Group of students in Engineering design, designing only once, we need a temporary name

Business Names

VisionQuest Design
word "group" instead of "design" could be used with any names I submitted if preferred)
Sovereign Design
Root Design
Amped Design
Peerless Design
Eureka Design
Perk Design
Gizmo Design
Sterling Design
Spark Design
Unplugged Design
Honcho Design
Metamorph(# in group) Design
Unitus Design Group
Transcendent Design
Genesis(# in group) Design
Beacon Design
Spearhead Design
Bar None Design
Access Design
Conception Design
Stalwart Design
Frontier Design
Valiant Design
Percolate Design
Focus Design
Affinity Design
Ideational Design
Synergy(# in group) Design
Bullseye Design
Exposed Design
Spunk Design
Infinity Design
Opus Design
New Wave Design
Anew Design
Genesis Design
Stream Design
(# in group) Star Design
Maximious Design
Headliner Design
Savvy Design
Cutting Edge Design
Verve Design
Allied Design
HotWire Design
Preferred Design
Blade Design
Synapse Design
Consummate Design
Intrepid Design