A once sleepy motel that has been funkified into a hip mid-century revival "boutique" motel that is actually affordable (chic but cheap). Ping pong room, vintage VW bus for a shuttle, records and record players, disco laundry room... this is not your average motel! Our previous name was Blue Ridge Inn and we could either be called a hotel or a motel, or just go with the name as in: I'm staying at the Funkified. Thanks in advance for your creative juices!

Business Names

Who's Inn

by ThinkBig
Magic Dome Motel/Hotel
FanciFunk Motel
Disconique Hotel
Meditation Motel
Rad Roof Inn
Spaced Out Nights
DiscoFever Inn
Mellow Out Inn
Pile Up Z's Motel/Hotel
Inn My Groove
Wicked Inn
Elixir Hotel
The Fort
NeonFunk Inn
Boardwalk Boutique Inn
Imperial Inn / The Imperial Inn
Under The Boardwalk
Funkee Times
The Crash Pad Motel
Sputnik Hotel
The Shagadelic / Shagadelix / ShagaDeli
Kool Motel / Koolios
The Deja Vu Hotel
The Motel California
The Retrotique
Cya Later Hotel
Hotel Funkzilla
Blu Snooze
TakenAback Inn
Hula Hoop Inn
Blue Waters
Suite Dreams
Eight Track Motel
Funky Country Inn
Rerun Inn
Like Wow Hotel/Motel
Mr Blue Skies
Mojo Motel
FunkFugue Motel
Greaser Inn
Revival Inn
The Bates Motel
Blue Volkswagen
The Swinging Sixties Motel
Disconights Inn
Funky Fringe
Blue Owl
The Elite Flret
Hotel Diggin' It
Groove Buster Inn
Funky Spunky Motel
The Faction
The Commune
Blue Groove Hotel
Blue Crocodile
Rack It Up Inn
Sweat Hog Hotel
Primo Hotel
Hippy Days Hotel
Z Time
Ambient Hotel
Copacetic Inn
Hollow Motel
The Far Out Flophouse
Quasi Hotel
FunkWarp Motel
Hotel Motel Funner in Here.
We Are Family Motel
Come On Inn
TimeTropolis Inn
Hippie Potamus
Finkified Hotel
Disco Drive Inn
Jazzy Hotel
The Lion Sleeps Tonite
Cot Stop
Remix Inn
Funkphoria /Funkforia
Sup Big Up
Beat Feet Motel/Hotel
Yin Yang Inn
HeatWave Motel
Runaway Inn
Elbow Room Inn
Awesome Possom Sleep Stop
loveIn Hotel
Finger Poppin Inn
MoodSwing Inn
Inn Like Flynn
Chill Pill Hotel
Saggy Blues Inn
Tune Inn Tune Out
Fly By Night Motel
Age of Aquarius
The Dynamite Den
Blue Caboose
LaLa Land
Melvin Inn
HangOut Motel
FlowerPower Inn
Maw Yawn Motel
Passed Up Motel
The Hippie Hide
Honky Tonk Hotel
Big Up Luxe
The Hootenanny Hotel
A Muse Hotel /Motel
The Zephyr
Retrofile Inn
Retrofied Ridge Inn
YKnot Inn
Blue Elephant
Coo Crib
FunkHazy Inn
Welcome Inn
Crimson Clover
Grateful Bed Inne
Xanadu Inn
Time Tunnel Inn
Gnarly Motel / Gnarly Hotel
The Funkified Lodge
Do Wah Diddy
Word from The Bird Motel/Hotel
Haus of the Rising Sun
The Rec Room
BluVerse Inn
The Inn Crowd
Wooly Bully Inn
What a Trip
Hodad Inn
Breaker Breaker Inn
Pile Up Z's Inn
The Platform
The Dive
Inndigo Unwind
Disco Digs
Class Act
Tin Lizzies
Psyche Out Inn
Silhouettes Motel
Chic Shack
The Paradox Motel
Retropol Motel
Retropolis Motel
Really Choice Inn
Blue Beetle
The Hitchhiker Honey Hotel
The Hip Trip Inn
Chic Meek Motel
The Funkadelic Soul Motel
Pulp Fiction Inn
Squeeze Box
