A boutique that sells puppy and baby items. We also do grooming and sell puppies.We need a name that can be used on our online commerce.our boutique is opening in a very affluent area of long island new York. The boutique is decorated with marble floors and chandeliers. We will have a celebrity clientel. The name must be original and memorable.

Business Names

Breeds and Heirs

by Named at Birth
Le Squeal and Squeak Boutique
The tender touch
Puppy Parlor&Baby Boom
Un Chiot Be'Be'
Tots 'n Pups Couture
Bunny and Skunks
Tots & Tails
Wags & Booties
R They Twins
Le Bowtique
Beagles & Babies
Wet Kisses
Special Ones
Teacup Trinkets Boutique
Tykes & Tots Boutique
Heir Apparent
Cute Overload
Grins and Wags
Poochie & Babe
Tiny hearts
Ankle Biters'
The Teething Biscuit
Babiy's Best Friend
My Babes
L'il Nipperz
And Pets Too
Coochie Poochie Coo
Giggles and Barks
Nose to Nose
Too Ra Loo
optimal love
All Tiny & New
Fifi LaRoux
Born and Bred
Snips & Snails & Puppy Dogs Tails
Babies alike
Buttons & Bones
Lil Bowtique
Bibs and Bones
Lil Boutique
PollyWogs & PuppyDogs
Pupps for You
The Smug Pug
Itty Bitty Little One
Pupplies are a Girl's Best Friend
Puppy World and Baby Haven
Tots N Tails
Pedigrees & Progeny
Puppies and things Couture
In the Lap of Luxury
perfect pair
Puppy Landia
Kids & Pups
Two Legs and Four
Snips & Snails & Puppy Dog Tails
Small Fortunes
Le Babies
Tiny Treasures
Pampered Pooches & Progeny
Pups 'n Tots
Little Hands & Hounds
Wiggles and Wags
FiFi and Junior
Padded Paws
Priceless Pups & Babes Boutique
Sweet Nuzzles
Happy Wagginz
Lil Ones Boutique
Ten Muddy Toes & Four Muddy Paws
Baby Puppy L'amour
Tot and Spot
Coddle 'n Coo
Long Island Pups & Glam Boutique
Fido & Fern
Baby Trails & Puppy Tails
Bones 'n Bubbles
Fashionable Frippery
Petits Chiens et Enfants Boutique
Shake, Rattle & Roll Over
Puppies potties and trottie
Shiny Paws
Pups and Tots
Fairy Tails & Tushies
Warm Bundles
BowWows & BabyWear
Coddle Couture
Dogs and Diapers
Tiny Toes & Paws
Nursery Rhymes and Furry Tails
Pitter Patter
Bow Couture
Bow Aww
Crawls and paws
Wee Ones, for Pampered Tots and Pups
Hot Totty
Tots and Trots
My dollies
Puppy Breath
Pour Chiens et Enfants Couture
Little Luxuries Salon
Diapers, Dolls and Diamonds
Tot Dog Stand
Beastie & Friend
peek and chew
Zanipolo (means "Gift of God")
Duex d'Une Sorte
Wags and Riches
smart and sassy
Little LuLu
Babies & LovePuppies
Little Angels Chateau
Puppy Days and Baby Ways
Pink, Blue & Brindle
Deux d'Une Sorte
Swanky Pup Palace
TeaCuppies Posh & Pups
Belly Rub
All Fours Boutique
Bella Bambinos
My Baby's Teacup
Baby your Baby
little tikes and tails
Fancy puppies and Baby Kingdom
Chic Your Puppy
Wag the Baby!
Noah's Ark's Babies
Crate & Crib
All My Babies
Promenade Pup Boutique and Spa
Puppy Barks and Baby Giggles
Bonnets and Bows
Buttons and Bones Boutique
Loves of our Lives
Gigglez and Pawz
babies 'n puppy tales
nip and tuck
Fancy Pups and Cutie Beauties
Babies Best Friend
Rhinestones and Rattles
Tushy Cushy Boutique
Mollycoddled Couture Pour Chiens et Enfants
Puppies are a Girl's Best Friend
Pampered & Precious
The LadyBird
Baby Teacup
Golden Breeze Boutique
Palm of My Hand
Tikes 'n Tails
Paws and Dolls
Tails and Tushies
Babes 'n Pups
Brood Wear
Noble Beginnings
Little Feet Boutique
Little Nippers
Ruff Babies
Baby & Best Friend
Kids & Pups
My Baby My Puppy
Ginger and Charlie
Babbles and Barks
Babe in the Teacup
The Crawl Space
Teacup Pups and Pals
Canine Cosmopolitan Couture
Ten Tiny Toes & Four Trusty Paws
petit bebe
Puppy Peture
Pawsitive Pals
Baby Giggles and Puppy Parlor
Yip and Coo
babes and pups
Couture Canines
Twin Boutique
Smile Factory
Wags and Kisses
Crate & Cradle
Breeds N Teethe
Puttin' on the Ritz
Only the Best for My Baby!
Tea Pups & Bebes
Coo and Chew
Little Wonders
Tiny Tots n Tails
Paws and Angels
Prowess pets
Puppy and Baby Haven
Little Ones
Pedigrees & Posterity
Fur Babies
GlammieGear GG Boutique
babies 'n bow wows
Growing up scale
The Bassinet
cutie pies
Chee Wah Wah
Puppy Boutique and Baby World
The Real Puppies & Babies of Long Island
Puppy and Baby Days
Puppy and Baby World
NY Baby & Pooch
BowWow Baby
Babies Couture
Pink, Blue & Brindle
Little Flourishes Couture
Sparkle Dust Divas
One by one, Babe and Puppy Boutique
Wags and Rattles
itsy bitsy babies~ a boutique for little ones, with or without fur
Wags and Giggles
Pampered Bundles