sensations Retreat
Heartwood Institute
Energy Emporium
serine wave healing
Modality Therapeutic
Energy Ninja
Retro Leisure
Bodytalk Energy Builder
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Body and Mindful
Well Check
3rd Eye Bull's Eye
Primesso Wellness
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Holistically Historic
Cosigning to a Healthy You
Higher State of Wellness Retreat
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Fringe Benefits
Healing, Health, Help
Trinity Serenity
Health Harmony Lodge
Body Holistic Wellness
First Beacon Holistic
Wellness Insight Lodge
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Internal Paths Healing Lodge
Community Holistic Health
Mossbank Harmony Wellness
The Health Lodge of Mossbank
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Life Enhancement Lodge
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WholeForm Wellness
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Embody Health Source
Encompass Lodge
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The Healing Well
Turning Point Lodge
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Center for Holistic Healing
The Wellness Retreat
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Vitalistic Healing Facility
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Pathways Holistic Center
Pathways to Wellness
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GaiaEnergy Wellness Center
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Living Holistically Lodge
Zen Spirit Healing
Haven of Health
Zen Lodge
Habitat for Health
Mossbank Theraputic Resource Centre
The Synergy Spot
Cognitive Clarity Centre
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Shared Heart Foundation
Life Balance Center
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Apex Health and Wellness
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United Wellness Centre
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Mind and Body Wellness Center
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Vibrant life
Above All Wellness
Holistic Hub
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Minding Well
Holistic Being and Healing Lodge
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Highway To Health Holistic House
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Community Lodge of Natural Healing
Life Compass Lodge
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Wholly Living
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Total Wellness
Healing Spirit Center
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Comprehensive Wellness Lodge
The Oasis at Mossbank
Health Harmonies
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Wishing Wellness
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Body, Mind and Spirit Care
Mossback Mending
Healthy Equilibrium
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Zen Den
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Hope for Healing
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Celestia Wellness Center
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Divinity Health
Holistic Manor
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Sunrise Therapy Lodge
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Whole Health Way
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Bodytalkers of Mossbank
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Best of Both Worlds Healing and Wellness
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HolisticHealth Center
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Mossbank HoliHealth Retreat
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Brightside Wellness
Nature's Magic
Hearth of Healing
State of Mind Wellness Center
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Holistic Energy
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Wealth of Health
Thrivation Wellness Lodge
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Health and Wellness Mossbank
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Kokoro Healing Lodge
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LifeJourney Lab
Wellness at Mossbank
House Healmatica
Holistic Mossbank
All Paths to Wellness
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Revival Harmonic Health
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Life Longer
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House of Zen
Positive Intentions
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Wellmore Lodge
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My Healing Station
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Healthy Healing
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The Whole Body
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the body talks
Wholistic Wellcare
The Holistic Health Haven
Keystone Lodge
TruWellness Holistic Lodge
