Looking to name an American style beer garden in Hudson Valley, NY. We will be serving American beers with a heavy concentration of IPAs. We serve wings, pizza, burgers plus a full menu. We would love a name that could go with a cool logo.

Business Names

Old Glory Tavern

by Buttercup
Blue Eagle Pub
Phoenix Rising Brewhouse
The Plucky Patriot Pub
Hoppy Town Tavern
Golden Grizzly Bar and Char
The Bigger Pitcher
Pour Revere Tavern
Uncle Sam's Beer Garden
Valley Star Beer Gardens
Brewski & Burgers
Yankee Groggery
OnTap Brews
Beer & Bites
Iron Eagle Beer Garden
Slice & Ale
Golden Glory Taphouse
Northern Lights Taproom
American Outlaw
EagleMount Tavern
Untapped Tavern
Tipsy Yankee
Haus of Hops
Frothy Fiesta Garden
Pale View Brewing Co
Taste'n America Pub
Suds 'n Buds
House Huvall
The Lighthouse Beer Garden
EagleCrest Beer Garden
Home of the Brave Brew
Upstate Brewhouse
SunEast brewpub
Whale's Tail Ale
The Eagle's Edge
American Eagle Tavern
Big Nose Ned's
Rock N Retreat
Hoppy Haus
YankeeStar Tavern
Pigskin Patriot
Teddy's Pub
Frothy Mug Beer Garden
Eagle Sports n Rock
Flustered Eagle Pub
FatBear Brewhouse
Beaver Tap House
around the sun
Amber Ales
Old Musket Tavern
Flocking Ale House
Jolly Yankee Pub
Stripes Garden Pub
Patriot's Starlight Barrel
Revolution Barrel House
Tipsy Gypsy
Brawlin' Bear Brew House
Golden Star Pub
Sons of Liberty Tapworks
Eagle Eye Pub
Feisty Falcon Brew House
Eagle's Claw Beer Garden
Hopscotch hops
Tipsy Pickled Pig
Jolly Bear Taphouse
Skylight Barrel House
SugarStar Saloon
Infusion Theory
Majestic Eagle Brews
United Taphaus
Blue Beagle Brewhouse
Silver Tankard Tavern
The Bald Eagle Brewpub
USA Brew House
The Hammered Hessian
Beers Law
Yankee Pub Brews
Jollys Joint
Sunshine Eagle Garden
Eagle's Paradise
Historic Times Pub
Hops TapHaus
The Spangled Terrapin
Eagles Eye Pub
Jumping Toad Taproom
The Twisted Patriot
The Wild Boar Tavern
Blue Sky Brews
Blue Horse Tavern
The Copper Keg
WolfPack Tavern
Eagle's Claw Taproom
Grand Ol' Tavern
Wild Eagle Pub
Copper Fox Brewhouse
Pickled Pig Tavern
Angry Moose Tavern
Eagle Pub Brews
Angry Bear Tavern
TipsyBear Taproom
Glory Brews
Rockin' Eagle Brewhouse
The Rustic Eagle
Hops Beer Garden
Cobblestone Pub
Tipsy Duck
Rusty Eagle Pub
Hops Centre
Frontier Barrel House
Beer Grove
Four Corners Tap House
Drums, Taps 'n Flats
Rhythm & Brews
BrewHaus Garden
TapStar Tavern
Bridge City Tap Room
Golden Barrel Beer Garden
Brew & Blue Horizons
Black Jackal Bar
Americana BeerGarden
Breezeway Beer Garden
The Culture Pub
Hop Right Inn
Patriot's Plot Beer Garden
BoldRock Tavern
Starlight Beer Garden
American Pride Crafthouse
Tipsy Barstool
LiBeerty Gardens
Hoppy Daze Beer Garden
Spinning Cloud BrewPub
Chattawile Pub
Yorks tavern
