I am looking to start a Facebook group for my business and I need something that will generate a lot of followers. 95% of my business is black women. Use alternate terms for black women. Women who travel internationally and around the world.

Business Names


by moniker
Crowned Brown
Dark Horse Travels
Exotic Ebony Travels
Sisterhood Global Airventures
Raven Ladies Fly
Wander Women Travels
TrulyConnected Travel
Queens Stay&Play
My Tribe Travel Talks
Ebony Ventures
Lady Luxe Travel
Ebony International
First Class Vibes
Galavanting with Grace
Sistahs international travel
Dark Beauty Travels
Travel With Color
Nefertiti Travel
Ebony Globalista
Adventure Sistas
SistaScenic Adventures
Ebony Odyssey
Femme Trails
Beautiful Queen Vacations
Sistas Vacation Envy
Sis In First Class
L.F.O.F Ladies Flexing On Flights
Black Divas Vacation Envy
InnerDiva Adventures
I Need A Vacay
Onyx Luxury Vacays
sister adventurer
Vacation Babes
Intercontinental Babes
Divine Divas International Adventures
Ebony International Traveler
Black Girl Travels
Phenomenal Woman Travels
Black Magic Adventures
International Divas
Ebony Travel Unlimited
Divas World Travel Group
Black Girl Tribe Travels
Black Girls Fly
Divas Do Travel
MLG Melanin Ladies Global
TraveLady International
Black Girls Vacation Envy
Noire International
RoyalSista Travel
Global Diva Adventures
Ebony International travels
Black Queens Vacation Envy
Around the World with 80 Sistas
The International Diva
Travel Savvy Sistas
World tour Divas
Lady Raven Travels
Ebony Luxury Travel
Sistas With Passports
Club Vacay
Sweet Travelers of Color
Official Global Divas
Black Girl Magic Global
Elite Ebony Adventures
Lady Luxury Travel
Vacay Sashay
Travel Divas
Nubian Travels
Ebony Empress Travel Agency
Soul Bound
FemNoire Travels
International TravelHer
Ebony International Vibes
OnyxChics Travel
Women's Travel United
Black Girl Travel Smarts
Ms. Noir International
Ebony Travel Mavens
Cosmopolitan Black Girls
Queens Around The Globe
Gallivanting Goddesses
Colorful Travels
Ebony Globe Girls
Ebony Queen VEI
Ebony Around The Globe
EbonyQueen Travels
TeamEbony Travel
Sable Motion
Divine Travel Worldwide
Jet Settas
Adventures for African Queens
Sade International
Black Monarch Travel
Black Queens of Wanderland
Club Envy International Travelers
Mamba Jet
Fierce Fly Girls
Ebony Girl Travels
Ebony Excursions
Essence BGM Travel
Ebony Wanderlust
Mocha Maven Adventures
Jewel in the Crown Journeys
Ebony's Passport
Females Travel Club
Glowbal Girl
Nomadic Natives
Woman Utopia
Pewter Paradise
African Women Global Travel
Travel Mavens
LuxEbony Travel
Let's Soul Travels
Worldly Woman
EnvyElitist Travel
Ms. YOLO Airventures
Sheba International Travel
Turnt Up Travel
Devine Goddess Travels
Traveling Sisterhood
BLM Travel
Sable International Travels
Fly Jet Black
Ethno International
Tungulria Travels
Sable's Travels
Ebony in Exodus
BlakDiamond Vacations
Melanin Queens International Travels
Onyx TravELLErs
GoFlyGirl TraveLynx
Women on tbe Fly
Divine Getaway
Traveling Divas
Ebony Jet Setters
Divas Exquisite Getaway
TrueDiva Travel
Black Adventures Passport
Jet Black Envy
Sable Voyagers
Wonder Women World Wide
Women Globe Trotters
Blaventure Travels
Ebony Abroad
Raven International Travels
QueenBee Travels
Skyward Sistas
Ebony Sphere Travel
Jet Set Sisters
Wander Women
World Wide Women Travel
BlackTravel Finessed
Mocha Misses International
Full Color Travel
Kalis Kaleidoscope
Jetset Divas
Women Who Wander
Ebony Travel Experience
Divas Without Borders
Black Bountiful Travel
Luxurious Envy International
Sistahood Adventures
Fnatic Travel Queen
Eloquently Brown
Nubian Jetsetters
The Quest of Queens
Ebony Travel Excitement
Squad Goals International
Raven Girls
Black Diamond Vacations
HBC Gals Travel
Trip Connection
