A national hunger relief charitable organization is looking for a sub brand/tagline that makes it clearer to potential partners and volunteers what our mission and activities are. We are a faith based organization that focuses on saving food that would otherwise be wasted at farm or processor and distributing it to agencies that directly feed the hungry as well as educating the public on hunger related issues. Our website is http://www.endhunger.org for more information.


Saving Food To End Hunger

by Rich
Friends for Hunger Relief
A bounty of food faith and education.
It's not just food for thought.
Abundance of Food and Faith
Saving grace in good faith.
Gleaning a Bountiful Harvest for the Hungry
Ministering Everyday Miracles to Those Who Are Hungry
So Nothing Should Be Wasted and All Should Be Fed
100 Percent Hunger Relief for The Hungry.
Hunger hurts. Gleaning Heals.
Partners In Feeding Body And Soul in America Through Gleaning Fresh Produce
Spare Food Distribution
Partners In Feeding America's Hungry Through Gleaning
Save Food To End Hunger
Putting Food on the Table of the Hungry
Fill Stomachs by Gleaning Fields
Distributing Food to the Hungry
Your Hope in Not Wasting Food
Give Spare to God's Table
Giving not wasting
Spiritual savings
St. Andrew's Cornucopia
Teaching to walk in His footprints. Feed his sheep
Feeding the hungry with food and compassion.
Feed the Faith
Faithfully Saving Harvest to End Hunger
Raising Awareness Of, And Food For, America's Hungry Through Gleaning Fresh Produce
No Effort Wasted in Feeding the Hungry.
Share What You Reap
Waste not. Want not.
Ending Hunger 2 Hands At A Time
The faith to feed.
We're Turning the tables on hunger
Taking A Reap Of Faith For Those Who Hunger
Where Wasted Food is as Unacceptable as Hungry People
Second Harvest For A Miracle
Fields of Dreams Hunger Relief
Saving Food and Sharing Faith
Where no food goes to waste.
365 Hunger Relief
Saving by Faith and the Plate
Hope for the hungry
An End to Waste is an End to Hunger
Meals For Ministries
Feed A Belly Now, And Nurture The Life Of A Soul Forever.
Don't wait, fill a plate!
Gleaning Faith and Food
Joining Faith and Practicality to Feed the Hungry
Sharing is the most caring, and faith feeds the hungry.
Feeding the Hungry with Rescued Faith and Food
Harvestin' an Education In Hunger Relief
a better world begins when we end world hunger
We're Transforming Waste Into A Blessing
Reaping A Harvest From Food Left Behind
Teach a man to fish
Where Rescued Food Can Feed the Hungry
Sow Shall Ye Reap With Shared Harvests
We are each other's harvest. We are each other's business. We are each other's magnitude and bond.
The faithful feed the hungry by sharing food.
Gleaning with meaning. Feed the hungry.
Saving Food To Bless Those In Need
There's No Fooling Mother Nature. Glean Then Give.
Let the world eat well.
Those He Has Blessed Give Back To The World.
F.E.E.D. Food Ensures to End Despair
5 Loaves 2 Fishes
Hunger hurts. Harvesting heals.
We Love Your Leftovers
Produce producing faith and ending hunger
The blessings of sharing hunger relief
Hunger To Hope To Food To Faith, The Circle Of Life Continues with You
Save Food To Share!
Learn How Your Harvest Can Give Relief To Those In Need
Transforming everyday food into loaves and fish for the hungry.
Faith harvests relief
Saving Souls and Staples
A Field Of Dreams For Hunger Relief
Hearts too big to let hunger continue
Seek And Ye Shall Find Food for the Hungry
We Gather Harvest To Help Relieve Hunger
Hunger destroys hope.
Solution for the Hungry, Glean the Harvest Leftovers
Feeds of faith
"Hope is just a meal away"
Waste Not, Want Not. Saving Food For Hunger Relief.
A good meal goes a long way.