Tin Tankard
Social Remedy Pub
Don't Worry Be Hoppy
NY Beer Garden
Modern Fresh
Hero Hop & Brew
Yankee Doodle Tavern
Barrel of Suds
Rival Roadhouse
New World Beer Garden
Brew Breeze Terrace
Sons of LiBEERty
Cheer and Chug House
Winkles Pub
Pub Prowess
Yankee Park
Legends Beer Garden
Eagle Beerworks
Capital Hops
Founding Fathers BrewFactory
Merry Flunkeys
Happy BeerMore
Good Libations Bar
Wiltwyck's Tavern
Eagle's Aerie Tavern
United We Stand Brewhouse
Red, White & Brewhouse
Garden brew pub
Beer Planet
Upstate Brews
American Pride Tavern
Rocking Dog Beer Garden
BangDown Garden
Hold My Beers
Bitter Dream Gardens
MonsterMash TapHouse
Beer Me's
Golden Sloth Garden
Bear's Beer's
Free2BeU Beer Garden
The Olde Grog Garden
People's Public House
The odd hooligan
Admirable Ale & Eats
The Great Beer Garden
Toasted Toad
Revolutionary Beer Parlor
The Eager Goat Food & Brew
Wrecked Nectar Bar
Haverstraw Brewpub
OneNation Bottleworks
Ale Garden of NewYork
Tipsy Paw Tavern
Rogue's Respite Bar & Grill
Velvet Moon Brewery
OldFaithful TapHouse
Hops On The Garden
Red White and Brewed
Glass of Glory Beer Garden
Local Libations&Fun
Puss 'n Boots Alehouse
IPAway Beer Garden
Wooden Teeth Aleworks
Homerun Beer
Thirsty Rascal
The Broo HaHa
The Screaming Eagle
Delight Garden
Valley Sudsortium
What Ales Ya Brewhaus
Bay 21 BrewHouse
TapShelf Tavern
Yankee Grandstand
American Brew Garden
Broken Mug Beer Garden
The Frosty Mug
AmeriPub Garden
The Hopsy Beer Garden
Hop 50 Pub
The ugly mug
SpinAYarn Tavern
Hops & Nosh
Merry Monk Pub
EagleClaw Pub
The Crafty Cricket
Legend Tavern
Wild Boar Brews
Black & Brew
Beer Republic
Yankie Doodle Dandy Tavern
The Empourium Pub
Bar Maids
1776 Beer Garden
The HV Pub
Pale Pony
Big Apple Suds
Nor'easter Nips
Grey Shrike & Copper Fox Tavern
Golden Glory Brewery
Blackout Brews
The Pale Pony Brewery
Pubcrust Eatery
Green Man Beer Garden
Howling Coyote Beer Garden
Three's Company
Bohemian Beer Garden
Moody Brews Tavern
EagleCrave Beer Garden
Rock Country TapVenue
EagleNova Beer Garden
Bases Loaded Beer Garden
The Dramatic Star Pub
Pardon Our Garden Brewery
Beer Brook Garden
Forage & Beer
Brouhaha Brigade Bar and Grill
Carriage Stop Tavern
Magic Potions Pub
Yorkhouse Tavern
United 13 Brewhouse
Golden Cove Beer Garden
Crafty Crossroads
Beer Beats & Eats
Beer and lunch retreat
Empire Brews
Bread , White, and Booze
Pure falls Tavern
American Flare
6 Pence Pub
Happy Hound Brew Pub
Stars Stripes & Suds
Glory Road Brew House
House of Brotherhood & Beer
Tandem Taphouse
The Vibe Garden
Hoppy Brothers
1st Rank Tap House
Lucky Lab Brew Pub
Eagle Wings and Brew
United Times Tavern
Brewtiful Beer Garden
Mules Beer Garden
The Perfect Pint Beer Garden
Old Patriot's Pub
Hoppin' Barley's
