We are Ascend, a boutique IT consulting firm specializing in the implementation of a Financial Reporting software called "OneStream". It's a highly complicated system that requires very experienced finance experts (both accountants and programmers) to implement. We need a tag line to go with our new brand.

We prefer

Brand language:
Trusted Advisor/Trusted Relationship - in reference to our clients/prospects
Expert/Authority/Leader/Advisor - we are professionals

Brand Tone:

...- Professional
...- Technical advice
...- Approachable
...- Trusted
...- Helpful
...- Transparent

Industry Language Examples

...- *Digital finance transformation*
...- EPM (enterprise performance management)
...- Digital corporate performance management
...- Financial Consolidation & Close
...- Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting
...- Reporting and Analytics
...- Data Management, Integration & Quality
...- Enhance forecasting and analyses
...- Improve accuracy
...- Increase agility
...- Accelerate planning and reporting cycles
...- Eliminate manual data consolidation and manipulation
...- Business Intelligence
...- BI Cloud Service

Industry Slogans (from some of our competitors):

...- Experts in financial management software
...- Less effort, more impact
...- Delivering unmatched experiences
...- Smart insights, strong outcomes
...- Client first, people always
...- Future-proofing finance
...- Experts Only.
...- Actionable Financial Intelligence for Every User
...- Passion. Motivation. Commitment.
...- PERFORMANCE You Can Trust
...- Benefit from next-generation CPM capabilities
...- Leading digital change.
...- Think Big. Start Smart. Act Fast.
...- Troubled project turnaround specialists


