OrthoPrax is the ultimate modern Christian resource--a combined Church calendar, prayer book, and collection of readings--designed to help you explore your faith and enjoy the liturgical cycle of the Church.

Regardless of your daily pace, OrthoPrax is there for you: to anchor you to things that matter, answer your questions, help your spiritual growth--all at your fingertips, and always with you.

The diversity and wealth of information included caters to a broad spectrum of users--from novices eager to learn more about the faith, all the way to the theologically and spiritually seasoned facing sundry modern-day challenges.

The Church calendar is adjustable to follow both the Old (Julian) or New (Revised Julian) versions, as well as to particulars related to traditions and typicons of the Greek, Antiochian, Serbian, Russian, and American Orthodox churches.
OrthoPrax is the easiest mobile way to access prescribed daily Bible readings.

It is enhanced by a number of harmoniously organized features: the ecclesiastical calendar with saints' lives (a comprehensive collection of saint feasts for each day), beautiful and moving prayers for any or a special occasion (e.g. morning, evening, pre-communion), a rich selection of high-quality icon images, timeless words of wisdom from Church Fathers and inspiration from ascetic elders.

Professionally narrated and enhanced by a rich multimedia content from the famed Prologue of Ohrid, it all comes to life on your mobile device, within a professionally designed and functional application centered around the user experience.

Available on iOS and Android
Easy access, allowing easy one-hand manipulation on larger screens
Energy friendly, with the system dark mode supported (?)
3,500+ high quality images of saints
2,300+ of audio files
Adjustable background based on the faith and artistic preferences
Calendar with an easily recognizable feast and fast days
Easy and prominent fast day markings
Constantly updated with saints/prayers/readings
In-app purchase for the reach multimedia content


Higher Power At Any Hour

by spedex

Dedicated to developing your faith.