Sasweet Brew
HopMozz Gardens
Bitter end beer garden
Cloud Ten
The Horseshoe Beer House
Barbarous Badger Beer Garden
BattleForge Beer Garden
Garden of Hip Hops
The Untapped Keg Brewhouse
Wild Coyote Beer Garden
The Pursuit of Hoppiness
Stout Steins Tavern
Ichabod Drains
I Prefer American
Sandstone Brewers
Taste'n Garden
Suds N Snax Beer Garden
Alemerican Brew
Trigger Hoppy Bar
UnitedBattle Bar
Teater' In Tavern
HomeGrown Hops
Ales Away Pub
IronClaw Tavern
Weeping Radish Pub
Hoppy Tavern
DoubleEagle Beer Garden
Beer Yard
Incandescent Iguana Tappery
IPA and Eat
Bear's Barrel Garden
Wooden Nickel Pub
USONA Tavern
Bottom's Up Brew House
Black Squirel Pub & Patio
The Hothouse
Flag Raisers Pub
Headless Horseman Pub
Crafts Beer Garden
Quill Feather Tavern
Public Brew House
Mystic Anchor Beer Garden
Hops N Hollers
Old Blue Tavern
Falcon Beer Garden
Crafted Taps Crossroads
Thirstee Wildebeest
Moonlight Madness Beer Garden
The Gryphon
Minuteman Public House
HomeTeam Beer Garden
The Toasty Horse
U.S. IPA and Wings
The IPA Place
Gardens York Pub
Grub & Suds pub
Suds & Scenery
Home of The Brew
RustyMusket Cask & Keg
Beer Fountain
The Teatering Terrapin
Hop & Wheat
The Blended Bear
Crossroad Crest
Hornet Hive
50 Stars Tavern
Hoppy Beer Garden
Savory N Stout
Barley Yard
Buzzing Buzzard Brew Pub
Refined Redneck
pALE Palate
The Big Tapple
Deep Valley Runs
Valley Beers
Hangout Pub
The Toasted Gnome
The Drizzly Bear
American Pub Party
Three Cheers Tavern
The Rollicking Rogue Alehouse
Hungry Hops
Wild Stallion Tavern
TopTap Brew Garden
Barrelhouse Bistro
American Ale & Sudz
Blissful Beer Brewhouse
Lucky's Libations
Off the Tap
Grub Pub
Independent People's Alehouse
Grain & Hop Beer Garden
Drafted Garden Menu
Drafty Dog
The Hoppy Toad
Ramblin' Rascals Beerhaus
Mighty Beard Brewers
The Yonker Hopper Brewpub
Beer & Cheer
Hop and Vine
Valley Pub Garden
BeerGut Garden
Founding Fathers Brasserie
Speakeasy Garden
The Surly Seahorse
Tipsy Toad
Tipsy Squirrel
BlackFlag Brewhouse
Beering and Cheering
Two Birds Brewers
Garden of Ales Pub
Southpaw Drafthouse
The Social Hour
Blue Haven Pub
Stargazer Brewpub
Revolution 11
Eagle's Nest Brewhouse
Natural Ejoyment
Chance Pub
Eagle's Landing Beer Garden
United Town Tavern
Heroes & Hops Pub
Rockin Patriot Pub
Iroquois Beer Garden
Gold dust saloon
American Aleworks
Wicked Goose Beer Garden
Tilt Pub
HV Brews n Bites
Skipping Rock Taphouse
The Knock Back
Suds Beer Garden
Ale Valley
Eagle's Talon Pub
Spinner's Beer Garden
Brewhouse Brothers
The MeltingPot
PUBlic Beer Company
PUBlicity Pizza
Golden Glory Bar
Otters Tavern
Hawk's Nest
Turncoat Tavern
Porcupine Pub
Willowbrook Tavern
Valley IPA's
Brands you will love
Brews, Burgers & Bands
Captain's Claw Alehouse
