The business will purchase old, tired property and add value by renovation then onsell to a new owner occupier.Target audience will be families 29-45 with children. The homes are the cheaper end with the finished product being either a first or second home purchase.The name may or may not contain home/property/ies

Business Names

contest winner

The Habitationers

Rapid Reno
NuBegin Homes
Spankin' Fresh Homes
Home Bud Company
Renewed Awakening Homes
Alpha Omega Homes
Phoenix Properties
Fresh Look Homes
ReLife Concept
First Home Reality
Good As New Properties
Transformed Properties
My Dream Home
The Revamp Company
ANEW Region
Second Life Home Properties
New Market Homes
BACK2LIFE Properties
Genesis Homes
Spiffy Homes
Bright Pathway Homes
New Harbours
Alpha/Omega Homes
Re Live Better Properties
Affordable Comfort Homes
budget homes
Homes 4 Dreamers
ReAwakened Homes
Revived Homes
Homes for Families
MarketRise Properties
New Abode Homes
RisingStar Properties
Renovated Properties
New Look Homes
Dream Homes
Vision Design Properties
Enlight Properties
Greenspoint Properties
ANewLeaf Properties
Home Bud Properties
Utopian Homes
Kindle Properties
Sturdy Oak Properties
Cornerstone Properties
NuLeaf Properties
Revalued Properties
Houses Reformed
Youthful Revamped Homes
American Dream Properties
Fresh Soul Stuff
Juvenu Homes
Dream Home Living
Design Venture Properties
Vision Venture Homes
360 Homes
New Design Home Properties
Elevated Homes
Home for Grow
your hometown
The White Picket Fence Homes / Properties
Dapper Properties
Rennova Properties
Live Life Home
Family Home Buds
New Roots Homes
Phoenix Bird Homes
Makeover Properties
Flipped for Ownership Homes
BACK TO LIFE Properties
Renewed Hope Properties
Casa Properties
FreshCore Properties
360 DEGREE Homes
Recycled Gems Properties
Mod Homes
Cheaper Buy the Homes
Real Home Properties
Dustaway Design
Established Acres
Dream Homeville
Renaissance Homes
Upcycled Properties
Simply New
ReGen Properties
Come Back Properties
Desired Choice Homes
New Home Properties
Homes with Carisma
Revamped Properties
NuScape Properties
The Revamped Company
Revamp Ventures
New Life Home Properties
Youthful Revamp Company
Fosterland Homes
Better Living Properties
Rising Phoenix Families
Kindle Wake Properties
Future Homes
Remodel 'hood
360 DEGREE Properties
Retro Phat
Remod Homes
Rescued Homes for Sale
Revamped Homes
LIKE NEW Properties
Twice As Nice Properties
HomeAgain Realtors/Properties
Vision Design Home Properties
New Greenfield Home Properties
Alpha/Omega Properties
Buff Bluff
Alpha Properties
Verdant Homes
A Little Love Homes
Homes Overhauled
Rejuvenation HomeSales
Refreshed Homes
where i live my dreams
Inovative Renovators
Tree House Realty
Value Rooms Properties
Creative Design Properties
New Dream Homes
Glad Pads
New Roots properties
Young Properties
Upcycled Realty
Enhanced Living Homes
Good To Be Home
New Way of Living
EconoVenture Homes
Fresh Start Homes
Dream Home Properties
Welcome Home Properties
Optima Properties
Upgraded Home Sales
Rising Phoenix
Better Home Living
Lush Pointe Property
NEW LEAF Properties
Verdant Homes and Properties
Restore From The Floor Properties
Home Renew
New Green Home Properties
Born Again Homes
Overhauled Homes
Spruced Up Properties
Affordable Homes
Room ReNew
Real Design Home Properties
Revd Up Houses
Then Again Homes
Youthful Revamped Company
Bargain Properties
Tuned Up Home Sales
Freshly Redone Properties
New Homes Design Properties
Life Again Homes
Greenfield Home Properties
The Revamped Property Group
Spring to Life Homes
Youthful Homes
Born Again Properties
Upgrade Home Sales
over your head Homes
NuHomes Properties
New Life Homes
Reborn Estate
Dreamworks Home
New Birth Properties
Prevail 2 Home
Rennovate Real Estate
Fresh & Renewed Homes
RenoVal Properties
Restored Homes
Make New Properties
Flip Squad
FouNation Homes
Deja vu Homes
New Way Homes
Greenfield Properties
The Flip Guru
MoonRise HomeSales
Flip't Properties
Better than New
NewScene Properties
Distressed Homes Revived
Dream Home Ville
New Value Homes
ReViva Properties
Uplifted Homes
Second Chance Properties
where the heart is
Childrens Properties
Family First Homes
New Hope Homes
RENEWAL Properties
Flipped for Ownership Properties
Evolved Homes
Home Again Properties
DreamRenew Homes
