Catchy Slogan (tagline) is needed to help recruit affiliates (aka publishers) to join Definitions: Slogan has to portray to affiliates benefits of joining outlined in No more than 6 words long. Slogan has to be relevant to affiliate marketing. Example: offers that speak for themselves. Sample slogans that we like: A diamond is forever, Don't be evil, Impossible is Nothing, Just Do It, Immigration at Work, The happiest Place on Earth.


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Affliate Action Here!
Rich Begins Here
Last night I dreamt I was a zillionaire... or was I an Affiliate?
From Needs to Leads
PayDay Cometh....Everyday
Write now, paid later
Where affilates in the know go
Pages leads to Wages
HappiLead Everafter
Together We Can
Market for Profit
The shoots of success
Big Leads, Big Money
Affiliate Checkmate:The moves to profits
Join the winning team.
Affiliates, Facilitates
Your Leads, Our Money
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Just Lead.
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if we dont c u later here...we`ll c u later hear...
Affiliates wanted...Its lonely at the Top!
Dollar Dollar Bills.
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the book crook
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A Reason To Smile
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Bold Horizons
Profitable Paths to Payout
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Take The Lead
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Rewards in Your Hand
Paths to Payout
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Join Me I'll Benefit You
By Any Leads Necessary
Affiliation: Learn, Locate, Execute
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Leads by money, rich by money
Lead to Know Basis
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Make Money With Master Affiliates
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Link The Screen To Green
global conversions inc
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Before Or Affiliate
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Super Market Leads
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Affiliate Marketing:Solid steps to profits
One Click ~ Can Change Your Life
Finger Clicking Good!
Affiliates, Linking Our World
More Information, Better Choices
Money Leads to Satisfied Clients
converted conversions
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Golden Partners
Affiliates, the pulse of Money.
Affiliate Checkmate:The right move or moves
Step Up To Success
Pay Yourself
Cuh Click, Cuh Ching
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Tag Along With Me
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You can too
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Simplify the affiliate way
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Step aboard the ship of success
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Leads that Render Success
The Leads Have It!
Let's Play Tag, I'm It!
Affiliation Income Possibilities: Many
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United Partners
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We the Leaders
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