I own an estate planning law firm in northern Virginia. Eventually I'll be licensed in Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, and DC.
I am the only attorney in the firm - we are really small (I have one employee) but we plan on expanding.

You can visit the website - http://www.donshawlaw.com to find out more about my firm.
More info about me can be found in my bio here: https://donshawlaw.com/woodbridge-estate-planning-attorney/

We specialize in:
- Estate Planning (wills, trusts, powers of attorney, medical powers of attorney)
- Elder Law/Medicaid Planning
- Probate (the court process after you pass away)
- Guardianships (incapacitated adults)

Family is important to us - we help folks protect their families by helping them keep more of what they've worked their whole lives for.

We are a law firm built on relationships. We don't see clients as transactions, but as part of our family. We want our relationship with our clients to be one that lasts for a very long time - that we're the first name they think of when they need a lawyer.

Virginia Rule of Professional Conduct 7.1 Comment 5 must be followed: "[5] A firm may be designated by the names of all or some of its members, by the names of deceased members where there has been a continuing succession in the firm’s identity or by a trade name such as the “ABC Legal Clinic.” A lawyer or law firm may also be designated by a distinctive website address or comparable professional designation. Although the United States Supreme Court has held that legislation may prohibit the use of trade names in professional practice, use of such names in law practice is acceptable so long as it is not misleading. If a private firm uses a trade name such as “clinic” that also includes a geographical name such as “Springfield Legal Clinic,” an express disclaimer that it is not a public legal aid agency may be required to avoid a misleading implication." Any submissions not following this rule will be disqualified.

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Ashwood Legal

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Oak View Legacy Law

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FamilyRoots Law Firm
Allied Tree Legal Clinic
Purposely Shaw
Oakmont Law Office
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Heritage Law Office, Don Shaw, Esq.
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