Hearth Homes
Mod Properties
TLC Properties
Glorified Homes
equip and flip
Sunrise Properties
RetroWake Homes
2nd Chance Properties
VIVIFY Properties
Kindle Spark Properties
Our lOvely Home
Casa Renovar Properties
Sincerely Yours Properties
Sunshine Properties
Homes Renewed
Biz Home Properties
Another Chance Properties
Home Revival
Stellar Homes
Fresh Kindle Properties
SecondHand Castle
Home 2 Prevail
Anew View
Youthful Revamped Group
Oh Dwell Homes
Disign Living Properties
A New Home Properties
Venture Design Homes
Figure Eight Properties
Properties R Us
Mod Property Group
Gem Stone Homes
Rejuvenated Homes
Now&Here Houses
Juvenia Homes
Family Properties
Neat Space Homes
New Wings Properties
New 2 You Properties
Fresh Look Properties
Dream Home Valley
Something Bold
Creative Home Ventures
Fresh Curb Appeal
Up A Grade Homes
Inspirit Properties
Amplified Homes
Renewed Pathway Properties
Second Season Homes
Prime Home Properties
VisionStruck Properties
Villa Nova Homes
Youthful Revamp Properties
Genesis Properties
New Day Homes
Horizon Homes
FreshSpirit properties
Family Flip
Hearten Homes
MePurpose Home
NuVal Homes
New Home Foundary
New Wings Homes
Mod.Property Group
Affordable Renewal Homes
Verdant Properties
Able Value Homes
Fresha Properties
Safe Haven Family Homes
Awakened Homes
Renew Home Properties
Up Properties
New Greenfield Properties
Value Corner Properties
Home Grows Property
ReNu Properties
OccuPi Properties
New Homes Properties
Family First Properties
Renewed Homes
Property Dr
New Again Family Housing
ANewLeaf HomeSales
Youthful Revamped Properties
Old Land New Owner
Fantastic Home Properties
Ultimate Makeover Properties
Fresh Beginnings
New Realm Properties
New Roots Development
Creative Home Vision
RennoVenture Homes
Recovered Properties
Fresh Home Design Properties
Vision Design Homes
Value Flip Properties
DreamRenewal Homes
The Homebud Group
Tree For Leaves Homes or Tree For Leaves Properties
Homes for Everyone
Fresh Feel Homes
A New Look Homes
PR Property Renovators
Good Rest Homes
Second to None Homes
FutureSoul Properties
Remod Properties
Homeville Properties
Better Place Properties
NewFoundLand Homes
Newleaf Homes
Spiffy Properties
Newborn Homes
rejuv a nation homes
Succeeded Homes
Foster Haven Properties
Youthful Homes and Properties
DreamRenewed Homes
Abode Renew Homes
Renewed Curb Appeal
Spankin' Fresh Properties
Renu Homes
New Dwellings
Today's Properties
Property made Possible
old to new properties
Valuehood Properties
Villa Volver Properties
ValAdd Properties
Value Homes
Bliss Properties
Breathe Again Homes
Charm Properties
Youthful Revamp Homes
ValueSource Properties
FreshPath Properties
Real Design Properties
BranKnew Properties
Rally Properties
Pillar Properties
A New Casa
Families Fresh Start
FamLead Homes
finally home
Casa Nova
New Era Properties
Rebuilt Equity Homes
Second Chance Homes
Accelerated Properties
Rennova Homes
Tuned Up Properties
NEW LIFE Properties
ReDoMe Properties
New Hearth Properties
Four Square Properties
Revitalized Properties
Life Spark Properties
Do Over Homes
The Flip Doctor
Home Design Venture
Own A Home Properties
Revamped Properties and Homes
New Start Properties
Rising Phoenix Properties
Home ReNu
NewCore Properties
OccuPi Homes
Scion Homes
Property Rebirth
Clear Pathway Homes
HopeBuilders Properties
welcome homes
Sunny Side Properties
homes to own
Families First
Better Square Properties
My New Begginning
ReDwell Properties
Good Growing Homes
Hang Ur Hat Properties
Deja vu Properties
Great Value Properties
Upcycled Homes
Kindle Life Properties
Helping Hand Properties
Up Homes
New Horizons Homes
Overhauled Properties
Familia Homes
Fresh Start Home Properties
Horizon Properties
Carisma Homes
NuValue Homes
New Home Fantastic
Value Ascent
Reborn Homes
Enhanced Homes
Timeless Homes
My luxury property
Better Life Homes
Rescued Properties
Twice Around The Block
homes on a budget
Rebirth Properties
Renascence Homes
Reserved Homes
Better Made Homes
A New Look Properties
Touch of Class Home Properties
Homes Revamped
Home Remake
MiddleClass Castles
Enliven Properties
New Again Homes
New Haven Properties
Better Home Properties
reInnovation Homes
Rising Phoenix Group
ValueRise Properties
ReDazzle Homes
Choice Beginnings Properties
RENEW Properties
Creative Home Properties