2 women going into business together doing workshops/retreats on personal growth topics for women in the Minneapolis, MN area. Want funky/eclectic

Business Names

Women's Sanity Faire Workshops & Retreats

by IndigoNameIt
Sister Asylum Workshop & Retreat
Sisters Escape ~ Workshop & Retreat
Sisters Symposium Workshop & Retreats
Ladies of the Round Table Workshops & Retreats
Tale of Two Sisters Workshops & Retreats
Move It Sisters
SistersCapers Workshops & Retreats
Sister 2 Sister Think Tank
Sisters Of The Woods
Lady Slipper Workshops & Retreats
Sisters of Perpetual Peace
W.O.M.E.N. (Women Of Minnesota Energy Network)
Sisters In Sublime
Loony Binge Retreats & Workshops
Gentility Workshops & Retreats
Minnesota Loon Retreats & Workshops
W.O.M.E.N. (Women Of Minnesota Evolving Network)
W.H.I.M. (Womens Health Improvements Minnesota)
Unconventional Sisters Conventions
Lady Loon Retreats & Workshops
Ladies Lair Workshop & Retreats
Just For Funk~Womens Retreat
Minnesota Ladyfest Workshops & Retreats
Sequestered Sisters Workshop & Retreats
Tale of Two Sisters
Sanity Faire Workshops & Retreats
Fair Thee Well Womens Workshops & Retreats
Sisters Inner Sanctum Workshops & Retreats
Sisters Underground
Sisters OnDemand Retreat
Sisters Sanctuary Retreats & Workshops
Twins City Retreats & Workshops
Lady GoDiva's Workshops & Events
Break To The Lake Retreats
Sisters In Retreat
W.O.M.E.N. (Women Of Minnesota Eclectic Network)
Sisters Driven To Retreat
Lady Slippers Underground
Women's Coterie Workshops & Retreats
Twisted Sisters Women's Rereat
Sisterscape Workshops & Retreats
Sister To Sister Workshops & Retreats
Sisters Supposiums Workshops & Retreats
W.H.I.M. (Womens Holistic Improvements Movement)
Sisters of the Loon Retreats & Workshops
Loony Bin Retreats & Workshops
Company of Women Workshops & Retreats
Ladies of the Lakes Workshops & Retreats
Sisters Van Loon Retreats & Workshops