I am looking for a name for a gourmet toffee company. We are looking for something upscale, something with character and perhaps with a whimsical feel. The toffee is handcrafted and is available in several gourmet varieties such as cranberry-orange, bacon, etc. We are looking for something with more of a boutique feel than a "mom 'n' pop" store. The name should lend itself well to creating a visual image for the logo.

Business Names

contest winner

Copper Kettle Gourmet Toffee

Robin's Nest Gourmet Toffee
Toffee Trolley
Pink Sugar
Toffee Ambrosia
Delectable Delights Gourmet Toffee
Imagenez Toffee Shoppe....or Toffees....or Toffee Company...or Confectionery
Delight Flight Toffee
A Toffee Tale
The Toffee Suite
Wildflower Bay Gourmet Toffee......etc.
The Toffee Pot
Toffee Emporium
Arbor Light Toffee
Treasure Trove of Toffee
Gourmet Crunch Co.
Whimsy Delights
Toffee Buzz
Toffee Treats Boutique
Handcrafted Toffee Co.
Sweet Spot Toffees....Toffee Shoppe...Toffee Company...Confectionery
Toffee Therapy
Sugar Daddy's Toffee Company
Molasses For the Masses
Savor Toffees
Bellissimo Toffee
Sweet Thing Toffees.....Toffee Shoppe,...Toffee Company....Confectionery
Toffee Cache
Toffee Cup
Delectable Toffee Suite
Sticky Sweets
More Toffee
After Dinner Toffee
Sweet Kiss
Mieux Douceur Toffees....or Toffee Shoppe...Toffee Company...or Confectionery
Toffee Grove Boutique
Toffee Toffee
Grande Avenue Gourmet Coffee
Street Avenue Toffee
Silver Tin Toffee Co.
Delectable Gourmet Toffee
Toffee Envy
Sweet Tooth
Toffee Tricycle
Diversity Toffees
Tourterelles Toffees....Toffee Shoppe...Toffee Company...Confectionery
The Art of Toffee
Toffee Factory Extraordinaire
Velveteen Toffee
Ultimate Toffee
GourmetToffee Haven
Toffee Tastes
Uncommonly Good Toffees....or Toffee Shoppe...or Toffee Company....or Confectionery
Toffee Not Coffee
Toffee Crusaders
Me'chante Toffee Company
Toffee Dreams
The Daily Toffee
Toffee Tantalizer
Toffee Fields
St. Toffee
Tatesborough Toffee
Golden Heaven
Joie de Toffee
Its Toffee O'Clock
Sticky Teeth
A Touch of Toffee
Tipsy Toffee
Toffee Town
Toffee Rapture
Toffee Tea Or Me
Laughy Toffee
FairyTrail Toffees
Candy Chef Toffee
Caramel Silk
Decadent Toffee Treats
Toffee Gems
Toffee Tank
The Gourmet Toffee Company
Toffee Couture
Affection Confection
XOX Toffee
Bridge Street Gourmet Toffee......etc.
Topsy Turvy Toffee
ToadStool Toffee
Mountain Top Toffee
The Toffee Box
Toffee Tinker
Penny Lane Toffee Company
Top Drawer Toffee
Wicked Toffee
Golden Confections
Toffee Terrifix
Sweet Confections Toffee Co.
Sweet Pea's Gourmet Toffee.........etc.
Toffee Delight Grove
Toffee Street....Avenue....Lane
Toffee Delights
The Toffee Factory
The Toffee's Toffee
XXX Toffee
Fancy Annie's Toffee Company
Angel's Delight [Toffee]
Toffee Break
Crax Attack
The Toffee Stop
Toffee Addict
Toffee Craft
Me'chante Bonne Toffees....or Toffee Shoppe....or Confectionery
Toffee Tryst
Toffee Blossoms
Chateau Toffee
Fashion Toffee
All About Toffee
Lavish Toffees
Sir Render Toffee
Loon Lake Gourmet Toffee
Sticky Sweet Treats
Cielo Toffee
Wonderland Toffee Co.
Heaven's Toffee
Toffee Specialties
Sticky Situation Toffee
The Sweet Craft
Secret Kettle Toffees......etc.
Delightful Designer Toffee
Toffees Unlimited
Lovers Knot Toffees....or Toffee Shoppe....Toffee Company...or Confectionery
BlackBag Toffee Co.