Excess Food Distribution
We Don't Believe in Wasted Food
We're Not Wasting Anything
Outstanding In The Field Of Hunger Relief
Giving not wasting food
Handfuls of purpose for those who are in need
Not one should go hungry
Hunger Relief is Up to You
No Mouth Left Unfed
Because it's better to give than to waste
Hunger hurts. Support gleaning.
With gleaning and faith there shall be no waste.
Hunger Solutions From Mother Nature's Surprises
Bounty From the Country to Feed the Hungry
Faith to Feed
Food For Sought
Faithfully Feeding the Hungry
It's the right thing to do.
Here for a hunger free world
Hunger BeGone
Giving Hope with Excess Food
Faithful Gleaning Food To End World Hunger
Share the Daily Bread
We Harvest Food For The Hungry
What would Jesus Do
Hunger Relief Through Farm Food Rescues
Saving food. Saving lives.
Faithfully Providing A Second Harvest For The Hungry
Another Harvest for the Hungry
Gleaning the fields of America to serve the angels among us.
Our Fodder, Which Art Leaven
From farmers fields to famished familys.
"Join the act of god to end hunger with gleaning"
Sharing Food with the Hungry, Sharing Hope with the Hopeless
An Abundance Of Faith Love And Food
Gleaning Fields Shield Hunger
Bread and Bibles
Taking Real Steps to a World without Hunger
Food erasing hunger
Second Helpings From Farms
Gleaning Wasted Food, Giving Newfound Hope
Sow Shall Ye Reap
Hunger Stops Here!
Food should never go to waste. Feed it forward.
Taking The Extra Load For Hunger Relief
Gleaning Bounty For The Hungry
Saving Food For Saving Lives
Conserve food, save lives.
End Hungering is Our Saving Grace
A Meal In Time From the Divine.
Fulfilling Education
food for thought
The beginning to end hunger.
Thou Shall Always Share
Powerful Faith Powerful Giving
Let's make hunger a thing of the past
Save food to save lives.
Faith Organization Feeds the Hungry
Statisfying hunger, one rumble at a time!
Saving, Sharing, Supporting
Faithfully Commit to a World Without Hunger
Faithfully Collecting Available Fresh Produce for America's Hungry
Outstanding In The Field For Hunger Relief
Faith not waste
Waste begone. Hunger begone.
Harvesting Wasted Food, Ministering Newfound Hope
Gleaning Cures Hunger
Empathy Not Apathy
Gleaning Fields Of Bounty To End Hunger
Gleaning Food for Relief of Hunger
We won't rest til all the hungry are fed.
One Man's Waste Is Another Man's Breakfast
Snatching from Decay What Can Feed the Hungry
Learning and Applying the Best Ways to Glean for the Hungry
Healthy Apetite. Happy Soul.
Harvesting a Hunger Cure
A faith Organization That Utilizes Spare Food To End Hunger
I am my brother's keeper.
Help the hungry with His harvest
Ministering Life through What Would Otherwise Be Wasted
Seeds of Faith for a Harvest to End Hunger
For us, to whom much is given, much is required.
Sow Shall Ye Reap To Feed The Hungry
Feeding America's hungry by saving America's food
Fields Of Dreams For Ending Hunger
Reaping Relief For Those Who Hunger
Gleaning Stronger Every Day
Waste Like Faith Can Feed the Hungry
Our mission is to faithfully relive the hungry
From Hunger To Harvest With Your Help
Loaves and Fishes for the Hungry
If you're hungry for justice, help us feed the poor.
Saved With Faith
Ministering from Love, Harvesting from Waste.
Faithfully Gleaning Food To End Hunger
Relief is just one less hungry person away.
Faithfully Feeding the Hungry 365
Harvest Share Because You Care
Reaping relief through faith
Saving grace for the hungry.
Finding Hunger Solutions
"Faith alliance to save the surplus and feed the hungry"
Food for the Thought Of It
Spare Food For You
Hunger is a problem, faith guides us with a solution. Feed the hunger with food!
Feeding with the Bible and the Plate
We Need Your Leftovers
An Endless Food Bounty To End Hunger.