Sunny Sipper
Hoppy Escape Pub
Beer Tent & Lawn
Beaver Tale Tavern
BuzzedButterflies Garden
Hoppy Place
The Flying Beer Stein
Talon's Tap House
Rivals Tavern
Irish Buffalo
Free Fall Brewing Co
Wildflowers Beer Garden
Bubbly Hops
Egrets Nest Tavern
Sleepy Hollow Brewpub
Hops N Howls Beer Garden
The Five BrewBros
Brewed for Tipsy
The Parched Patriot
Pale Business
Irish Beauty American Pub
Ye Newe Alehouse
The Drunken Dragon
Eagles Wings and Things
Brew Ha Ha's
Artisan Beer Garden
Oh Beer
LibertyPoint Barrel Haus
Comander & Chief
51Cheers Beer Garden
Paw Pub
One More Round Beer Garden
BeerBetty's Taproom
Hourglass Tavern
Knotty Nuff
The Brew Note
IPA BrewGarden
Red, White & Blue York
Tipsy Cow
Toad Tap
The hub son
Do the Beer
Good ol days
TAPestry Bar
Modern Tavern
Sentry Beer Haus
AbeericaBold Tavern
NewBrew Review
Pale Horse Saloon
Powder Horn Pub
Revelry AmeriPub
Drunk Whale
HuVa Beer N Bites
21st Amendment
The Grizzled Skipper
Full Coverage Pizza Pub
The Big LeBrewski
Rusty Drum Alehouse
The Vintage Beer Garden
Taste'n America
Italian Beauty American Pub
Valley ale garden
Proud Patriot Beer Garden
Suds Yard
Moonshadow Beer Garden
GoodTimes Pub
Zythophile Beer Garden
Red Rock Garden
Lionsgate Beer Garden
Chews and Brews
Valley Brews
Wolf Den Tavern
Garden of Beers
Moodys Booz
Brewed Awakening Beer Garden
Tipsy Tap
East India Brewhouse
Pitcher Perfect
Sovereign Shores Ale House
Valley View Beer Garden
UpTown Brews
Sudson udson
Brothership Brews
Cheerful Tortoise
Beer World
Red Stripe BeerGarden
Half Moon Beer Garden
March On Beer Garden
Rebel Crossings
Beer Time
Poe's Raven
Brewer's Feast
Lil gnawin lota lagen Brewers Pub
Tipple Tavern
Stars and Chars Ale House
Adirondack Alehouse
Suds N Savors
Garden of Yeast
Tapp'd Ale House
Pub Suds And Slice
Rusty Mountain Brewery
BlueBird Beer Garden
The Black Barnacle Tavern
Beertanical Garden
Crafty DraftHaus
FreeWorld Grill & Ale
Tavern of the Sovereign Sons
Bad Alias Brewpub
Aesop's Tables
Anthem Haus
Union Square Pub
NY Brews & eatery
Spirited Liberty
The Fun Haus
Drunk Eagle Bar
The Ravenous Rogue Alehouse
Tap's Brew House
Brewvy Ales
Preservation Pub
Soul Potion 6
Irish Beauty
beer bang
Brewed With Glory
Sit N Swig
Sasweet Tavern
Locos Bistro
Coach House Tavern
Blue Bison Brewpub
Liberation Brewhouse
Beer Garden USA
Hop Damn
Eagle's Landing Brewhouse
Eagle Landing Pub
Midnight Rider Pub
Mini Vaca
Italian Beauty
Spankys pub
Daring Duck Brew House
Beer Belly Pub
pint house
Infideliqs Pub
Barley & Blues
Hops & Heritage Beer Haus
Patriot Pie House
Top Barrel Brew
OldFriends Brew House
Deja Brew
Amblin Ale House
Hoppy Frog Bar
Bases Loaded Pub
Sud's Bodega
ImpulseEagle Beer Garden
CallToArms Tavern
Blue Anchor Brewing Co.
