A new art school for children that uses uniquely designed methodology to teach visual perception and realistic drawing skills. Projects are to provide the structure and knowledge necessary for learning and help build competence. Name should be easily related to by parents and K-12 children, who are the main clients. Yet it should not be too babyish 'cuse adults can take the class too. Name should represent a process of growth, nurturing, creativity, and confidence. Near SF Bay area.

Business Names

Colorful Mind

Designing Art Workshop
Ocean's Pigment
Bay Artistry
The Artistic Difference
Patient Hands Art Workshop
Show of Hands Art Studio
blossom borners
Artistic Horizons
CreArt Solutions
Pens & Easels
Art Brut Studio or Workshop
Hands of Time
Inspire Inn
Create Your Masterpiece!
Arts In Bloom Academy
Art Blooms Studio
Seeds of Talent
Handy Brushes
Fresh Start Art
Kidseye Art Perspective
Unique Worlds
Infinite Vision
Hand2Hand Art Academy
Sprouting Artists Workshop
Heart4Art Studio
Water and Art
Child of the Arts Workshop
Enchanted Hands
Art of Unique Technique
Unique Pallete
Color Corner
Hands On Art
Drawn Better
Unique Hands
Quick Start Art Workshop
Color Create Design
The heART Studio
created by students
Serendipity Seas
Generations Art Workshop
Sprouting Picasso
Aesthetic Workshop
Heart2Hand Art
Nourished Designs
Elements of Art
Color Enchantment by the Bay
The Draw Club
Bloom in the Bay
Blossoming Brush Strokes of SF BAY
Inspired Design School
Harmony Creative Art Academy
Emergent Arts
Heart to Art
MoneA to MoneZ Art Studio
bay city arts
Images of the Heart
Pencil Virtuoso
Artist View Studio Workshop
Creation Blooms Art Workshop or Studio
arts by the bay
Alphabet Expressions
Nuturing Heart Art Academy
Arts Bud
Growing Hands Art Workshop
young and restless art academy
Shared Canvas
Budding Arts
Artful Hands
A to Z Art Academy
Blossoms of Color and Creation Art Academy
Etch and Sketch or Etch N Sketch
Boost Studio
Sprouting Artists Studio
Sketches Art Institute
Start Art Workshop
ImagiStudio Art
Blooming Arts
Dream & Draw
The Blank Canvas
Creative Flow
Vantage Point, Draw your world in a new perspective
The Paint Palette
Child At Heart Art Workshop
Arts to Be
Rainbows Dream Creative Center
Patient Palette
5iveStar Art O'lescence
Healthy Roots
Naturally Unique Bay Area Art
The Alley
Dream Catchers Art School
Shape Start
Art Magic
Creative Hands Bay Area Art Academy
The Artist Inside
Creation Sensation
Vision Builders Art Workshop
Blossomed Beauty
Guiding Touch
Nurtured Hands Art Studio
Prodigy Artists
ColorMyMind Art School
Busy Fingers
A Beautiful Mind
Impact Imagery
Sketchmen School of Art
Art Foyer
Garden of Shapes
Ahead of the Rest
Artistic Development
Endless Colors
Bridging Creativity
Show of Hands Art Workshop
Dream Scheme Art
Art and Soul
Budding Artists Workshop
Beyond Art School
Start Art Studio
arts and farther
Tender Art
Arts Sprout
Heart In The Arts Workshop
Heart4Art Workshop
Child at Art
Art Room
A Brushstroke at a Time Art Academy
Verismo Point Art School
Art By the Bay
Art Star Academy
Creative You Art Academy
Art Garden
Bay Art Creations
Creative Rainbow
Pastels In Full Bloom Art Academy
Streetcar Arts
Artistic Differences
Methods Art Studio
Creative Bay
Where Art Blossoms
Creative Designing
Rainbow Art Solutions
Creations on the Bay
Child's Eye Art Revolution
Bayside Palette
Art of Change
Ageless Art Studio
Eye Shape
Alphabet Soup for the Hands
Young at Art
krafty Kids Art studio
art in bloom
The Bridge with Art
Young Artists
Have a Change of Art
Back to the Drawing Board
Powerfull Learning The K12 Way
Art Beat