Zoinks Hotel
SunFlower Motel
Shabby Shack
Tangerine Motel
NoDuh Hotel
The Funkenstein Flat
Off The Hook Nook
Get Down Tonight
GrooveTop Motel
Blue Funk Motel
Blue Lagoon Motel
Peachy Patch
Spiffy Sleeper Inn
Hotel Boutique
Good Times Forever
Live,Laugh,Love Hotel
A Place Inn Time
Regal Inn
Sloopy Shack
The Groovy Pad
Free Love Hotel
The White Show Motel
The Psychedelic
The Social Revolution Hotel
Renaissance Hotel
Brady Bunch Motel
Love N Peace Motel/Hotel
Funk N' Bunks
Blue Poodle
Jesus Would Stay
Blue Cow
Fantasia Inn
Kick Back Inn
Really Choice Motel/Hotel
Goin' Steady Inn
Wildwood Motel
Stompin Ground
Twilight Inn
Hiptique Hotel
Regal Hotel
Hot House
La Bamba
Three Sheets Hotel
FunkyVibe Motel
Mop Top Inn
Funk Palace
RendezView Hotel/Motel
The Blue Boar
Peace Now! Motel
Heaven's Door
Voltznia Motel
Blue Crystal Hotel
Zvana / Zeevana
Blue Rabbit
The Flow
Dibs Inn
OffTheHook Inn
loveBeads Hotel
Retro Revolution
The Funk Fountain
Get Back Inn
Hitchin Post
Percolate Inn
Bananafana Fofirley Inn
The Grand Funk
Drag Race Sally
Grunge Spirit
Funky Garage
The Mona Lisa Motel
MODtown Hotel/ MODtown motel
33 RPM Inn
FreakyFunk Inn
Hip Hype Motel
The Hipster Jive Hotel
El Dorado Motel
FunFunk Inn
Rad Pad
Backatcha Inn
Groovy Digs
FunkFunantic / FunkFunAntix
Wood Stockings
Fly Bird Hotel
BlueLand Inn
Yotel Motel
Laugh Inn
Presidio Hotel
BeamMeUp Hotel
Sleep Inn
Utopia Lodge
LaFun Hotel
SnoozeGroove Motel
Regal Motel
The Funktified Connection
SeeWeed Motel
Wailers Castle Motel
Vinyl Vault
FunkiFile /d
Blu Suede Shoes Motel
Ashbury Inn
Dew Drop Inn
Psychodel INN
Retro ACalmodations
Right On Motel
Hipnique Hotel
Everyday People Hotel
Beach Blister Inn
The Cool Moon Motel
WuddUp Hotel
Rainbow Arms
Retro AcCalmodations
The G Spot
The SuperCali Inn
FunkyTown Inn
Boogie On Inn / Boogie Down Inn /Boogie Inn
Blue Swan
Copa Cabana
Fly Up Hotel
Hippie Lodge
Hallow Haven
8 Track Motel
Do Your Thing Inn
Dibs Motel/Hotel
Voo le Voo
Hotel of California
Boogie Barn Motel
No Sweat Inn
Blue Rain
The Flip Side
Bigger than Life
AcCalmodate Hotel / Motel
Peace, Love and Soul Motel
InnSpired Hotel
NostalgicFunk Inn
Magical Mystery Tour Hotel
Jinkies Hotel
Motown Motel
Readmitted Vivid Inn
Peppermint Twist Hotel
T.C.B. Hotel
Revolution Motel
Looking Good Inn
FunkDrunk Inn
Jack Rabbit Slim's Inn
Off The Wall
Hideaway Hotel
Owls Nest
Retro Palace
Grease Motel
Hip Up Hotel
le hotel california
Improved Groove
Formica and Chrome Hotel
Ha Ha Hotel
Funkinn Hotel
Highflyer Hotel
R & R Inn
Hotel/Motel 33
Padunkle Inn
Castaway Hotel
Mama's & Papa's FunkyInn
Everybody's Inn
Beetleguese Inn
MoanTown motel
Disco Dervish Motel
The Crackin' Crib
The Elite Fleet
Sleep Unique Hotel
Hyperlink Hotel
Spunky Spot Motel
Velvet Hat Hotel
FondFunk Inn
Wazoo Motel/Hotel
Baggy Blues Inn
Screamin Trees
Up Blu Hotel
Big Easy Hotel
Welcome Back Inn
Voltique Motel
Aqua Boogie
Back INN The Saddle
Peace Dove
Keen Kottage
Camp Revolution
