2 women going into business together doing workshops/retreats on personal growth topics for women in the Minneapolis, MN area. Want funky/eclectic

Business Names

Women's Sanity Faire Workshops & Retreats

by IndigoNameIt
Lady GoDiva's Workshops & Events
Minnesota Loon Retreats & Workshops
Sisters Inner Sanctum Workshops & Retreats
Loony Bin Retreats & Workshops
Just For Funk~Womens Retreat
Ladies Lair Workshop & Retreats
Lady Slippers Underground
Sisters In Sublime
Sisters Driven To Retreat
SistersCapers Workshops & Retreats
Sister Asylum Workshop & Retreat
Break To The Lake Retreats
Unconventional Sisters Conventions
Gentility Workshops & Retreats
Tale of Two Sisters Workshops & Retreats
Sanity Faire Workshops & Retreats
W.H.I.M. (Womens Health Improvements Minnesota)
Ladies of the Lakes Workshops & Retreats
Sisters Supposiums Workshops & Retreats
Sisters Escape ~ Workshop & Retreat
Sisters Symposium Workshop & Retreats
Sisters In Retreat
Move It Sisters
Sisters Van Loon Retreats & Workshops
Sisters OnDemand Retreat
Sisterscape Workshops & Retreats
Sisters of Perpetual Peace
Tale of Two Sisters
W.O.M.E.N. (Women Of Minnesota Eclectic Network)
Sisters Underground
W.H.I.M. (Womens Holistic Improvements Movement)
Sisters Of The Woods
Twisted Sisters Women's Rereat
Sister 2 Sister Think Tank
Sisters Sanctuary Retreats & Workshops
Sisters of the Loon Retreats & Workshops
Women's Coterie Workshops & Retreats
Lady Slipper Workshops & Retreats
Sister To Sister Workshops & Retreats
W.O.M.E.N. (Women Of Minnesota Evolving Network)
W.O.M.E.N. (Women Of Minnesota Energy Network)
Ladies of the Round Table Workshops & Retreats
Sequestered Sisters Workshop & Retreats
Fair Thee Well Womens Workshops & Retreats
Loony Binge Retreats & Workshops
Lady Loon Retreats & Workshops
Twins City Retreats & Workshops
Company of Women Workshops & Retreats
Minnesota Ladyfest Workshops & Retreats