Idyllic Toffee
The Toffee Artisans
Epicurean Delight
Giglee Toffee
WildeWoods Gourmet Toffee
Caramel Delight
Toffee Tap
Deliciously Delightful Toffee
Toffee Thymes
Tanglewood Toffees.....or Toffee Shoppe...Toffee Company....or Confectionery
Rags to Toffee
The Toffee Skillet
Toffee Gourmet
Pim's Gourmet Toffee
Toffee Magic
For The Love of Toffee
It's Tops Toffee
HunkyDory Toffee
Sweet Posies Toffee
Gourmet Gold Toffee [Company]
Toffee Inspiration
Toffee Fashion Boutique
Sweet Box
Gourmet Choice Toffee
Buried Treasures
Wisconsin's Finest Toffee
Regale Toffee
The Gourmet Toffee Vine
Simply Delicious
Park Place Toffee Emporium
Edgewood Gourmet Toffee
Amore Toffee or Toffee Amore
Artistic Delightful Toffee
Out for Toffee
Toffee Suites
Sweet Turtle Toffee Company.....etc.
Fancy Pants Toffees....or Toffee Shoppe....or Toffee Company....or Confectionery
The Top Toffee
Giggles Toffee
Golden Dreams
Toffee Mug
Luxury Sweet
Lofty Toffee
Better Than Toffee
Wild for Toffee
Tempting Toffees
Toffee Apple
Sugar Maple Gourmet Toffee
All the Rage Toffee
The Toffee Temple
Toffee Take Me Away
Sticky Gourmet
Maple Hollow Gourmet Toffee.......etc.
Toffee Nirvana
Toffee Road
Enchanted Toffee
Sugar Daddy's Toffees.....Toffee Shoppe.....Confectionery
Sweet Mama's Toffee Company
Chateau de Toffee
Riche Tre'sor Toffees....or Toffee Shoppe...or Confectionery
Tempt Me Toffees
Tantalizing Toffees
Sweet Whimsies....Whimsy.....Whimsy's...etc.
Qui Qui Toffee
Toffee Truck
WisconSinfully Delicious Toffee
Epic Toffee
Taste of Toffee
Toffee Vivant
Toffees Temptation
Fancy Nancy's Toffees....or Toffee Shoppe....or Toffee Company ....or Confectionery
Toffee Etiquette
Boutique Toffee
Dream Toffee
Toffee Station
Renaissance Toffees....Toffee Shoppe....Toffee Company....or Confectionery
Woodhaven Gourmet Toffee
Artistic Gourmet Toffee
Toffee Tree
Toffee Aria ~ visual person singing or an open mouth with toffee notes coming out
Royalty Toffees
Top Hat Toffee
WisconSinful Toffee
Real Toffee
Mad About You Toffees....Toffee Shoppe...Toffee Company....Confectionery
Eden Marron Toffee Co.
Sweet Relief
Fancy Annie's Toffees....or Toffee Shoppe....or Confectionery
Toffee Treats
Sweet on You Toffees....Toffee Shoppe....Toffee Company...Confectionery
Sweet Molasses
Country Road Toffee Company
Delightfully Delicious Toffee
Sweet Gold
Smiling Moon Toffee
Highland Toffee Creamery
Sweet Heaven
Toffee Talent
Oui Oui Toffee
Passion Toffee
Pot of Gold Toffee Co.
Premiyum Toffee
Confection Connection
Trained Toffee
Luxury Gourmate
Great Lakes Toffee Company
Toffee Love
Sunny Day Toffee Company
Caramel Is Love
The Toffee Angel
De'bauche Toffee Shoppe....or Toffees....or Confectionery
Goldmet Toffee pronounced like gourmet
Lady Slipper Gourmet Toffee.....etc.
Sweetie Pie Toffees.....Toffee Shoppe....Toffee Company....Confectionery
Met Toffee
Wanton Toffee
Saint Toffee
Imperial Gourmet Toffee
Sweet Mama's Toffees.....Toffee Shoppe....Confectionery
Speciaux Toffee Shoppe....or Toffees....Toffee Company....or Confectionery
Park Avenue Toffee
Capricious Gourmet
The American Toffee Company
Great Lakes Toffee Co. ...or shop ... boutique...