A & A, Abeona and Adiona
Onyx TravelGals
The Wanderlusters
Departure Divas
Soul kins
Global TravelHer
Flying Jet Black
Ebony Expeditions
Ebony Horizons
BlueSky Adventures
BLM Traveling Ladies
Brown Skin Babes Travels
International Signal for Women
Upward Travel
Charcoal Maiden Adventures
Slick Chick Adventures
Worldly Women Travel
Exploration Queens
Ebony Travel Empire
International Sistas
Jet Set Holidays
VIP Queens
Lady Ebony Travels
Skyway Sisters
The Vaycay Way
Worldly Ladies
Sassy Sistas Global Vacays
Ebony Amore Global
AfroCentric World Travelers
Traveling Sistahs
Wandering Ebony
Ethno Connection
High Class Divas
Adventure International
EbonShe Travels
Sisters United in Travel
Rendezvous 4 Ebony Women
Ebony Queen TraveLife
Little Black Dress Vacays
Divine Travel
Voyage Queens
Adventure Love and Nation
Vacay Queens
Cultured Queens Travel
Glam Worldwide Group
Ebony Pearls Travel
The Black Gemstone
NuView Vacations
Sistas of Travel
Midnight Riders
International windows
Women internatioal travel
Travel savvy Divas
Window watchers
Ethnic Adventures
Ebony Meanderings
Skyway Sistas
Jet International Vacations
Divas Flight
Everyday Vacay
Elegant Excursions
Go Gals International
Ladybird Luxury Travels
Eboni Travel Sistas
Female world color tracks
Simply Professionally Black
Colors on the Go
Raven International Vacations
Umoja Travel
SeeTheWorld Sisters
Crowned in Brown World Envy
Brown Crown World Travelers
Elation Vacation
Vacation She
LadyLove Travels
Women of Color Global
Travelnotes for Her
TopOfTheWorld Gals
Chocolate Diva Jetsetter
Gogo Mojo
Onyx Ventures
Ebony Touristas
First Class queens
Vacation Adventure Girls
Black Girl Universal
Nubian Queens Travels
Seeing The World in Color
Altitude Changing our Attitudes
Renowned Queens
Worldwide Exotic Sistas
Ebony Journey
Ebony Lady Flight
Femomenal Adventures
Black Queens New Scenes
Shades of Ebony International
Travel with Color Vacations
Ebony Wings
Queens Compass
Sister Beyond Borders
Athena VIP
Diva Tourists
The Queens who travels with excellence
Traveling Queens
Global Black Gold Vacation
Black Grrl Travels
Ebony Lady Travels
Sassy & 1st Classy
Baes and beaches or Babes and Beaches
Ebony Holidays
World Chasing Queens
Ebony Escapes
Globe Explorers
Travelnistas vip
Voyage For The Soul
EbonEssence Global Travel
Flora International
Queens on the Move
Obsidian Sistas Travel
Intercontinental Woman
Ebony Gypsy Lady
Ebony Intetnatnional travels
The World Is Ours
Ujima International Travels
Club Wanderlust
Black Girl Club Travels
BlackWomen on Holiday
TravelOn Beauties
Primesso Travel
Sistahs on Holiday
GlobaLady Traveler
Black Girl With Passport
Diverse Divas
Black Dream Travel Team
Club Royal Travel
Array Womens International Escapes
Passports with Essence
Colour me Travelled
Noire Ventures
Ebony Sisterhood
Tribe Vibes & Travels
Travel with the Girls
FreeSpirit Adventures
Finesse Ebony Vacations
Girl Vacay
The Sisters International Sojourn
Sojourn Sistas
Dauntless Diva Adventures
Exclusive Excursions
Adventure Queens VEI
Isis International
SlickChick Travels
International Wanderful Women of Travel
International Roamers
Jet International Travel
Enony abroad
Ethnic Luxuries
A getaway for Queens
Ebony's Journey
Queens Who Deserve a Getaway
Golden Rule Travel
Sisterwise Travel
VacayEnvy International
Sensational Sistas World Travel
Black Beauties International
Vacay Vixens
Wild Ebony Roads
Ms Worldly
Black Girl Vacations
Brown Crown
Traveling Sistas
Ladies Luggage and Tickets
Sisterhood of the Travelers
Cocoa International
Onyx and Diamonds Travel
Fly Women
Women of thd World
Ebony Adventurers
Melanin Queens Travel Envy
Classy girls travel
Queen Quests
Black Bon Voyage
Black Beauty Adventures
Colorful Adventures
Nubian International Travel
Majesty Noire
Travel Lady Inernational