Think IT, Think Ascend

by greenmachine53
Elevating insight. Elevating success.
Ascending all others in excellence.
Your complex solutions specialist
Trusted financial strategists
The Evolution of Digital Finance
For the Driven, Elevated, Ascend.
OneStream Flowing From a Mountain of Financial Intelligence
Purpose driven future
Step into the Future of Finance with Us.
Higher Finance. Hire Ascend.
Your Digital Finance Authority
Make the Data Work for You
Stellar Strategics
Raising the bar in Finance
analytic advantage
New Leaf Digital Technology
Ascension, Truly ProTechs
Ascend, We Rise to the Occasion
Next Level Digital Finance
Future Proof your Financial Reporting
Digital Finance you can trust
Future Forward Finance
A Higher Level of Trust
Trustworthy Innovative Performance
Raising Your Expectations
Trust Our Professional Experience
Driven by Trust. Powered by Technology.
The Financial Expert Edgineers
Providing a New Way of Working
Ascend, taking you to greater financial heights
Elevation through Innovation
Helping you reach new digital heights.
A Strategic Path to Reach New Heights
The Financial Catalyst
The Gestalt of Finance
One Leader One Team OneStream
Rooted in Ripe Performance
Ascend to a higher level of digital finance.
You keep playing, we'll keep score!
Our advisors are your advantage
Results You Can Count On
Delineated Digital Finance
Ascending Customer Care To New Heights of Excellence
Refined Strategic Plans
No need for any other , OneStream
Ascend, Exceeding high expectations.
Lifting Productivity
Trust Your IT Needs With Ascend
You can't ascend Mt. Everest without an expert guide.
Elevating the Future in Digital Finance
The New Wave of Digital Finance
OneStream to Analyze Them All
Your Rise Is Our Expertise.
Intelligence. Verity. Accuracy.
Tomorrow's Financial Solutions
Ascend, Rise to Excellence
Ascend the Heights of Consulting Competence
Digitally Yours
A Touch of the Professional
Teamwork Makes OneStream Work
One Stream Strategic Team
Beyond the Horizon Financing
Your data has a lot to say. We provide the voice.
Enhance, Improve, Increase
Advanced Advising With Ascend.
StreamLine to Success
The Future Demands A Higher Level of Performance. Level Up.
Digital accounting done right
Technology Experts, Digital Changers, Professionals You can Truss.
Digital Solutions for Unparalleled Performance
Expertise with Ascend
Get into One and be done, OneStream by Ascend
Bedrock of trust, foundation of excellence
Digital Finance to the Nth Degree
For Your Financial Upgrade.
Pinnacle Driven Digitally Excellence
Driven by Technology, Powered by Leaders
Strategic Partners for Secure Finances
Bringing Clients to a Digital Future
Dedication, expertise, and quality driven.
Financial Better.
Your single advantage for excellence.
Strategic advantages transcend expectations
Goals. Protection. Investment. OneStream
Expressing Leadership From A Technical Standpoint
Ascend beyond the ordinary.
Ascension to Financial Trust
Professional Financial Ascension
The Ultimate in Digital Finance Expertise
Gleam with the Stream
Digital finance for all
Your team creating clever solutions
Your partner for professionnel, proven, performance. Period.
Clear precise fast, OneStream
Financial Strategy Experts
We are the silver lining.
Expect a difference
Infomation when you need it.
Client Centered Digital Finance
Your finances, Ascended
making the most of your money
Elevate your financial software to the highest level
Trailblazers In The Field Of Digital Finance
Navigating the Financial Stream
Trusted Digital Partners
Streamlining Financial Excellence
Our digital finance system empowers tomorrow's success.
We Outperform The Norm
Look no further, the buck stays here.
InfoTech Experts You Can Trust
Something Special in Digital Finance
Insight & Integrity
Go UpStream With OneStream
Strive for greatness.
The Height of Digital Finance
Elevating Experts in Digital Finance
We Know Finance
Leading the Way to Success
Digital finance you can't afford to be without.
OnPoint Performance One Person At A Time
Defining Finance. Let's Do Books.
Financing of the Future Today
Your Financial Strategem
The Location to Setup
Driving the Digital Solution
Next Generation Digital Highway
Learn to maximize your budget
The Bottom Line Advantage
Digitally Dynamic and Performance Driven
StreamLine Tomorrow's Business Intelligence Today
OneStream Free Flowing Finance
The DigiFinance Advantage
Data Talks, Control the Message
Expert Finances. Elevated Trust.
The Financial Automation Bridge
Insightful Strategic Outcomes
Intel. Excel. Ascend.
The difference maker in digital finance.
Peak Performance in Digital Finance
Your partner in financial ascendance
Ascend with us!
Helping your finances ascend expectation
Your Digital Finance Experts
Fresh Ideas, Proven Results
Transforming Lives, Transforming Futures
Quality Performance You Can Trust
Let's Shape the Future
In Finance We eTrust
A Cut Above IT
The High Point Of Digital Finance Expertise
Elevate Digital Finance
A Better Flow For Your Business
