A retail store for tribal and Mid. Eastern home furnishings. Oriental Rugs, pillows, ceramics, some jewelry, kilim bags etc. Bargain treasures from the Nomads or a tent.... Red color is powerful. Would like to give the impression of an OUTLET store to stimulate purchases.

Business Names

Caravan Splendors

The Vagabond's Tent
The Exotic Camel
Harem's Tent & Exotics MidEast Furnishings
Offbeat Home Furnishings
Kings and Vagabonds
Middle Eastern Merchants
Silk Road Furnishings
The Nomad's Market
The Nomads Emporium
Red Camel Outlet
Arabian Nights
Desert Splendors
Oriental Outlet
Mid Eastern Primitive Furnishings
Camel Back Oasis
Red Exotica
Camel Back Thieves
Red Lantern
Camel Back Treasures
Caravan Connection
Trail of Treasure
Nomads and Kings
Crimson Treasures
Crimson Bazaar
The Silk Desert
Thieve's Treasure's
Treasure Thieve's
Exotic Emporium
Silk Route Home Furnishings
Red Desert Trails
Magic Carpet Treasures
Primitive Furnishings
The Traveling Merchant
Aladdin's Imports
Nomad's MidEast Bargain Outlet
TribalEssense MidEast Bazaar
Aladdin's Outlet
The Silk Tent
Taj Maha
Nomad's Outlet
the Silk Camel
Thieves and Treasures
Nomad's Caravan Home Furnishings
Nomad Travels
The Red Merchant
Sirrocan Winds
Nomad's Land House and Home
Oriental Home Furnishing
Tribal Plush Imports
Splendors Under the Palm
(The) King's Outlet
Red Camel Treasures
Orient Express
Nomad's Exotics
Nomad's Treasure
Mid Eastern Nomad
Merchants and Thieves
Desert Thieve's
MidEast Merchants
Red Oasis
The Wandering Vagabond
Nomad's Oasis
Nomad Castle
Treasure Dune
The Nomad's Eye
(The) Nomad's Outlet
Silk Sheiks Home Emporium
Jaded Camel Imports
Silk Road Merchant
Vagabond Outlet
Desert Sands Home Funrnishings
Oriental Ethnic Furnishings
Exotic Red
The Exotic Sheik
Tent of Treasures
Red Oriental House
Camel Hoof Treasures
Camel Hoof Nomad
Eastern Splendors
Ali baba's
Camel Hoof Outlet
Mirage Exoctics
Red Arabica / Arabica Red
Red Silk Road
Trades of the Nomad
(The) Vagabond Outlet
Mehendi Red /Mehndi Red
Mid Eastern Trails
Red Desert Outlet
The Traveling Vagabond
Red Dunes Imports
Bayt Furnishing
Red Sand Outlet
Red Camel Merchant
Oasis Exotics
Splendors of the Nomad
The Red Camel
From the Land of the Nomad
Sheik's Oasis Fine Furnishings
The Caravan Pass
The Alibaba's Outlet
Treasure Trails
Tribal Home Themes
The Merchants Tent
By the Hand of the Nomad
Camel Caravan
Nomad's Camel Bazaar
The Thrifty Nomad
Red Fabrications
(The) Oriental Outlet
Nomadic Treasures
The Nomad's Treasure
Istanbul to Bombay
Silk Road Bazaar
Tribal Treasures
The Wandering Nomad
The Desert Thieves
Kings Treasure(s)
Nomad Treasures
Le Souk
Trade Winds Treasures
Mid Eastern Treasures
Camel Hoof Tent
Sirrocan Treasures
Secrets of the Nomad
Miragenique MidEast Outlet
Nomadic Splendors
The Red Bazaar
The Nomadic Merchant
Treasure Tent
Camel Hoof Thieves
Camel Hoof Oasis
Treasures of a Desert Island
Red Silk Imports
Dunes & Treasures
Sultan's Bazaar
The Oriental Merchant
Trails of Treasure
Tribal Treasure Hunt