We are a housing development company which designs and develops sustainable, creative and affordable housing developments in urban-centric locations. Our goal is to create positive outcomes for the purchasers of our units and the communities in which they reside.We would like to have a creative name... one that embraces the concept of development and rejuvination. Something more abstract than the names that are currently being submitted.

Business Names

contest winner

Affinity Urban Housing

Urban Flats
Greenovative Design
FutureFace Housing
A House Of The Future
Metronian Designs
Urban Scape
Creative Luxury
Positive Foundations Developments
Green Metropolis Designers
Affordable Urban Housing
Harmonious Housing
Sound and $ensible Homes
Brier Residency
Homes By Design
Your Dream House
GenX Abodes
Green Acres Design
The affordable housing Metropolis
Imagine Housing
Snowflake Homes
New Spectrum Urban Development
Dwelling Foundation
Urbasis Developments
Green Metro Development
Harmony Developers
HomeGrown Neighbourhoods
Happy Fawn Development
Home Harvest
Aphaea Developments
Daybreak Village
Urban Phoenix Housing Development
Kaleidoscope Housing
Harmony Builders
New Dawn Village
Urban Harmony
Lohas Housing
Dwell Homes
Lohas Cornerstone
Urban Eco Developers
DAN.....Developing Affordable Neighborhoods
Quantum Urban Design and Development
New Vision Neighborhood Development
Urban Own
GreenSphere Development
New Horizon Development
Urban Neighborhood Developers
Developmental Community Designs
The Cornerstone
DomiSmile Housing
Pierpoint Developments
Greenopolis Development
Utopia Development
First Try Templates
Cornerstone Communities
Urban Neighbor Catalysts
Eden Environments
Optima Urban Development
Cityscape Designs
Castles in the Sky
Town Scape
New Spectrum Village
Gaia Gardens
Happy Housing
Designer Land
Ivory Park Inc.
Yellow Brick Housing
Urban Green
Vineland Housing
DeVille Development
AND....Affordable Neighborhood Developers
The Cottage Housing and Development
Urbana Home Development Co.
Urban Scapers
New Harmony Neighborhood Development
Emerald Living
Urban Catalyst Housing
Urban Footing Designs
Durable Dwellngs
Ecovative Urban Development
Firm Foundation
Positive Foundations Housing
Emerald Design Works
Urbantopia Design
Green Acres Housing
Cityscape Developments
KeyStone Corner
DeVille Design
Home Green Home
Guardian Gatherings
Hope House Village
Greenopolis Housing
Urban Oasis Developments
Urban Suburbans
Greenpark Urban
Urban Art
Your Dream Home
Green Metro Housing
Fine Designs
Via Design
Innovative Harmony Housing
Humanity Homes
Movin' On Up Development
Lohas Development
Innovative Eco Housing
Cityscape Housing
Positive Foundations Communities
Worthwhile Developers
ArtHouse Villa
Sustainable Living
You're Home At Last
Urban DomiSmiles
A House For The Future
Living Mediums
Community Cornerstone Developments
Leading Edge Development
Cityscape Neighbourhoods
Green $ense Homes
Urban Terrace
Urban Living
Urban Eco Housing
Inannas Garden Developments
Urban Outfitters
EconoVenture Homes
Masonhome Village
Urban Oasis Housing
Social Rock
DomiSmile Designs
Welltopia Works
Urban Social
One World Housing
Metronian Developments
Metronian Homes
Fine Urban Developments
Ivy Investments
Creative Pathways Urban Development
Urban Community Developers
Metropia Development
Your Secret Garden
Arthouse Village
Ecovative Urban Housing
Neighbourhood Arches
Design Impulse
Snowflake Housing
Art Of Dream
Urban Gardens
DeVille Developers
Community Charter Commons
Greenovative Developers
DomiSmile Foundation
Modern Way Neighborhood Development
From the Heart Housing
HomeGrown Communities
Urban Rebirth
City Life Developments
Cornerstone Housing
Urban Vision Neighborhood Development
Urbantopia Development
Candlelight Village
Ecotopia Development Company
Cornerstone Neighbourhoods
Sustainable Designs
Sentinel Settlements
New Wind
Freestyle Housing
GreenSphere Designs
Catalyst Flat
Urban Utopia Develpment
Lohas Designs
Designer World
Cityscapes Development
HomeGrown Housing
GreenPlanet Housing
Designer City
Home For the Future
Urbanna Housing Foundation
Cornerstone Developments
Nu Flats
Ecovative Urban Designs
Innovative Eco Development
Spring Harvest Development
Urban Way Developments
Urban Solutions
Social Living Developments
A Leg Up Development
Designer Country
Positive Foundations Neighbourhoods
Urban Way
Catalysts for Community Development
Urbana Sustainable Housing
DomiSmile Development
NUWave Neighborhood Development
Artisan House Village
Green Metropolis Development
Beacon Village
Future Fresh Homes
Ecovative Housing
Green Metro Design
Creative Sustainable Housing
Keystone Neighborhood Development
Cityscape Communities
Metropia Designs
Designed For Life
Harmony Housing
Urbana Community Housing
Together Works
Social Community Housing
Urban Planning Inc.
Key Manor Management
Creative Dwelling
Urbane Designs
Urban Design
Developmental Community Concepts
Greenopolis Design
Creative Home Designs
Urban Oasis Neighbourhoods
DeVille Designs
GreenPlanet Development
HomeGrown Developments
Urban Oasis Communities
Village Neighbors
Dream House
Ecovative Development
Urban Cornerstone
Calliope Commons
Renaissance Residence
Greenovative Development
Built For Life
Urban Creative Developments
Urbane Flats
Positive Foundations
Dream Home
Creative Housing Designs
Sustainable Creativity
Design Housing
Urban Esoteric
The Carriage House
Chartreuse Living
Peony Place
GreenPlanet Designs