Know more. Do more.
Raise Your Expectations
Trust plus Technology equals Ascend
Look Around, We're Just "OneStream" Away
Being in the Black Matters
Distinguished performance through trust and innovation.
Your Friendly Financial Sentry
Ascend. Strategies for Professionals.
Network Professionals to guide the stream ahead
Higher level digital finance partners
Ascend, Financial success and unwavering trust.
Professional Experts, Investing in Your Goals
The Passion Begins Here
The Digital Finance Revolution
Expert Zone
Trusted Expertise. Extraordinary Results.
Your First Stop To Financial Independence
Digital Age Renovation
Ascend to New Heights in Financial Analysis
Digital Finance Dispatch
Professional Financial Advantage
Transparent. Trustworthy. Transformative.
A Visible Horizon
Trusted Professionals in Digital Finance
Client Driven, Expert Proven
Trusted Information Is Empowering
OneStream Leads to an Ocean of Success
helping your money work harder
Finance For A Higher Level.
Assures Awesome Accomplishments
We implement your instrument
One Stream by Ascend. There's Only One Way Up.
Our Sherpas Will Guide You To New Financial Heights
Experience the Financial Heights
Financetech approach
Honest, best impact for you.
Proven excellence you can trust
Elevate your business in ways you never thought possible.
Trusted Experience, Innovation,and Success
Integrity. Intelligence. Solid
Open Your Horizon
Quality Expertise,Exceeding All Expectations
Advanced. Elevated. Ascend.
Intel. Excel. Repeat.
Move upstream with Ascend
Ascend, You're not just a number
The OneStream Advantage, We Have IT
Digital Finance. Warp Speed.
Conquering Today's High Tech Financial Demands
Ascend to the Top
Your Financial Paradigm
the awakening
Elevated Excellence
Tech Advisors You Can Count On, For Finances You Can Trust
Financial Forcasting For Passionate Professionals
Top Tier Experts In Digital Finance
Every advancement is in our power.
Digital Advisors Assure Accomplishments
Trusted Transformation
Join Digital Finance Experts, Become Successful
Digital Finance on an Elevated Level
A New Wave of Innovation , Expertise, and Success
Driven by Trust, Delivering Excellence.
Raising The Bar With Financial Acumen
Elegant solutions through alacrity, innovation, and trust.
Take the future by the horns.
Elevating Client satisfaction through digital excellence
Advantage you.
One Stream at a Time
We Put The FUN In Finance. No, wait.
Clear options to achieve goals
Ascend, The peak of success.
Streamlining with Experts
Advice You Can Trust
Home of the advantage enthusiasts
Get Excited About Your Future
Trusted Partners in Future Finance
Our financial experts will help you get to the top.
Digital Finance Redefined
A Higher Level of Performance
The next generation of genius.
Essential Expertise
One stream, the only stream.
OneStream for One TruPartner
Advanced Strategic Consulting Experts Next Design
OneStream. Full Steam Ahead
Pathway Digital
Trusted Technical Advice
Trust us for your financial management needs!
We Make IT Happen
Ascend ,stream of experts, answer to finance
IT Adds Up To Success
Passionate, Prominent & Professional
Morph Financial
Advisors you need to Ascend
We Get It Right The First Time
OneStream Trusted Financial Expertise
Expert Technology, Elevated Results
Trusted Industry Leaders
Future Wise Financial
Reliable Financial Accuracy
Classic principles. Modern technology.
We Plan, You Rise
OneStream, The Stragetic to be Succeed.
Financial fortitude.
Financial software powered by passion.
TopTier Technology
Trusted Financial Solutions Taken to New Heights
Infomation now not later.
Guide Your Future
Innovative Inspiration,Excellence in Performance
Together We Ascend To New Heights In Digital Financing
Driven by Trust, Powered by Experts
Stronger finance for a better future.
Red Line Advisors
Intel. Excel. Repeat. Ascend.
Angle Up.
Consult. Excel. Ascend.
Personal Touch Innovative Performance
Some Try, We Ascend
Transform Your Finances, Ascend Your Finances.
Expertise For Your IT Needs
We Rise Above Your Expectations
We raised the bar on digital finance.
IT Finance with Finesse
Legitimate Expertise
Your gain is our motivation
Ascend, going in the right direction
Expert Guidance To Help You Ascend To New Heights Of Success
Transforming the digital world.
Leaders In Finance Expertise
fundamentals of digital finance
Onward And Upward
Personal Service You Can Trust
Your Trusted InfoTech Advisor
Ascend with us. Professional Financial, Technical Expertise
Ascend, the future of trust.
A Sophisticated System of Adaptable Financial Products for an Unprecedented Digital Future.
Smart, Strategic and Successful
Ascend is Trusted, Transparent, and Transforming
Reliable Expertise,Passion To Help, and NewWaves Of Innovation
A trust that no one can beat.
Seek to ascend
Finance & Balance, Get A Quick Glance
Follow The Stream To The Top
Cash flow for a better future.
Reputation With Results
Elevate Preformance with Expert Authority
Elevating financial strategies
Real Time Expertise
Your financial future called. We answered.