Inner Peace Wellness Center
Bridges Holistic Lodge
Envigorated Health Lodge
Mossbank Wellness Lodge
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Touch of Life Lodge
My BMS Wellness Center
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Mason Health Lodge
Holistic Forces Center
Healing Hut
EverWell Health Haven
Kinetic Energy Lodge
Lifespan Health
Health Forward
ThreeTrees Wellness
Absorb Health
MossBank Healing Lodge
Lifezen Lodge
Sanctuary Holistic Healing Center
Third Eye Holistics
Spirit Within Health & Healing
Mossbank Healing Studio
Total Body Wellness
Community Care Centre of Mossbank
TruThrive Healing
Life Of Wellness
Gallery of Spirit, A Wellness Center
Mossbank lodge
World of Natural Medicine
Healthology Haven
Inner Work Center
One Body, One Mind
BluPeak Wellness
Health and Healing Portal
The Better You Holistic & Wellness Center
360 Degree Wellness
Skyview Lodge
Sacred Roots Wellness
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Clean New Life
More For Life
Community Holistic HealthHangar
Innerlight Lodge
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Adventures in Wellbeing
Up & Away Wellness
Restorative Energies
Zen and Out Wellness
Ever Healthy
The Center of Health and Wellness
Intune to your Health
Holistic Hands
LifeWalk Holistic Lab
Inspired Health Community Lodge
Body Language
Essentially You
WHOLEistic Wellness Facility
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Holistic Health Lodge
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My Tranquillity Lodge
Natural Living Lodge
Wellness Mantra
Mossbank Holistic Homebase
Response Within
Mossbank Synergy Lodge
Everwell Healing Lodge
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InnerTruce Lodge
Soul Center
Gentle Touch Therapy
Holistic Tranquility Health Lodge
Mossbank Wellness
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Heal Better
GreatMove Care Center
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Life Empowerment Lodge
Body Rejuvenate Lodge
Vitality Place
Six Senses of Healing
Intuniverse Lodge
Truvanta Wellness
Holistic Health Venue
Bountiful Energy Holistic Lodge
Zen & Zing
OmniSense Energy Center
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Soulistic Wellness Center
Advanced Holistic Health Center
Glowing Hands
Clearvue HolistiHealth
Wellness Networx
Mossbank Energy Healer Lodge
Bridge Wellness
Pure Peace Wellness
Tranquil Hub
Mossbank Radiant Health
Mossbank Health, Wellness And Energy Healing Lodge
Wise Ways of Wellness
Mind, Body, Spirit Connections
LightShine Wellness Hub
Energize Your Life
Best Life Holistic Healing
Invigoration Lodge
Mossy Bank Retreat
Freedom wellness
The Holistic You
Bridge to Well
Body Electric
Wellness Lounge
LifeAloud Lodge
Spirit, Mind and Body Wellness
Holistic HealthWorx & Wellness
Soul Search
LifeCure Lodge
Holistic HealthBank
Breathe Life Healing Lodge
NextLevel Holistic Health
Cansaka Healing
OneSpirit Wellness Culture
Gathering Wellness
MapleLeaf Holistic Care
Mossbank Manual Healing Lodge
NUvana Lodge of Mossbank
Healthy Self
The Lodj
The Lodge Body Shop
Mossbrook Fitness and Care
Currest Recovery
Havenly Hands
Soul Potion 6
Healthy Harbinger
whole body health
Holistic Hope
Flourish Lodge
Mossbank Energized
Health In Hand
body care and wellness
Holistic Health & NRG
Premier Health Lodge
Third dimension wellness
Pinnacle Wellness
9 Gates Holistic Center
Interwellegy Retreat
Citron Wellness
GreenHills Healing Center
Healthy Ever After
Healthy Priorities
Chakra Cabin
compassionate healing
Mossbank Energy Bodyworks
Inner Body Healing
surround holistic healing
Allegra Spa
Earthy solutions abound
NewDay Healing
Talk Worth
ZenCare Holistic Health
Beacon Lodge
Beyond Body
holist haven
Mossbank Intrinsic Healing Center
Stairs to healing
Mossbank Gathering House of Healing
Retreat and treat
HealthTime Lodge
Holi Heart
Mossbank Holistics
YouZen Holistic Wellness
Uplifted healing
Golden Light Health Center
Talkbody Lodge
New Day Wellness
Health therapy lodge
Synergistics Lodge
Body Balance Center
Concordia Lodge
Oasis Health and Welness
Jive N Thrive Lodge
EquaVide Holistics
Namaste Wellness Center
Mindful Holistics
Dynamic Wellness
Quantum Healthcare Quarters
Kore Wellness
Health in Harmony Haven
Wellness Cross Lodge
Canada's Holistic Healing
Healing Lamp
Balanced Health Care
Healthy Energetics
Healing Habitat
Whole Soul Healing
Freedom Through Holistic Healing
silverlight holistic health wellnessfacility and services
Community Healing Lodge
Holism to Wellness
Healthquest Lodge
We the North Health
Health Infinity
Hope Horizons Retreat
Moss Mindfulness Health
Mind, Body, Serenity Wellness Center
Restoration & Recuperation Healing Lodge
health surround healing
Healing Thru Holistics
Mindpoint Energy Mecca
mind eye healing
Warm Wellness
The Sacred Lodge
The Wellness Compound
Live and Breath Health Community
Soul Tribe Retreat
Perfect wellness lodge
Visions of Peace