The Groovylicious
Retrotique Motel
Juxtaposed Motel
Keepin It Real
Far Out
LeisureFunk Inn
Inn Tuit Hotel /Motel
Da Bomb Hotel
Commune Inn
The Hip Hop Hotel
Yellow Ribbon Motel
Doo Wah Diddy Inn
I'm Diggin It Motel/Hotel
NoTell Motel
NanooNanoo Inn
Mood Inndigo
Bluegrass Inn
The Digs
FunkFunatic /FunkFunatix
Funky Monkey
Antenna Motel or Hotel
Phunky Monkey Motel
Reggae Inn
Lovealution Inn
UrlyBird Hotel/Motel
Funkstory Motel
DotCalm Inn
Vicci Blu Motel
Hipstar Hotel
MondoCool Inn
Farout Motel
Melvin Motel
Funky Moon Motel
Groovy Manor
Anita Groovy Inn
The Rad Pad
Satisfaction Motel
Funky Motel
The Looking Glass Inn
GeeWiz Inn
Square Hotel
Blue Mountain
Wowzers Hotel
The Hip Hotel
Horse With No Name Inn
Hang Loose Hotel
The Indigo Iguana
BoogieWoogie Inn
Drift On Inn
Dig It Inn
The Fringe
Take Five Hotel
Blue Hue Motel
Flaming Star Motel
Main Squeeze Motel
Rest Inn Peace
Blue Rhino
FunkyTime Motel
Shag Inn
Karma Cove
Inndigo Relax
Word Up Inn
Bloom Room Inn
The boutique
FreakOut Inn
Awaken Inn
Vivid Dreams
Hole in the wall
FunkyGlow Inn
Opt Inndigo /Op Inndigo
Drag Strip Inn
Roost Retro
Blue Ridge Funkified Hotel
Zanny Motel
Blue Sky inn
S.W.A.K. Inn
Juxtaposition Inn
Modern Inn
Hipstart Hotel
Cobra Sally's
Move N Groove Motel
flux capacitor hotel "The Flux"
The PollyEster's Hotel
Funkrageous Inn
Wake Up Little Susie Hotel
The Royale
Chic Inn
Purple Poodle Motel
The Corvette
GT Sally's
Feel Tha Funk Inn
Hang It Up Inn
Clue You Inn
Sergeant Pepper's Hideaway
People's Park Hotel
The Saddle Oxford
The Flop House
Blue Ridge Chic Hotel
Instant Karma
Inn & Outta Sight
VillageFunk Inn
Blue Wings Motel
Ring My Bell Motel
Those Were The Days
CrackaLack Inn
Time Machine Hotel
Paradise Court
Le Panach eo
The Bunkhouse
Little Deuce Coupe
The Kickin' Crib
Boogie Nights Inn
Keep On Truckin Motel
Nurkin' Hotel
Mantra Motel
The Hop Inn
Shabby Chic Inn
Blue By You
Funky Kingdom
Deluxe Big Up
Blue Spruce
Here To Funk
Polyester's Motel
Blue Bus Motel
Comfy Inn
TurnTable Inn
Stoked Hotel
Neato Sleeping Pad
The Mover Motel
Marathon Inn/Motel
Beetle Juice Inne
The Hubba Hubba Hotel
Love Inn
The Funkster
Hubba Hubba Inn
Boogie Inn
Sommers Hotel
Everybody'sInn Motel
We Got The Funk
RoadTrip Motel
The Funky Moon Motel
Feng Shui Inn
FunkyDaze Inn
The Rainbow Motel
Happy Together Hotel
Hotel La Boom
RecallingFunk Inn
Flower Power Paradox Inn
InndigoRetro / RetroInndigo
Mad Fad Motel
Fusion Motel
Hoot and Holler Hotel
Big Blu Hotel
DeJa View / Deja Vue
Chic Sleep
The Funky Flats
The Groovin' Inn
Flashback Motel
GrandFunk Motel
FunkiFile Inn
GoGo Inn
Groove Line Hotel
Blues Groove
Come Back Shack
The Beatnik
Jive Inn
The Rumpus Room
The Go Go Pad
Good Vibration Inn
Way Back Inn
It's A Gas Inn
The Righteous Rhino Inn
Vibe Motel
Made In The Shade Motel
Moon Dog Hotel/Inn
Polyester Motel
Good VibratInn
Reminisce Inn
The Inn with a Spin
Hotel Funktastic
DejaVous Inn
Laid Back Motel
Long Tall Sally's