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Weigh In
Saving Grace Prayer Book
United Battle Christian Edition
Daily Dose of Deity
Your Daily Praise
Chapter & Verse In Pocket Or Purse
Grow your faith at your fingertips.
All Things Orthodox
Your Spiritual Source
Infinite Spiritual Inspiration!
Your Companion in Faith.
Face The Day With Your Faith
Where the bible comes to life
Enriching Your Faith Day By Day
Driven by Faith, Powered by Prayers.
OrthoAudio PrayerBook
Faith right at your fingertips.
Walking With You
Your Daily Devotional
Resource Driven. Christian Powered.
Christianity's 21st Century Companion
Making church easy on your soul.
Faith at your Fingers
His Dais
" Your Faithful Kalendar"
Liturgical tradition meets modern mobile.
Faith In Spirit
a Christian planners guide
Practical Worship
Faith for Me Go Daily Reader
Follow the SonRise
"Exploiting your faith".
Listen to your heart.
The Modern Emmaus
Saints Alive Audio Readings
Blessed art vow
Marching with the Saints
All things Christian at your fingertips
"Faith Leading"
Restored Faith
Your church is just a click away
Discover endless possibilities on your spiritual journey
Modern Prayer Aesthetics
Discover Wonder and Wisdom in Liturgical Theology
Download Diverse Deities
Faith On Demand
Expanding Faith Through Knowledge.
Grow and Bible together.
Turning your phone into a digital devotional device
The Foundation you trust!
FaithWorks For You
Red Letter Days
a Guide to God's Word in a Highly Mobile World
Prayer RX
Orthodox Teacher Reader
"Less strife, infinite blessings"
Keep your Peace on Pace
The next best thing to the bible.
OrthoLituCycle, Mobile!
A servant's calender
Follows the Bible
The Takeaway
Scriptures to help everyone everywhere grow smarter, stronger, wiser.
OrthoPrax is there for you!
Rosary All Day
Reflect spirit audio readings
One for the Prayer Books
Bring the liturgical cycle to life with OrthoPrax.
Church comes alive with a click
"Anchored Affirmations "
"Keep The Word in your back pocket!"
OrthPrax will shine the light.
INSTA Church instantly worship
Connection to your faith
Grow Your Faith on Your Phone
Faith Your Day
Thank god for Orthoprax
Pious Pages at Hand
I'm Believing It
365 Just Pray
Day by day in faith
All Saints Daily Guidebook
Faith InfoTech
If Augustine had this, he would have sworn off concubines earlier.
Typicons For Today
Audio Orthodox
"Prayer Way"
For all your worshiping needs
Enhancing Faith love and understanding
Church, Your Way
Praxis Your Faith
Gods Always Close and So is Your Phone
Prayer Genesis
Victory Christian
Discipleship for Dummies
the bible readings guru
Listen to God.
iPrayer Mobile
Your Daily Christian Chronicle
Church, to go.
Where Church comes to you.
God's timing is perfect!
Traditional Orthodox Teachings. Modern Orthodox Mobiles.
No one knows bible like we do
Daily Sparks of Divinity
OrthoPrax, for a full, richer liturgical experience.
Praise On
Like having a preacher in your pocket!
Trust my timing. GOD
Make the most of your liturgical life.
Spiritus tempus
Go and Do
"Never Miss a Date for Faith"
Faith anchors in the seas of challenges.
Tracting your day
Salvation and Stuff
And I Will Raise You Up
See the Light
Dear to the Shepherd
Omnipotent. Omnipresent. Omnimobile.
Guiding you seamlessly through your Christian journey
Keeping With you and your prayers
Your Righteous Right Hand
Go With God
Christian Battle Tracker
A modern road to Emmaus
"Faith in our Days"
Your Faith Goes With You
Your daily mobile reminder from On High.
In YOU we believe
Live Like a Saint
Spiritual growth digitized.
"Daily Bible Reads"
Faith Script
Bonding Believers Media
Christian Protocall
In our waiting, GOD IS WORKING.
For The Lord
Worship Now and be saved Later
Where Faith Meets Discipline
Faith the Facts
Everything church for when you're on the go.
visionary prophecies audio
Orthodox Journey
Guiding Your Day with Faith
Faith guidance at your fingertips
"Where Faith Grows"
Your Journey's Guide
Let Faith Guide Your Day
Building faith one day at a time
Your Faithful Companion!
Embrace your faith daily.
Pocketful of enlightenment.
A Pathway of Spiritual Discovery!
Faith at your Hand
Anchor your days with faith
Harmony at Hand
Faith at your Fingertips
A Journey of Faith!
Your Guide To Christian Growth
More Than Just A Daily Devotional.
Daily Prayers for Purpose
Bringing your religion with you anywhere
Trust The Way
Daily Food For The Soul
Faith Explored
Let the Spirit move with You
"Follow Faith Anywhere"
Christian Enrichment At Your Fingertips
Awaken Your Faith in the Palm of Your Hand