The Toffee's Tastes
La Casa Toffee
Toffee Boutique
Belle au Beurre Toffees....or Toffee Shoppe...or Toffee Company...or Confectionery
Little Black Bag Toffee Co.
Whimsical Apron Toffees....etc.
Odyssey Toffees
Artistic Toffee Delight
Gourmet Toffee Vision
Toffee Enchantments Boutique
Tarrytown Toffee
McToffee Confections
Toffee Snob
Sweet William's.....etc.
Black Magic Toffee
Tasty Toffee
Tangerine Moon Toffee
Toffee Motive
Gourmet Toffee Road
Toffee Bouquet
Toffee Moments
Sweetwoods Gourmet Toffee
Tempting Toffee Emporium
Boutique Toffee Treats
Gold Toffee
The Toffee Emporium
Toffee Treasure
Maple Tree Toffee
Guilty Pleasures Toffee Company....etc.
Crunchy Munchies
Toffee Blossom Boutique
Sweet Delight
Toffee Loft
Toffee Delight Avenue
Black Gold Toffee
Tritan toffee
Toffee Touch
Toffee Smile
Copper Heaven Toffees.....etc.
Hansel and Gretel's Gourmet Toffee......etc.
Devil To The Dentist
The Toffee Garden
It's Raining Toffee
McGourmet Toffees
L'indulgence Toffee Company
Royal Reign Toffee
285th Street.....Avenue.....etc...or whatever number your target boiling point is
Copper Slipper Toffees......etc.
Toffee Fete
Mystical Sweets
My WisconSin Toffee
Tasty Chew
Decadent Toffee
Sticky Sweet Boutique
Less Talk More Toffee
De'licieux Toffee Company
Premiyumm Toffee
Gourmet Suites Toffee
Toffee Explosion
Toffee Ultimate
Delightful Decadents Toffee
Cosmic Toffee
Toffee Faire
Indulgencia Toffees....or Toffee Shoppe...or Toffee Company...or Confectionery
Hugs & Toffee
Treasured Toffees
Toffee Extravagant
Sweet Creations
De'licieux Toffee Shoppe....or Confectionery
Sweet Mercy
Towne Square Gourmet Toffee.....etc.
The toffee Club
Sillee Toffee
Boutique Chewy
Ye Ole Coffee Shop
Golden Delicacy
Her Majesty's Toffee
Misty Moon Toffee
Toffee Expressions
The Toffee Boutique
Toffee. That's Amore!
Pure Delights [Toffee]
My Toffee Shop
BowTie Toffee
Gourmet Toffee Shop
Full Moon Toffee
Delightful Decadents
Sugar Maple Toffee
Sweet Ideas
Joie de Vivre Toffees....or Toffee Shoppe....or Toffee Company....or Confectionery
Toffee Loving Care
Savor Toffee Treats
Copper Kettle Toffee Company
Toffee Anyone
Toffee or Not Toffee
Unlimited Toffee
Carefree Toffee Boutique
Enchanting Toffee
The Copper Kettle
The Toffee Co
Gourmet Toffee Bliss
Sweet Endeavors
Laffy Toffee
Trinket Treats
Turtledoves Toffees.....or Toffee Shoppe...or Toffee Company...or Confectionery
Rolling Toffee
Fancy Toffee
Ravish Me Toffee
L'indulgence Toffees....or Toffee Shoppe....or Confectionery
Moonstruck Toffees....or Toffee Shoppe...Toffee Company...or Confectionery
RedRibbon Toffee
Wisconsin Toffee Delights
Toffee Talk
L'affection Confectionry....or Toffee Shoppe
Petite Passions [Toffee]
Toffee Wings
Toffee Fingers
Sinfully Delicious
DelightMe Toffee
The Hungry Gnome Gourmet Toffee.......etc.
Heaven's Gate Toffee
The Toffee Tin
Top of The Line Toffee
McIntosh Street Gourmet Toffee
Sweets n Treats Toffee Shoppe
Inspiration Toffee
Exceptionnelle Toffees...or Toffee Shoppe....or Toffee Company....or Confectionery
Toffee Surrender
The Toffee Shack
Royal Toffee
Carefree Toffee
Toffee Train
The Gourmets Choice [Toffee]
TickLee Toffee
Toffee Noir
Sweet William's Gourmet Toffee.......etc.