Sleep Chic Hotel
The Funky Monkey Motel
ShuttleBus Motel
JukeBox Inn
Get Back Hotel
Purple Haze Motel
Wild Thing Hotel
Blue Sky Motel
The Rad
Cruise On Inn
Hotel Nirvana
House of the Rising Sun
Funk Fort
BackFlash Inn
Mystic Paradise
The Orbison
The Grand Torino Inn
The Lime Light
Movin' On Inn
FunkHappy Inn
Flash Back Inn
The Lazy Moon Motel
Motel Mojo
Blue Tide
Hit The Hay Hotel
Far Out Hotel
RightOn Inn
RetroFunk Motel
Moon Out Inn
VegOut Hotel
PureFunk Inn
57 Chevy Motel
The Shag Pad
Smooth Grooves
Woods Stock Motel
The Glow
Blue Bear
Grateful Bed Hotel
Shin Digg Inn
Fuzzy Dice Motel
Abbey Road Motel
Candy Land Inn
Woodstock Inn
The Comet
The Retropolis
Road Trip Inn
Bellbottom Blues Motel
LavaLight Motel
The Zone
PlayBack Inn
Blue Angel
Steppin' Out Inn
GroundHogs motel
Hip Hat Hotel
Groove Shack
Hangin' Loose Inn
It's A Gas Motel/Hotel
The Jiggy Joint
Groovy Inn
Righteous Digs
The Rewind Motel
Mountain Moon Motel
Hunker Down Hotel
electrovintage hotel
Wild Cherry Motel
Mind Blowin Inn
Blue Monkey Motel
Hangin Groovy
The Outta Sight Hotel
Velvet Dreams Motel
The Chic Chalet
The Laugh Inn
Outtasight! Motel
Hipster Inn
The Roxy
Blu Do Hotel
The Hipster Inn
Funky & Fly Inn
Mojo Inn
Groove Street
OutOfSight Hotel
The Groovy Inn
Slammin' Inn
Vodoo Hotel
Two Step Inn
Retro Inn
Padiddle Inn
The Tripster Inn
Back Inn Time
Retro Retreat Hotel
Crocodile Rock Motel
Shaggy Inn
Throwback Inn
Green River Motel
Bandstand Motel
Magical Mystery Motel
Inndigo Chill
The Hullabaloo Hotel
Back Flash Motel
The Wayback
Bluemoon Inn
The Mod Motel
The Hemp Hotel
Blue Bayou
Red Dress Sally
Blue Unicorn
Susie Q
The Turquoise Turtle
Funky Shades Inn
Dreamer Inn
Bucket Seat Inn
BlueFunk Inn
Sleep Walk Motel
Boogie Barrel Inn
Sugar Shack Hotel
Blue Cadillac
Good Vibes Inne
Pop Inndigo
Time Step Inn
Groovey Hotel
The Deja Vu Motel
Lonely Hearts Hotel
Groovy Moves Motel
Mystic Motion Inn
Blue Seas
Blue Jeans
Inn The Beat
DiscoBall Inn
HurryBack Inn
Disco Days Hotel
In the Groove Hotel
Funktopia Hotel
Peace Place Motel
Nodding Off Hotel
The Shindig
Inndigo Dot Calm
The Chrome Chameleon
RetroChic Hotel
Cruizn' Motel
CoolDude Hotel
Knarley Nights Inn
Motel Deja Vu
Mod Pod Lodge
Groove on Inn
The Compilation
Hotel Deja Vu
Jolly Time Inn
Blue Herron
The Blue Banana Motel
UpBeat Hotel
Bluenique Hotel
BeBop Inn
Space Oddity
Tune Inn
Libebrator Hotel
Compilation Station
Moon Out Tonight
Deja Vu Hotel
Roll Over Beethoven
Dock of the Bay Inn
Blue Bird Hotel
Blue Beats Motel
Blue Zebra Motel
Dharma Hotel
Blue Donkey
Four on the Floor Motel
Back Trax Motel
The Peace and Love Hotel
Funktique Motel
Hypnotic Hotel
Blue Leopard Motel
Moon Walk Motel
Taste of Honey Motel
Chic a Peek Hotel
The Wax Pancake
The Twilight Zone Motel
Jack Rabbit Inn
Mosh Pit Motel
Chic DuJour Hotel
Rained Out Motel
Groovy Days Hotel
Prizm Palace
Chill Out Inn
Hang It Up Motel/Hotel
Vivid View Hotel
Blue Bicycle
The Hop
SplashDown Motel