The IT Factor.
Trusted, Thorough, Transformed
Reaching The Pinnacle Of Digital Finance Success
Transformational Finance Technology
Ascending Innovation,Trust And Excellence
Ascend, The Key to Financial Success.
Leaders in Financial Force
Leaders for a Digital Future
OneStream Leading to an Ocean of Success
Trusted Technology Exceptional Results
Client Focused Digital Finance
Drive your destiny
From the Ledger to the Cloud
Intelligent Financial Management
Top Level Finance
The Strategy of Elevation!
Ascend, Partners For Life, Experts for the Future.
Trust the Experts.
Expert Partnership To Help You Catch The Wave To Success
Ascend the Summit of Digital Finance
Trusted financial data management
The Apogee Of Digital Finance Results
Gain the Advantage Over Digital Finance
Name here, Honest partners for you
Advisors Forging Your Success
Professionnel. Proven. Performance. Period.
Implementation Beyond Expectation
Customized For Client Success
Be Informed. Be Transformed.
Ascend your Future
Trust Ascend to Lead the Way
Heightened Digital Finance Expertise
Ascend, Transcending Finance
Can you afford NOT to OneStream?
Pro Finance for the Future
Intelligent Digital Finance That's Anything But Artificial.
Move Beyond The Benchmark
Ascend your Finances
Not just anyone can OneStream.
Ascend, The Forefront of Excellence
Reaching New Heights in Today's Financial World
The Service You Want, the Expertise You Need.
Finance Technology for your Future
Cutting Edge Digital Finance
We know
Channeling your financial needs into one fluid solution
Precision Partnership
Feel valued and be rewarded.
Acsend To The End
Finance Elevated to IT Perfection
Strategic Digital Leaders
Ascend, lifting legacies
No one does advantage like us
OneStream We Swim so you won't Sink!
Individualized Trusted Service
The future of financial management is here.
Advance Digital Technology
Ascending Leadership. Exceptional Results.
Effectively bold IT partners
Stellar financial steering.
OnTarget Trusted Service
Let us manage your bytes.
Innovation Leaders
Digital Diligence. Financial Finesse
Trusted Excellence, Ascending Above The Rest
Intelligence you rely on, results you expect.
Professional Ascent
Elevate Finance to the Next Level.
Financial Coach
Cloud Supported, Experts you can Trust
Onestream to rule them all.
Going Beyond Your Expectations
Finances can be fun and we just made it easier.
Digital Data Partners
Enhancing Entrusting Exceeding
Move Mountains With Us
Finance Professionals For Professional Finances.
Expert Assistance For You
Elevated Technology. Trusted Results.
Ascend, Skilled. Trusted. We're Up There.
Ascend to the Next Level of Business Intelligence
Ride the High Wave
Bringing the future of finance to your front door
Digital finance solutions that define strength in numbers.
Intelligence OnCommand
One Stream creates your Dream
The expertise that raises the bar.
Taking digital finance to new hights. Ascend.
Modernizing the digital for your tomorrow.
Ascend, Trustworthy digital finance
The power of passion, professionalism, and performance.
CrystalClear Digital Advisors
Professional Insight , Innovation, and Trusted Service
Compute. Compete. Dominate.
Ascend, soar above the rest
Analyze. Amplify. Ascend.
Your Vision is our Advantage
OneStream will ascend IT
Digital Acuity With Ease
Impeccable Tech
The Authority In Financial Management
The Clear Route To Financial Advantage
the financial advantage
Elevated Expectations in Digital Finance.
Taking Financial Solutions to Higher Altitudes
Finance management from the top tier. Ascend.
We Raise the Bar
Ascend, the highest level of trust.
United strategies and elevated expertise.
Challenge the norm.
Digital Era Masters
Trusted Leaders in Innovation
Trusted Support, Exceptional Service
Streamline Your Financial Reporting
Always Ascending to a New Level
This is what winning looks like
The future called. We answered.
A Compass to Encompass your Financial Reporting
True Financial Clarity.
Finance On A Higher Level.
Strategic Specialists In Digital Finance
Expertise At Your Fingertips
Expertise You Can Count On
Strategies Beyond Ordinary
Aline Expert Advice
One Stream One Dream
Prime Partners
IT can Ascend
Make the Decision to Rise.
Scaling New Heights In Digital Finance
Elevating Your Vision
Ascend, Experts Minding Your Business
We take the stress out of your finances.
Count on Us
Reliable IT Expertise
The Performance Platform for Digital Finance.
Proven reliance. Proven results.
The experts of helping experts.
Success is our Standard
Ascend is Confidence with OneStream
Exceptional Finance. Exceptional Trust.
The Optimal Finance Experts
Making Your Future Possible
BI Your Way
The secure advantage to a better future.
Foremost Digital Finance Experts
It's like having an Accountant at your fingertips.
Implementation Specialists
You plus Ascend equals Digital Finance Excellence
The Apex Of Digital Finance
Experts In Experiencd Financial Family
TopNotch Partners
Next Generation Digital Finance
Transforming Finance the Digital Way