Leaving No Mouth Unfed
Donate Waste for Hunger Relief
Saving Food to Save Lives
What's Left To Share Because We Care
We have Faith For Hunger Relief
Lets End Hunger Together
Giving means Saving
Gleaning to stop hunger.
Hunger Relief's Fields Of Dreams
Gleaning Food Freeing Hunger
Ministering Hunger Relief through Human Hands.
Saving harvest, feeding His people
food for thoughftulness
A Little Bit of Waste Goes a Long Way to Feed Hunger
Faithfully Gleaning Hope And Food For The Hungry
Passion and Rations
Faithful relief to the hungry
Fields of Dreams Hunger Solutions
An Abundance Of Faith Love And Harvest
Stop hunger. Give what you don't want.
Help Us Save Food Production Castoffs For The Hungry.
Too many hungry for food to be wasted
Partnering To Help America's Hungry Through Gleaning
Teaching And Gleaning The Benefits Of Wasted Food
A bounty of relief for the hunger in us all.
Sharing The Bounty And The Love
Feeding America's Minds, Bodies, And Spirits Through Gleaning Fresh Produce For The Hungry
Faithful Feeding the Hungry
Gathering Hope for the Hungry
For humanity's sake.
Faithfully Harvesting Our Land, Saving HIS People
Saving Souls and Sustenance
Conquering hunger one farm at a time
Waste is One Thing We Don't Believe In
Faith for Food
Feed their faith and their hunger.
Sharing to Feed the Hungry 365
Feed the Hungry, Harvest from the heart.
Faith, Food and Fellowship
More than Enough Food for the Hungry
The End Hunger Is Insight
"Be Fruitful. Be Faithful. Glean for god, Give for the Hopeless"
All for one. One for all.
Using Saved Food to Make Miracles
Food That Is Left To Share
"Giving hope 1 plate at a time"
Ministering To End Hunger, Starting Now
Saving Field's Bounty Can End Hunger
Love, Leftovers and Lunch
Gleaning Food That Brings A Harvest
Let Us Save Food to Feed The Hunger In Those Who Have Need.
Planting Seeds To Educate On How To Feed The Hungry
Bounty of the County For Hunger Relief
Faithfully Reaping Hope And Food For The Hungry
A storehouse of faith for relief
Because together we can end hunger
Giving Unpredictable Farm Produce To The Hungry
Rescuing Food for the Hungry From Farms
Sharing What's Left To Show We Care
We Want Your Unwanted Food
Meeting needs for relief
Feeding Hunger by Gleaning with Faith
Food For Thought And For The Hungry
Gleaning Bounty To End Hunger
Faithfully Conquering Hunger
Feed The Famine
Give To Live. Save To Share.
Nourishing the body, educating the mind, ministering the soul.
Restoring Faith And Hope One Mouthful At A Time
Heroes For The Hungry
The Bread Of Life Is Baked By Many Hands.
Sharing Food and Saving Souls
Gleaning and faith avoids waste.
Collectively, we are stewards of the earth
A storehouse for faith
Food Angels
Feed your spirit
Families at the Dinner Table
Saving Food To Bless Others
Faithfully Gleaning Food For Today And Hope For Tomorrow
Feeding on Faith
Harvesting help for our hungry
Saving Food That Satifies Hunger
Providing Hunger Relief, Providing Hope
Harvesting Food For Hunger Relief
Hunger Relief Through Gleaning
Faithfully Providing Hunger Relief
Ending Hunger One Harvest At A Time
Reach Out to End Hunger
Changing Waste Into Blessing
Gleaning Excess Food for Hunger Relief
Gleaning Food, Harvesting Hope.
Begin change. End hunger.
Sustenance for your Soul
Saving grace for those in need.
Curing Hunger by Gleaning
Saving Food. Sharing Hope.
Faith Food And Hope For The World's Hungry
End hunger today.
Second Harvest To End Hunger
Fill A Belly, Feed Your Soul
Where Food Never Goes To Waste
Nourishment For The Body And Soul
Our Daily Bread Can End Hunger
Sowing. Reaping. A promise we are keeping.
Feed the hungry, give them hope.