A World of Spiritual Explorations
Your Faith on the Go
Traveling Faith
Pathway to spiritual renewal.
Divine Inspiration Made Simple
Guided living for the faithful
Faith be with you every way every day
Meet GOD Anywhere
"Faith to go"
Your Compainion For Christian Growth
The path of wisdom walks with you.
Traditional Worship Meets Modern Technology
Feast upon His word
"Grace at a glance"
Your Daily Christian Resource
Daily Discipleship Directive
Walking the Way
Living Church On The Go
"Timeless Faith for Modern times"
True Faith at Hand
Extensive Christian Resource.
The Soul Purpose
The Christian Companion
Experience the Good Word Anytime
Faith & Wisdom at Your Side
Organizing Everyday Expectations
Guided Biblical Readings and Resources
A road to spititual growth and maturity
Navigate Your Faith
Find your Faith
The Enlightenment
Faithful Journeys
Collective words of the Lord
Your Faithful Compass!
Follow your Faith
In Him We Trust
"Faith in your hands"
A Guided Journey of Faith!
Explore Your Faith with Daily Readings
Your faith, on your time.
Your portal to Christianity
Faith beyond the ordinary
Faith, always in reach.
"Daily Spiritual Enhancers"
Anchor Your Faith with Daily Inspirations
Beautiful Words for Life
The pocket preacher
Bringing you faith when you need it
A Faithful Resource!
Exploring your faith, one day at a time.
Faith in Heart and Hand
The spiritual companion
A Field Guide For Faith
Your Daily Faith
Faith a Brand New Day
Inspire your spirit
Anchor a joyful path.
Prayer Script
A Spectrum of Spirit
Digital Devotion
Blessings at hand
"Harmonizing faith."
Connect to God and grow
Find Faith wherever you go.
Never lose track. Never lose faith.
Prayer Portal
Your Practical Prayer Book
Pocketful of guidance.
Your ultimate resource for a Christian life
Christian Blessings Of Faith For Modern Life
Your Guide To A Closer Walk With Christ
Discovering The Christian Path
Faith finder
Making time for GOD.
As personalized as your faith.
Your Gospel Gateway
Love, Compassion, Christianity
Spiritual growth on a cellular level
Carry your faith with you!
Faith at your fingertips.
Spiritual Access. Virtual Mobility.
Faith by Day
Ancient Texts, for new followers.
A Cycle of Spiritual Growth
Stay on track with OrthoPrax
The Foundation for Inspiration!
Your Prayer Connection
We put God daily on your Calendar
An encounter in the plam of your hands
Fellowship of Grace
Everyday guide for body, spirit and mind
Your daily walk in the footprints of the saints.
Faith in the psalm of your hands.
"Christian Faith Close At Hand"
Divine Dosage on Device Daily
A Faithful Cycle!
The Heavenly Resource
Faith, Hope and Mobility.
Compassionate guidance for your Christian journey
"Your faith, delivered"
Inspirations at Your Fingertips
Convenience for Christians
Your Daily Bread
Wisdom words
Faith Keeper
Daily guide for spiritual growth
Your Orthodox Anchor
Faith Tools For Christians
A Daily Review Of Faith
OrthPrax Is Always With You
Anchoring you in faith.
"Experience Spiritual Growth Daily"
"Faith at your fingertips."
Spirituality meeting you where you are
Praise God. Everyday.
Faith Walks With You
The Bible Source That Keeps You On Course
The Christian Connection
An open door to prayer
Reach Your Potential With Daily Inspirations
Faith is the Light of the World
"My daily bread"
The Daily Harmony With Bible Reading
THE DAILY ORTHODOX pathways for the disciple
Growing In Faith Together
Honor Your Faith
Blessed Self Assurance
Mobilize Your Faithful Moments
Where Christians Click to Connect
"Learn More, Pray More"
Explore the Spiritual World in a Whole New Light
A Meaningful Minute
Your Guiding Light
Orthodox on the go
Enrichment For Your Orthodox Christian Walk
Your Tool for Heavenly4Sight
Prayer Compass
Living Church, Living Life.
Spiritual Spectrum
Universal App For Universal Truth
Faith the Day
The Christian's Companion
For the Orthodox life of today, with the tradition of yesterday.
Practice Your Faith Anywhere
Our Daily Bread
Walking With You on the Path.
Spiritual guidance all the time.
Plan your footsteps to follow His
A little prayer goes a long way
Orthodox traditions for daily living
faith alliance
Divinity Now
A Guide for Your Personal Journey of Faith and Devotion
Truth On Demand
Day by day, anchored with faith
Reward Yourself With Contentment and Joy
Spiritual Growth, at your pace.
Where Christians Connect and Click
For Faithful Guidance
Live your days in faith
Pocketful of Devotion
Hands on your faith
Where Piety is Plentiful
Food for your Soul
Daily Steps to Salvation