Hang Loose Inn
Driftwood Motel
Elvis Slept Here
Groove Into Blu
Outa Sight Motel
The Dormitory
Dig It Motel
Volkswagen Inn
Le Chic Boutique Inn
Rock On Inn
Wild Blue
Funktasia Hotel
The Far Out Hotel
Motel 60's
Off The Hook Hotel
Time Warp Motel
Azure Skies
The Laid Back Inn
Mop Top Motel
Palisades Park
Blue Coyote
Down Home Motel
Hangin Loose Motel
Eight Ball Hotel
Rocky Racoon
Sleepy Monkey Motel
Big Vinyl Hotel
Crash Pad
Funk & Bunk
Jailbreak hotel
Rip it Up
The G Hotel
Purple Peopleater Motel
Hot Pants Hotel
Chill Inn
The Trip Inn
The Mellow Pad
The Blue Howler Inn
Zee Place
Spiffy Hotel
High Tide Motel
Funki Blue Hotel
Good Vibrations Hotel
Cooltique Hotel
Spinout Motel
Hotel Chic Boutique
The Sak
IconicFunk Inn
Dirty Dancin
The Psychedelix
Sock It To Me Motel
Savvy Motel
Outa Site
City Zen Inn
PurpleFunk Inn
The Faroutible Inn
St. Elsewhere Inn
Rock N Roll Motel
Boogie Nights Motel
History Hotel
Retro Dreams Hotel
Love/Luv Shack
HeadBand Hotel
The Gypsy Den
Retro Hotel
Flashbax Hotel/Motel
My Way Inn
The Crunchy Inn
DooWop Motel
Be Bop Hotel
Kool Cat Crib
What's Happenin Cabin
Cats Crib
DejaVu Knights / DejaVu Knights Inn
Penny Lane
Shake Rattle N Roll Motel
Deja New Hotel
Victory Inn
Dazed Inn
Hotel UltraFarOut
Bliss Hotel
White Rabbit Inn
Ban The Bomb Hotel
Woodys Place
Voltzy Motel
Puffs Palace
The Cave
Classic Cars Motel
Bellhops and Bellbottoms
Wayward Son Motel
American Pie Motel
Back In Time Motel
Hippie Hotel
Boho Retro Motel/Hotel
70's Blast Inn
The Funky Experience
DiscoQueen Inn
Sleepy Hollow
Jive Dream Inn / Jive Dreamin'
Great Escape Motel
WestInn Peace
The Good Old Days Inn
Remember When Hotel
FunkyFile Inn
Lighten Up Inn
Boho Chic
Good Vibes Inn /Hotel/ Motel
Bates Motel
Ventura Highway Motel
Time Warp Inn
Blue Eyes Inn
TreeHouse Inn/ Motel/ Hotel
70's Revival Motel
The Boho Vogue
Wasabi Motel
Feeling Groovy Motel
Hip Hop Hotel
MoodRing Inn
Crazy Dazy Inn
Epoch Inn
FunkiTown Motel
Cozy Vintage Motel
Rustic Chic
Funky Mountain High Hotel
Blue Velvet Motel
Chic But Cheap Hotel
Grateful Bed Motel
Funkfield Inn
Deja View Hotel
RetroKix /RetroKicks
The FlashBaxter
Black Velvet Motel
Dogwood Blossom Hotel
Unichic Motel
Big Bopper
The Way We Were Motel
Nights In White Satin
Sweet Vintage Dreams
Shangri La
Pink Cadillac
Good Life Hotel
Reveal inn
Sing Along Inn
PetRock Hotel
Keep On Truckin' Inn
Mellow Motel
Klik Klak Shak
Gnarly Hotel
Thru The Years Inn
Happy Beetle Motel
Hip Trip Inn
Funkadelix Hotel / Motel
Hipso Facto
Granola Hut
Far Out Inn
Hula Hoop Motel
Past & Present Inn
A Blast from the Past
Posh Hotel
Peace Point
Greased Lightning
The Blue Velvet Hotel
Lettuce Boogie Inn
Peace of mind
Groovy Dreams
Bounce Inn
RollerBoogie Motel
Dejavu Nights / DejaVu Nights Inn
Beetle Juice Motel
The Frisco
Funkified motel
Velvet Vinyl Inn
Wild Childz Motel
All The Rage Hotel
Rock On! Inn
Funky Bug Motel
Off The Beaten Track Shack
The Chelsea Hotel
Chillaxin Inn