Feeding The Hungry With Rescued Farm Food
Begin change to end hunger.
Second Harvest For Thought, Body, And Soul
Saving Food for those Craving Food
No one should go hungry
End Hunger. Saving Food for All.
Waste Not, Want Not. Gleaning Harvests For Hunger Relief.
Sharing hope and ending hunger
Faithfully Rescuing Produce For Hunger Relief
Saving Food. Saving Souls. Reaping A Harvest.
Saving Lives and Food
Bountiful Blessings For The Hungry
Reaping Goodness For Hunger Relief
Faithful Gleaning Food For The Hungry
Imagine a World Without Hunger Now
There's more than enough to go around.
Harvesting Hopes And Dreams By Solving Hunger
Compassion above waste
Keeping Faith to Feed The Hungry
Refusing to Accept a World Filled with Hunger
Relief from hunger will save the world.
An Abundance of Faith And Food For Hunger Relief
A Harvest Spared is a Harvest Shared
Blessed Are They Who Glean For The Hungry
Relief is in sight
Harvested Bounty Shared for Hunger Relief
Global hunger solutions.
Harvesting for the Hungry
Faith in Action Putting Food on the Table
Harvesting Agricultural Leftovers
We hunger for humanity
Faithfully Feeding the World
Help feed the hungry.
Harvesting.Educating.Learning. Standing Together to Feed the Hungry.
Reaping the benefits of gleaning.
Faith Based Gleaning for the Hungry
We're Harvesting Hope And Food For The Hungry
Feeding Both Food and Hope to Those Who are Hungry.
Faithful Gleaning To End Hunger In The World
Saving Food To Glean A Blessing
Save Food to Save the Hungry
Taking On The Overload For Hunger Relief
Faithfully Ending Hunger by Saving Harvest
Sharing Food To End Hunger
The harvest is now. Help the hungry.
Saving Food to Save The Hungry
Feeding Bodies And Souls In America Through Gleaning
If you are not hungry, others are.
Gleaning Your Fields Can Help Solve Hunger
Harvesting our land and saving His people
Gleaning food for Faith
Meeting the needs of hunger with compassion
Advocacy for the Hungry for 34 Years
Dedication for a No Hunger Nation
Sharing An Abundance Of Faith Hope And Food
Overflowing with Food and Faith
Reaping Food For Hope And Hunger Relief
Gleaners for hope. Feed it Forward
Faithful Feeders
Share Your Excess
Harvest more. Hunger less.
Relief Through Faith
"Believers feed with feed to end hunger"
Harvesting Hope And Food For Hunger Relief
Food for all
Faithfully Gleaning Produce To End Hunger
End Hunger Through Faith In Action
Rescuing Surplus Crops For America's Hungry
Surplus for the Hungry
People in need to feed
Harvesting Farm Leftovers For The Hungry
5 Loaves 2 Fishes Relief from Hunger
A bounty for lost souls.
On a faithful mission to waste less and feed more.
Your Excess is Someone Else's Supper
From Hunger To Hope To Food To Faith
God Showing Us Better Ways to End Hunger Now
Leftovers for love
Bringing hope to hungry
Dedication to Feed Our Nation
Sharing What's Left To Help The Hungry
An Abundance Of Faith Hope And Food
Sharing The Vision To End Hunger Through Faith In Action
One Plate at a Time
Caring Starts with Sharing
Blessings for Surplus
No Wasted Food
Hunger cannot Waste
Nourshing Faith
Waste Not And Feed All.
Amazing Grain How Great Thou Art!
His Spirit Moves The Hands And Hearts That Give. Help Share The Harvests.
Saving Food and Saving Souls
We are our brother's keepers. Feed the hungry
Faith to Fulfill
Hunger destroys entire nations.
Ending Hunger Through Faithful Gleaning
Reaping the bounty to feed the hungry
Fragments turned into blessings
Food Justice To Those Who Are Hungry
Gleaning Saves Hunger
Rescuing Farm Food For The Hungry
Share The Spare, Stop The Hunger
"Save the surplus ,Feed the hungry !"