The techs with a touch
Your financial IQ just increased.
Intelligent Strategies in Digital Finance
Your Professional Advantage
Inventive Financial Leaders
Ascend, Focus the Flow!
Transcend. Extend. Ascend.
Trusted Service ,Exceptional Performance
"SMART Resources"
A digital finance team committed to your success.
Service By Experts Who Want You To Succed
Ascend Finance Technology. Rise With Us.
The Next Level of Finance.
Ascend, Expert, Integrated Finance
We Ascend, You Excell
ASCEND,Earnest Experts, Foward Fiduciaries
Makes digital finance flow with strength, clarity and beauty.
Let our dedicated team guide you through the network stream
We got your Back Forever
Ascend, Financial Experts A Cut Above The Rest
Financial concierge service you can trust
Depend on Ascend
Exceptional IT
Aspire Higher
Our Advisors, Your Advantage
We listened, you prosper.
Raising the digital bar
Highly complicated made expertly simple.
A Digital Path to Financial Wellness
Team With Onestream
Agreement Strategic
Raising Profits Wherever We Go.
Build Your Legacy, Ascend to Success
Pioneering a New Era of Digital Finance.
One step ahead, your digital advantage
Finance Frenzy
Ascend, elevate your finance experience.
Data Dynamics Delivered
OneStream Your Partner in Time
Trust Driven. Technology Focused.
Ascend To Financial Greatness
Elevate Your Expectations
Digital finance isn't new. How we approach it, is.
Raising the Bar, Time and Time Again
elevate, rise and soar to new business heights
Implementation Beyond Measure
Digital Finance just got easier
Outstanding Balance
A New Surge in Digital Finance
Trusted Partners
"Masterful Solutions"
Adding Expertise
Impact, excellence, integrity !
We solve the complicated problems
Leveraging Digital Finance Beyond Expectations
Digital Finance Experts
Expert Finance to Help You Reach the Top
Excellence in Digital Finance
Ascend, Digital Dilagence
Streamline Your Finances
Take advantage of our raised standards
OneStream From a Mountain of Financial Brainpower
Transcend with Ascend
Reality Financing
Reporting Road with Guardrails
Reaching new heights through new insights.
Get Digitized
Financial Merlins
Careful Commitment, United Success
Expert Technology, Extraordinary Results.
Ascend Traditional Finance. Maintain Expert Trust.
An Innovative Approach to Digital Finance
Number One In Numbers Management
Ascending to New Heights
Rise above the competition.
Unified and Soaring
Transforming Innovative into Ingenious
Meet The Change
Digital Finance Pros
Tomorrow's IT Today
Ascend, Seek Higher Things.
Your Digital Stairway to Financial Freedom
Trusted Digital Experts
Advancing toward success
OneStream Ahead
The Digital Brain Behind Your Company's Financial Success
Trusted Link to Trustworthy Partners
Trusted Transforming Technology
Ascend, Enhancing Excellence, Reaching Perfection
Propogating Prosperity
Excellence based in integrity.
Driven by Trust, Motivated by Excellence
Ascending your trust and your finance.
Giving you the financial advantage
Taking digital finance to new heights.
Ascend with OneStream
Open your possiblities
Top Shelf trust for your bottom line
Ascend The Smartest AI On The Market
Elevate to the roof with financial experts
Ascend Digital
Revolutionalize Digital Finance
Our experts will guide you through the financial management maze.
Data Talks, Control the Conversation
Ascend will Earn Your Trust
Where Finance Evolves
The Summit of Digital Finance
We Excel at Financial Challenges
Ascend, Expertise You Can Trust
Ascend to Your Next Level
Lets Ascend Together
,Approachable Accurate Analytics
Digital Finance Solutions
The Ultimate Strategic Partner
Professionals With Passion
A Digital Advantage with Ascend
Expert advisors delivering trusted solutions
Igniting Trust, Elevating Performance
Taking IT Beyond
ABI Intuitive Finance Innovations.
Ascend, Trailblazing into the Future
Leads to a River of Financial Expertise
Ascend, Experience You Can Trust
Pinnacle Financial Leaders
Bet Your Bottom Dollar
Become The Master Of Your Future
Ascend, Your Trusted Finance Partner
Elevated Impact, Transcendent Transformations.
A Single Source of Truth
Advanced Integrity, Enchanced Outcome
Financial Advantage Flowing in a Digital Instant
Next level digital by top tier professionals.
Financial Foresight Innovative Implementation
Expert Technology, Elevated Success.
Ascend from the darkness
The strategic advantage to elevate digital finance, OneStream from Ascend. Your businesses trusted advisor for digital finance solutions.
Ascend Ascertainment
Ascending pinnacles of excellence
Rise above with superior trusted performance
Digital Finance. Light Years Ahead
Performance at a Higher Level
Your OneStream Ahead
Accelerating. Advanatage. Ascend.
Acuity Through Brevity
Trusted Advisors in Digital Finance
Proficient Professional Partners
For Higher Finance, Hire Ascend.
No Waves, Smooth Sailing with OneStream
Ascend & Prosper!
Expect Perfection
Trust Us to Ascend to New Financial Performances
Surpassing Your Expectations
Digital Finance Emporium