The Disco Den
Blazin Hotel
Plaid Flannel Motel
AfterGlow Hotel
Past Times Inn
Paradise Ridge
Outta Sight Inn
Mod Motel
The Funk Connection
Blue Oasis Motel
Hotel Seventy
Keepin' On Inn
Bad Trip Inn
Bundle Inn
Shake Rattle & Roll Inn
Cats In The Cupboard
The Royal Inn
Double Dutch Inn
Nirvana Motel
Ferns Hollow Inn
Hippie Shack
What's Happening Hotel
Trip the Light Fantastic
Modish Hotel
Groovy Stay
Deja Vu Inn/ Hotel/ Motel
Strawberry Hill Hotel
Blue Moose Motel
Snug Bug Inn
Dream On Inn
The Hipsters' Hotel
Gimme Shelter
Happy Daze Motel
Hey Joe Hotel
Krystal Blue Hotel
Bed and Dinner
Time In A Bottle Inn
Modish Motel
The Bean Bag
The Quaint and Quirky
WonderView Inn
Groovytropolis Hotel
Bo Jangles Motel
Beetle Bug Motel
Generation Hotel
BrickHouse Hotel/Inn/ or Motel
Funktified Forever
70's Sleep Club
Retro Motor Inn
GrannyGlasses Motel
Whimsicality Hotel
FunkTown Express
88mph Hotel
Rewind Inn
Luv Inn
New Age Inn
A Place In Time
The Granola Inn
Settle Inn
Record Label Inn
Trip the Light Motel
Dogwood Dreams Motel
Rock On Motel
Echo Inn
Blue Dog Inn
Platform Plantation
Funken Haus
BlueBell Inn
Red Fox Hotel & Lounge
Heavy Metal Hotel
In Your Dreams Hotel
Hepcat Hotel
Beatnik Hotel
The Flashback Inn
The Imperial
Hotel 54
RetroVibes Inn / Hotel/ Motel
Blast from the Past Inn
Jeepers Creepers Inn
The Kitsch
Groove Central Hotel
Hitchhiker's Haven
The Groovytropolis
The All Funk Inn
Mountain Momma's Motel
Edsel Motel
The Longhair Hotel
FunkadelixInn / FunkaDeliInn
BackTrack Motel
The Joint
Haute Hotel
At the Hop Motel
The Vintage Victoria
The Turquoise Sparrow
DejaVu Dreamers / DejaVu Dreamers Inn
The Pad
BeanBag Inn
Rockin' Robin
Cozy Rest
Blue Suede Inn
Back In Time Hotel
Mellow Out Motel
Rock Revival Hotel
Mama's And Papa's
Vintage Inn
Funktified Inn
Day's Gone By Hotel
My Generation
The Stoked Stop
Musicfest Motel
Hotel Retro
Imagine Inn
Hair On Broadway
Hotel Kitsch
The Yesterday Hotel
Motel studio 54
Boho Inn
Today's Yesterday Motel
Octopus's Garden
Twist And Shout
Sweet Dreams Motel
Natty Hotel
Mustang Sallys
Magic Dragon Motel
Chill City Motel
Good Old Days Inn
Flower Children Motel
MidCentury inn
Hotel 45
Cats Castle
Shagadelic Motel
Hard Knocks Inn
Wango Inn
Jalopy Joint
Crystal Dreams Hotel
Swanky Motel
Peaceful Inn
A Slammin' Stay
The Bell Bottom Hotel
RetroMark Hotel
Magic Carpet Ride Motel
Catch My Drift Inn
Ace Motel
Sock Hop Hotel
The BoomBoom Room
Hippie Haven
Peace Palace
Sugar Hill Inn
Maxichic Inn
Debonair Hotel
The Retro Place
The Dixie Inn
Time Travel Inn
Xanadoo Inn
Flower Power Motel
Reflections Motel
Hippie Nation
Velvet Elvis Inn
GetReal Motel
WhimsyWorld Hotel
Cruz On Inn
Silver Signature Hotel
Gallant Hotel
The GrapeVine
Motel 45
Karma Motel
The Crimson and Clover
Blowin' in the Wind Inn
Yesteryear Hotel
Hotel Motel Time
Cruzin Inn
The Bicentennial Motel
The Groove
Aquarius Motel
The Beat Goes On
Seven Corners Hotel
To The Max Motel
Peace Out Inn