The Brush Strokes of Learning
Budding Blossoms Art
Buds to Blossoms Creative Art
Bay Alpha Art
Art Horizons
Unique Palette
Art From Your Heart
Creative Art Blossoms Studio
Art To Finish
Artistic Directions
Bay Bevels
Creative Hands Art Workshop
Imagination Blossoms Art Studio
paint your way
Imagination Creation
Child of the Arts Studio
Arty Hands
Arts and Hearts
Art is Ageless Workshop
Paper to Easel
My Masterpiece Studio
So You Think You Can See
Crafty Hands
Scribbles to Scribe
Bayside Art Institute
Dreamscape Academy
Colorful Canvas Art School
Lets Start Art
Beyond the Brush Art School
West Coast School of Art
The Creative Palette
The Alphabet School of Art
Budding Artists Corner
Budding Talents Corner
Artistic Creations
Prisms of Color Art School
Nurtured Hands Art Workshop
Arts N Smarts
Blossoming Canvas
Creative Centre
Nurture The Knack Art Workshop
patient blossoms
Tots to Teens
Budding Masters
The Artist Within
Pastels Pencils and Brushstrokes
Beginners' Strokes
Kick stART
The Art House
Impart Art
Bay Area Blooming Artists
The Avant Garden
Colorful Creations
Learning Ways Artist Workshop
Artsy Startsy
Colorful Blossoms
Colorful Coasters
Colorfully Unique Art Academy
Bay Braggadocio
Emerge Art Studio
Clean Palette
Artistic Seeds
EasyEasel Art
Save or Erase
Pastel Dreams
Budding Artists Studio
Art Shapes
Lil Picasso
My Canvas
Paint Sanctuary
Pallete Nation
Art Bar
Art Beginnings
Canvas Expressions
Art Blooms Workshop
Heart in San Francisco Art Studio
Art of Joy
manifest art
Kids Create
Doodle bay arts
Awareness Art
By the Bay Art
Unchartered Art
Budding Creations
Bay Visual Arts Center
The World
Pixies Paintbrush
Color Me Happy Art Studio
Handfully Artful
artistic motivations
Artist at Heart
Abstract Impressions Art Workshop
Budding Beauty
Blossoming Creations
crafty kids
coastal connections
Empowering Hands
My Personal Prism
Colorful Beginings Art Academy
Create Explore Blossom Art Academy
Nuturing Hands
Art Seeds
Enriched Etches
Artfully Yours
The Bay Area Blossoming Art Academy
Discover The Power of Art
Ascendant colors
Aesthetic Art School
Growing art
A B See Art Studio
I See You Arts
Creatively Kids
Artfully Unique Art Instruction
Bay Area Artists
Creative Strokes
Little Hands Art Workshop
Brushes In Bloom Art Academy
5iveStar Art O'lescents
Alignart Academy
Creative Lines Art School
Smart Art
Bay Artistic Expressions
Draw Tech
Full Spectrum Art Workshop or Full Spectrum Arts
Visionary Art Approach
artistic futures
The School of Arts and Letters
The Pastel Alphabet Art Center
Rainbow Dreamz Creative Center
Artists' Cove
Heart In The Arts Studio
Creative Learners Corner
Colorful Kids
Unique R We
Blossoming Brushes Art Academy
Buds to Blossoms
Open Arted
Rise & Shine
Budding Crafters
colors by the bay
BaysArts Movement Studio
San Fran Brush Strokes
Pencil Sharpener
Budding Masterpieces
Artistic Difference
Paper Flowers
Sonata Art Studio
For the love of Art
Budding Frames
Canvas of Life
Growing Visually
Flowing Colors
Art For All Ages
Budding Brushes
ARTistic Talents
Able Hands Art Workshop
ABC Bay Area Art Instruction
Creative Expressions
Confident Creations School of Arts
Budding Talents
Different Strokes
Tickle Me Paint
Heart in San Francisco Art Workshop
Cornerstone Visuals
Art Harbor
Lil Art Producers
Blossom Arts Yard B.A.Y.
Art Seed
To Your Art's Content
The Artful You
Helping Hands Create
Artlift Angles
Pastels In Bloom Art Academy
Painted Desert
Helping Hands Visual Arts Center
Generations Art Studio
Child At Heart Art Studio
Trolley Arts
Bay Contours
Unique Creative
Ageless Art Workshop
The Doodle Room
The Color Wheel
Colorful Hands