Group of students in Engineering design, designing only once, we need a temporary name

Business Names

VisionQuest Design
Genesis Design
Consummate Design
Unplugged Design
Anew Design
Maximious Design
Cutting Edge Design
Perk Design
Bullseye Design
Gizmo Design
Affinity Design
Honcho Design
Metamorph(# in group) Design
Frontier Design
Unitus Design Group
Conception Design
Beacon Design
Sovereign Design
word "group" instead of "design" could be used with any names I submitted if preferred)
Infinity Design
Verve Design
Synapse Design
Spunk Design
New Wave Design
Focus Design
HotWire Design
Bar None Design
Stream Design
(# in group) Star Design
Exposed Design
Valiant Design
Amped Design
Savvy Design
Synergy(# in group) Design
Stalwart Design
Percolate Design
Genesis(# in group) Design
Transcendent Design
Peerless Design
Access Design
Sterling Design
Intrepid Design
Blade Design
Spearhead Design
Eureka Design
Ideational Design
Opus Design
Spark Design
Headliner Design
Allied Design
Preferred Design
Root Design