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Moisture produced by our daily activities such as, cooking, showering, bathing, washing, and drying clothes create a lot of humidity and rising dampness that without proper ventilation.as building design and rising energy efficiency targets close out fresh air.
Without proper ventilation, persistent humidity and condensation can easily damage our homes and contents. It also triggers mildew and mould growth - providing perfect conditions for unwelcome dust mites.
Together with the family pet, these factors aggravate health conditions such as bronchitis and asthma, especially in children. They are also known cause throat, eye, skin, and nasal irritation.
Proper ventilation is the key to healthy indoor air quality as it is essential to keep wet areas such as cooking spaces, bathrooms, toilets, and laundries properly ventilated.

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The invisible killer in your home and what you should do about it Today!

by cloud7
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Ventilation Works Where Unseen Danger Lurks!
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Be Air Aware. Invisible Killers May Be Invading Your Home
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Are Toxins at Home in Your Home
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Proper Ventilation is Key
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Feeling Sick? Your Home Might Be The Culprit
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Missing the Signs of Moisture Can Cause Serious Home Sickness.
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Hey Mom, Being Born In A Barn Isn't Such A Bad Thing
When the Air in your Home Makes You Sick.
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Good News & Bad News Air
This is why your laundry routine may be keeping you sick
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Purifying the Body and Environment by Ventilation
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Is The Air in Your Home Making You Sick?
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If moisture is the problem, effective ventilation is the solution.
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The invisible enemy in your own home
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Air Quality and hidden hazards.
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A Healthy Environment Depends on Proper Ventilation
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The Invisible Dangers in your Home
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Indoor Air Quality and its Impact on Your Health
Whats in your air? The hidden danger that is often overlooked.
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The Silent Killer Could Be Making You Sick!
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How to Slay Moisture Monsters That Attack Your Home
In Home Air Quality
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