I have a challenge for you namers: Create a subtitle response to the name ALMOST HUMAN. For example: Works well with Zombies, or Completely Divine. Do you get the idea? If not ask more questions, and good luck!


Just ask my wife
Almost Human, but we all know what that means. LOL!
Almost Human, except for that hunch on my back.
Almost Human Lab Rat
Eating Brains Really Isn't That Bad
Almost Human, the witch guaranteed a perfect switch.
But Not Quite Their
Almost Human but oddly more insame
Alost human, but cannot get it up yet.
I am a Mudfoot, not a bigfoot
Almost Human Loves Beings Positive
Almost Human. Fleshing Out The Rest. or Fleshing Out The Best.
Almost Human Will Prove It
Brains taste swell
Almost Human Except Missing Link
Completely Real
All Cop
Almost Human Bloody Fool
a perfect portrayal
Almost Human, I'm SEXY and I know it!
Almost Human I'm on Facebook!
Almost human at eleven fifty nine
Almost Human eternally doomed
The Complete Cop
Almost human on FOX
Almost inhumane
Just Invite Me In
And Ten Percent Demon
Almost human brains.
But My Parents Aren't
Almost Human, this is your body on crack.
Almost human, but still fell like a animal.
Kiss Me I'm Almost Human
Almost Human, except for the drooling problem.
Almost Human Why Go Any Further
Almost Human, but no ass at all.
Almost Human Despises Garlic and Sunshine
Almost Human, but I look like Olive Oil.
More Human Than Human
Almost human, but Houston we have a problem.
Almost Human, but nobody want to play with me.
Almost human total alien
Almost Human Has Papers
Almost Human Bird Brain
Almost Human Hysteria
Almost Human Classification
Almost human behavior.
Almost human living dead
Taste Like Chicken
Almost human remains.
Dad Came In Peace
Almost Human Seeking All Types
Inflate Me And Fall In Love
Mom Is a Kardashian
Tinsel Town
Almost Human ever after
I'm Hairy like the wolf
Almonst human, but still want to go wild.
Britney Spears 2007
Almost Human, but everyone liked me better as an ass.
Almost human by Friday
Almost Human Who Screwed With The Sperm Sample
No Coffee
100 Percent Cop
Almost Human Period.
almost human slightly erotic, mostly robotic
Almost human, without the sex drive
Jimminy Cricket
Almost Human Desires Someone Less Than
Almost Human or Walking Dead?
Almost human by morning
And Still American
Almost human intellegence.
But My Credit Is Real
Almost human, but my mind says differently.
Almost Human With Class
Almost Human Enough to Escape Detection
Just ask my mother
Almost Human And A Lot More Tolerant.
Almost Human, but I'm sexy and I know it.
Almost Human Soccer Moms
Almost Human, but I still have the tail to hide.
Almost Human, but I still can do it like a dog.
Just Like Joan Rivers
Almost Human Prefers Negative People
And These Eyes Are Not Contacts
Almost Human Hunger
That Is Not My Tail
Almost Human, except for the dog breath.
Almost Human On Mondays
Almost Human, at least I go rid of all that hair.
Total Cop
Almost human total animal
Almost Human Until Dark
Almost Human Pardon My Horns
Almost Human, but my master thinks otherwise.
Almost Human, but I changed my mind.
Almost human, that was close!
And Dating Your Daughter
Two Heads Are Better Than One
Completely Nuts
On a Full Moon, You'll Understand
Almost Human Exterior Innards 100 Proof
Completely Serious
Almost Human and slightly Godly
Almost Human Project Nearing Completion
Almost Human they said
And the Scars to Prove It
Almost Human after midnight
Almost Human, But you're still a dog inside.
Almost Human, but I still like that tail.
Almost Human, then why do I still crave bugs.
Just ask my mom
Almost human almost free
Almost Human With Caution
Yet Still Pay Taxes
Almost human but married
Almost Human, but no brains.
Almost Human Sex Appeal
Eats Ketchup on Hot Dogs
Almost human and never going back.
Almost a human, but the ladies want an animal.
Almost Human, but everyone still wants to pet me.
Almost Human, with a dog face.
Almost human, but I'm always sleeping in the doghouse.
Almost Human, but people are startng to talk.
Almost human but a work in progress
Witch Way To Salem
Almost Human Almost There
Almost Human so like and share
Almost Human Now Turn Around And Go Back
Almost Human Totally Immature
Almost Human Go No Further
Almost Human But It's Debatable
Almost human, but still fell the lustfull animal instincts
Almost Human Wants Anyone With A Pulse
No brain. No Heart. No Problem!
Almost Human Seeking Any Type
Almost Human Now Turn Around
Everything But the Botox
Almost human, far from perfect.
And I Taste Like Chicken
No Bellybutton
Almost Human Slightly Alien
Almost human, but I still look like a animal.
Being Almost Human To A Fault.
Lens Flares Be Damned
Missing the Good Parts
Completely Insane
Almost Human, but what do I do with all this extra hair.
Almost Human If You Don't Count The Tail
Almost human, but still have wings.
Almost Human Be Scared!!
Almost Human, but I really wanted to be a dog.
Almost Human Partially Housebroken
So Says Daddy
Almost Human, but I keep regressing back.
Almost human Almost born
Almost Human Don't Be Silly
Mostly Android
Ten Percent Monkey
Test Tube Baby Shower
Almost Human Pardon My Wings
Almost Human, but I still fell like an ass.
Almost human with a few drinks in me
Almost Human, but no one else believes it.
Almost Human Considering My Parents Are Aliens
But All Man
Metal under the skin
Thanks to the Curse
Almost Human, but the women still want the animal in me.
Ignore My Off Switch
Almost Human Like My Family
Almost Human Zombie Hunger
Almost Human Partial To Royal Bloodlines
Except on the Weekends
DVR for a Brain
Just ask my doctor
Almost human, but really still am a animal. Trust me on that.
personation snapper
Almost human and loving it
Almost Human but zombies rule!
Almost human, without the brains.
Forgive Me If I Hiss
All Man
almost human but souless
Except even more insane
Almost human, but still have the sex instincts of an animal
My Mom Is a Kardashian
Almost Human Hormones
Almost Human As My Litter Mates
Almost Human and close to perfect
Almost Human, all Boobs
Droid Working on Improving His Life
Almost Human, but I still have a lizzard tongue.
Put Away That Stake
Cyborg City
Almost Human, but the aliens still are calling me.
Almost Human but More Staying Power
Completely Serious.
Almost Human Just A Little Bloodthirsty
Substitute Teacher
Almost Human, with out the brain.
Almost human almost alive
From Planet Kardashian
Almost Human, but the voices in my head say otherwise.
Almost Human Works Nights
Almost Human Entirely Beast
Works Well With Animals
Almost Human, It's a way of Death.
Almost Human With Fondness For RBCs
Almost human thanks to chemistry
10 Percent Strange
Almost Human Prefers Positive People
Can you see my tail?
So Says My Master
AlmAlmost Human Occasionally Canine
Almost Human Generally Speaking
Almost Human I try not to be perfect
Almost Human but lock your doors.
Almost Human Heritage
Almost Human By Comparison
Almost Human Sex Drive
So Says My Mom
Almost human, but still fell the buzz.
Almost Human Lets Reproduce !