Golden Glory Beer Garden
BrewLegend Beer Haus
Gulper's Glory
Gold Rush Garden
Ale And Arbor
Hops Haven
The Valley Taphouse
Excelsior Empire
Waves of Grain Brewhouse
SunnySide Suds
Frog Hollow Brews
Brews & Bites
Froth & Frolic Beer Garden
The GangOver Tavern
TruHouse Brews
Community Suds
True Brews
WildLife Beer Garden
Betsys BeerHaus
Mighty Ducks Brewery
Ipa house
Siwanova Beer Garden
An American State of Mind
EastCoast Tavern
FoxFire Beer Garden
PUBlic Party
Earth Beer
Regal Beagle
Rough Riders Brewhouse
Stars and Suds
Swanky Cow
The dusty bottle
Leaf N' Lager Beer Garden
Paddy's Wagon Saloon
The Great American BierHaus
Salt Box Tavern
Tipsy Buffalo
Valley Ale & Grille
Saucy Wench Beer Garden
Adirondack Rock
Settlers IPA Pub
Rockin' Frog Tavern
Hoptopian Haus
Three Sheets Brewhouse
Over the Tapas
Badcat Beer & Eats
Frothy Flats
Tippled Trout Alehouse
Star Spangled Tavern
EagleRock Beer Garden
Many Hops
On Tap Tavern
USA Getaway
Suds Spree
Beerock garden
Black Bear Pub & Grub
Hop Rocks Pub
The Pale Dutchman
Talon Taphouse
Mystic Moose
ValleyGate Beer Garden
The Bock Hops
Freedom Flasks
Red, White & New York
Crafters Beer Garden
On Tap Cravery
Bru Garden
RedBuffalo Tavern
Tavern Table Pub
IPA a day
Pale Ale Pavilion
Rusty Mountain Brewing Co
Another Craft Beer Bar
Wild Wasp Taphouse
Valley Taphouse
Taproom & Tucker
1776 Pub
Not Just Ale
Tipsy Tavern
Feisty Fox Brew House
Horsehead West
Old Patriot's Tavern
Ramparts Restaurant
Draft Days Pub
Highlands Brew Port
Right In Beer
Beer Barrel Brewery
Brews n' Chews
Stumble bees
Cold Creek Beer Garden
The Hawk House
Pub Posse
Wonky Cat
Brews and Chews
Urban BeerLodge
ClearCave Pub
Hops Pub Hub
Hop Garden
Pub Nation
Grit & Glory Alehouse
House of Hops
Jolly Fox Brewing Co
Sippin' Stars Beer Garden
BearCrossing Pub
IPAtriot Place
Red, White, and Brew
Eager Eagle Tavern
Yorker Suds
SUDSon Valley Beer Garden
Pintmaster Pizza Garden
Bearded Fox Brewhouse
Two Barrels Tavern
Garden of Grub Pub
Brew Crew Beer Garden
Brew America
Necessary Hops
Wounded Soldier
IPA Eatery
Valley Pub and Eats
Suds and grub
Red White & Brew
Tasty Fiddle Taproom
Lost Valley Brewery
Americana Brews
Yankee Haus
EagleSoar Nest
Free Born
Gnome's House
Dignified Drinks
LoneWolf Tavern
Copper Kettle Rebellion
Pint City
BriarWood Beer Garden
Ibis Cove Tavern
The Draft House
The Secret Barden
Wicked Witch Brews
Taste'n Beer Garden
Tipsy Turvy Brewery
Valley Tavern
Dizzy Hophead
Agent 355 Aleworks
Tipsy Taphouse
Hoppy Go Lucky Pub
Yellow Ribbon Tavern
Blue Musket Tavern
Rip Van Tipsy
Pub One
Lions Den Pub & Grub
Chew & Brew
Wild Wasp Beer Garden
Patriotic Brews
Tipsy Horse Tavern
The Tipping Barrel
An American Ale
Angry Eagle Brew House
Valley of the Nightinales
OldBoar Pub
Grassy Snakes Brewery
The Troop's Watering Hole
Eagle's Nest Pub
America's Beer Garden
Tipsy Black Bear Garden
Luna Tunes Tap and Grill
6 Nations AleHaus