Cozy Chateau
Dig Its
Copasetic Crib Hotel
CoolBeans Hotel
Stylin' and Profilin'
In The Past Motel
70s Sleep Hotel
FlashBax Inn
Hotel Rock
Drive Inn Motel
Bygone motel
Stuck in the 70's Motel
Musicmania Motel
Boogie Beads Motel
Opulent Hotel
Rock & Roll Inn
The Crib
Get Down Inn
Imagination Motel
Chantilly Lace Motel
Plastic Platter Motel
The Drifter
The Groovy Mushroom Motel
Posh Inn
The Aquarian
Nostalgia Hotel
Sleep Boutique
Hippie Chic Motel
The Brick House
Mellow Yellow Hotel
Beetlemania Motel
Pink Panther Inn
Veg Out Inn
Funky Fresh
Just Chillin' Inn
Retrovation Inn
Subterranean Homesick Blues Inn
Funky Rooster
HeadTrip Motel
Retro Revisited
Mulberry Street Motel
Zappa Hotel
The Quirky Quaint Hotel
BR Inn
The Baby Moon Motel
Tripping Inn
Retro Roost
Ring Our Bell Hotel
TresChic Motel
Cotter's Inn
Indigo Moon Motel
The Flashback Hotel
The Paisley
Our 1970's Motel
Motel Kitsch
So Fresh So Clean
Round 45 Inn
Mood Ring Motel
Funkified Hotel
Tutti Fruiti Motel
Love And Peace Hotel
Vogue Hotel
RestInn Peace
To The Max Inn
ChiChi Hotel
Happy Trails Hotel
The Peace Sign Motel
The Sienna Zen
Diggers Motel
Grunge Motel
Great Balls of Fire Motel
RapTime Motel
Mod Squad Inn
The Green Beetle
Offbeat Motel
Yesterday Today
Bringin It Back Inn
Past Tense Inn
Jumping Jack Flash Motel
The Davis Hotel
Inn Style
Hard Days Night Hotel
Funkadilly Motel
Peace Love Sleep
Totally Awesome Inn
lavaLamp Hotel
The Stone Groove
Happy Times Motel
Seventy Degrees
Stax o' Wax Motel
Cut Loose Motel
Submerged inn
Go With The Flow Motel
Good Ol Days Inn
Ego Trip Motel
Rock n Roll Inn
Bobby Sox Motel
Prominent Hotel
LP Motel / Hotel
The Beat Pad
Bojangle Inn
The Moondance Motel
Zoo Pen Hotel/ Motel
The Patchouli Patch
70's Dreams
45 RPM Motel
The Rolling Stone Hotel
Greenwich Village Hotel
Can You Dig It Inn
Takin' Care of Hippies
Redbud Motel
Happy Days
The New 70s
Day Dreamin Hotel
Cats Pajamas
DeLorean Motel
Hendrix Hotel
Ambichic Hotel
Hotel of the Rising Sun
Shuck n Jive
Twiggy Inn
Funkadelic Motel
lennon Motel
The Yesteryear Hotel
Hit Single Hotel
Munchies Motel
Trendy Hotel
The Wanderlust Inn
LoveShack Motel
Book Inn
Butterfield Hotel
Walk the Line Inn
Blue Lagoon Inn
Majestic 70's Motel
Palace of peace
Lively Comforts
Hummingbird Hotel
Six Degrees
The Do Drop Inn
Musicfest Inn
70 Degrees
The Kaleidoscope Hotel
The 60's Hotel
Memento Motel
Funk It All Hotel
The Watchtower
Beautiful People Hotel
Lost Moments Motel
Good Olde Days Inn
RetroMoon Hotel or Motel
The Groovy Goose
Baby Blue Motel
The Retro Joint
The Copasetic Traveler
The MoonGlo Motel or Hotel
Lava Lite Hotel
Plume's Rooms
The Hippie Hut
Frozen In Time Motel
Exuberant Hotel
ScoobyDoo Motel
Iron Butterfly hotel
Mountain Breeze Motel
The Jitterbug Hotel
Wonderland Motel
The Dip 'n Dive
Rock Pillow Place
Hip Hotel
Groovy Blues Inn
Sugar Mountain Motel
Middle of the Street Inn
The Retropolitan
Time Traveler Motel
Sock Inn To Me
Wacky Moon Hotel