An Oasis of Inspirations
The Christian resource for all
"Following The Faith"
We Build Hope
Mobile Meditations on What Matters.
OrthoPlax a Wealth of Information
Heavenly Clouds
The Greatest of These is Love
Orthodox Calendar and Reading Guide
Faith matters.
Harmony and Growth Abound
Your portal to Faith
Brings Life to Your Souls
Drops of Divinity
Wisdom for the Worshipper
The modern Christian Hub
Satisfy your Soul
Everyday Enlightenment
Your Faith Resource
"Faith Follower"
Your Daily Faith Lift
We put God Time on your Calendar
The Faithful Companion
Your spiritual connection anytime, anywhere.
Your Bible Buddy
The number one source for bible
Your daily vitamin for spiritual health.
Living through the church
Orthoprax. Explore your faith.
Your connection to Christianity
"My daily faith at hand"
"Your Faith Journey at your Fingertips"
Inspired Faith
When you need to be uplifted
Grow with God
Christian. Comprehensive. Collection.
Prayers in your pocket
Modern liturgy for the current Christian
"A Daily Devotional For Spiritual Growth"
Your Daily Spiritwalk
"My faith, my way"
For the Modern Christian
Take your faith with you
"Faith is always with you"
The digital device designed for disciples
"A lifeline to the Lord."
Daily Faith Building Guidance
Orthoprax brings out the best
Handy Scriptures
A Living Well of Resources
Time to Pray
"Chart Your Spiritual Path"
The Christian Pathway Of Discovery
Solid Spiritual Support
Explore the Spiritual Cycle
Timeless treasures for the modern believer.
A Spiritual Touch For Trying Times
Rejuvenate your spiritual journey
The ultimate modern Christian resource
Your Digital Faith Space
Christian Driven. Resource Powered.
Trust The Christian Way
Building the Legacy
A Single Source of Truth
Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth
Managing Life Faithfully
Steps To A Deeper Christian Faith
ICONIC Orthodox daily discipleship
For the Orthodox Christian life of today.
Planting daily seeds
21st century Christian Companion
Don't worry, GOD is always on time.
For the Knowledge and Power
OrthroPrax to go
Your Guide To Spirit.
Challenges of our faith
Everyday church for everyday moments.
Thoughts of comfort
"Soul Fulfilling. Timely. Resourceful"
TAPestry of Faith
Religion that reaches you
OrthoPrax Your Spiritual Growth.
Right Way to Bible Readings
The heritage of the faithful
Kingdom Living
Driven by Christianity. Powered by Technology.
From Heaven to Your Hands
Your Christian Companion
Connected to Everything Christian
Biblical Solutions
Your Prayers Have Been Answered
My faithful prayer source
Trusted Traditions at your fingertips!
"Your Faith Place"
Online Orthodoxies
"Miracles to You"
Intouch teachings
Faith Challenge Organizer
"A pocketful of faith"
Church in the palm of your hand
The One mobile message you never want to miss.
A bright path for the faithful
Liturgical Cycle Journey Forth.
Offers the Right Road
Renew the right spirit within you
Let your phone lead your faith.
Making God a part of your daily schedule
Faith Undivided
The PrayerBook That Goes Beyond Expectations
Orthodox Liturgy. Modern Mobility.
This is the Word You're Searching For
Every Way in Faith
Get Your Church On
Faith for your phone
In Christ we trust
Faith Organized
A guide for those who need guidance.
Your daily Mission Memo
Faith Where You Are
Have Faith
Put on the Armor On Your Phone
Omnipresent Knowledge
Journal to Christian living
Food for the journey
Liturgical Liaisons
Experience the Difference
A daily faith walk tool to spiritual growth
Faith Horizons
Living faith day to day
God is good. More than Good.
Your mobile miracle
Faith Union
The pocket priest
A Faithfilled Life
Perpetual Prayers
Fill your senses with God.
Helping You To Grow Strong In Faith Day By Day
The Genesis of Revelations!
A faith app for all stages of Christian faith
An exploration & daily look toward God.
Joyous for the Mind, Soul, and Body
Carrying your faith
Peace, compassion, Christianity.
Building Faith For Modern Life
Renew your mind daily!
Faith Cycle
OrthoPrax at your fingertips
OrthoPrax, become one with yourself
Saints, Prayers, and Readings at your fingertips
oracle prayer book
Where Almighty Light Shines Daily
Faith of Habit
" Positive Vibes, Faith Based"
Your Faith Anchor
Orthodox Christian Guideposts For The Modern World
Glory Be Bible Companion
Spirituality at your Fingertips
Your Faith Stop
Organizing Faith
Be the light inside yourself with OrthoPrax
A few clicks to finding faith,
A daily planner for the devout
Beautiful things will happen when GOD says, IT'S TIME.
