Name for wedding and event planning business

Business Names

Make a Wish Wedding Planner

by lauriegruve
Classy Lassy Event Planner
Classy Lassy Wedding Planner
Forever Wed
Have a Marry Time
Perfect Day Planner
Lush Blushing Bride Wedding Planner
The Frugal Event Planner
The Frugal Bride
Merry Eventures
Lasting Memories
Blissful Creations
Frugal Elegance Event Planners
Full of Grace Event Planner
Make a Wish Event Planner
Elegant Designs Wedding & Events
Marry Adventures
Frugal Eventures
Knot Tyers
Commemorate Your Date
Don't Be Late Event Planner
Distinction at a Discount Event Planning
Marry Time
"I Do" for You
Sophisticated Lady Event Planner
Bells & Whistles ~ Event Planning
Project:Toast Event Planner