Top Toffee
Over The Moon Toffees....or Toffee Shoppe....Toffee Company....or Confectionery
Sticky Delight
Toffee Today
The Gourmet's Choice [Toffee]
Chewy Delight
Offy Toffee
Hint of Toffee
Candy Kiss
Crunch Time Toffee
The Ultimate Toffee
Superior Toffee
Hearthstone Gourmet Toffee
Crunch Time Artisans
Lavish Me Toffee
Secret Window Toffees.....etc.
SweetTreats Toffee
Toffee Heights
Toffee Whisperer
Totally Toffee
Beaucoup Toffee
Toffee Divine
Le Desir Toffees....or Toffee Shoppe....or Toffee Company...or Confectionery
Toffee Passion
The Garden of Toffee
Celeste au Beurre Toffees....or Toffee Shoppe....or Toffee Company...or Confectionery
McToffee Treats
Exquisite Toffee
Toffee to Die For or To Die For Toffee or Toffee 2 Die 4
Toffee Delight Cove
Wood Violet Gourmet Toffee
Ethereal Toffee
Petit Fête
Toffee Delish!
Cosmos Toffee
Celestial Toffee
BlackBox Toffee Co.
SinSational Toffees
Blossom Toffee
Toffee Artist
My Sweet Time....etc.
The Toffee Shop
Teezing Toffee
Breakfast at Toffee's
Wholly Toffee
WisconSin Guilty Pleasure
Toffee Odyssey
Crunch Yum Toffee
Chew Tasties
Toffee Valet
300 degrees F
Riche Tre'sor Toffee Company
Magic Toffee
Tickling Toffee
Delicacy Gold
Gourmet Toffee Company
Lotus Toffee
Toffee Connection
Wild Abandon Toffees....or Toffee Shoppe...Toffee Company....or Confectionery
Enchanted Forest Gourmet Toffee....etc.
Crunch Time Boutique
The Toffee House
Topper Toffee
Sweet Release
Sweet Delicacy
Guest House Toffees.....etc.
Tryst Toffee Treats
Toffee World
Boardwalk Toffee Emporium
Gourmet Toffee Eden
Sticky Fingers Toffee
Delicious Toffee Treats
For Sweet's Sake
Toffee Euphoria
Hello Toffee
Toffee Grounds
Toffee Enchantments
Golden Taste
Blue Moon Toffee
Toffee Toffee Toffee
Wisp Toffee
Enjoy Toffee
Little Sweet Spot...Toffees...Toffee Shoppe....Toffee Company...Confectionery
Summercrest Toffee
Temptation Toffees
Gourmet Toffee Guru
Crunchy Chew
Gourmate Gold
Toffee Galleria
Toffee Chef
Granite Peak Gourmet Toffee......etc.
Shooting Star Toffee Company
Toffee Twist
Heavenly Heights Toffee
Toffee Art
Toffee Tease
Sweet Nothings Toffee.....Toffee Shoppe....Toffee Company....Confectionery
A Taste of Toffee
Decadently Toffee
Artisan Toffee
Toffee Fashion
Towne & Country Toffee
The Queen's Toffee
Gourmet Toffee Desire
Scandal's Toffee Boutique
Penthouse Toffees.....etc.
Boutique Decadent
Gourmet Toffee Treats
Toffee Timber Delights
Ambrosial Toffees
Golden Treat
Toffee Cosmos
C'est Bon Toffee
The 5th Amendment Toffee Bar
Fanciful Delites
Over The Edge Toffee
Oasis Toffee
Wood Violet Toffee
Whimsical Kettle Toffees....Pot....Pan....Toffee Company...etc.
Twist Toffee
Copper Pot Toffee Company....etc.
Unique Edibles
Golden Treasure Treats
Secret Temptations
His Majesty's Toffee
MoonBeam Toffees
Front Porch Toffee......etc.
Teazing Toffee
Savory Toffee
T for Toffee
Cosmix Toffees
Heartland's Finest Toffee
Copper Apron Toffees.....etc.
Shade Tree Toffee
Celebre au Beurre Toffees....or Toffee Shoppe...,,,or Company.,..or Confectionery
Impeccable Toffee Creations
Central Plain Toffee Creamery
De'bauche Toffee Company
Gourmet Gold
Hot Toffee
Sweet Petites [Toffee]
Picket Fence Toffees......Gourmet Toffee
Ravishing Toffee
L'affection Toffee Company
Wonder Toffee
Black & Gold Toffee