He Speaks
A Tailored Guide for Your Spiritual Journey of Faith
let faith do the talking
Journal of Joyfulness
Do all things with faith
Harmony at your reach
The Days Dais
All things great and Christian.
Stays Inline With God
the Christain Church Calender Collection
A spoken word for all Christians.
Omnipresent Orthodoxy
"Paced faith as you journey with God."
Your Faith Walks With You
God in your hand
Digital Divinity
A Guide For The Faithful
Put God in Your Daily Routines
Spiritual Swipes
Your Revelation Planner
walk by faith
The Future of Faith
The resources of the ages for the needs of today.
Your Spiritual Spectrum
Conveniently Bringing Liturgy to Life
Access The Power Of Prayer
God's Love at your fingertips!
Like an angel ellipses in your pocket
Orthprax never let you faith go lax
Spiritual Scriptures is Serenity
Ultimate, Iconic, Audio PrayerGuide
Liturgy and Bible readings wherever you are!
The Bible now and always
The orthodox planner
A living Testimonial
The Answer To Your Prayers
"The mobile Messiah"
Your spiritual journey begins now at your fingertips
"Daily Faith Factors"
Ascension through application
Waking the wise
Equipping People for Life
Christian resources when YOU need them!
A tap away from inspiration.
Mobile Mass
The believer's guide.
OrthoPrax Life Anchor
Your daily renewal.
Guiding Life Works
Seize the Pray
Daily Faith
Making Prayers Beautiful Again
Your Aid to Enlightenment.
Enter A Christian Wonderland
Let Every Man Heareth
Faith comes from hearing and doing of the word
You Can't Lose Faith
Seek first the Kingdom of God
Amazing Grace Bible Information
Your Rite Site
Shining a light on your spiritual Christian journey
Faith never takes a day off.
Devoted to the bible
The Other Good Book
Worship how you want. Anytime. Anywhere.
Go Faithful
His Constant Presence, Consistently at Your Fingertips.
"Faith by your side"
Your mobile access to saints, sermons and spirituality.
Orthodox Christian Guidelines For Your Life Path
Your Day of Faith
An Orthodox resource of biblical proportions.
Entwine your day in God
Swipe for salvation
Walk in the Light
Every single day, you can count on GOD.
finding faith easier
Serving our Timeless Mission
Religious Guidance to Ripen Self Assurance
Mobile. Prayers. Practice.
Everyday Christian Living
Faith goes around.
A Daily Faith Review
Moving Faith Forward
OrthoPrax, Always With you!
Orthodoxy on the go.
Mobile Faith
The Whole World In Your Hands
Our Light Divine
The Garden of Reading
Organized Faith!
A Wondrous Spectrum of Liturgical Explorations
Your Faith Stop Online
Your Daily Devotions
The Daily Christian
Iconic Inspirational OrthoPrax
Your On The Go Godsend
Your spiritual journey starts here.
Everything church for everyday living.
The Daily Word
The Faithful Life
Remember Faith Works
Use your hands for praying and clicking
Conscious Contact for the Modern Christian
Manifest mobile messages that matter.
Instant faith
A link to deeper faith .
Spirituality is always with you.
Pray It Forward
Ohrid, A complete prayer Calendar for a better walk tomorrow
The faith Place
Fulfill Your Spiritual Hunger
Faith Days a Week
"Faith on the fly."
Walking Worshiper
Be In The Word Anywhere
A Faithful Tradition!
The Transformative Power of Knowledge.
Network Christian
When problems arise, let OrthoPrax help you shine.
For a Divine Day
Made for all your bible needs
ICONICALLY the daily Orthodox
Holding Hope
"Our Daily Service."
Walking by faith.
Portable Parables
Pocket Orthodoxy
The faithful assistant
Faith in your Fingertips
The Bible Line Directory
How Christianity keeps pace with life.
online Sonshine
Incomparable spiritual guidance
Essential faith management!
The Soul and Spirit of the Internet
Blessed Pages
Connect to Spirit through the web
Nearer to Thee
Blessed Events
Resourcefully Faithful
The Word At Your Fingertips
Theology Technology
"A Spiritual Journey within Your Hands"
The easy way to have church close at hand.
Where All Your Bodies, Souls and Minds Illuminate Up
Book Overfloweth
"Spiritual Growth. Timeless Prayer And Readings"
Spiritus sanctus fastis
"A pocketful of miracles!"
Read a script a day, to keep negativity at bay.
"Your Faith Made Mobile"
God On The Go
Ask and you shall receive.
"Days to come"
Enduring wisdom to help guide your daily faith journey.
Plan your footsteps
Read and Believe
Wisdom, Love and Joy
A Modern Day Miracle
"Anchored In faith, here to serve"
Guiding Your Life in a Misguided World
Guiding Grace
DAILY ICONS for the Orthodox soul
A Beautiful Way To Pray
Tap Into Your Spirituality
Face to Faith