Wanderlust Women
International Cliquecations
Black Queen Trekkers
I Matter Jetsetters
Jet Holidays
Black Grrrls Travel
Women of Explorations
Jet International Travels
Regal Diva Travels
Raven Travel Club
Women World International Travel
Fly Ebony Ladies
WonderWomen World Travel
Ebony Women Travels
Ebony Quest
Wandering Divas
Colored Crossings
Sable Global Vacations
Olive Tree Vacations
Ebony Travel Talk
Perfect Shade Vacations
Global Adventures for Us
Black waze
Encounter Sisters of Soul
Black Girl Adventures
Flyy Girls
Ebony Vacay International
Women with Soul International
Black Lady Vacations
Ebony Petals vacations
Soulful Routes
Sista Travel Experiences
Divine Queens Luxury Vacations
Queens Take Flight
Her Way
Nubian Queens Mission
Wandermust Queens
Melanin On The Move
Wanderess Adventures
Diva Diaspora
Diva Destinations
Ebony Voyaging
Nia Travel International
Black Beauty Vacation Envy
Raven International Traveler
Ebony Winds
Ebony Airventures
Strong Sistah Travels
Ethnic Travel Adventures
Adventure Globe
Brown Crown World Envy
Queens Traveling Guide
SoulPotion Vacations
Queen Voyagers
Queens Do It Movin
Oh So Raven
Noirvana Vacations
True Color International
Rambling black rose
Ebony Travel Escapades
Ebony Global
Ebony Traveling Tips
FlyAway Envy
Collective Travel
The Travel Sistas
FlySista International
Onyx Overseas Adventures
Onyx Odysseys
Travel Talk for Us
Eboni Travel Nation
Nubian Queens Tour
Intercontinental Lady
Jetsetting Queens
Dark Skinned Lady Travel
Beautiful Onxy Travel
Sailing the Colors
International Black Explorers
Daring Diva Adventures
Vacay Sashay Group
Ebony Exotic Experiences
Sable International
Ebony Rolling Stone Travels
African American Internationa Travel Talk
Ebony 360
Divas Assemble
TraveLux Women International
Golden Women of Travel
Ebony Soul Skies
The Queens Cruiser
Global Travelers
Skyward Sisters
JetBlack JetSet
Ethnic Excursions
Globetrotting Goddesses
Ebony Dream Travels
Globalack Trotters
Vacation Ventures
Sister Travels
Fly Girl Travel Guide
Ebony Envoys
Fierce Sista Travels
Gadabout Black Girls
Ebony women Fly High
Ethnic Queen Adventures
Intercontinental Queens
Sable Seekers
Divinaire International
Namadic Women Room
Propelled Ebony
Black Magic Excursions
Ebony Emissaries
HerQuest Global Adventures
Ebony ticket
Travel Gemz
Uneeque Travel
Onyx Girl
Glam GlobeKation
Ebony Goddess Adventures
Jet Set World Travella
BlacklLadiesMatter Travel
Glam Girls Travel
SoulGirl Ventures
Ebony Adventures Passport
Ebony Divas Global
Sistas Abroad
Cocoa Global
TraveLady Envy Vacations
Dark Diva Travel
VEI for the Ebony Traveler
B.L.T Boss Lady Traveling
EbonyGal Travelers
Ebony Travel Excursions
Queens of Travel
Girls for Globetrotting
Bountiful Beauty
Sistahood of Traveling Divas
Black Girls Travel Excitement
Prestiege Black Queens Travels
Raven Roaming
Miss Melanin Vacations
Destined 4 Greatness
Fly Girl Vibes
Black Velvet Travels
Precious Travellers
Her Vacayzing Travels
Sightseeing Sistas
BaeWatch Travels
Onyx Girl Journeys
World Wide Women
Prima Donna International
Queen International
Glamour Gems
Flyy Women
Ebony Spirit
Crowned with Brown
Ebonista Travel
Soul sisters' world travels
Ebony Escapades
Ladies on the Move
Million Woman Travel
VIP Voyagers
Key To The World
Ms. Ebony Airventures
Take Flight Sista
Ebony Wanderer
Vacation Buzz
Nubian Queens Cruise
Ebony World Traveler
Urban Girls Traveling
Black Wingz
Native Nomads
Suitcase Sistas
Nubian Travelers
Women Conquering the World
The Black Seat
All Around Da World
Ebonyedge Global
Queenly Travels
Glam Gals Go
International Soul Vacation
Melanated International Traveler
Black is Beautiful Adventures
Queen Ebony Travel
Queening Internationally
Diva Vacay Central
Queendom Getaways
Magic Diva Vacations
JetSet Queens
Adventure Queens