Raging Bull Pub
Angry Hornet Brew House
Just US Beer Garden
The Cellar Connection
BrewCraft BeerGarden
7 Beer Itch
Coal Mine Tavern
Ale Camp
Deep Valley Pours
Flow Haus
Valley bar and grill
Hops Hideout
Ornery Otter Pub
DraftCraft Brewery
Barley Room
Heritage House Tavern
Liberty Pub
Washington Drank Here
Fat Crocodile Brew
Crow's Nest Inn
Ye Olde Dusty Trail
Bald Eagle Beer
Eagle and Black Bear Tavern
DrankBank Paradise
MacTown Tavern
Beer Cheer
Bear Claw Pub
Parched Parrot Pub
BeerTender's Hovel
The Roundabout Tavern
Madwater Tavern
The Bitter Eagle
Hard Armadillo Brewhouse
Barley Pops
The Leaky Hose
The Brew & Chew
ValleBrew Garden
The Drunken Elephant
Eagle Hops
1776 Tavern
Grass Roots Brews
The Sundowner
Firehouse Pub
Letunis Beer Gardens
Ale Tender's Alley
Victory Garden Beer
Amped Up Brew
Brews & Chews
AmeriBold Pub
Sipping Sow
Smiling Moose Beer House
Four Score Beer
Tickled Pig Tavern
Chaser's Tavern
Thirsty Dog Watering Hole
2 Nuts And An Oak
Yankee Brew
Homerun Pub
Golden Gate Brewery
Blue Boar Pub
Eagle's Nest Beer Garden
Burgers N brews
Beer Gear Garden
Bear's Lair Brewhouse
Henry's waterway beer garden
Best Buds Brews
Beer POP
Angry Eagle Bar
Sunflowers Beer Garden
BlueAstral Pub
Pirate's Patch Beer Garden
Liquid Courage Pub
The Dancing Pig
Ray's Boom Boom Room
Summerfields Beer Garden
Hoppy Hour
Rockhaus Terrace
Wood Barrel Inn
Tipsy Gnome Tavern
Soaring Eagle Beer House
Angry Eagle Beer Garden
Land of The Brewed
Beer Lounge
Heritage Beerworks
Hops & Barley Beer Garden
Ales and Tales
Blue Coat Brewpub
Draught Dodger Beer Garden
Garden Pub Gathering
The Heady Horseman
Yorker Hops
Eagle Landing Pub & Grub
Tipsy Town Tavern
FoxGrove Beer Garden
GrapeValley BeerGarden
Cloudy Nectar Haus
PantingDeer Beer Garden
Imperial Pale Ale
Armadillo Alehaus
The Rock Garden
Beers & Cheers
Partiot's Landing Brew Pub
Garden Americano
CloverVale Tavern
Tankards Tavern
Hutsin Around Brewery
NooYork Gardens Pub
Homerun Pub & Eatery
UncleSam's TapHouse
Flying Pigs Beer Garden
Fife & Drummer
Constitution Cabaret
Empire State of Brew
NY Beer Co
Empire Beer Garden
Stout N Savory
Huds n Suds
Beer Mug
Centenial Draughts
Brewed Glory
The Penny Farrling Tavern
Savage Valley TapGarden
Beer Envy
Valleys Brews n Bites
Liberty BrewHaven
Brewnited States
Backyard Social
Side Street Tavern
H Valley Head
Happy Horse Watering Hole
Eagle Tap Room
Red, White & Barley
Dusty Moon Beer Garden
Red Horse Alehouse
Wizard's Stone Tavern
Bullseye Pub & Grub
The Pale Parson
The Grand Union "add "tap"and "house"
Shamrock BeerHaus
SpiritBrews Pub
Arena 11 Pub
Tapkeeper's Inn
Dutch East Pub & Grub
Independence Brew
Behind the Pour Tavern
Hoppening Brewhouse
Garden Party Haus
Old Patriot's Bar
Drank Steel Will
Hoppzy Beer and Grill
RedBrewster Tap Garden
New York Beer Garden
Ale Raiser Brewhouse
The Rustic Patriot
Angry Tiger Taphouse
Teddy's Tap
Founders Pub