Loaves, Fishes, and Produce
End Hunger By Caring And Sharing
Collecting Food for the Hungry
Stamp out world hunger.
Gleaning Fresh Produce For America's Hungry
Reaping Hope And Food For The Hungry
Ending Hunger by Saving Harvest
A Field's Bounty Can End Hunger
Fill a Stomach, Fill a Heart
Harvesting Faith, Hope, Love, And Food.
Stop the Waste Stop the Hunger
Ending Hunger One Mouthful At A Time
Saving food means saving hunger
We bring hope to the hungry
Sharing A Bountiful Harvest to Fight Hunger
Feed their hunger, feed our faith.
Fields Of Dreams For Hunger Relief
Bounty From After The Harvest
Turning Agricultural Leftovers Into Hunger Solutions
It's hard to be happy and hungry
We share because we care
We Harvest Faith And Food For The Hungry
Harvest Fulfillment
One man's scraps is another man's meal.
Rescuing Produce And Other Food For Hunger Relief
America's Waste Feeds America's Hungry
Ending Hunger By Harvesting Fields
Our Faith Can Provide Hunger Relief
Enough for All
Second Harvest To Feed The World's Hungry
We're Harvesting Faith And Food For The Hungry
The Field Of Dreams For Solving Hunger
Glean Field Hunger Shield
Faith in Action Gleaning Food for the Hungry
We Can Use Your Excess Food
Faith's storehouse for hunger
End Hunger With A Reap Of Faith
Faithful Partners In Feeding America's Hungry Through Gleaning
Hunger Relief Is Just a Reap Away
Share the Love
Waste Not, Want Not. Gleaning Food For Hunger Relief.
Breaking bread and building lives
Waste not hunger not
Hunger no more
The Farmer's Field Of Dreams For Hunger Relief
Faithfully Gleaning Food So No One Goes Hungry
Addressing America's Hunger Problems Through Gleaning
Harvesting Fulfillment
Faith In Action, Gathering Food For The Hungry
Gleaning to Cure Hunger
Bounty Harvest Shared To Help Fight Hunger
Second Harvest To End Hunger In the World
Ensuring The Human Dignity That Comes With A Life Free From Hunger.
Saving Food for Hunger Relief
Gleaning Bounty For Hunger Relief
Second Harvest For Hunger Relief
Feeding the mouth to feed the soul.
Waste Not Want Not Saving Food To Feed The Hungry
Making A Reap Of Faith For Those Who Hunger
We Are Committed to Ending Hunger In The World
Spare Food Never Goes To Waste
Gleaning food for the hungry
Saving food saves lives
Gleaning Fields For Hunger Relief And Hope
A Bounty Of Food To End Hunger
Harvesting Food. Harvesting Hope.
Gleaning Fresh Produce And Fresh Hope For America's Hungry or For The Hungry
Amazing Grain How Crate Thou Cart!
Harvesting Food Through Faith, Hope, And Love
Gleaning Fresh American Produce For Hunger Relief
Dedicated to Gleaning for the Hungry
Sow Shall You Reap From The Harvest's Heap
Reaping The Faith For Those Who Hunger
Waste not. Feed more.
Saving unused food to save those in need.
Food Share Because We Care
Feeding The Hungry With Abundant Harvests
Feeding Hunger and Eliminating Wasted Food
Faithfully Gleaning Food For Now And Hope For The Future
Reapin' Up Hope For Those Who Hunger
Ministry Meals
Feeding hunger from the heart
Spreading The Word About American Hunger Relief Through Gleaning Fresh Produce
Food for the souls.
Our Faithful Harvest Committed to Ending Hunger
Focusing On Hunger In America
Teaching Gleaning for the Hungry, Learning Hope and Love
Second Harvest Commitment To End Hunger In the World
We Glean And Deliver, So Others May Distribute And Feed
Giving Food for Thought
Faithfully Gleaning Food For The Hungry And Giving Hope To All
Faith feeds those that feed.
A Reap Of Faith Can Feed The Hungry
We Rescue Good Food to Rescue Good People from Hunger
Good faith good food